Facebook WarFlow New Player Guide

Facebook WarFlow New Player Guide by Purp_Kush

Lets start this guide off by expaining your TC (Town Center) and your houses.

~ Town Center ~
Your town center is your level, You need to upgrade your TC to level up and so you can Increase your gold drop rate when you Levy (this will be later explained) and so you can increase the level of ur houses to get more silver when Levy.

Now let me explain the role of your houses.

~ House’s ~
Your houses play a major role when you Levy, The higher levels ur houses are the more silver you get when you Levy, Based on your Houses Total Level.

Now im going to explain Levy

~ Levy ~
Levy is very important in this game, It is how you get silver and based on your TC level, your chance to get gold coins Increases when you Levy.
But you can only Levy 12 times a day, Sometimes during Summer time you get 3 extra Levy times, So use your Levy wisely. You can also Force Levy once a day if you pay 2 Gold Coins.

Now lets explain Quests

~ Quests ~
Quests are also Important because everytime you Complete a Quest you Receive a reward of silver, You get more quests based on your TC level and after completing other quests, If you dont complete any quests you wont get any differet ones. Thats basically all you need to know about quests.

Now im going to explain how the Training Ground works.

~ Training Ground ~
The Training Ground is where you train your heroes and level them up. To gain more experience for every time you train you need to Upgrade your Training Ground. It is important to level up your heroes so you can buy new Equips for your Hero. To train your Heroes click on the Training Ground building, Click Train then click Start, Once you do that you will see Enhance, Click that to give your hero experience. You need to use Honor to train your Heroes to level them up. You can only train two Heroes at once but if you spend 100 gold you will be able to buy more Slots. Dont forget, the higher level your Training Ground is, The more Experience you receive.

Now lets explain what your Silver is used for, How it works, etc…

~ Silver ~
Silver is very important, You receive it by doing Levy, Quests, and selling items you receive from War that you dont need. And by selling Forage (this will later be explained.)

Silver is used for, Upgrading your buildings, Buying Equips for your Heroes and for Upgrading your Equips for your Heroes.
And the amount of Silver you can have is based on the level of your Treasury.

You will always need your Silver so use it wisely and try not to use all of it, Its always good to keep some. If you run out you wont be able to Upgrade your building and Upgrade your equips, In which those are very important things, Spend it wisely.

Now lets explain Forage so you dont feel confused.

~ Forage ~
You receive Forage buy Occupying Farms, and by Controlling them for a Certain time. Forage can be used to Conscript your Soldiers ( Basically bringing them back to life after a War). Your Forage cap is based on your the Level of your Barn. You can also Buy and Sell forage to your Market. The cap of the Forage you can Buy and Sell is Based on the Level of your Market building. Its good to buy Forage when the Price is below 1 and its good to sell your Forage for Silver when the Price is Above 1.

Now lets explain your Shop

~ Shop ~
The Shop is where you, Buy and Sell Equips. And its also where you Upgrade your Equips, the amount of times you can Upgrade your equips is Based on your Shop level. So higher your Shop level the more times you can Upgrade an item, And you need a higher shop level to be able to buy some Items. Upgrading your shop is VERY important because you need to Upgrade it to be able to Upgrade your equips so you can win Wars.

Now lets explain the Market

~ Market ~
The Market is where you Buy and Sell Forage. The more you Upgrade your Market the more forage you can have, So Upgrade your Market to Increase the Forage Cap. Like I said before, Buy Forage when the Price is below 1.0 and sell it when its above 1.0. Therefore your making profit, Buying and Selling Forage is one of the easiest ways to get silver.

Now lets explain how the Treasury works.

~ Treasury ~
The treasury is where your silver is stored, The amount of Silver you can have is based on your Treasury Level. For instance, Lv. 1 Treasury you can only have 1k silver, Lv. 5 5k Silver and Lv. 10 10k Silver.

Now lets explain the Barn

~ Barn ~
The Barn is where your Forage is stored. The higher level your Barn is the more Forage you can store. I recommend having at least 5-10k Forage Cap, So you can Buy/Sell Forage to make money so more Forage you can store more Silver you will make. Every level you Upgrade you Increase your Forage Cap by 1k.

Lets explain the Tax Office

~ Tax Office ~
The Tax Office is a building thats unlocked at level 25, The Tax Office is important because it increases the effectiveness of Levy every time you Upgrade it, Therefore every time you upgrade it, You get more silver per Levy.

WarFlow General Gaming Tips by sarah ap

I have got a few friends to get interested in Warflow, and to make sure they dont commit the same mistake that I made, I have listed some of the tips below. Hope it help, and feel free to contribute your own tips.

1. Do not upgrade TC until you need to. The  lower your TC level, the high honor you will gain from battle.

2. During your first game session, do not  levy. Earn silver from quest instead. You have limited (12 or 15) levy  available, so better to use it when your houses are of higher levels. (But make sure you use all levy before the game reset at 05:00 hr)

3. Training cost is affected by TC level and  not Training ground. Training ground increase the effectiveness of training.  When training, try to make sure your TC and Training ground are of the same  level. If TC is higher, you are spending extra honor for the same amount of  experience.

4. You can skipped some of the units in each  map as long as the next unit are not blocked by earlier units.    The objective is to reach the final unit  in each map.

5. Try to capture a Farm and a Mine just  before you logoff, and pray that your Farm/Mine is not seized by other  players within 4 hours

1. Don’t upgrade the Copper Sword other than the level 2 as requested by quest. As your heroes will level-up to level 4 or even level 8 quickly. It is better to spend your silver upgrading level 4 or level 8 equipments.

2. Upgrade your equipments to as high as  possible before going above level 9 i.e. before moving to Loyan. After TC  level 10, upgrade is not 100% successful

3.  Make sure you have at least 1 slot  available before battle against unit that drop equipment.

1. Buy forage when the price is closest to  0.5, and sell when the price is closest to 2.0.

2. Market trading limit will be reset once  at 0:00 hour, and also everytime market is upgraded. For this reason, do not  upgrade unless you wish to trade. Plan ahead to make sure you make full use  of the reset.


1st Tip (Go through the beginners tutorial.)
-Going through the tutorial is important to understand what things you can do and to get familiar with where stuff is within the game. Aka how to attack, level up your items, train your heroes, and upgrade your buildings.

2nd Tip (Conserve your gold.)
-At the beginning of the game you are given 300 gold to start off. This can be used to do pretty much everything quicker. Shortening up cool downs, recharging military call-ups(MCU), adding inventory slots, ect. Feel free to use the gold as you choose. Each gold takes 10 minutes off building cooldowns so using them to save yourself 3-4 minutes is a bit of a waste, wait for a time just under a 10 minute interval to maximize use (ie. 9:59, 19:59, ect). Talking in server chat cost you 2 gold a message as well, use area/nation chat to get info (less you have money to burn). Three areas I would avoid using gold to shorten time on are research cooldown (cost more gold per minute then buildings), MCU cooldown (you’ll likely run out of MCU if you play more then 2-3 hours), and Levy cooldown(like MCU you’ll run out of levy opportunities after 3-4 hours).

3rd Tip (Keep house levels even.)
Housing level determines how much silver you get each level. Increasing a level 1 house to level 2 has the same benefit as increasing a level 13 to level 14. Unless your going to log off and a long cooldown isn’t going to slow you down upgrading the lowest house will have the shortest cooldown.

4th Tip (Don’t save your honor.)
Honor should be considered a resource the same as silver. Use it to keep researching and for adding experience to your heroes. At around level 10 you will get your war academy (building that does research for you) and it requires honor to do the research so plan accordingly for that.

5th Tip (Make sure you take advantage of all your daily rewards before you log off).
If you are in a legion and they control a plot of land ie. farm/mine use your opportunity to use these. They reset daily (And you don’t know when you’ll lose control of them.). The event also resets daily so cash in before you log off (if your ability to raise your points within the event are done for the day as well immediately cash out else you could lose a few ranks as well.).

6th Tip (Controlling a farm is more valuable then a mine.)
When you get to the point of being able to capture a mine and farm. If you have to debate on which one to use your last MCU to take over, choose a farm as by selling the forage you can potentially make more silver then a mine will yield.

Acronym Guide – TC, RP, CP, MCU.. by profit

Some of the Acronyms found in this game can be confusing, so I figured I’d make a guide.
Thanks to all of the Members of X for helping me sort this all out

CD = Cool Down Period
Awaiting period required after completing a task before attempting the same task again.

  • There are CD periods for almost every task in the game
  • Tasks are completed immediately,cool downs start after the completion
  • MCU & Levy CD’s increase after each use throughout the day
  • Building & Tech upgrade CD’s increase based on the level of upgrade
  • You can immediately end most CDs with Gold
    Most are 1 gold/10 mins
    MCUs are 1 gold/1min
    Move city & nation investment CDs cannot be ended with gold

CP = Contribution Points
Points contributed to your legion

  • Gained by donating silver, gold, or winning legionary battles
  • Necessary for legion level upgrades, as well as legion tech upgrades
  • Your total CP determines your rank inside of the legion, which is part of the guide quests
  • The member with the highest CP will automatically  become the legion president and gain control of the legion (at the time of this writing)
  • The amount of silver that you can donate daily, as well as the CP you receive from competing in legionary battles is determined by your TC level

MCU = Military Call Ups
MCU’s are one of the most important aspects of the game. They are necessary for most attacks in the game.

  • Replenish automatically once per hour
  • Reach a cap where they will no longer replenish (beyond the cap)
  • Can be purchased with Gold after reaching VIP Status 4 (VIP guide)
  • Necessary to attack any PR army (see PR), mine, farm or     player.
  • Not necessary for legionary battles
  • At certain points through the day you’ll receive 5 specialized MCUs (08:30, 12:30 and 19:00)

B = Battle, Allows one NPC battle in one of the War PR areas
A = Another Nation, Allows one attack on a player from another nation
C = Conquer, Allows one attack to conquer or detach yourself from another player in your area map
F = Farm, Allows one attack on any farm
M = Mine, Allows one attack on any mine

  • In the Spring season, you will receive one additional free MCU
  • After each MCU is used, you will enter a cool down period. The cool down period will be slightly longer each time you use MCUs throughout the day ( see CD)
  • You will not lose MCU when you lose a current NPC battle in PR

NPC = Non Player Character
NPCs are any armies that are controlled by the system and not another human player.

  • NPC’s never attack you. You attack them.
  • All of the PR armies are NPCs (see below)
  • If a mine or farm is not occupied by another player or legion, you will battle NPC’s for control

PR = Power Region (?)
The power regions are campaigns of NPC battles.

  • Access them by clicking the “War” button
  • Many of the guide quests are based around completing /conquering the NPC Powers
  • Must complete PR quests in order to move your city to other regions (necessary to continue to upgrade TC)
  • Receive honor from beating NPC’s in PR’s
  • As you progress and move your city, you will receive less honor from previous PRs
  • The amount of battles in each PR is limited daily. Once the cap is reached, you will not be able to attack in that PR until the reset at 5:00

RP = Reputation Points
Reputation points are the basis of your characters rank.

  • Gained by attacking players from other nations or investing in your nation
  • You will gain points from any attack on another nation, double points if your win
  • You will gain more points by attacking a more aggressive player than a passive one (see FAQ)
  • You will not gain points from successfully defending an attack from another player
  • RP determines your rank, which determines your daily salary, is part of the guide quests and eventually allows more heroes to be added to your party
  • Click on the picture of your city in the upper left of the screen, then Rank to view or promote your rank

TC = Town Center
Your town center is the heart of your city.

  • Many of the guide quests are based around upgrading your TC
  • No other building level can be higher than that of your TC
  • Certain military quests will need to be completed before further upgrading your TC at certain points throughout the game.
  • You will need to move your city at certain points throughout the game in order to further upgrade your TC
  • Raising your TC level can reduce the amount of honor your receive from NPC battles

If anybody can think of any others, let me know and I’ll add them in.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    1.lv 4 and lv 8 equipment? now where do you get that? buy it? That would be a massive waste of silver! paying thousands of silver for the effect of one upgrade(lvl 8 and lvl 1 difference) is just brilliant!
    any weapon you can buy will be useless eventually. so other than the task ones, NEVER buy any.
    So early on, stick to your lvl 1 sword(bought per quest) and lvl 4 sword(reward of complete militia)
    2. It is completely unnecessary to have empty spots. If item is dropped while you have a full bag, it goes to a temp slot which expires in 3 days. You can have as many temp as it drops. You can only use/equip the item in temp once you have a free slot and then claim the item in it thou.
    war academy is 11, just so u know
    MCU: +1 per TC up(not sure if this is version specific)
    you do lose MCU if you lose after lvl 35
    you do not need to complete the quests to move, just kill the last boss(non-legion)

    The above errors are regardless of version. There are some version mods after the time this is written but as it is no fault of yours in any case, I'm not gonna bother you about it.
    There are some i'm not sure if it's version difference or you are just wrong.
    for example, battle limits are on elites only, not based on PR. resets happens multiple times a day.
    and honor gain is based on TC now rather than where you are at.(ur PR notes kinda conflict with the TC notes)

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