Rainbow Six Siege Blackbeard Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Blackbeard Guide by DaRussianRex

There have been many questions on how to use Blackbeard on this subreddit and since I’ve been effectively maining him since LVL 40, I figured this guide for players of any rank will help.

Blackbeard’s role:

Blackbeard is the perfect angle holder or pointman for your team that can cosistently get important frags for your team. Compared to other angle holders such as Glaz, due to his shield and significantly better firearms Blackbeard is in most cases the better option unless you’re using smoke tactics.


If you love full autos, Blackbeard’s arsenal may seem not ideal to use, especially if you hate DMRs. This is because his full auto weapon is terrible to say the least unless you’re a headshot king.

MK-17: This battle rifle was a beast when it was first introduced however has received nerfs leading to the gun’s downfall. It has one of the worst dps of any primary on attack due to its sluggish rate of fire, low mag cap and mediocre damage. However, it does have very little recoil with the shield equipped. Most of the time, the SR-25 is a much better choice due to its higher dps but if you can consistently go for headshots, the full auto nature having faster fire rate makes this weapon a better choice as you’ll be able to shoot faster meaning easier headshots. Additionally it has access to the angled grip which can greatly benefit as all his guns have low ads times.

Recommended attachments:

  • Acog: A must have as Blackbeard is best holding angles & lines of sight so the acog is your best friend
  • Muzzle Brake or flash hider
  • Angled Grip: It already has good recoil and the faster ADS helps alot. You could argue to vertical grip because you’re already aiming alot as Blackbeard but the benefits of the angled grip outweigh the benefits of the vertical, especially if you master the recoil.
  • Laser: Why laser you ask? To lure out enemies into your sights. Peeking enemies are the easiest kills you will get with Blackbeard and the laser encourages them to peek even more. Plus the added accuracy in hipfire is always nice.

SR-25: This DMR statistically is the best of its type, even beating out Glaz’s rifle. It has very little recoil, hits like a truck and has plenty of ammo for a semi auto at 20+1. If you like semi autos, you’ll have no problem going on extensive kill streaks. Recommended Attachments:

  • Acog
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Vertical Grip
  • Laser

Desert Eagle: This hand cannon is the king in any gunfight as long as the engagement distance is point blank or a couple metres. Why? Because it has absurd recoil making it terrible for spam firing. If you take your time to wait for the recoil to reset after each shot, you’ll probably be dead by then. The only rime you should use the deagle is point blank, extreme close quarters or if you absolutely need to kill your enemy. Recommended attachments:

  • Laser: You might as well use it as you’re only gonna use the deagle in cqb situations and the added hipfire helps alot.

Gadgets: Both gadgets are viable depending on what your team needs. Flashes are unreliable and aren’t that useful for blinding then pushing as Blackbeard is slow. Breaches are just okay since it can open up sightlines but can leave you exposed.

My Loadout:

  • MK-17 (I love the SCAR-H as I’ve mastered the recoil on it and consistently headshot with it which is why I use it)
  • Deagle
  • Breaches

Recommended Loadout:

  • SR-25
  • Deagle
  • Flashes or breaches depending on what your team has.

How to play Blackbeard:

  • Blackbeard is most powerful where his head is the only thing exposed to the enemy as it forces the enemy to break his shield before dealing damage to you. The most common way to put yourself in this position is to rappel and take point on windows. Using Blackbeard in this role is very effective for frags and taking out important gadgets safetly (example is taking out Mira windows on 2F dorms on Oregon by repelling on windows)
  • He has a massive advantage in gunfights due to his shield so going in first as a pointman is always a good idea.
  • He is also really good with defending defuse plants and once it’s down so using him as an angle holder for that before anyone else is very effective


  • Shotguns
  • Explosives
  • High ROF weapons
  • Flanks
  • Peeks from other areas
  • Runouts


  • Switch to the deagle to run faster when you know you’re safe.
  • Deployable shields are your best friend so utilise them when you can.
  • If you use the MK-17, bursting helps to headshot alot
  • Aim at head level with the MK-17 while the SR-25 can body shot and still do good.
  • Using the MK-17 can train you to consistently get headshots with any weapon.
  • Be wary of runouts and peeks especially when rappelling.
  • Spawnpeekers? No problem when you have a shield on your gun! If you know an enemy is Spawnpeekers, tell your team that you’ll peek it and deal with the target to get an easy pick.
  • Spend most of your time getting picks of people by rappelling on windows. If there’s not much action, the enemy won’t peek you or your team doesn’t need you to hold that angle anymore, move on.
  • Get a teamate to place a claymore on a common runout spot to protect you when protecting. You’re safe and they get a free kill, win win!

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