Facebook Dynasty Saga Tax Quiz Question Answers

Dynasty Saga Tax Quiz Question Answers

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Event NameOption 1Option 2
A Caravan ArrivesLoyalty: +4Silver: +(CityLv)*10
A Criminal SeductionLoyalty +7Gold +5
A Failed ElopementLoyalty +8Silver: +(CityLv)*30
A Fallen PeopleLoyalty 5Silver (Lv)*25
A Grizzly AttackLoyalty 7Prestige: +(CityLv)*3
A Lama PresidesTax CD -10sGold +3
A PestilencePrestige +Lv*4Loyalty +5
Silver +Lv*5
A Rare HonorPrestige: +Lv*15Loyalty: +7
A Visitor from the NorthPrestige +Lv*2Silver +Lv*35
Absolute Power CorruptsL +5G +10
An Abundant HarvestL +4
P +Lv*5
Tax +1time
S +Lv*35
An Encounter in the WoodsL +5L +7
An Unholy WindL +5L +8
S -Lv*20
Assassination AttemptP +Lv*7
S +Lv*7
L +8
Bogged DownL +8P +Lv*3
Come One Come AllL +8L +5
TaxCD -10s
Dire StraightsP +Lv*5L +5
DoomsdayL +8S +Lv*25
Encounter with Zuo CiP +Lv*7
S +Lv*30
Tax +1time
Tax +1time
Tax CD -30s
Gold +5
Enemy DeserterP +Lv*4S +Lv*25
Fertile GroundsL +5
Tax +1time
Tax +1time
Fire and BrimstoneL +7S +Lv*10
Going GagaP +LvTax +1time
Harassing ConscriptsP +Lv*5
TaxCD -30
L +7
Helpless MaidenL +4S +Lv*20
Injured Enemy SoldierL +7P +Lv*4
June BlizzardL +8P +Lv*3
Ma Jun PerformsS -600
Tax +1time
P +Lv*2
Gold +10
Master Li’s PloyL +4S +Lv*25
Menacing TigerL +5P +Lv*3
Mother and ChildL +7P +Lv*3
Otherworldly BeastP +Lv*7
S +Lv*40
G +10
L +4
Tax +1time
Plague of LocustsL +5
P +Lv
S +Lv*10
L +4
Praying for RainL +4
P +Lv*2
S +Lv*15
L +7
Raising HellS +Lv*3L +8
Suspect on the LooseL +7G +5
Temple ToppleL+7
G +7
P +Lv*7
The Breathtaking BurglarL +7G +5
The DeserterL +8S +Lv*15
The One-Eyed StatueP +Lv*3L +7
The Plague SpreadsL +6S +Lv*30
The RapscallionL +4L +5
The Yellow Sky Will RiseG +3L +5
S +Lv*10
Threatening PythonS +Lv*15L +7
Tibetan EnvoyL +5P +Lv*3
Troubled WatersL +5
G +5
L +8
Tumbling DownP +Lv*3L +7
S -Lv+20
Typhoon CataclysmL +7P +Lv*10
Tax CD – 10s
Veteran SoldierL +5S +Lv*15
Walls Come Tumbling DownL +5S +Lv*35
Yellow Turban DeserterP +Lv*4L +5
Yellow Turbans InvadeL +7L +5
S +Lv*25

Tax Choices by SwineFlu from WuWarriors, Banner “~Wu”, Server 1
Part I, scroll down for Part II
Last edit:15Jan2011,0300 GMT+8

[My notes since level 15-stopped as at 15Jan,0300]
[10,000character limit]
High loyalty = Maximum tax you ought to get per collection.

Loyalties, Gold, Tax cooldown (Tcd) or Tax collection+1 (T+1) are the same regardless of level.

& Silver (PS) is affected by your [city hall level] times [certain rates].

I would write PS gained, followed by level. No level indication after PS = didn’t know PS gained were affected by city hall levels and did not record it down at the time.

Some inputs were sent in by Oniryu after he viewed it, i would put Oni behind his data.
WeiXiaoBao -> Inn
BlackAdder -> Add
LeeXiaoYao -> Lee
User #777359681 -> #7
Spencer Chang -> SpC
iJackx3 -> iJak

  • An Encounter in the Woods
    a) Dispatch a team to apprehend the criminals [+5 loyalty]
    b) This matters require personal attention, take your team in pursuit now. [+7 loyalty]


  • Master Li’s Ploy
    a) Inform the court of Li’s transgression [+4 loyalty]
    b) Don’t involve the authorities, speak with Master Li personally [+500 silver
  • Going Gaga
    a) Honor her, dismount and accept the celebrity’s offer.[+35 Prestige](35)
    b) Tell it to this overrated tween queen like it is [T+1]
  • The Rapscallion
    a) Give this punk a fist sandwich [+4 loyalty]
    b) Drag the boy to court and read his sentence [+5 loyalty]

  • Yellow Turban’s Invade
    a)Meet em head on [+7 loyalty]
    b) Offer the rebels a place in your army
  • Walls Come Tumbling Down
    a) Do everything possible to restore the settlements [+5 loyalty]
    b) Relocate the flood victims to remote housing [+1225 silver]
  • Plague of Locusts
    a) set example by eating the locusts.
    [+5 loyalty, +27 Prestige, +270 silver] (27)
    b) Give sacrifice to the gods [+4 loyalty] 
  • The Deserter
    a) Escort man back to camp [+8 loyalty]
    b) Execute him [+405 silver] (?)
  • A Failed Elopement
    a) Deploy a force to break up the scene [+8 loyalty]
    b) Handle this predicament in your own terms [+1200 silver] (40) Add
  • Threatening Python
    a) Seize the viper and steep him in your wine [+810 silver] (?)
    b) Unsheathe your sword and slice the viper into two
    [+7 loyalty]
  • Suspect on the loose
    a) Report what you seen to the court [+7 loyalty]
    b) Follow the man to his base [+5 GOLD]
  • Fire and Brimstone
    a) Situation is critical, lead your men to put out the fire [+7 loyalty]
    b) Stick to your duties and exhort the people to save themselves [+30 silver](3) 
  • A Visitor from the North
    a) Celebrate his arrival with a feast [+60 Prestige] (30)
    b) Tell the court officials and await your orders [+1400 silver] (40)
  • Harassing Conscripts
    a) Do not involve yourself in such petty matter [+30 Prestige, Tcd-30min] (?)
    b) Castigate this man for his actions [+7 loyalty]

  • A Fallen People
    a) Take them in as your own citizen [+4 loyalty]
    b) Rob them of everything and make off with the riches [+875 silver] (35)
  • Fertile Grounds
    a) Hike out Jade Mountain and start digging [+5 loyalty, T+1]
    b) Dispatch a special force to cultivate the land [+30 Prestige, +600 silver](30)
  • Dire Straights
    a) Report the crime and deploy a team to rescue the wife [+150 Prestige](39)
    b) Set off immediately to track the bandits [+5 loyalty] 
  • Yellow Turban Deserter
    a) Execute [+120 Prestige](?)
    b) Offer a place in your army [+5 loyalty]

  • A Criminal Seduction
    Coming back from tax collection, you hear the beating of drums and see a throng of villagers dragging a woman bound by rope to the court. The woman is a notorious burglar in the city. When she lifts her eyes, you are struck by her beauty. You couldn’t bea
    a) Carry out the standard punishment [+7 loyalty] Lee
    b) Make a special exception for this beauty [+5 GOLD] 
  • Assassination Attempt
    a) Kill the man for his transgression [+245 Prestige, +1050 silver] (35)
    b) Reduce taxes in light of what you have found [+8 loyalty]
  • Injured Enemy Soldier
    a) Escort the soldier back to city to receive treatment [+7 loyalty]
    b) Kill the man on sight. [+160 Prestige] (40)

  • Praying for Rain
    a) Try to reason with the peasants [+4 loyalty, +40 Prestige, +525 silver] (lvl35) ;
    [+4 loyalty,+76 Prestige, +570 silver] (lvl 38)
    b) Hold a sacrificial ceremony [+7 loyalty] 
  • Raising Hell
    a) Put ruffians out of misery [+1050 silver] (lvl35)
    b) Place rebels in your army [+8 loyalty]
  • Come One Come All
    a) Keep to your duties.
    [+8 loyalty]
    b) Join the party and get crazy [+5 loyalty, Tcd-10min]

  • Enemy Deserter
    a) Execute the enemy on sight [+172 Prestige](42)

    b) Take the deserter into your camp [+875 silver](35)


Tax Choices by SwineFlu from WuWarriors, Banner “~Wu”, Server 1
Part II
Last edit:15Jan2011, 0300 GMT+8

Some inputs were sent in by Oniryu after he viewed it, i would put Oni behind his data to avoid plagiarism.
WeiXiaoBao-> Inn
BlackAdder -> Add
LeeXiaoYao -> Lee
User #777359681 -> #7
Spencer Chang-> SpC
iJackx3 -> iJak
26. A Caravan Arrives

a) Take refugees in, give food and shelter [
+4 loyalty]
b) Escort the party back where they came, the city cannot support them

[+260 silver](38)Hit

27. A Pestilence
     a) Send details to remove the pestilence [+160 Prestige](40)
     b) Gather up some stray cats to remove the rats [+5 loyalty, +175 silver](35)

28. A Rare Honor
a) Dismount and accept the robe humbly. [+105 Prestige] (35)
b) Shout with joy and put on the robe in the crowd [+5-7 loyalty]Oni

29. Helpless Maiden
a) Escort silk trade’s son to court. [+4 loyalty]
b) Send men to dissuade the silk trade’s son from taking the girl [+880 silver](42)
(Corrected for previously [+4 loyalty]Inn, at 13Jan11,1742,GMT+8)

30.The One Eyed Statue
a) Dispatch a troop to confiscate the treasonous paraphernalia
[+114 Prestige](38)
b) Talk some sense into those who found the item. [+7 loyalty]
31.Veteran Soldier
a) Take the man in to receive heal and care[+5 loyalty]Oni, Inn
b) Send the man back home. [+570 silver] (38)

32.An Abundant Harvest
a) Tax at normal rate [+? Prestige, +? loyalty, T+1](?)Oni
b) Adjust taxes to correspond to the harvest returns. [+1400 silver](40)

33.Temple Topple , #7
a) Rebuild the temple yourself [+7 loyalty, +7 GOLD] #7
b) Order a team of local carpenters to make repairs. [+210 Prestige](?)Oni

34. Bogged Down Oni
a) There are more important matters to attend to[+30 Prestige](30)Oni
b) Dispatch a unit to repair the stone passage[+? loyalty]Oni ; [+41 Prestige]Add
[not sure who is correct, let me know if u do, i haven’t got this question yet]

35. Unholy Winds Oni
a) Make repairs when needed [+5 loyalty] Add
b) Rip the whole structure down and build another temple in its place
[+8 loyalty, Minus 700 silver](?) Oni
[didn’t had the descriptions for the answers, so i copied these from
user #785853079]
36. The Plague Spreads
a) See to it that the afflicted are treated [+6 loyalty] Lee
b) Quarantine the afflicted, let them fend for themselves. [+1200 silver](40) Oni

37. Mother & Child, Add
a) Go to the lady personally [+7 loyalty] Inn
b) Dispatch a unit to attend to the woman [+120 Prestige](40) Add

38. Menacing Tiger, Hit
a) Go personally with a group to strike down the tiger [+5 loyalty] Inn
b) Send out a unit to strike down the tiger [+114 Prestige](38) Hit

39. Grizzly Attack , Add
a) Set off immediately to track down the bandit [+7 loyalty] Inn
b) Report the crime & deploy a team to rescue the wife [+141 Prestige](47) Add

40. Troubled Waters , SpC
a) Hold a city-wide assembly to contain the uproar [+5 loyalty, +5 GOLD] SpC
b) Hoist up the waters and let the impurities settle to the bottom [+8 loyalty] Inn
41. Tumbling Down  Hit
a) Do anything possible to help [+5 loyalty](37)Hit
b) [+7 loyalty, Plus minus 1020 silver] (?) Inn
[either he meant approximately 1020 or you would get a plus or a minus.]

42. Ma Jun Performs, Add
a) Treat the scientist with a meal [+4 loyalty, T+1, +120 Prestige, +500 Silver](46) Add
b) Convince Ma Jun to serve your kingdom [+10 GOLD, +80 Prestige](40)  Add

43. A Lama Presides, Spc
a) Break up the gathering
b) Respect one of high accomplishments, listen quietly to the sermon [+3 GOLD] Spc

44. Typhoon Cataclysm, Add
a) Do everything possible to restore the settlements [+7loyalty] Add
b) Relocate the flood victims to remote housing

45. The Yellow Sky will Rise, Add
a) Ride out to attack [+3 GOLD] Add
b) Report what you have seen to the court

The Breathtaking Burglar
Upon your return, the villagers brought a famous female burglar. When she raises her head to the crowd, your heart skips a beat – never before have you seen such beauty. Between justice and beauty, what do you choose?
1) Uphold the law of the land. Bring the burglar in for interrogation and harsh punishment [Loyalty +7]
2) Law be dammed, some rules were made to be broken! [Gold +5]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do you notice any increase in difficulty getting higher stars as you go?
    what is the recommended amount of gold to have to be "relatively safe" to get 10-stars mission by thursday?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It depends on how many red/purple books do you need. If you need 5 purple books, you can follow these steps:
    – Complete 5-star mission before Thursday, so you have Fri-Sun to collect your purple books;
    – On Thursday, DO NOT do any mission. Use gold to refresh daily missions until 6-star mission appear (normally the top one on the list). Complete that 6-star mission ONCE. Remember that each refresh the mission star will either unchanged or minus 1 or plus 1. Be patience.
    – Continue to use gold to refresh daily mission until 7-star mission appear. Do it ONCE.
    – Repeat the same process to have 8-star, 9-star and 10-star mission.
    In the 10-star mission list there are several books ranging from purple to blue, so you need to carefully browse the list to see if any purple/red book. If not, just do the 10-star mission again, and if you are lucky, you'll get a purple book this time.
    After Thursday you will have full 3 days to attempt to get the books (no refresh needed).
    Good luck. (FYI, I spent 5000 gold to get to the 10-star mission list on Wed, and in return I got 8 purple and about 15 red books, lolz).

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    Does anyone have a guide with step by step process to get red and purple books through Daily events?

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    perfect exactly what i was looking for..love all the guides on this site

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