Warframe Frost’s Snow Globe Guide

Warframe Frost’s Snow Globe Guide by The_Discussion

Hi, I’m Dr. Fraw Awst, a senior professor at the University of Warframe, School of Defense.

I’m here to teach you how to efficiently and effectively use Snow Globe at home. Whether you’re a new player who wants to learn more about it or an old player who couldn’t keep up with the ever changing nature of Warframe, you should feel right at home.

Snow Globe is the third ability of a defensive Warframe called Frost. To enlighten a mind, we must lighten up its dark corners. Let’s debunk some of the misconceptions a lot of people still possess about this ability to this day.

Misconception # 1 – One cannot stack more than 4 Snow Globes at a time. 4 is the limit.

Truth – Let’s read.

Upon activation, the globe is invulnerable for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 seconds. Incoming damage that is absorbed during the invulnerability period is converted into health and added to the globe’s health.

In high level content, this can add quite a bit of health to your Snow Globe.

A maximum of 4 Snow Globes can be cast at any given time. Casting Snow Globe after reaching the maximum will remove the oldest globe.

This limit refers to 4 separate Snow Globes. Having multiple separate Snow Globes is not equal to stacking Snow Globes.

Casting Snow Globe while inside an existing globe will remove the older globe and combine the total remaining health values of both globes for the newer one. The invulnerability period is reactivated for each cast.

Casting Snow Globe inside an existing Snow Globe will destroy the older one and add its remaining health to the new Snow Globe with which you replaced the older one. This is stacking. If you had 4 separate Snow Globes out there in the map, and you decided to cast an additional Snow Globe inside an existing one, none of the other existing Snow Globes will be removed, because you are not creating a 5th one. You are destroying one and replacing it with another one. Does this have a cast limit?

Snow Globes created inside existing globes do not count toward the maximum number of instances, and Snow Globe’s health can stack with repeated casts until reaching a maximum combined health of 1,000,000.

No, it does not. You can cast Snow Globe as many times as your heart desires inside an existing Snow Globe, and you will keep on stacking until the total health of that Snow Globe reaches 1 million. You are not limited to casting 4 times. Your only limitation is that of 1 million health.


Misconception # 2 – One must have a very high Power Strength-based build to effectively use Snow Globes in high level content.

Truth – This isn’t true at all. Let’s take a look at two builds.

Disclaimer: I will exclude Energy Conversion and Health Conversion from this comparison since they affect both builds equally and are conditional. If, for some reason, you wish to replace the standard mods with any of these, you can do so in both builds and get identical benefits.

This is the Build # 1. This is a very high Power Strength-based build. Your Snow Globe costs 33 energy. It has 24.4 thousand health. You have to cast 41 times to reach your 1 million health limit. It costs you a total of 1353 energy. It empties your energy pool slightly more than 9 times if we don’t count the insufficient amount of energy remaining in each cycle which isn’t enough to cast an additional Snow Globe. You can only cast 4 Snow Globes per cycle. That gives you 97.6 thousand health. All of your other abilities are very expensive, and you have no durability mod for yourself apart from Steel Fiber. This build is almost impossible to use in high level content without an Energy Vampire Trinity constantly refueling you.

This is the Build # 2. This is an efficient and balanced build. Your Snow Globe costs 13 energy. It has 16.3 thousand health. You have to cast 62 times to reach your 1 million health limit. It costs you a total of 806 energy. It empties your energy pool slightly more than 5 times if we don’t count the insufficient amount of energy remaining in each cycle which isn’t enough to cast an additional Snow Globe. You can only cast 11 Snow Globes per cycle. That gives you 179 thousand health. All of your other abilities are as cheap as Warframe allows them to be (due to 75% Power Efficiency cap), and you have an additional slot for personal durability alongside Steel Fiber which you can use for either Vitality or Redirection. This build is as efficient as a build can get, requires nobody else to sustain and even sports surplus energy when coupled with Zenurik.

All values are rounded up.

Summary of the above calculation: Build # 1 is weaker than Build # 2 in every single way. It’s weaker in performance, because with a full energy pool, Build # 2 lets you stack and create a Snow Globe of 179 thousand health in a matter of seconds while Build # 1 can only go as far as 97.6 thousand health. It’s weaker in durability, because Build # 1 doesn’t allow you to use any durability mod alongside Steel Fiber while Build # 2 does. This allows Frost to not cower inside his Snow Globe at all times but also be more active across the map which brings us to the third way. It’s weaker in versatility, because Build # 1 is very expensive to use while Build # 2 is as cheap as it gets. Frost is one of the few Warframes with 4 useful abilities, and you should take advantage of that. It’s priceless to have a Frost in the squad who is actively using Avalanche here and there while throwing Ice Wave in multiple directions. Finally, it’s weaker in self-reliance, because such an expensive build like Build # 1 requires an Energy Vampire Trinity to be meaningful in dangerous, high level content while a cheap build like Build # 2 is just as self-reliant in a squad as it is solo.

So, why would you ever use a build that is worse in performance, less durable, expensive and less versatile while you could easily use another build which is the exact opposite? Build # 2 is clearly the better build for high level content.

Disclaimer: The above builds are for educational purpose only. Customize them with more or less Power Range or Power Duration to suit your needs.

Use your Snow Globe beautifully, and have a wonderful day.

This session is over.

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