Rift Mage Necrolock PvP Guide

Rift Mage Necromancer/Warlock PvP Guide by wickede

made this spec last night, been having a blast with it so far and lots are asking for it so here it is. just a couple SSs to look foward to (the dummy one is in full pvp gear so to see what that would hit max valor people for just divide the dmg by 3)


http://i.imgur.com/qfpaE4k.jpg – note, stacking corpse explosion to 3 doesn’t do anything more than just having it at 1, i just got bored.

the build- http://www.rifthead.com/stc/zclibLcR…vxtfulzMu0Rrdz

note* you can take that 1 point out of dark power for the 5s silence, that is just the max dps version.

MAIN MACRO– you can take abilities out of this if you want, but this is just the CD dots in the best order for casting them. if you want to be lazy about other buff management and don’t care about taking damage, you can put sacrifice life: damage in the bottom of this macro since most of the time you want to hit it on CD anyway

#show crystalline missiles
cast neddra’s torture
cast neddra’s grasp
cast Reaper’s Touch
cast draining bolt
cast crystalline missiles
cast @gtae grave rot
cast bone frenzy

Also important to have on your bar-

bone armor
neddra’s might
shadow revenant pet

corpse talon
dark touch
last gasp
life leech
essence link

sacrifice life:damage
lich form

corpse explosion
mortality (decent heal as well, consumes charge)

rift tomb
consumption (purge)
loyal minion (break free + small shield)


essence link mods your damage to the target and makes them take less healing, so it is a priority to get that up first. to ensure that your dots will not be cleansed however, use putrify at the start to get 5 stacks of deadly calling to block all your other dots while they stack up, as soon as those 5 stacks hit, use condemn and last gasp followed by neddra’s torture and you will be good to stack your other dots, once all other dots out of the macro are on, spam the macro unless something needs to be reapplied.

CD and charge- if you have charge before hand, which can be done by casting devouring shadows to stack charge, you can put up contaminate while you stack up all your dots for great initial damage from dots alone. i suggest putting reaper’s touch on your bar somewhere or using an addon to track when you use it, because right after you use reaper’s touch which is in your spam macro, you will want to use both sacrifice life: damage and lich form, and then continue your spam macro. this will give you both those damage buffs just in time for your draining bolt, and if you followed the rotation of putting all other dots up before you started the spam macro, your neddra’s torture will hit at the same time ( as seen in the second screenshot). after your sacrifice life damage fades, put contaminate back up.

sacrifice life: damage and contaminate DO NOT STACK, lich form however will stack with both of them, if you have corpse talon or draining bolt coming up, try to use lich form and sacrifice life: damage, otherwise most of your charge will be used only on contaminate, unless you start getting close to max charge, in which case you can stack lich form and contaminate for some really nasty last gasp ticks.


opportunity is great for getting life leech on your target if you have to be mobile, otherwise it is best to use your procs for corpse talon if you have 5 stacks of deadly calling or use it for missiles since life leech is a lower cast time than both of them.

pay attention and practice the starting rotation a lot, if you get all your dots up and then go into the spam macro, the rest of your time is just spamming that macro and reapplying dots as they fade off.

this spec does not have anything to block your dots from being cleansed other than deadly calling stacks, so if you are against people who are actually cleansing, make sure you get those stacks on before you begin to dot the crap out of people.

in one sided warfronts where people do not last very long, this spec will not shine as much as it has potential to in longer fights, you can choose to either still dot up healer and ensure they die, or just go with more direct damage abilities to pad your numbers.

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