Rainbow Six Siege Rook Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Rook Guide by saxojam

Many people underestimate the power that comes with a few bullets of protection provided by Rook’s armor.


  • MP5: The MP5 is an extremely viable SMG for defenders, and can kill an enemy with a few well-placed shots. The amount of ammo compared to the recoil and damage with the MP5 makes it a great option for defenders overall.

  • P90: The P90 offers relatively accurate spraying capabilities, with high ammo and an above average firing rate. P90 is great for most to all ranges, if you are not confident in the ability to land your first few shots like you would with the MP5.

  • SG-CQB: Typically as Doc I (in my experience) would recommend staying away from the shotgun. However, that being said, the shotgun is still viable (although situational). The SG-CQB is your standard defense shotgun, and could get you out of sticky situations if you are holding a tight angle.

  • P9: Compared to the alternative, your revolver, the P9 offers lower damage, but far better accuracy and higher fire rate. If you wish to rely on your sidearm for frantic situations, this is a far better choice than the revolver.

  • LFP586: Your revolver is relatively accurate, deals a massive amount of damage, and has a huge recoil. This would be recommended for a situation in which you want to rely on your sidearm for a quick precise shot on a damaged enemy over range.

  • IMPACT GRENADE: Impact grenades are great for dealing some really fast damage on an area, and opening up holes in between sites or just for lines of sight.

  • DEPLOYABLE SHIELD: Rook’s deployable shield may also be used to provide extra protection, only blocking 100% of bullets this time. If you wish to be a full-fledged defender as Rook, a deployable shield can help you get there.

My Loadout:

Note that my personal preference leans away from ACOG sights, as I tend to get close to the enemy, and ACOG is very disorienting at close ranges.

  • MP5: Holographic Sight, Verticle Grip, NO LASER SIGHT, and Flash Hider

  • P9: Muzzle Brake

  • DEPLOYABLE SHIELD: I use the shield as described in my Loadout details.


  • Please for the love of god, place your armor pack down at the immediate start of the round, before you reinforce or do anything else.

  • Depending on your map knowledge, you may want to use your shotgun for it’s breaching abilities, and shoot through a floor or something of the sort. This is especially helpful when playing vertically.

  • Remind your team constantly to pick up the armor if they don’t up until the end of prep phase. Warn your team that if they do not pick up the armor by a certain time (I like to use 2 minute and 30 seconds remaining, otherwise known as 30 seconds into the round), you will shoot the armor pack. If there is remaining armor, the enemy team can pick it up.

  • NOTE: Don’t necessarily always destroy the armor, because if someone is downed and gets revived, they may pick up another armor vest.

  • If you have less than 5 people, you may immediately shoot the armor pack once everyone on your team has retrieved armor.

  • No matter which Doc playstyle you are using, you should always help your team when they need it.

  • Rook mixes brilliantly with Doc, if you have the ability to have both operators on your team, it is advised. Doc will be far more able to heal teammates with the protection of Rook’s armor plates.

  • As many player’s don’t know, simply keep in mind that your armor increases the chances of someone being put into a DBNO (downed/injured) state instead of dying.

Did I miss anything essential? Let me know and I will add it to the guide as soon as possible!

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