Call of Gods Recruiting and Using Heroes Guide

Call of Gods Recruiting and Using Heroes Guide by nico

Hero Recruitment

In Call of Gods, your heroes act as the commanders of your army. Choosing the right hero is the first step to creating a powerful army. To recruit a hero you’ll need to head to a Tavern. There is a Tavern in the Capital of each race (Necrolis, Sanctaria and Arthlan) as well as at Regia Deorum. Click on the Tavern to enter it.

Heroes list.jpg



Inside the Tavern you’ll see a list of heroes that you can recruit. The color of a hero’s name determines the hero’s grade. There are 5 grades of hero – White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange – in ascending order of quality. A hero’s grade will determine his/her “Potential” which affects starting attributes as well as how much his/her attributes increase when leveling up. The “Green” heros in the screenshot above have significantly higher starting attributes than the “White” hero.


Heroes also come in 4 “Specialties” – Balanced, Attack, Agility and Defense. Ideally, Agility and Defense heroes should be given tank roles and assigned melee units. Attack and Balanced heroes aren’t as good at soaking up damage but have higher attack ratings and should be assigned ranged units.

You can refresh the heroes list by clicking on the “Refresh” button.

Refreshing the list.jpg

There are three ways of refreshing the heroes list – Free Refresh, Summoning Horn and Book of Astrology. Free Refresh can be used 5 times a day and is free to use. Summoning Horn can be bought with Gold and gives a higher chance of refreshing higher-graded heroes. Book of Astrology can also be bought with Gold and gives a much higher chance of refreshing higher-graded heroes. Click on the “Use” button to buy and use.

Recruit a hero of your choice by clicking the “Recruit” button. The hero will now be under your command.

Managing Your Heroes

Click on the “Hero” button at the bottom of the game interface to go to the Hero menu.

Hero button.png
The Hero menu is divided into three different submenus – Deploy Heroes, Equipment and Assign Units.


Deploy Heroes
Deploy Heroes.jpg

This menu allows you to place your heroes into different formations. Call of Gods features 10 formations in total with each one giving unique attribute bonuses. Only one formation will be available when you first start the game but you can unlock them by using Formation Tomes.


Hover your mouse cursor over a formation to view its details:


Formation Popup.jpg

The information in this popup tells you that placing your heroes in Right Feint formation will allow you to deal 10% more damage against enemies using Right Hammerhead formation and will cancel the attribute bonuses of enemies using Right Guard formation.


Every army in Call of Gods, whether belonging to an NPC or another player, will beusing one of the ten formations.


Formations will also give your heroes extra attribute bonuses depending on their position within the formation. Hover your mouse cursor over the formation to view them:

Formation Attribute Bonuses.jpg

What’s the difference between Attack and Defend Formation?


Placing your heroes in an Attack Formation will allow them to fight for your when you attack monsters and other players.


Placing your heroes in Defend Formation will automatically set them to defend your Castle against attack from other players.


You can click on the “Switch” button to instantly switch your heroes from attack to defend.


Remember to click on the “Deploy” button to confirm your choice.


You can also dismiss your heroes by clicking on the “Dismiss” button under you’re hero’s portrait. You must remove all units and equipment from a hero before dismissing and, once dismissed, you will be unable to recruit that hero again.




The Equipment menu allows you to equip your heroes with equipment. Equipping your heroes with weapons, armor and other items is a great way to improve their attributes.


You can view the details of each piece of equipment by hovering your mouse cursor over it. To equip and item from your Inventory, simply left click it and it will automatically be moved to the hero’s corresponding equipment slot. To unequip an item, left click it and it will be automatically moved back to the Inventory.

Skills Bar.jpg

This bar shows the Skills that your heroes possess. You can visit the Ironforge (Human), Ironbark Forge (Undead) or Ironbark Forge(Elf) at your race’s capital to find the Skills Master to teach your heroes new skills.

Click here for a detailed guide on Skills


Assign Units


Assign Units.jpg
The “Assign Units” menu allows you to assign units to your heroes. A hero without any assigned units cannot fight. To assign units to a hero you need to follow these steps:


Select a hero from the left column > select a unit type from the dropdown menu > enter the number of units you wish to assign > click the “Assign” button.


Assign Units 2.jpg

Army Size” refers to the number ofunits now in this hero’s army.


Strength” measures the total combat strength of this hero’s army. The higher an army’s Strength, the more powerful it is.


Available Units.jpg
The “Available Units” section shows all the units that you currently have. The “Assigned” value is the number of units of that unit type which have been assigned to a hero. The “Idle” value is the number of units of that unit type which are not currently assigned. Clicking the “Disband” button will permanently delete idle units of this unit type.

Max All.jpg

Click on the “Recruit” button to go to your barracks and recruit more units.

You can click on the “Max. All” button to assign the maximum number of units of the selected unit type to each hero. This will be a handy feature later on as you need to replace units lost in battle.

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