Translation: Kobukuro – Toki No Ashioto (Footsteps of Time)

コブクロ – 時の足音
Kobukuro – Toki No Ashioto (Footsteps of Time)

作詞 小渕健太郎/黒田俊介
作曲 小渕健太郎/黒田俊介

別れの季節に揺れる 儚き 一輪花
同じ温もりの風を 誰もが探して歩いてる
swaying in the season of farewells, the short lived flower
everyone is looking for the same kind of warmth in the wind

出逢いは 空に流れる おぼろ雲の下で
重なり合う 時計の針のように
ゆっくりと ゆっくりと 回り始める
our meetings just float away in the sky under the thin clouds
meeting repeatedly just like the hands of the clock
it is slowly, slowly, slowly, beginning to turn back again

短い針が君なら 長い針が僕で
同じ時間を刻みながら 何度もすれ違い また出逢い
歩く歩幅は違っても 描く未来が同じなら
大丈夫 また同じ場所から 始められるから
if the shorter hand is you, then i’ll be the longer hand
if we stay in the same time together, no matter how many times we pass each other, we will meet again
even if we walk at different paces, the future we depict is still the same
it is fine because we will always get to start again at the same place

色んな種をもらった 言葉が 心に 水をやる
“i guess it’s no good even though we tried.”
“even though we lost, we did well.”
i’ve been given so many seeds from you, your words too nourished my heart

短い春に咲く夢 長い冬を越えて
心の奥に集めた種は どんな光で育つのだろう?
歩道の影に咲く花 誰の為にあるのだろう?
「誰の為でもないよ。」と輝く 君に照らされてる
the dream that bloomed in the short spring, lasted the long winter
the seeds gathered in our hearts, what kind of light have we grown them on?
the flowers that bloom in the shadows, for whom do they exist?
“they don’t exist for anyone”, and yet they still shine on you

想いが言葉に変わるよ 言葉が光を呼んでる
光がほら影を作る 影で人は強くなれる
強さが優しさに変わる 優しさが出逢いを呼んでる
出逢いが道を創る この道に また 想いを刻む
thoughts are turned into words and those words bring about light
and light makes the shadows and the shadows make people stronger
strength turns into kindness and the kindness calls for our meeting
and the meeting forges a path, a path on which our thoughts exist again

短い針が止まれば 長い針も止まる
同じ痛みを分け合える事 いつしか喜びに変わるから
誰もが一人 一つ 一瞬 一秒 一度きり
巻き戻せない時を 躊躇わず 生きてゆける
そんな出逢いを 探してる
一人 一つ 一瞬 一秒 一度きり
if the shorter hand stops, the longer hand will stop too
the sharing of the same pain had turned into a kind of happiness without being noticed
everyone is but on their own, one person, in one instant, one second, one time
live the time that cannot be turned back without hesitation
and keep looking for the chance to meet again
on your own, one person, in one instant, one second, one time

出逢えて 良かった
it is fine, as long as we can meet

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