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Call of Gods New Player Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: I can’t log in, what shall I do?
A: Please check your internet connection. If your connection is working fine, restart the browser and download and install the latest version of Flash Player. You should be able to log in now. If you are still unable to play the game, we suggest you try a different internet browser or contact customer service.

2. Q: As a first time player what’s the best way of learning the ropes?
A: We suggest you complete newbie guide at the beginning of the game. Just follow the guides and arrows and you’ll get the hand of things in no time! Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be familiar with the game’s basic operation and interface functions.

3. Q: How many currencies are there in the game?
A: Three: Gold, Silver and Coupons. The Shop has a separate page for each of these three currencies.

4. Q: How do I construct buildings?
A: Go to your Castle and click on your central building to view your construction list. Choose which building you want to build and drag it to an open lot. The building will automatically begin construction and will finish after a certain amount of time. Complete the newbie guide at the beginning of the game to learn more about building construction.

5. Q: How do I upgrade buildings?
A: Select your main building and click the “Upgrade” button to upgrade the corresponding building from the building list. You also can also select the building itself and click the “Upgrade” button from the building’s interface.

6. Q: How do I obtain and finish quests?
A: You can obtain quests by exploring the World map and talking with the characters that you meet. If a character’s portrait has an exclamation mark on it then he/she can provide you with a quest. All accepted quests will appear as popups on the right side of the game interface. You can also view available and current quests by clicking on the Quest button on the bottom right of the game interface. Once you’ve finished a quest go back to the character that gave you the quest to claim your reward!

7. Q: How do I collect resources?
A: Resources are produced by certain buildings that you can construct in your Castle. Each race has four types of resource buildings. To collect resources simply click on a resource buidling and click on “Collect” to collect that particular resource or “Collect All” to collect all resources that have been produced. Resource can also be collected at certain locations in the World map such as at a Pool of Origin.

8. Q: How do I recruit a hero.
A: Players can recruit heroes from Taverns. Clicking on Tavern will display a list of recuitable heroes. If you don’t like what you see, you can refresh the list. Hero lists also automatically refresh every hour. You can increase your chance of recruiting more powerful heroes by using “Astrology” or “Summon Horn” which you can purchase from the Shop.

9. Q: How do I level up my Heroes?
A: In order to level up your heroes you need to increase your Exp. Call of Gods features a wide of selection of monsters, bad guys and creepy crawlies to fight and doing so will give your heroes varying amounts of Exp. Completing quests will also award your heroes with more Exp as will fighting against other players. Fighting isn’t your only choice either as you can train your heroes at certain places in the world map to increase their Exp.

10. Q: How do I recruit soldiers?
A: Players need to build a Mercenary Camp first. The variety of units will increase as you upgrade your building level. As you play more, the variety of units will also increase. You can check a unit type’s attributes and recruit any number of soldiers by clicking the “Recruit” button. If you want to rapidly increase the number of soldiers which can be recruited, please click the “Maximize” button and use a “Troop Supply Card”, which maximizes the quantity of recruitable units.

11. Q: How do I deploy soldiers?
A: First click the “Deploy” button in the main interface. Next choose the unit type for each of your heroes and click the “Okay” button. After every battle, click the “Auto Add” button to automatically replace casaulties lost in battle.

12. Q: When should my heroes be defending
A: Call of Gods allows you to configure your heroes to attack or defend. Now if you’re out on a quest and need to kill some monsters or you’re looking to attack another player then you’ll need to put your heroes in attack mode. Likewise , if you’ve received a message warning of an imminent attack by another player you need set your heroes to a defend your city. Click the “Hero” button and select which heroes to “Defend” and which heroes to “Battle” or use the “All Battle” and “All Defend” buttons. Remember when you’re about to be attacked, it’s best to put all of your heroes in defense mode and deploy as many troops as you can to try to fend off the enemy.

13. Q: How do I attack another player?
A: To attack another player first click on the “Wild” button on the right upper hand corner of the game interface. Select a player that’s rubbing you the wrong way and click on the “Attack” button to initiate an attack (remember to set your heroes to “Fire” beforehand or else not much is going to happen). Once you’ve sent out an attack order you’ll need to wait 90 seconds whilst your army deploys. In this time you won’t be able to doing anything else and the interface will be locked. After the battle has ended you’ll receive a battle report which tells you how many units you’ve lost and how much resources you’ve plundered from the enemy.

14. Q: How do I add a friend?
A: To add another player as your friend you can select the player from the World interface and click on the “Friends” button. Alternatively, you can left-click on a player’s name in the chat interface and select “Add Friend”. A notification will be sent to the player and if the player agrees, his/her name will be added to your friend’s list.

15. Q: I’ve just started playing, what if higher players gang up on me?!
A: You can’t be attacked by other players before you reach level 10 so don’t worry about being attacked when you first start the game. Once you reach level 10 however, you will lose this protection and you’ll have to defend your city from enemy onslaughts.

16. Q: How do I transmute items?
A: Once you reach level 10 you can starting transmuting items. Transmutation allows you to create a high-quality item by combining lesser items. To create an item through transmutation first you’ll need to go to your Inventory. Once you’re there, click on the small chest icon on the bottom right of the Inventory interface. This will take you to the Transmute interface. Select items from you Inventory on the left and click on the “Transmute” button to begin transmutation. Note that the number of items must be greater or equal to three and that using transmute will cost silver.

17. Q: What’s a Hero’s “Potential”?
A: Each hero under your command will have a certain “potential”. You can check your hero’s potential by going to the Hero interface. Your hero’s potential will be displayed at the bottom of the “Properties” page. The higher the hero’s potential, the more his/her attributes will increase when leveling up.

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