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Ninja Saga Chunin Exams Walkthrough Guide by Jinchuuriki

The Chunin Exam consists of 5 sub-exams that a Genin has to pass before he gets permission to continue gaining EXP and level up over the Lv20 cap as well as acquire a pet.

Here is a small guide for all users (free and premium) written after combining opinions from several Forum Members.
(To take the exams go to Special Events after reaching Lv20)

 ~ EXAM No1 ~

1) During a battle, which of the following actions enables you to gain chakra? (Charge)
2) Which element type measures your quickness in battle? (Wind)
3) Which of the following consumable items can recover your health in battle? (Healing scroll)
4) Which of the following techniques specializes in illusions and transformations? (Genjutsu)
5) What is your current ninja rank? (Genin)
6) What is the name of the Kage of Village of Fire? (Yudai)
7) What was the first weapon that Shin gave you? (Kunai)
8) How many friends can you recruit to join your party for missions? (2)
9) Where can you challenge your friends in real-time? (Arena)
10) What is the maximum number of consumable items can be used in real-time pvp battle? (5)

~ EXAM No2 ~
(the quest of the 3 scrolls)Objective:
Your team carries a scroll.
Find and Beat 3 other teams and collect 3 scrolls before you meet the exit.

Recruit 2 friends

Explore the areas on top of the map first.
Explore the right side areas of the map too.
1st scroll – in forest
2nd scroll – on coast
3rd scroll – in cave

The exit is on the bottom side of the map so go there AFTER you have collected all the 3 scrolls.
If you try to exit the area before collecting 3 scrolls the exam may bug.
If a bug occurs you wont be able to complete the exam even after collecting 3 scrolls.
To solve this bug you need to go back to the entrance, move out and then move in again and head towards the exit.

p.s. the entrance is different from the exit (so after collecting the scrolls search for the exist and dont head to the entrance)

~ EXAM No3 ~
(3 solo fights)Objective:
Fight and win 3 NPCs in a row.

Solo mission
Make sure you brought a full inventory of scrolls with you.

# 1st Rival – Lok Li

Type: Taijutsu user

    • Kick Stun

– Stuns you for 1 turn & dealing damage

  • Open Gates


– Will consume 1 turn into opening gates. Once he’s done so, he will deal a devastating amount of damage for 2 turns and he will be stunned for one turn in the 3rd turn of open gates. After that Open Gates special effect will fade. Open gates is consuming Lok Li’s HP for every turn active.

– Bring with you as many stun/sleep/negative effects as possible.

  • Free users – head kick / Fat lady jutsu (Earth Strangle & Lightning Shock for Earth & Thunder Users as well)
  • Premium users – Free user skills plus Feather illusion and sexy lady (Lightning Flash or Water Bundle if possible too)

– Save your “stop” skills until you see Lok Li opening his gates.
– Stop Lok Li once he has opened his gates by any means and keep him under control until his buff fades (he will be self-stunned) and while he is burning his own HP.
– You know that you are in a good way of winning the other 2 enemies to follow if you can defeat Lok Li by using only somewhat of 1-3 healing scrolls.

# 2nd Rival – Shira

Type: Bug User

    • Drain Chakra

– Covers you with Bugs that drain an amount of your chakra on every turn. Lasts for 3 turns.

  • Bugs Protection


– Covers himself with bugs dramatically increasing his Defence ration (damage reduction)

  • Bugs Normal Hits


– Some of his hits will drain a percentage of your chakra as well.

– As soon as the fight begins he will cast “Drain Chakra” on you. It is a matter of time till you run out of chakra.
– With “Drain Chakra” effect on you, unload all damage jutsu on Shira as soon as possible and empty your chakra depot on using jutsus instead of having it burned down to zero.
– Keep enough chakra only to cast a stun on him right before you run out of Chakra

  • Free users
    – cast fat lady or earth strangle (for earth users)
    – start recharging Chakra while the “Drain” effect has faded already.
  • Premium users
    – Cast Sexy lady on him and start recharging
    – keep your Feather illusion to cast it on him right after he uses his “Bug Protection”

– After the “Chakra Drain” fades out, Shira will cast “Bug Protection” on himself

  • Free users
    – Don’t waste your time attacking him..
    – Continue recharging chakra or heal up yourself
    – if you have an extra stun/sleep (2+ turns) cast it on him to prevent him from hitting you while it doesn’t worth hitting him back.
  • Premium users
    – Cast Feather Illusion on him and continue recharging/healing

– After his protection fades (about 3 turns), Shira will start hitting you until he is ready to cast “Chakra Drain” on you again.
– At this phase it’s up to you if you want to start emptying again your Chakra using offensive jutsus on him to wipe him out as quickly as possible but keep in mind the chakra you’ll need to cast a stun on him when it’s time for his protection again.
– Repeat the circle.

# 3rd Rival – Zuka
Type: Pet User

    • Double Claws

– Pet transforms into a Zuka clone and they scratch you together dealing severe damage

  • Double Fang


– Pet Transforms into a Zuka clone and they spin around towards you delivering a devastating blast

– This is actually a Last Stand Encounter. Not many things to suggest – just keep in mind that you are duelling against a strong Full Damage User (like a Full Fire User)
– Try to keep your stuns spit so that you always have a stun to cast and scroll/heal yourself.
– Remember to keep your HP over 250HP or you will be One Hit K.O. if he casts Double Fang on you. DON’T GO UNDER 250HP
– This is the fight that you may have to use 10-13 scrolls so to win this fight it is VERY important that you passed the previous two fights consuming no more than 5-7 healing scrolls.

~ EXAM No4 ~
(Fight Kara Team)Objective:
Gather up your team and beat Kaara’s team.

Make sure you brought a full inventory of scrolls with you.
Party Mission – Recruit the 2 strongest friends from your Friend list.

    The success of this mission depends quite much on your recruits.

  • The best case is if you can find 2 emblem users to assist you. most preferably with a full HP build (all points on Earth)
  • If you can’t find emblem users to assist you then try to find Earth Free Users. Most preferably with Token Skills!

Enemies & Abilities:

  • HP: High
  • Damage: Very High
  • Special:
    • Protection – Covers himself with dust reducing damage received for 3 turns
    • Sand Stun – A powerful Stun that Deals heavy damage (400 dmg) and stuns you or your team-mate for 2 turns
    • Sand attack – A strong double attack that hits you for an average of 2×90 damage.


  • HP: High
  • Damage: High
  • Special:
    • Poison – Cast a poison cloud on you or one of your team-mates that Deals damage and poisons. -3% max HP per turn for 3 turns
    • Marionette Needle Attack – Kanku’s marionette rains down explosive needles that deal a significant amount of damage (250 dmg).


  • HP: Medium
  • Damage: Low
  • Special:
    • Evasion – Buffs herself with the power of the wind giving her very high Dodge Percentages for 3 turns. (she dodges almost everything)
    • Wind Cut – A strong attack that deals damage upon landing on you or your friends and adds +25% damage taken negative effect for 3 turns


Some say that Sukuri should be brought down first because she has lower HP than the others two have. However, if you check the stats, Sukuri has Medium HP while Kanku/Kara have High HP.. The difference is not that big. In addition, Sukuri has a high Dodge Ratio AND can use Evasion – making her the hardest to be hit. Every time she dodges an attack it’s like her actual HP is expanding by equal HP to the damage that missed hits would have dealt. Furthermore, Sukuri’s damage compared to the others two is LOW while the 2 others are dealing HIGH and VERY HIGH damage – so it’s very likely that you will be wiped out or outlasted by Kara and Kanku while strangling to kill Sukuri who is dodging your attacks. Sukuri will also force you change targets when she uses evasion – something that is like splitting your damage in several targets while they seem to focus on one of you at a time.– My advice is to kill Kara first and Kanku second. Keep Sukuri as for the last one. (if you get rid of Kara’s stun by killing him asap things will be 2 times easier)
Stun Priority: Kara – if he is stunned already then stun Kanku – No stuns on Sukuri (just ignore her)
For Feather Illusion Users: Sukuri – Feather Illusion will prevent allies from hitting an enemy and that enemy to hit someone of your team. Keep Sukuri under feather illusion effect as much as possible and keep on focusing on others.
If you don’t have Feather illusion just keep on ignoring Sukuri.
– when Kara is under Protection: Stun him and focus fire on Kanku (keep ignoring Sukuri)
– Only occasion for hitting Sukuri is when Kanku/Kara are under protection or sleep effects (but you can use this time to heal up and recharge)
– Make sure that you don’t have bellow 500 HP. If you have lower than 500 HP you can be killed with a single Stun/Cut/Blast (Kara,Sukuri,Kanku) combo. ALWAYS KEEP HP OVER 500
Do not heal urself over 800 HP. Enemy team will ignore those with high or full HP and focus on a weaker member of your team.
– You can’t heal your team-mates so you know that you are going to win when Enemies focusing damage on you. (so don’t overheal yourself)
– You know you are going to lose the fight when your party has less members than the enemy party 2vs3, 1vs3 or 1vs2.
Emblem User Special:

  • Reallocate your stats and place them 10/10 Earth/Water or 15/5 Earth/Water.
  • You don’t need too much HP since you don’t want to heal over 800HP as mentioned before.
  • You need a large Chakra Depot to spam spells and kill enemies as fast as possible.
    ::Wind Lightning Emblem Special::

  • Reallocate your stats and place them 16 to wind and the rest to Earth/Water
  • Wind users with 16+ stats on wind will attack BEFORE Kara and After Sukuri.
  • Cast Lightning Flash on Kara so that he misses with his powerful Sand Stun which is a positive turnout for winning this fight.

Those are nothing more than Tips.
For some players it will work better if they Focus fire on Sukuri and Kara (focus on Kara when Sukuri uses evasion and Focus on Sukuri when Kara uses protection).
Getting rid of Kara’s stun is a big + for your chances to win the fight.
** The best team for exam4 is two Lv20 emblem users with Water, Fire, Lightning JUTSUS and Full Earth Stats. **

The NPC team is the best that someone can get to pass the 4th Chunin Exam.
With them by your side it’s unlikely that you fail beating Kara Team.
Just remember:

  • Do not let yourself Die
  • Keep on following the tactics above – the fact that your team-mates are strong doesn’t mean you are a God.

NPCs will assist you for more than one time.
Bad news is that they cost 20 tokens each but they are used for special occasions like the Chunin Exams.

~ EXAM No5 ~
(Fight Kojima)Objective:
Kill Kojima and Anaki

Make sure you brought a full inventory of scrolls with you.
Solo mission – you will be assisted by NPCs


Kojima Lv80

  • Fear from dark Hell – Deals damage
  • Hand of Hell – Heavy Damage jutsu
  • Soul Drain – Damage Over time

Anaki Lv35

  • Call Dead – Calls a dead body to attack you

– Easy mission
– Keep your health high as possible (over 600HP)
– Focus Fire on Anaki & kill him first (Kojima has a lot of HP very high dodge ratio)
– If Anaki is already stunned/asleep/restricted/blinded etc then use those abilities on Kojima
– Once you kill Anaki nuke all out on Kojima

You’ll most probably make it on your first attempt.. if not then it wont take more than 3-5 times to accomplish this mission.
Have you passed all 5 exams already?
Congratulations! You are now a chunin!!!
Level Cap has been replaced to Lv40 for you and you can now buy and train a pet!


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