Overwatch How To Reach Every Rank Guide

Overwatch How To Reach Every Rank Guide by SSPP

Hi! I’m a high ranked player with 3 accounts ranked all separately. Current main sits at 4200, smurf account #1 sits in mid-master, and smurf account #2 is currently in plat.

I did my first climb in one season from silver to diamond, and kept going to grandmaster. I won’t lie, I was stuck in diamond for a short while but I decided to change things up and it was clearly for the better.

For Bronze Players

For VODs I’ve watched, it seems that a lot of the issues stems from support and tanks. My recommendation would play a character that can do all 3. Roadhog is a great pick for this ELO as, (and I truly do mean this) bronze players are always out of position. What does Roadhog do? He punishes those tiny mishaps in position and one shots them. (Quick tip: Roadhog can still one shot 150-250 characters. Once you land the hook, hold “W” or whatever other key you use for movement and shoot. It will kill any character that isn’t a tank minus Bastion). Against tanks, Roadhog can easily clean up by pushing close and firing. He’s not very viable long range, so if your hook is down, use your secondary fire for long range engagements against Pharahs, Widows and Hanzos. And as someone who can be considered as somewhat professional, I recommend at minimum 30-60 minutes practicing against A.I. and in the practice range moving to different areas to test hooks.

For Silver Players

Silver DPS players are, okay.. but they aren’t always the problem. Just like bronze, you may have issues and each department and honestly I think it would be best to flex. Some really good heroes are; Roadhog, Zenyatta (and I don’t care if people say he’s in a bad place, a good Zen will carry a game), and of course Genji/Soldier. New Pharah isn’t a terrible pick, but considering Mercy’s current state I don’t recommend Pharmercy unless you can dodge shots well. Starting with Zen, (For Roadhog tips, view For Bronze Players) he is a good DPS healer who has a fast charging ult, can fight the people whom dive him, and use discord orb to increase damage against enemies. Please, make sure to call out all discord targets and help you team finish kills. Don’t forget that you are a healer though, so make sure you are doing you best to heal your team. Some quick tips; You don’t have to hold Transcendance for enemy ultimates, use it during team fights when you see your team is critical, or even as a movement tool as it increases your ground speed and can get you to the point faster, (Speedyatta). You can also position on high ground on maps such as Numbani, Horizon Lunar (2nd CP) and Junkertown defence as your secondary fire can quickly mow down squishies from behind shields. Just remember that during your secondary charge, you can’t move the discord or harmony orbs. Soldier and Genji are pretty straight forward for this ELO. You don’t have to be pretty, just get the job done. If you a little more advanced with Soldier, you may want to try helix jumping to get to places of high ground, best examples are Hanamura (1st and 2nd CP) and Temple of Anubis. To perform a rocket/helix jump; right click to launch your helix rockets and jump as they hit the ground, and whilst knocked in the air, sprint towards your landing spot (which should be a short distance) and it will allow you to run through the air at a decent speed to get to that otherwise unreachable spot. For Genji, don’t dash unless you know you can confirm the kill, as you get a “dash reset”, (your cool down is reset and you may dash again). Don’t get cocky, if you get one kill and no one else is low, use dash as an escape tool. You may also want to queue with an Ana with either of those characters, as Nanoblade and Nanovisor are extremely strong combos.

For Gold and Plat Players

I’m grouping these two together as they’re very similar. These ELO’s are where you can begin to trust your team. I also recommend a “duo-queue meta”. Find a friend, (or use LFG tool in game) who plays a character that corresponds with a good combo to your pick. Some of these combos are but aren’t limited to; Reinhardt and Zarya, Ana and Genji/Soldier, Reinhardt and Ana, Zarya and Hanzo, Pharah and Mercy, and lastly Orisa and Roadhog. Reinhardt and Zarya is a great combo. Reinhardt gets a lot of freedom to charge and swing as Zarya can bubble him, allowing Reinhardt to live and Zarya to get a lot of charge. You can also combo this with an aggressive Lucio (yes, they exist) and get maximum charge very easily. Call out bubble cooldowns, and tell your team to push on picks. You can also throw an Ana in for long range healing and Nanohardt combo that was listed before. If you have a Hanzo, tell each other your ult charge, and combo Graviton Surge with Dragonstrike. Orisa and Hog are a good combo as well, but only with a ton of communication. Orisa’s job in this comp is to throw her right click ability over a Reinhardt or Orisa shield towards squishies and allow Hog to hook them over and secure a kill. Preferably pull a healer. Lastly, Pharah and Mercy (For Ana and Genji/Soldier, see For Silver Players) are an extremely high risk, high reward duo. Mercy isn’t in the greatest state at the moment, and with the introduction Ashe, Pharah is going to have a tough time. Hitscan heroes such as Wrecking Ball, McCree, Ashe and Soldier do a number on Pharmercy so it is recommended to switch if they are hard countering you. Mercy’s job in this comp is to damage boost the Pharah, pocket her with healing and let Pharah go to town of shields, healers and tanks. The DPS heroes should not be your #1 priority. Especially if you’re spending so much time on the DPS heroes that you’re losing tanks. Remember, in this ELO the Mercy’s may continue pocketing the Pharah.

For Diamond Players

Truth is, it’s almost the exact same as duo queuing. You have to find a good combo to duo with and play it. What is different however is the enemies. Players are much better in diamond and they’re much less prone to tilting. Everyone is wanting to reach masters, and as long as you’re polite and literally overly nice you will play better. I remember a game where our Mercy was so nice that she got the Nano Boost. (And proceeded to kill four enemies). Team comps are very important here, but not essential. There has been times where 4 DPS has won. Just try to trust you team. I will recommended flexing, and or becoming amazing at one hero. I don’t particularly like one tricks, but if you’re an amazing Zarya, go ahead and instalock Zarya.

For Masters Players

You absolutely have to deserve Grandmaster. There are no tricks to get in. You play your game and do your thing. It took a long while to break the seal into Grandmaster but once you do, it’s worth it.

Tips for ALL Players

  • Use a mic
  • Don’t tilt, be overly nice
  • Try to main multiple heroes at minimum, and if not, try to instalock your best
  • Constantly hone your skills
  • Play in tournaments

Hopefully that helps. I’m a flex player but I am very good at tanks. If you’d like a full guide on any character in the game, please let me know.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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