Rift 2.5 Warrior 61 Beastmaster DPS Guide

Rift 2.5 Warrior 61 Beastmaster DPS Guide by Soulshield

First thing to say this is my first guide so there are probably ways to improve my thread and tweaking some things. It is not a guide about how to play “the perfect BM” dps wise….it should be more about how to play BM on a good level without micro managing every dot and and every offgcd ability by it`s own. So I hope you have fun with the spec+rotation and could be a beasty support


61BM/8CH/7RB http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2gw/5kGGBhkGGGF0/7mA -spec for aoe armor debuff
61BM/10RB/5Temp http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2gE/5kGGBhkGGGF0/Vg -top dps subsouls
61BM/8RB/7Para http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2gI/5kGGBhkGGGF0/38q -could pull ahead of 10RB/5Temp with a high CP Value(1k+)- could not test the difference due to not having enough CP gear.

-Surging Energy will allow you to use all your offgcd abilities without power starving

The Macro:

#show Vicious Blow
cast Vicious Opportunity
cast Flesh Rip
cast Messy Wounds
cast Fury Unleashed
cast Cunning Ruse
cast Primal Lucidity
cast Vicious Blow

You can call it spam macro or the macro you use if all dots are up.

“Rotation” and skills:

First I have to say that bleeds ignoring all armor(that`s why you don`t really need armor pen talents) and they tic every 3secs. In order to track your dots easier I recommend to put up karuulalerts for:

Savage Sweep=SS / Flame Spear=FSp(also tics every 3sec) *
Fierce Strike=FS
Cutting Slash=CS
Tearing Slash=TS
Twin Cuts=TC

*depends on your subsouls(8CH or 8RB)


Bgzn3+Nzjhfllnq232FvbREG0jJrSvFo364x7tt1wR8O5OIVJr UKdooTGgeChEjwKCCA1DB/GvNh
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eEUQjhvojmPUizOWDuqUKXViXg7CdK36eFjNrBvX1WNIZSGpJN CVKCt/XKsVouvxtv354JB8gEJ+
+K76+SPuby7e27Zzx6o3Xba33WJrKtpdW4y0olCFF4nMiQ5mGk qvpy2PcOquP02b1JoNps2aYdqi
NMBZR37+zNl0aBxb1Huv9oYz/KjoHSMpSkXAVYkyoTEIyuY7ty25VwkTZqqz3YKuRO2VgKnxmqv F
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EkYpxQlLpY5/AdXo35K7oityUyHxAHOnStltvXjRXaR8xMpBYpAIJyhmLMU2nS 31kPbYxZ3xSG18
m/aMo196Dq/fd2y7R0SkKupaB2nHMuBKUETnZ7W1TAPN60zlrg4Pi2I+I4Hf2 6dKObfieyc9xMlR
K4JTRmCJFMFM3mLxPzzAfdYe3KGF36v4FtlMPUr1cX8qXk6fgb oRDxhOaYD9GTEyWe120sGWt6tV
LaTobmg8IxiGGvKR29opZTkCQJ5oJjkSM0pQL6U8m35kcPF6YK mv66WDzdTb7/RGe2ReVB6nXXvP

Note:You have to reload your UI after summoning your pet to make the Fierce Strike alert work(maybe someone have a better solution…not a expert for Karuul).
Also I put in some alerts which could be useful for group/raid play-so you can time/use Enrage better or/and optimizing your personal dps.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y9RXJKuMm0 (more general explanation about Kalert)

To maximize your dmg you only should reapply your dots after they run out aside from CS because you would have to stack again to 3. You should always aim to refresh CS at 2 secs(in the moment it switches from 3 to 2 the bleed will tic) left but due to Enrage(you gain no attackpoint) this will only working half the time or every time you use Enrage it will be delayed by 1 gcd(1,5 sec).

Beginning of the “rotation”: 3xCS->TC->TS->FS->SS/FSp->Macro*->Brutal Strike->(Enrage)->!3x Macro->Brutal Strike->CS->FS->SS/FSp->TS->TC->(repeat with macro and Brutal Strike-> refresh CS together with FS+SS/FSp->use macro+ Brutal Strike and refresh TS and TC after it run out.)

!:Refrehsing more precise and managing offgcd skills via other macros would be probably a gain(minor), but needs a lot more of work.
*(click it multiple times til you get an attackpoint it should be Cunning Ruse here)

This rotation is without having disconnects(use FS and Brutal Strike if you can`t be in melee range) from the mob and if you let run out CS just begin with the rotation again.

Tips: Have a extra key for Messy Wounds and Flesh Rip to apply it at the beginning of the fight/before it will be spammed.

“DPS goals:

If you are good at staying in melee range of the mob you should be hitting about 13-14k+ dps in a raid with full T1 raid gear(epic weapons).
In the current T2 test gear you are doing about 18,2k dps.-new parse(should be in the 20k range) will come after Dummy Foundry is back

Support skills:

You still have your purge with FS, Commands, Spotters Order and Guardianship.
Just use them if they are needed- all what I have to say to these things.

Last thing to say: I would recommend running 61 BM along with a Archon hybrid for 20 man raids.

Offsection: DPS-Hybrid 

Spec: 48BM/18Para/10RB http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2…kOyFkakw/38hqw

 #show Vicious Blow
cast Messy Wounds
cast Vicious Opportunity
cast Flesh Rip
cast Cunning Ruse
cast Vicious Blow

(Start-)Rotation: 3*CS->TC->TS->FSp->2*macro->(Enrage)->Brutalstrike->same as 61 BM keep CS up and refresh dots/bleeds after they run out(SS is not used in this spec)

DPS: In the current T2 test gear you can get about 19,9k dps(this spec scales pretty well with CP due to the 18% extra crit)- should be about 22k+ now but can`t parse it due to Dummy Foundry was closed again

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