Facebook Realm Of Empires Game Tips

I’m playing on Realm 3 and Realm 4 as “blackrabbit2999” on http://www.realmofempires.com/

Facebook Realm Of Empires Game Guide and Tips

How to take a village successfully (in Theory)
Taking a village is very easy but as time goes on will become much more difficult to do for the following reasons.
1. Less new players entering the realm or respawns.
2. players that get really big make it more difficult for others to take villages in the area.
3. WARS these three are later in the game.
Right now how ever it is not so bad.
1st you need to clear out the villages you seek
1st wave is clearing wave (use battle simulator and spies to find out exactly what you are up against and the chance of taking the village.) then send more than is necessary to take the village the more troops the better the chance of more coming back. We will discuss bigger villages later or should I say Some who are better at the bigger villages will explain it properly.

2nd wave if it was cleared by the first wave this is your first gov wave.
3rd wave is the second gov
4th is the third gov wave
5th is the final gov wave.
send for small villages a small contingent to help get the village started as you get bigger armies send more troopsto the villages you are taking and leave the troops there till the villages is able to recuit troops itself and you have a fair amount already built in there.
Typical 97 point village This is an example for right now where everyone is not all that big once things get rolling the method changes.
wave 1 = 1500 inf
wave 2 = 100 inf and 1 gov
wave 3 = 100 inf and 1 gov
wave 4 = 100 inf and 1 gov
wave 5 = 100 inf and 1 gov
Also time these to land 30 secs apart.

Meaning of alliances and NAP’s
Nap stands for Non-Aggression Pact. It effectively means that we are not allowed to attack them, and they are not allowed to attack us. On the other hand, we’re not obligated to help defend them as we would if they were allies.
NAPS are denoted by the yellow flags on the map

Alliance is just that , a clan that we have made a pact with to help them in wars when they need it and vice versa , they are not to be attacked under any circumstances .
They are denoted by the purple flags on the map

And finally fellow clan members are denoted by green flags on the map

Blue flags = friends you have on facebook that have joined the game but are not in your clan or allied clans
Red flags = Enemy these attack at will

farming for silver
It’s a good idea now to consider plundering surrounding villages of inactive players for silver. If a player stops playing, his village is still producing silver and if you attack it, you can plunder this silver. This is a very useful strategy to get more silver than you would normally get just from your silver mine.

First step is to find an inactive village – find a village near you, that has very few points, and is not increasing in points. This is likely an inactive player. You can always message the player as well and see if you get a response.

Secondly, spy on this village. Send at least 5 spies to ensure a good chance of success – you do that by simply clicking this village on the map, and choosing Attack.

Once your spy attack occurs, you will get a report telling you what troops are stationed in this village, how much silver is currently in the treasury etc. You can use this information to find out how many troops you must send in order to kill all the troops in this village – use the Battle Simulator for this purpose (from the Troops… menu, select Battle Simulator). Remember that you will only plunder silver if you kill off all troops in this village. You will have to decide if you should wait to recruit more troops before attacking, or if you have enough already.

Once you decide to attack, attack this village in the same way. The troops that survive the attack will bring back silver for you to use. And since you killed off any troops in this village, you can repeat this attack daily.

If the village is a 97 pointer it means it is the default points village right now and it will have a 250 cm in it. If it is a rebel village it will grow somewhat like a player in the game.

Defense Idea
Just some def tips..

Tip 1: Estimate what enemy is sending by estimating the movement speed of troops. U dont have to fight them if they are Inf wave or Knight wave.
(rams and Gov 2 square per hour)

Tip 2: Send spy before your Gov waves arrive. I have seen some players sending waves Gov of their death. LOL. Always spy before your Gov arrive. Send spy together with ram so they will travel at the same speed as the Gov.

Also go over each troop defensive and offensive capabilities when you understand how they work you can then implement them to work for you better.

I don’t understand how to fight enemy troops that are on their way to attack me. Do I just wait for them to arrive or send troops to the village from which they originate? Please explain.

ok when troops are incoming to your village you do not know what they are sending your way when they attack you will know. Think of it this way:
10000 inf can defend against 800 knights
25000 inf can defend against 2000 knights
But where everyone is starting new start at first with inf and LC mix then as your villages get higher stables and barracks recruit inf and KNights. Also defense strategy for a cluster is a followed:
have a 5 to 10 vill cluster or more
in 1/4 of them make them 21k inf and 200 spies
the rest are 1200 knights, 6300 inf, 51 rams, 51 trebs, and 49 spies
but these are more advanced strategies for when you start acquiring more villages.

Spies are used to discover what buildings, troops, etc a village has.

At this point its probably not a good idea to aggravate your neighbours by spying on them so this is not why you will be recruiting spies. Spies are also used to protect yourself from being spied on – a counter-intelligence measure. If you have spies in your village, there is a smaller chance that enemy spies will be successful in penetrating your defenses and finding out details of your village, and a greater chance that you will know who attempted to spy on you. Therefore, recruit some spies next. Recruit 2-3 spies per day until you get about 10 spies, and then continue recruiting 1 spy per day when possible.

what troops to build initially , different theories
Both Citizen Militia (CM) and Infantry (I) are good at defending your village, however, Citizen Militia are much cheaper to recruit. Therefore at the beginning, it’s a good strategy to recruit Citizen Militia instead of Infantry and use the left over silver to continue expanding your village (i.e. upgrading buildings).

A good rule of thumb is to recruit at least 20-40 CM per day if you are already part of a strong clan without current enemies. Increase that if you are in more danger. ( Taken from the game help guide )

Me personally i have been producing a varied mix of troop types : i have citizen militia , infantry , cavelry for farming and a few spies to learn target village troop complement before i send clearing waves

silver capacity of troop types
silver carrying capacity of units for farming missions

Citizen Militia ______ 50
Infantry __________40
Light Cavalry ______300
Knight ___________400

tripwire tips
The “United We Stand” Strategy
This strategy is very helpful especially later on in the game.

First go on your 19×19 map and locate your clan members

Send from 1-10 infantry or citizen militia as support to each of their current cities.

Now this is how this strategy works

When one of the persons villages gets attacked by a foreign force, you will get informed so
you can hopefully send some more support

If you know for sure someone is sending a clearing wave at your village, i.e. you have 5 attacks incoming and one is way ahead or was launched after the others and arrives at roughly the same time, Spend all your silver, it doesnt matter what on just make sure you have as little as possible left when the first attack lands. Just before the first attack lands, send all of your troops out to another village as support. When the first attack lands they will get nothing but scraps of silver from your treasury, thus there clearing wave wont kill any of your troops. Now cancell the troops you sent out to support, and let them return to your village in time for the next 4 attacks, which will be all gov attacks probably. When the govs start landing you have troops to fight back as none where lost in the clearing attack, therefore it equals dead govs for the enemy player + bugger all silver cos u spent it all!!! Also it means less loss of troops for you, and probably no loss in approval rating provided you kill all the govs!!! This strategy has worked for me in R1, it is a very cunning trick i taught myself to avoid losing my village!!!!

I would like to point out another idea i have been using to great effect when building troops…

Specialise your villages, have one village recruit a certain type of unit and that type of unit mainly/only!!!

I have a couple of villages in my 10 that specialise in just infantry, therefore i maxed there barracks to build them quickly, they recruit hundreds of infantry a day. At this stage in the game dont recruit anymore Citizen Militia they are pointless in attack and defence purposes when compared to infantry, they are cheap for a reason guys!!! Infantry can be quickly sent in the thousands to support your villages in times of need, like when you have an incoming attack!!!

I also have 1 village that only recruits spies! it recruits a fair few a day and it specialises in defensive purposes for spy attacks and offensive purposes aswell!!! And if you think it isnt well defended, i have sent supporting infantry to it!!!

I use the rest of my villages for building knights… they are the best offensive troops in the game, they are the only way to launch attacks and are pretty good at defending!!!

Finally, i will suggest builing only one or 2 villages all up that recruit rams and trebs, they are only good for attacking to help lower the levels of walls. Also in that village i suggest you throw a few knights in the mix to support attacks, just to save losses!!!

Many people say that Knights are the best unit to have for attacking. That’s true if you look at each unit they have the most attack power BUT they cost 12 food twice as much as LC. Here is what I got from the battle simulator and a calculator.

2000 Knights vs. 10000 infantry Lv.10 walls and towers: Knights win and have 590 remaining.

silver lost 2,820,000

Time it will take to recruit 1410 Knights. (at base recruiting time): 112,800 minutes.

4000 LCvs. 10k infantry and Lv. 10 walls and towrs: LC wins 606 remain

silver lost: 2,375,800

Time it will take to recruit 3394 LC. (at base recruiting time): 149,336

Also it costs 4,000,000 silver to recruit 2000 knights and 2,800,000 silver to recruit 4,000 LC. but the Knights will be trained quicker. So there’s a trade off, if money isn’t the issue then get knights. If time isn’t the issue get LC.

Your Troops
Troop descriptions/uses and travelling speed.

Citizen Militia – Medium
Cheap and fast to train, they are dangerous in large numbers. BUT, if you are not under attack, do not waste your food space on these guys. You can train a few to send as support to your guild members (an attack detection system), but it would be a lot better to train infantry instead.

Infantry – Medium
More expensive than CMs, but more powerful and they take up the same food space. Once you have a large village, you will regret investing in CMs. Infantry are good defensive troops. Excellent with fully upgraded walls and defensive towers.

Light Cavalry – Fast
Almost 1/3 the price of a knight, 1/2 the food required compared to a knight, but 2x as weak as a knight. They make good counter-cavalry if you have fully upgraded walls and defensive towers.

Knight – Fast
Best offensive troops.

Ram – Slow
Once you have a fully-developed village, have between 50-100 of them at your disposal. Only train them when you are building an attack force.

Treb – Slow
Once you have a fully-developed village, have between 50-100 of them at your disposal. Only train them when you are building an attack force.

Spy – Very Fast
They are used for scouting an enemy’s village, and also provide counter-spying at your own village. Have at least 50 of them per village. To spy on an enemy, have at least 20-25 spies per 1000 points of an enemy’s village.

Governor – Very Slow
Only train him when you are planning on taking over a village. The price of the governor increases depending on the number of villages you have.

Your Buildings
Building descriptions and priority levels for building/upgrading.

Silver Mine – High Priority
Your source of income. Silver is required for EVERYTHING. Always aim to upgrade the mine, even it if means that you will have to wait another day or two, because ultimately you will rake in silver by the tens of thousands per hour!

Treasury – High Priority, depending on your Silver Mine
Always upgrade your treasury along with your silver mine. The treasury is cheap, and it is very important once you start building high-level buildings and have a good income rate. Waking up in the morning and finding that your treasury is full is frustrating. A lot of silver can be wasted that way. Also, members of HW or other clans may send you silver, and in that case you should have a good-sized treasury to accommodate the aid.

Barracks – Medium-High Priority
The higher the level of your barracks, the faster you will produce infantry and such. For your first village, you should aim to have around 3,000 infantry at your village before you hit the 8,000 point mark.

Wall – Medium Priority
Walls are very helpful to protect your village as they provide an added bonus to your defensive troops, including support troops stationed at your village.

Defensive Towers – Medium Priority
Towers are like walls; they provide an added bonus to defending and supporting troops at your village. You will need a Level 5 wall in order to build the towers.

Headquarters – Medium Priority
Upgrading your headquarters reduces the time it takes to construct other buildings, saving a lot of time. It is important to upgrade this building especially if the rest of your buildings are at a high level. You will need a Level 20 headquarters in order to build a palace.

Stables – Medium Priority
The higher the level of your stables, the faster you can train LCs and knights. This is especially important if you are building an offensive force as LCs and knights take a long time to train.

Trading Post – Low-Medium Priority
You will need this building of you want to send silver to someone, but it is not needed in order to receive silver. Once you have a good income of silver, you may want to help your clan-mates out more by sending them silver. Also, once you have taken over a village, it will be very important to have a high-level trading post as you can upgrade your new village very quickly with the silver aid from your main village.

Siege Workshop – Low-Medium Priority
Just like the barracks and the stables, the higher the level of this building, the faster it produces the units; in this case, the rams and trebs. Only upgrade this once you start building your offensive troops.

Tavern – Low Priority
You should build this building at first, but do not upgrade it until you need to. Spies are trained from this building, but a small village will not need to train, say, 100 spies at one time. Upgrade this building if you are planning on training many spies for an offensive mission.

Palace – Special Case
This building will only be needed when you are ready to takeover a village.

Farm – Special Case
Though this building is very important, you will only need to upgrade it when your food limit is being reached. The maximum is 26,000; remember that and train your troops wisely.

There are basically three kinds of attacks: spies, raids, and takeovers.

Spy attacks you do not always see coming. If you ever see an “unknown” attack coming, that is a spy attack. All spies can do is report on your army and buildings. They do no damage, and they are not always successful in gathering intel.

Then you have raids. Another person wants your silver. Annoying but otherwise harmless. If you have an army, they will try to kill it. Buildings will not be destroyed. If you have a lot of army, you can stop them. In R1 people don’t generally bother raiding, but in R2 if your village looks inactive people may try raiding you to supplement their silver income. If you survive the raid (i.e. you have troops left after the attack) then you lose only troops, no silver. If you lose (all your army is killed) then your opponent will take whatever silver his troops can carry. A single incoming attack is probably either a raid, or else a probe to see if you have an army.

And finally, takeovers. These ones hurt. If you see 4+ attacks coming at once, most likely it’s a takeover attempt. If your village is built, normally the attacker will destroy your walls and towers in order to lower your defenses. They *can* attack your other buildings, but if they are trying to capture your village usually they want to capture it intact. Normally in the first attack or shortly before it, the attacker will include lots of offensive troops to try to wipe out your entire army (a clearing wave). So long as you have troops defending, they can’t take your village; but if they kill all your troops they can take it over.

What’s the best thing to do if an attack is incoming? Your first response should be to message the person who is attacking you. Many players are willing to call off their attacks if you ask nicely. Once you’ve done that, ask your clan or any friendly neighbors if they can lend support troops. The greater your defending army, the better chance you have of repelling the attacks and making your village too costly to be worth the attacker’s trouble.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to ‘dodge’ some of the attacks when someone is trying to take you over. The idea is that you send out your troops to allow the clearing wave(s) to land (in the case of a take, and then recall the troops to kill governors coming in the following attacks in order that you keep your village and the other guy takes a lot of damage (normally 4 governor attacks are needed to take a village). This is hit-and-miss, though: you have to guess which attacks are clearing waves and which ones will be weaker governor attacks. And if there is only one attack incoming, you may be best off spending your silver and dodging just before the attack so that you don’t lose anything and the attacker doesn’t gain anything.


A failed spy attack looks like this:

Subject: xxxxx was attacked
Time: Dec 30 08 01:35:26
Plunder: 0

Your village was spied upon but fortunatelly your own counter inteligence measures prevailed! The spies came back empty handed! Hopefully some harm will come to them for this failure…

Attacker: Despite the use of all known methods of… persuasion… your men were not able to obtain the identity of the attacking spies
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Attacking 0 0 0 0 0 0 658 0
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 169 0
Remaining 0 0 0 0 0 0 489 0

Defender: xxxxx
xxxxx (x,y)
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Defending 8 7,834 125 25 0 0 452 2
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 8 7,834 125 25 0 0 452 2

A successful spy attack looks like this:

Subject: xxxxx was attacked
Time: Dec 30 08 01:24:18
Plunder: 0

Your villages was spied upon and alas! the spies where able to sucessfully penetrate your counter inteligence measures! The spies learned of the troops stations at the village, the treasury, as well as building levels

Attacker: Despite the use of all known methods of… persuasion… your men were not able to obtain the identity of the attacking spies
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Attacking 0 0 0 0 0 0 196 0
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 105 0
Remaining 0 0 0 0 0 0 91 0

Defender: xxxxx
xxxxx (x,y)
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Defending 1 0 50 0 0 0 452 0
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 1 0 50 0 0 0 452 0

Information gathered by spies:

Silver in treasury: 879

Buildings at the village:
Headquarters(Level 20)
Silver Mine(Level 42)
Barracks(Level 20)
Stable(Level 12)
Siege Workshop(Level 5)
Tavern(Level 3)
Trading Post(Level 25)
Farm Land(Level 30)
Palace(Level 1)
Wall(Level 10)
Defensive Towers(Level 10)
Treasury(Level 31)

A raid-type attack looks like this:

Subject: xxxxx was attacked by yyyyy
Time: Dec 30 08 10:20:29
Plunder: 49,968

Attacker: yyyyy
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Attacking 0 0 0 x x 0 0 0
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 0 0 x x 0 0 0 0

Defender: xxxxx
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Defending 0 x 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lost 0 x 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

A takeover attack looks like this:

Subject: xxxxx was attacked by yyyyy
Time: Dec 30 08 06:31:43
Plunder: 499 Council of Elders Approval change: From 100% to 84% Yea
Wall was attacked and demaged from level 10 to level 0
Defensive Towers was attacked and demaged from level 10 to level 0

Attacker: yyyyy
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Attacking 0 0 0 1,141 51 51 0 1
Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 0 0 0 1,141 51 51 0 1

Defender: xxxxx
Citizen Militia Infantry Light Cavalry Knight Ram Trebuchet Spy Governor
Defending 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lost 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Remaining 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Taking Over a Village
Tips and facts when taking over a village.

The Council of Elders (Yay/Nay)
Every village has 100% Yay rating at their village. A successful attack by a governor will bring the Yay percentage down by 15-20% per attack; the village will recover 1% Yay per hour. Once the Yay percentage has fallen below 50%, the village is yours.

Always spy before taking-over a village. You should know the enemy’s strengths before launching an attack.

Always send an army with your governor even if the target village has nobody defending it. You will have to make a few attacks on a village to successfully take it over. If half of the governor’s attack troops die, the governor automatically dies too, so make sure you know the strength of your enemy.

Battle Simulator
Use the Battle Simulator to figure out how many troops you will need in order to make a successful attack on a target village.

Target Distance
Some villages may be very far away. In this case, have two governors ready to attack the village to take it over as quickly as possible without the village owner having time to build up his forces or call in support. Sending two governors in one attack will not make a difference to the percentage of Yay affected. Send them separately, and with a sizable force each just in case. It is a good idea to always target villages close-by your governor’s position.

Villages You Have Taken-Over
After successfully taking over a village, your last attack’s troops will automatically station themselves in the village. You can build and train anything in the village once you have taken it over, as long as the building required is present.

It is a good idea to designate your villages for a specific role. For example, your main village can be a balanced village with all sorts of troops present. Your second village can be made entirely of defensive troops and you can send support to the rest of your villages. Your third village can be made entirely of offensive units so that instead of having 3,000 infantry, 500 LCs, and 400 knights, you can have 1,000 knights, 100 rams, and 100 trebs. That way you are efficiently using the food limit to its fullest potential.

Attack Detection System (ADS) OR also known as Ambassadors or trip wires
ADS is a basic function that every member can setup easily. All you have to do is send one or two of your units to another player’s village as support. Once there, they will inform you if anyone attacks that village. This system is useful in a large clan so that even if you are sleeping and your account is attacked, another player can notify the rest of the clan and appropriate action will be taken. You may notice that there is an incoming party to your village. Fear not, for it might just be a clan member sending over support. To check, click on the name of the player who is sending the support, and check their clan. Also, the little icon to the far left of the player’s name and army’s village origin will reveal whether the incoming troops are attacking or supporting. A shield represents support, a sword an attack and a foot for returning troops.

Sending support to another player’s village will not reveal anything in their village. It is completely safe to receive support even from a stranger.

Farming a Village
“Farming” is a term to describe the action when someone regularly attacks a village for its silver stored in its treasury. To farm a village, make sure that:

– you have spied on it a few times and have noticed no change in its buildings and stationed troops
– you use the battle simulator to figure out how many troops you will need to make a successful attack
– the target village is not in any clan
– you send 10-15 light cavalry as they are expendable and travel fast
– you wait a few hours for the silver to build up before attacking again

Spies to Counter an Attack
Having a load of spies in your village can be a lifesaver. Someone who is thinking about attacking you will not do so if his/her spying attempt fails. I, like you, would be very hesitant to send an army into someone’s village if your spying attempt was foiled, especially since you wouldn’t know your enemy’s strength(s).

A good number of spies to keep at your village (main or second largest village) is around 200-300 spies. I have seen many reports of top-ranking players spying on others, and the most they have sent were around 250-300 spies. You may even be able to hold them off just with your spies!

So train up, and save yourself the worries of being attacked.

Ive started using a new tactic for pludering villages and so far its proved immensly effective!

I usually only attack villages that are on 128 points and are not in a clan. (This way you know that they are pretty much blank accounts with a max of 350 militia)

What I used to do was send 10 spies to each village to see if they had troops. If they didnt I would start hitting them everytime I logged on with either 25 Light Cavalry or 75 troops. (No more than that as its best to split your army up, you take more gold that way)

Obviously losing spies and recruiting new ones, and being only able to check 1 village at a time was a very slow process.

So heres the new process: (you’ll have 50,000 silver easy after this!)

1. Find about 30-50 of the 128 size villages in your area.

2. Send 1 milita to each one. (dont worry if it takes hours, this guy is just a cheap spy!)

3. Wait for your reports. If you bought back 50 silver, write the name and co-ordinates down on a HITLIST. The land is empty and ripe for plunderring. If your man died during the attack, write this down seperately in a list of villages not to attack. Your NO HITLIST.

4. Now send out your army to the ones that are empty in groups of now more than 75 for militia and infantry and no more than 30 for light cavalry.

5. The money will now start rolling in. Use half of it for mines, barracks or stables and the other half on more troops (You may need to upgrade farm land every now and then also)

6. If you have spies, send them in groups of no less than 8 to a village from your NO HITLIST to see what their defences are. Use the data on the Battle Bimulator under the troops menu and see if you have a shot. (Remember it only takes 40 cavalry to take down their full compliment of 350 militia, but the more troops you send the better rate of survival you have)

7. Once you have done this for a day, you should have plenty more troops to start scouting further away from your village. So run the entire process again with 50 more militia. (I have just started this and have already found 34 empty lands to plunder!)

8. Lastly the GOLDEN RULE. Always check the name of the Village and village owner BEFORE repeat attacks. As occasionally in the gap of the attacks, someone has taken control of that village and it is now part of a clan. We dont want a war (yet) we are all just starting out and diplomacy is far more important than a quick buck.

Hope you found this helpfull and let me know if you come across any good/improved ideas.

For those looking to take a 2nd property by force, Ive written a quick How To guide so you dont lose the Governer that took you days to save for!

1. First you need a Palace. (Headquaters Level 20, Stables Level 20 and Wall Level 5) Cost: 150,000 Food: 100

2. Then you need to purchase a Chest in the Palace. Cost: 75,000

3. You can now go to the palace and recruit a Governer. Recruit time: 2:15 Hours Cost: 1 Chest* Food: 200

4. Once the Governer is recruited you need to choose a village to attack. An ideal 2nd village will be one that is 4 or less spaces away, and of course it needs to be empty of troops and the player needs to be inactive and not in a clan.

5. Attack the village with a section of your army (approx 100 Militia OR 75 Infantry OR 30 Cavalry) and include the Governer in the attack.

6. As you hit you will get a report with an extra line of information like this:

Council of Elders Approval change: From 100% to 85% Yea

The first and subsequent attacks will take approx 15% off the approval rating each time so you need to repeat the attacks 4 or 5 times in a row.

7. Repeat the attacks with the governer present (The approval rating only drops if the governer is involved in the attack) as quickly as possible. The village rating you are attacking will go up by 1% every hour so if you leave it too long you may have to attack 6 times.

8. When the rating is in the 50’s and you know the next hit is going to take it below 50%, send your entire army with the Governer to take the village. The village will now be yours and the troops will stay there as support rather than return to your original village.

9. Remember if that village was empty of troops, then others are probably using it for looting and you may get attacked by people that are just after some quick silver. To avoid this, change the name of the new village in the headquarters screen to whatever you like. And if anyone is sending attack troops to you, send them a message in game and let them know you have now taken over the village.

10. Build walls first and troops to deter looters. You may need to support the new village with more troops from your original village.

* = Governers cost 1 more chest each time you recruit them. So your 2nd once will cost 150,000, your 3rd 225,000 and so on.

Things to be aware of:

You will need to be able to hold at least 150,000 in your treasury to save up for the palace.

You may need to increase your farm land before you hire a Governer as they consume 200 food.

If the approval rating of the village you are attacking is dropping more than 15% each time, it means that someone else in the realm is doing exactly the same as you and hitting this village with a governer and army. If that person takes the village before you and has a larger army YOUR GOVERNER WILL BE KILLED. To avoid this, watch the name and owner of the village before your attack hits. If anything changes, press the red X on your outgoing troops and recall your army.

It is better to fight another day than to save up for another governer!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    wow thanks a lot dude, …
    i'm on to hiring my governor now!
    and take over a village very close to me, before this "moon player" will take it… coz he has taken 2 abandoned villages this time…
    is it true that it's a fatal mistake to gather more territory than you can defend?
    u helped a lot thanks! :0)
    -sammy sam sam

  8. i'm glad i can help sam =D

    actually the price of the treasure chests stay the same at 75,000 silver forever. what changes is the price of a governor.

    every new governor you train makes the next governor more expensive by 1 treasure chest!

    so your first governor cost 1 treasure chest, if you want to train a second one he will cost 2 treasure chests now, and a third governor will cost 3 treasure chests =]

    hope that cleared things up! cheerios~

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow thank u blackrabbit :D
    i will do it thanks…
    wait i hav another thing to ask..
    uhm is it true that everytime u buy chests the price increases?
    so can i buy in bunch, like two chests at a time?
    or is required to buy as u can afford one a.s.a.p.?
    thanks for ur advices…
    -ur fan, sam :0)

  10. hi sam!

    you can reuse your first governor, he just has to run back and forth four times which might take a while =]

    thanks for visiting!

  11. Anonymous says:

    WoW this is the most excellent and simple guide i came through, but i got one question…
    I would like to take over an abandoned village with no defending troops. Do I need 4 governors to do this ? Or can I reuse my first and only governor if it's still alive? Help very much appreciated. Thanks for this!

  12. glad i could help neighbour =]

  13. Anonymous says:

    pretty thorough neighbor

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