Warframe Tokens Quick Guide

by Val

Mother Tokens

  • Obtained from doing Bounties, very straight forward.

Father Tokens

  • Traded using various resources scattered around the Cambian Drift.

Daughter Tokens

  • Traded using cut fish parts.
  • Daughter sells fishing spears capable of penetrating the goop, allowing you to catch underwater fish.

Son Tokens

  • Traded using conservation tags.
  • Conservation Targets can spawn around the Drift without Lures. Keep an eye out!

Otak Tokens

  • Traded using both raw and crafted ores / gems.
  • Ores and gems are very easy to get from the many containers around the Drift. It seems like rare ores/gems must be mined though.

Grandmother Tokens

  • Traded using other tokens above.
  • Grandmother is where you can trade off any type of Token into standing.
  • You get 1500 ENTRATI STANDING for Grandmother Tokens, 500 for Son tokens and 100 for the rest. So it is worth doing multiple activities to trade for Grandmother tokens.

My tips:

Bounties are a very easy source of Mother Tokens for the purpose of maxing out the daily cap. Just keep in mind to farm some fish/gems for trading Tokens as they’re likely required for ranking up.

The always available Isolation Vault mission also drops a good amount of resources granted you can use Operators to open the bonus vault.

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