Rift 2.5 Warrior 61 Paragon Guide

Rift 2.5 Warrior 61 Paragon Guide by jopok

With 2.5, the way Paragon plays is going to be very similar with one caveat: we gain a cd. Because of this cd, we are essentially looking at 3 distinct rotation blocks. This guide will cover both the RB and Champ variants. I will be writing about the RB variant specifically, and Kodlak from Legit provided his insight on the champ variant. Information on both specs will be written sort of side by side, starting with the RB variant.

61 Para 10 RB 5 temp

Jopok – Addiction


Turn the Blade
Way of the River
Way of the Wind
Enhanced Conductivity
Avatar of Wind

Again, the idea behind this spec is to use as many RW on the back end of the rotation. However, I have found that I use way more RH than I anticipated due to energy concerns. Even when I had a VOJ bot, I was still having to intersperse RH on the back end. As such, for each block the back end of the rotation is going to be determined by you depending on power. This technically makes this spec a little harder to play. However, if you were used to this variant in 2.4, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue after a little bit of practice. I am going to be writing the rotation out as though there are no RH being used on the back end. This might be confusing to some of you, but it will take practice and experience to figure out when you’re going to have to use RH.

Yeah I modified the rotation to reflect more RH, since I use more RH now. RH proccing WOTW pulls things in line

My personal macros:

#show open the stream
cast open the stream
cast setting moon

#show rising waterfall
cast final blessing
cast rising waterfall
cast death touch
cast setting moon

#show shifting blades
cast shifting blades
cast reaping harvest
cast tranquility

#show combat focus
cast combat focus
cast reaping harvest
cast final blessing
cast rising waterfall

FS by itself, IB by itself.


Open: Ttt – RW – IB – FS – RW – IB

Alacrity block:
SM – OtS – SB
Alacrity – (CF)RH – RW – RH
DT – RW – RH
SM – RW – RH
SM – RW – IB
FS – RW – IB

Block 2:

SM – OtS – SB
Tranq – RW – RH
SM – RW – RH
DT – RW – RH
SM – RW – IB
FS – RW – IB

Block 3:

SM – OtS – SB
(CF)RH – Tranq – RW – IB
SM – RW – RH
DT – RW – RH
SM – RW – IB
FS – RW – IB


So with the way my macros are set up, once alacrity pops I spam my (CF)RH macro until I do a 2 point RH, then move on. Aside from that, pay attention to when alacrity comes off cd and move to the alacrity block at that point. Otherwise, it is alternating between blocks 2 and 3. DT will also be used whenever, so there is going to be some variance in terms of DJ uptime with the way I have my macros set up. You might lose DJ coming out of shifting sometimes. Kodlak and I also have some variance in terms of how we handle the rotation through alacrity. Otherwise, things are going to be fairly similar. If you notice, I am not using FS anymore to bypass a shifting proc. That is because of alacrity and using (CF)RH first. Everything lines up more efficiently this way.

61 Paragon 10 Champion 5 Tempest

Kodlak – Legit

This is the spec that I’ve had the most success with on PTS and that’s why I’m writing the section on it. I know a lot of people will prefer using riftblade as a sub for the playstyle but this is what I’ve been parsing the highest with atm.


Turn the Blade
Way of the River
Way of the Wind
Enhanced conductivity
Soldier’s Bearing

My thoughts regarding using champion as a subsoul, as before it will depend on whether or not you crit your RH’s (duh) but I think critting your RH’s will matter less at this point just because of the sheer amount of RH’s you get out there during alacrity etc, this would also make Combat Focused RH’s hit harder and yeah, you get the idea.

The ones I find useful are:
#show Rising Waterfall
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall

#show Alacrity
cast Alacrity
cast Reaping Harvest

Rest on their own keys

With the second macro it’s important that you still have Reaping Harvest on a separate button/macro since you dont want to get Alacrity off too early when it comes off CD.
It’s just a good macro to help with pushing 4 buttons inside the window of 1 GCD.
Also you want to make sure Alacrity is used at the very end of the GCD right before your RH otherwise you wont get that last double RH hit. And ability lag will most probably **** us over there in a raid setting :<


Opener: TtT or (GtH)SM -> RW -> RH
Block 1:
SM -> OtS -> SB
(CF)(Alac)RH -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH
DT -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH

Block 2:
SM -> OtS -> SB
Tranq -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH
DT -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH

Block 3:
SM -> OtS -> SB
(CF)RH -> Tranq -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH
DT -> RW -> RH
SM -> RW -> RH

Block 4: is identical to Block 2


All RW/FB are buffed by Double Jeopardy

An alternative to Block 1 to use at the opening
SM -> OtS -> SB
(CF)(Alac)RH -> RW -> Tranq -> RH
RW -> SM -> RH
RW -> DT -> RH
RW -> SM -> RW -> RH
SM -> OtS

The extra RW at the backend to lineup Tranq for block 2
Pros: Get stacks of Unleashed faster
Cons: Delays Block 2

Ability list:
SM – Setting Moon
OtS – Open the Stream
SB – Shifting Blades
RW – Rising Waterfall
FB – Final Blessing
RH – Reaping Harvest
DT – Death Touch
Tranq – Tranquility
Alac – Alacrity
CF – Combat Focus
GtH – Graping the Horizon

For disconnects use GtH, if you dont have GtH off CD use Flurry, if you got none of those well, get you *** back in melee or spam Shock Pulse and Skyfall

In a raid setting where you dont have anyone putting up any armor debuffs use Mark of Inevitability once a minute.


RB variant

Test gear

Live gear


The parses are only 3:30, but that’s because I’m using two parses that I did quickly to provide a baseline to compare against Tempagon. Thus, I didn’t SS my crit breakdowns. However, my RW crit% in both were above 60%, and RH was right around 50% for both.

Champ variant

Live gear
Parse 1: 29k
RH Crit 48,4%
RW Crit 59%
Tranq Crit 43%

Parse 2: 29,2k
RH crit 57%
RW Crit 64%
Tranq Crit 58%

Test gear
Parse: 25.7k
RH Crit 58,5%
RW Crit 61.5 %
Tranq Crit 57.8%


Yeah my stupid parser doesnt stop after disengaging but there you have it
These parses are from the dummy foundry on PTS on the raidready lvl 62 dummy without any kind of consumables.
Oh yeah and i didn’t have Readiness 3 on PTS it seems, oh herpa derp.
As far as stats go you all know by this point that high CP is awesome, after CP well AP/PC depends on the item, but dont forget about the PC, its very good, especially since it will make your CP more worthwile, although we have very high AP modifiers in paragon.

The second parse had better crit rng when it mattered then parse 1, and by that I mean critting on Shifting, especially critting the double Combat Focused RH when popping Alacrity with Shifting, in the long run it seems to even out though.

So if you like using Reaping Harvests, this is how you can do it on a t2 raid viable level.
I use paragon on every encounter in both T1 and 2 with the exception of Inyr’kta.
Regarding the riftblade subsoul it shows equally high potential especially sub 30 with more Final Blessings, I havent tested it to the limit.


In all honesty, these two specs are yielding essentially the same dps on the PTS. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that champ may pull ahead in a full raid environment. We shall see.

Potential questions:

-Yeah, go **** yourself. Power is even more of an issue. I can’t even justify even remotely attempting it. I know Killian has with some success, but he couldn’t get through a full parse without using Flurry at least once. I almost didn’t even include this question.

2) So should I use this over this new hybrid tempagon?
-We actually have a viable hybrid that is yielding as much, if not more, dps than these specs. I suspect that para will outpace tempagon in st dps due to the cd. Play what you are comfortable with. I can say that for me, tempagon plays really slowly. But we actually have another option now without sacrificing dps, such as when people would use RB over paragon because they liked it more or were bad or some ****.

3) Yeah, soooo which variant should I use?
-Personal preference at this point. The RB variant is faster paced and a little harder to play because you’re constantly making decisions on whether to use RH or IB at times.

4) “Jopok, why don’t you use CF(RH)>Tranq>RW>RH during your Alacrity block?”
You can indeed do that and still line up Tranquility on the next block. You’ll still get the same amount of Follow-ups and RHs (with the addition of all RHs being 3pt) but you run a very real risk of that last RH not being an “Alacrity” RH. On the PTS Killian tested this and it was VERY tight on the last RH (i.e. Alacrity was in the process of falling off as he hit the last RH that would be buffed by RH). Now if it was that tight on the PTS just imagine the likelihood of getting all four RHs in a live setting with server lag present. Doing a RW for that last tick of SB doesn’t matter because the double hit (plus all the other goodies) breaks even with that slightly bigger SB tick from Tranquility, at a minimum. All the while you don’t run the risk of having that last RH not being buffed by Alacrity just because you just had to have every RH be a 3pter. Do this at your own peril but you’ve been warned. – Credit Killian

The guide’s still a work in progress. We just wanted to get the information out there before it hit live so people could be prepared. As before, please, please feel free to provide feedback/questions/other theories below. I enjoyed the discussion we had on my previous guide and Kodlak and I wanted to create a centralized area where all paragon theory could be discussed.

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