Elsword Eve Code Exotic and Code Nemesis Guide

Elsword Eve Code Exotic and Code Nemesis Guide by PKShota

Important Notes:

– This guide is still a WIP, and any additional help/opinions or correcting information would be appreciated.

– Do not take this guide as your own. Plagiarism, is of course, very bad. If you must show this to other people then please credit me.

– I have worked on this guide not only with effort but with my spare time. Please give your thanks by adding reputation.

What to expect from this guide:

[*]The Basics of Eve
[*]Skills, and which to get for your preferences
[*]Helpful Tips
This guide will not only focus on how to use Eve well, but will help you become skilled with Code Exoticand eventually Code Nemesis.


1: Eve: Another Code
– 1.1 Information
– 1.2 Basic Attacks and Sequences
– 1.3 Another Code’s Skills

2: Eve: Code Exotic
– 2.1 Information
– 2.2 Additional Basic Attacks and Sequences
– 2.3 Code Exotic’s Skills

3: Eve: Code Nemesis
– 3.1 Information
– 3.2 Additional Basic Attacks and Sequences
– 3.3 Code Nemesis’ Skills

4: Extras
– 4.1 Tips and Special Tricks
– 4.2 Combo Videos
– 4.3 Skill Build Help
– 4.4 Equipment Recommendations

1: Eve: Another Code


1.1 Who is Eve?

In the land of Elrios, there was a kingdom that excelled in all areas of technology, called Nasod. They were a powerful nation and caused no threat to the humans. However, with the El Stone’s power gradually weakening, the nation of Nasod soon lost power, others turning corrupt. To prevent this catastrophe, Eve, the Queen of Nasod, went into a hibernating device to keep herself alive. Years passed, and Eve woke up as soon as the El Stone fragments entered her preservation unit, recovering her from her deep sleep. Unfortunately, the survivors of Nasod all turned corrupt, others destroyed by Elsword, with the humans trying to fight back.

Still, Eve had not given up hope on the revival of her kingdom. In order to regain her strength, she decided the best choice was to embark on the road with Elsword and his gang. After years of slumber, for the first time a boy saying that they wanted to be her friend truly touched her heart.

Eve may not look tough like the others, but she uses her powers of machinery to take down enemy forces for her. Since Eve is the Queen of Nasod, she can summon robots from her Kingdom to aid her in her battle whenever she wishes. Eve also uses Nasod Gears that can transform into all sorts of weapons to defend herself in battle, ranging from spears to explosives.

1.2 Basic Attacks and Sequences

You must first know that Z and X are the basic keys for every character. For Eve, Z is the sequence for the bashing of her Nasod gears. Using X will have EVe summon “electronballs”, slow, but powerful balls of electricity.
1.3 Another Code’s Skills

What are Skills? Skills are attacks that enhance your character’s game play. For Eve, she uses many skills involving the summoning of Nasod robots at her command, and in the future, commanding two strong and highly loyal robots that stay by Eve’s side.

Note there are different types of skills: Active, Special Active, Passive, and Buff skills.

Active – Skills that happen immediately unless canceled by a hit. Active skills are added to the quick slots.

Special Active – Skills that are just like Actives, but the game of Elsword adds the extreme epic to these kinds of skills. The character performs a special skill that will shortly freeze the area. During this, a cut in art of the character slides in while he/she shouts out the skill names. Then, the skill is performed. Very fun.

Passive – Skills that upgrade the character, permanently. Passive skills are never added to quick slots.

Buffs – Buffs are skills that upgrade the character, such as physical attack, magic attack, and defense. They are like passives, however, they are not permanent as they are used in the quick slots. Because they are used in the quick slots, they provide more efficiency to the power up, however they cost MP and are timed.

Now, please remember the following terms:

PvE – Stands for “Player vs Environment,” the environment meaning monsters in dungeon areas. This term is used for mainly if you are to dungeon a lot. If you like to do lots of dungeon rather than PvP, then you are a PvE build.

PvP – Stands for “Player vs Player.” This term is obvious, but just in case, this term is used for mainly if you prefer to fight other players more often than do dungeons.

Hybrid – This term is a combination of both PvE and PvP.

It will be stated the number of SP that must be invested required to access the next row. I will be sequentially stating each skill by where it is in the row. As for skill recommendations, I’ll be stating how many points you should invest into skills by dividing into builds. It is RECOMMENDED, not a must (well, except a few). However, there will be times when you have the choice to pick what skills to put points in, because of the SP investment limit.

If you are having trouble memorizing your path of skill investment, fear not. There is a Skill Simulator for all characters. Click the following link to head to Eve’s CE and CN skill tree.

Skill Simulator CE/CN

All right, let’s start!
(0) Row 1:

1MDefTrain Basic Magic Defense Training – Increase magical defense.
One rule to skill build trees is to never skip your passives unless necessary. Follow this rule unless I say not to. Here, follow the rule.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

 Illusion Strike – Summon 8 gears to simultaneously strike.
Decent starter skill. But leave this at Lv1. This is a very weak skill and not worth your time leveling.
PvE – 1/5
PvP – 1/5
Hybrid – 1/5

1Cloaking Cloaking – Turn invisible for a period of time.
This skill is great depending how you use it. It has very little use in dungeons whatsoever, so there’s no point in having it with you during dungeon runs. In PvP, however, this skill will allow you to sneak up on players. Though against experienced players, it is possible that they can see you–through checking the outlines, shadow, weapon glowing, etc. Another use for this skill is that as Eve casts the cloaking, you will be under super armor status for the time, allowing you to counter back if the enemy gets close to you.
Skill Note: Waiting Alone – Gives 10 MP per second regeneration while in Cloaking, but increases the cool down to 10 seconds. –Obtained from a rare monster drop.
A somewhat useful note, but not really worth it unless you are an experienced user of Cloaking. It only proves its worth in PvP.
PvE – 1/1
PvP – 1/1
Hybrid – 1/1

(5) Row 2:

2PDefTrain Basic Physical Defense Training – Increase physical defense.
Follow the rule: don’t skip this passive. It may not seem like much, but these little points actually do a lot.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

2DimensionLink Dimension Link – Summon a Nasod scout by your side.
One of Eve’s fun summoning skills. You summon a Nasod scout monster and it will attack enemies on its sight, even stun them. In dungeons, this has very little use. However, in PvP, it is good to have. Basically, while you’re in a combo, Nasod scout will be with you (if you summoned before you are comboed). It will either stun the opponent with its attacks, or get combo’ed with you and when it’s destroyed, it explodes and stops your opponent! Nasod Scout at Lv5 will deal some small bits of damage that will help in the long run, and will last longer so they can intercept the opponent from afar or explode if they get caught in a combo too. Optional to have, not recommended unless you know how to use this skill well.
Skill Note: Continuous Summoned Attacks – The Nasod Scout no longer knocks down when summoned and its attacks will have less knock-down ratio, cool down is increased by 5 seconds. –Obtained from Toma in Bethma.
Experienced PvP players who use Dimension Link will like this note. You can add it in between your combo, so that as you continue comboing, your Nasod Scout will add its own damage and not affect your knockdown rate very much. Don’t worry about the cooldown increase, you shouldn’t be summoning the scout too much.
PvE – 0/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

(10) Row 3:

3BMagicAtk Basic Magic Training – Increase magic attack. Prerequisite: Basic Magic Defense Training
What’s the rule again? That’s right! Don’t skip this passive.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

3IllusionStinger Illusion Stinger – Transform gears into a powerful spear, leaving a trail of electron pulses.
Very powerful skill. This is one of Eve’s best skills for her low level. It’s very effective on large enemies, which includes most mini-bosses and some bosses, due to all hits hitting them. It is also great on mobs. However, it is bad against small, human-sized enemies like Raven in 4-1 or Chloe in 5-2, so don’t depend on it too often. A must have at all costs.
Skill Note: Modified Chaos Engine – Reduces MP consumption by 20 and reduces range of the explosions by 20%. –Obtained from a rare monster drop.
This will allow you to use Illusion Stinger at an earlier time, plus, this will shorten your worry for small-sized opponents, as you will be able to deal more hits.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

(15) Row 4:

4AuraMagic Aura Magic Accelerator – Increase the magical attack of allies in range and yourself.
A useful buff that I recommend that you should try to max. Mainly, Code Exotic/Nemesis main arsenal attacks are magic damage, so this is a useful buff, Additionally, as Code Exotic, you’ll obtain a passive that increases the length of buffs, and as Code Nemesis, you’ll gain a passive that will increase critical rate chance and damage.
PvE – 0/5 ~ 5/5
PvP – 0/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 ~ 5/5

4BasicAtkTrain Basic Strength Training – Increase physical attack damage. Prerequisite: Basic Physical Defense Training
The rule is…you know.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

4DimensionLinkBlader Dimension Link Blader – Summon a Nasod Blader to slash enemies several times, then fire a beam.Prerequisite : Mastered Dimension Link
Another summoning skill. Nasod Blader (think the 2nd boss of Cargo Airship) comes and does a combo of slashes, and finishes off with the laser. Cool, but mediocre damage. Not recommended to take at all unless you just want to have fun with it.
PvE – 0/5
PvP – 0/5
Hybrid – 0/5

(20) Row 5:

5AuraShield Aura Shield Accelerator – Increase the defense of allies in range and yourself.
Not really a must have buff. Defense boost is meh. Unless you can fund yourself with very good armor to further increase your reduced damage, you have the option to skip this buff.
PvE – 0/5 ~ 5/5
PvP – 0/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 ~ 5/5

(25) Row 6:

 Aura Power Accelerator – Increase physical attack power of allies in range and yourself.
A buff you can consider taking. However, you will not use physical attacks often as much as magical attacks, so if you like partying or doing team PvP with physical-based players (such as Lord Knight, Wind Sneaker, etc.), you have the option to take this skill.
PvE – 0/5 ~ 5/5
PvP – 0/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 ~ 5/5

6CloakingStudy Cloaking Study – Increase the amount of time Cloaking is activated.
More time to be invisible is nice. At max Lv3, it’s just an increase of 1.5 seconds, totaling your invisibility time to 4.5 seconds. Useful for experienced users of Cloaking. Don’t bother if you aren’t going to PvP often or use it well.
PvE – 0/3
PvP – 0/3 or 3/3
Hybrid – 0/3 or 3/3

(30) Row 7:

7GenerateBlackhole Generate Blackhole – Generate a black hole to pull enemies in, then trigger it to explode dealing extreme magic damage.
I like this skill, because it is like Rena’s Wind Wall, except it’s shorter in duration but much stronger absorb effect. It sucks in almost everything that it can catch in range. PvP users can have team mates deal quick damage as the black hole is open, or you can catch running players if you use it at the right time. As for dungeons, well, as said before, you gather mobs. Not only that, in awakening, enemies stuck in the black hole will become repeatedly damaged before the explosion. This drastically decreases the explosion damage but if you can do all hits, it’ll do more than the normal version. Other than damage, you can do some fun glitches with this skill. I highly recommend this skill for beginners, it’s simple and does some great damage for its single or multiple hits.
Skill Note: Black Hole Ver. 4.0 – Increases suction range of the black hole by 30% and increases the damage by 10%. –Obtained from a rare monster drop.
This skill note further increases GBh’s power and potential. I absolutely love this skill and took the skill note, and found the suction range increase to be very significant. The additional damage is very nice too. A recommended take if you don’t have any other skill notes to use.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

7DimensionLinkGuardian Dimension Link Guardian – Summon Guardian to fire waves in both directions, dealing continuous hits of magic damage.
A powerful, fast damaging skill. It will hit for a somewhat long distance in both ways. Just like Illusion Stinger, it’s mediocre on small enemies, but it can clear mobs, and it is especially great on wide-sized bosses. It will have its best use in dungeons, don’t bother using it in PvP. It can be easily avoidable with platforms.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

(35) Row 8:

 Mana Conversion – Convert some HP into MP.
A useful skill, especially for Code Exotic/Nemesis. At times you may be in need of quick MP for a certain skill, you will have this to use. Be careful though, it will deplete your HP fast if you use it too much. A recommended take if you have the spare skill points.
Skill Note: Bogus Contract – 30% Chance of not taking up HP when skill is used, but increases cooldown to 8 seconds. –Obtained from Camilla, the PvP NPC.
Adds a chance to not take up your HP, which is really good. If you love using this skill, feel free to take the note.
PvE – 0/3 or 3/3
PvP – 0/3 or 3/3
Hybrid – 0/3 or 3/3

And that’s all of Eve’s beginner job skills. When you’ve reached Level 15, you can begin the job advancement pre-quest:

1. Clear 2-4 twice on any difficulty.
2. Collect 1 drop from Kira-Kira (Mini-boss) at 2-1 on Very Hard mode.
3. Clear 2-2 on Hard mode or higher (☆☆+) with at least a B rank.
4. Speak to Echo, the alchemist of Elder.

And after that, you have two quests to choose from: Code Exotic and Code Architecture. Obviously, you should have chosen Code Exotic.

1. Collect 4 drops from the Bats on 2-2 at any difficulty.

2. Collect 1 drop from Wally No.8 (Boss) at 2-5 on any difficulty. Collect 2 drops from Banthus (Boss) at 2-3 on any difficulty.

3. Collect 1 drop from the Little Soldiers at 2-3 on any difficulty. Collect 20 Metal Shards from dismantling weapons.

4. Clear 2-5 on Very Hard mode within 15 minutes.

After you have finished, you are now Code Exotic, the code that transforms Eve into the Mistress of Destruction!

2: Eve: Code Exotic

2.1 Mistress of Destruction: Code Exotic

Eve continues to follow the red-haired boy, but it soon becomes a challenge. The enemies only get tougher the further she travels and she has nearly reached her limit. Eve is no combat unit and her controlled battle units, Moby and Remy, are nearing the threshold as well. A hidden code that is yet to be activated lies deep within the structure of her programmed codes. The code ‘Exotic’ was used to initiate a destructive battle type unit during the ancient war. However, the war was short-lived and it was left incomplete. The risk of activating the code is high as the outcome is unknown. One day, Eve becomes desperate for power and activates the code. The Mistress of Destruction arises.

2.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Code Exotic exclusive.

ZZZvZZ – Strike with Nasod gears then summon the first spears in front and behind you, stunning the enemy, and then send enemies away with extra spears.

>>ZZZ – Thrust forward with spear, followed by another spear, and then a continue with a flurry of impaling blades.

>>XZ – Dash and send enemies flying with an electronball then impale the airborne enemy with a flurry of blades.

2.3 Code Exotic’s Skills

As a new code, Eve has improved herself using the arsenal of the Nasod weaponry. As Code Exotic, she gains access to new, explosive weapons, or transform pieces of scrap metal into weapons of destruction.

You will now see a few skill names with (LOCKED) beside them. This means you cannot access the skill until you do certain skill quests.

(40) Row 9:

Hornet Sting – Fire a missile that tackles enemies and explodes at a range.
A decent skill. It’s not completely horrible, at times it’s a useful 100 MP. This is however, your choice to use this skill. It’s not recommended to take, it is easily replaceable in the future. Sure it’s a ranged weapon, but it knocks down enemies, and no one likes knock down. Though, experienced players can chain this skill into certain, powerful combos.
*Skill Note: Special Nasod Big Explosion – Increase damage and range of explosion by 20%. -Obtained from Cash Shop
For dedicated users of Hornet Sting only. Use it wisely.
PvE – 0/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

 Metal Dust Aura (LOCKED) – Summon damaging fragments to protect you and damage enemies on contact.
This skill is usually preferred over Hornet Sting in your early Lv20s. It will deal an initial strike, stunning the opponent(s) and making it great to use in combos. The dust fragments will continue to swirl around you, dealing small bits of damage to enemies nearby. In dungeons, it may not be noticeable but it at least adds continuous damage, making it more practical than Hornet Sting. In PvP, however, as said, it add damage in your combos. Also, if an enemy with very low HP is running away, have the fragments hit them! All you need to do is get near them, no Z or X key required.
*Skill Note: Quick and Powerful! – Deals x2.3 more damage than original, but duration is decreased by 10 seconds. -Obtained from Cash Shop
For lovers of MDA, you’ll be able to make this skill lean toward further for offensive reasons. Metal Dust Aura isn’t exactly a good damaging shield. Using the note, you’ll be able to deal more damage in your combos (which should last less than 15 seconds anyways).
*Lv5 – Max Duration becomes 10 seconds, 460% of initial damage, and 69% per scrap hit.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

**To unlock Metal Dust Aura, you must do the Low Branch skill quest, available at Lv20.

Quest 1: You need to buy a low quality scroll (It can be bought from Camilla/PvP Girl for 20k ED)

Quest 2: Collect 2 claws from the Scorpion King in 3-1 on Very Hard difficulty.

Quest 3: Collect 20 necklaces from any Lizard in Bethma (It can be anywhere from 3-1 to 3-4. I recommend 3-3.)

Quest 4: Collect 30 necklaces from the Glitter Race in Feita. (First three maps of Feita are good).

Quest 5: Collect a scroll drop from the boss on map 3-4 in Hard or Above (completely random)

(45) Row 10:

Intermediate Magic Training – Increase magic attack power permanently.
Feel free to take this passive for skill investment reasons if you don’t want the future Explosion Impact skill or can’t afford for its skill note. This is however, a recommended passive to have.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

 Encouraging Aura – Reduce MP cost and increase the duration of Aura Accelerators skills.
With this, Code Nemesis will be able to lean towards support. For those who have taken buffs, or even just one buff (which should be Aura Magic Accel.) this is a must to have. It will greatly help in the future, especially when you get another passive that gives a new effect to your Aura Accelerators. At max level 5, the MP cost becomes 50 MP. If you do not want to be a support Nemesis (not a good choice), then you have the option to skip this passive.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

(50) Row 11:

 Explosion Impact – Pull out a whip to strike enemies into the air, then lash a second time as they fall to stop them, leaving them open as the whip explodes and damages the enemies.
Considered one of Eve’s best PvE skills; this skill will deal multiple hits for all mobs and large bosses, making it very useful to have around. It can even be your bossing skill, because some of your later skills may not be very good for boss monsters. With dealing 23 explosive hits, it is one of the most damaging 200 MP skills if all explosions can hit. A recommended skill to have…
…but only take this skill if you can get its skill note. Yes. Get $1.50 and spend it if you want this skill.
*Skill Note: Breaking In I – Removes the launch of the initial hit and increases the skill’s damages by 10%. -Obtained from Cash Shop
The reason why the skill note is so good is because it removes the knock up attack from the whip strikes. Enemies in air have the chance to receive less hits because they are not very stable to hit in the air. And there’s a chance that the whip may not strike for the second time before they hit the ground due to other player’s use of skills/awakenings. Therefore, with the note, enemies will stay on ground will be able to receive more hits. Also, you increase the skill’s damage!
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

(55) Row 12:

 Magic Adrenaline – Drastically increase magic attack power for 10 seconds. Prerequisite: Mastered Intermediate Magic Training
If you took Intermediate Magic Training in your early Lv20s, you might want to get this buff. It’s not affected by Encouraging Aura, of course, but using this adrenaline will buff the power of your mighty Explosion Impact skill in dungeons, or the awesome future Iron Scraps in PvP, making you a deadly weapon. A recommend max, but do it at your late level 40s or 50s.
If you, at around Lv28:
*Maxed Intermediate Magic Training, invest 2 points into this skill at first.
*Skipped Intermediate Magic Training, go max it in your late Lv40s or 50s, then come back to this buff.
*If you decide to skip Mega Electronball (HIGHLY not recommended) because you cannot use it very well then come max this skill.
PvE: 0/5
PvP: 0/5
Hybrid: 0/5

 Power Adrenaline – Drastically increase physical attack power for 10 seconds. Prerequisite: Mastered Iron Spirit
There is no reason…at all, to take this buff. CEx/CN has no physical attack skills whatsoever to unleash.
PvE – 0/3
PvP – 0/3
Hybrid – 0/3

 Iron Spirit – Focus some magic attack power to also increase physical attack power.
Very little reason to take this. Nearly all of Code Exotic/Nemesis’ attacks are magic attack. Sure, you have your drone attacks with ZZZ…but having this passive isn’t worth it. Skip it.
PvE – 0/5
PvP – 0/5
Hybrid – 0/5

 Mega Electronball – Fire a larger electronball that explodes on contact.
While you are not Code Architecture/Empress to boost this skill’s effects, this is a must to get used to and to use often. It is one of Eve’s most damaging active skills, hitting any dungeon mob or PvP opponent with great damage. Simply, hold the button while you do some fancy Z combos or the ZZZ>>^Z loop, add a MEB in between, and there you go. If you’re having trouble to use this skill, I recommend placing it on the C key. If you really suck at using this skill…fine, you have the choice to not take it, but you will regret being defeated by other Eve’s who use MEB really well.
PvE – 3/3
PvP – 3/3
Hybrid – 3/3

(60) Row 13:

 Graceful Steps – Increase movement and jump speed effects permanently.
A questionable passive to have. Some say it’s not worth the trouble having. Others will say the 5% really helps when you have 20% from sockets in the first place. If your fingers can adjust to the speed movement of your Eve, you could try out this skill. But I only recommend taking it in your late Lv40s or 50s; you need your damaging skills first.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

 Iron Scraps (LOCKED) – Release a series of small metal stingers in all directions, dealing high damage. Can be used in the air.
This is Code Exotic’s most feared skill. Up close on any enemy it deals extremely high damage. It is very flexible to use, being able to use in the air, so it’s easy to land the skill up close on the enemy. A must have skill. Combine with Magic Accel/Adrenaline for a better result.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

**To unlock Iron Scraps, you must do the Intermediate Branch skill quest, available at Lv30.

Quest 1: Buy the Intermediate Quality scroll (It costs 100k ED from Camilla/PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 10 Black Crow Journals from Altera (4-1 is strongly recommended.)

Quest 3: Collect 1 drop, another 1 drop and a collection of 50 chests from map 4-2. (This can take a LOT of runs to complete. The single drops have a very low drop rate so chances are you’ll be grinding for a while.)

Quest 4: Collect 2 Dark Spirits from the boss in the third map of Feita (3X-3), Collect 4 wood from the boss in the fourth map of Feita (3X-4).

Quest 5: Achieve B Rank or higher in maps 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 in Hard difficulty or higher. (This means do all 3.)

(65) Row 14:

 Queen’s Throne – Create an explosion around you that summons standby stingers for a period of time.
Summoning an explosion for weak damage. Oh please don’t worry about this skill…oh wait, what’s this?
Queen’s Throne is what makes Code Exotic the mistress of destruction. Having cool spears on standby, they will fly with your regular attacks of Z or X to greatly increase the damage you do. If you know how to ZZ>>^Z Loop (See 4.1 Tips) then you’ll be doing easy, immense amounts of damage in dungeons or PvP.
The extra effects of Queen’s Throne are:
*Increase range of regular Z attacks. (though the spears will hit, not the drones)
*Infinite horizontal gliding. (>> or << in the air)
*Increased triangle size and pierce effect of the XXX combo.
**On-ground Z attacks will have one extra hit under the effects of Queen’s Throne. Mid-air Z attacks will have two extra hits. (This is why the ZZ>>^Z loop is highly recommended to learn and master.)
Overall, if you know how to do the Loop Z attacks and can utilize them very well, this is a recommended max. If you are a beginner player and not really used to combos, or want to be cautious and use a safer and still damaging skill, then see Junk Break below.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

 Junk Break (LOCKED) – Summon a giant split-drill that burrows into the enemy in front, dealing huge amounts of damage.
Like Explosion Impact, it’ll deal straight repeated damage. On normal dungeon monsters or stoic boss monsters, this skill will take care of them very easily. It is a safer skill to use than Queen’s Throne and might take care of enemies quicker than you could. PvP users will find that it may or may not help you, it depends if the opponent mana breaks so they can get behind you and combo you easily, because Junk Break’s additional effect is that it leaves you fatigue for a couple of seconds after using it. Optional to max, recommended for beginners.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

**To unlock Junk Break, you must do the High branch skill quest, available at Lv32.

Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 140k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 emblems from enemies in 4-3.

Quest 3: Collect 2 generators (red) and 2 generators (blue) from each boss in 4-4. If they respawn, they will not drop the items. You must repeat the dungeon.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from 4-3 boss.

Quest 5: Clear 4-4 in 8 mins, Clear 3x-4 in 8 mins, and Clear 3x-3 in 9 mins.

That’s all of the skills Code Exotic has access to. After reaching Level 35, you can begin your second job advancement, to become the mighty Code Nemesis.

1.Speak with Lento in Feita.

2. Defeat the Plant Overlords (Boss) 9 times on 3x-4 at any difficulty.
Defeat Amethyst (Boss) 5 times at 3x-3 on Very Hard mode.

3. a. Collect 1 Soul of Dark Magic Power from the Wise Dutor (Mini-boss) in 3x-3. (Located at the secret upper path of 3x-3 on Very Hard mode, or at 3x-6 on Very Hard mode)
b. Collect 1 Unstable Soul from Proxy the Nimble (Mini-boss) in the Feita dungeons. (Located at 3x-4 on Hard mode or higher, or at 3x-6 on Hard mode or higher, 3x-4 is recommended)
c. Collect 1 Strong Soul from the Plant Overlords (Boss) at 3x-4 on any difficulty.

4. Speak with Hanna, the blacksmith of Velder.

5. Collect 3 Refined Dark Steel from Uno Hound (Boss) at 5-1 on any difficulty.

After finishing the long quest, you have now become Code Nemesis, the Goddess of Justice!

3: Eve: Code Nemesis

3.1 Goddess of Justice: Code Nemesis

Becoming faster, stronger, battle Code Exotic began to develop. Eve had fought many infected Nasod and devils, but seeked more power. The code needed to be changed for her to become more efficient in using more ancient Nasod weapons. Summoning a large arsenal of enchanted weaponry, the Goddess of Justice will overwhelm all her opponents!

3.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Code Nemesis exclusive.

>>ZXX – Impale the enemy with a spear and then fly forward with another stunning spear, then throw one final spear behind you, knocking the enemy down.

XXZZ – Throw out two electronballs and then stun the victim with a spear, then continue to summon additional Nasod Spears to pierce the opponent, ending it with a strong finishing blow that knocks the enemy up.

3.3 Code Nemesis’ Skills

As the great Code Nemesis, you now gain an increased arsenal of weapons. With a new weapon in hand along with enhanced manipulation of already owned Nasod weapons, you become the Goddess of Justice to wreak merciless havoc on those who deserve their destruction.

You will also still see one more skill that is (LOCKED). So yeah, prepare to do the skill quest.

(70) Row 15

 Enhanced Nasod Weapons – Regular attacks have a 4% chance to deal extra magic damage.
It doesn’t look like much, I mean, you have a really low chance to deal extra magic damage. But hey, it’s not completely useless at all. The 4% will come and go but it will at least prove useful when you deal so many hits with your Z attacks (especially the ZZ>>^Z loop). Just max it, it’ll be worth it later.
PvE – 3/3
PvP – 3/3
Hybrid – 3/3

 Atomic Blaster – Step backwards and pull out a blaster, firing at the enemy upwards into the air.
A simple and powerful 100 MP skill, recommend to max. This easily replaces Hornet Sting if you have it, because Atomic Blaster will deal more damage and you can combo the enemies after. It’ll take care of any kind of enemy in any situation. Aim carefully to deal the maximum 12 hits for the maximum damage.
PvE – 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 5/5

(75) Row 16

 Concentration Aura (LOCKED) – All Aura Accelerators will now grant increased critical rate and damage to yourself and party members.
The great passive that makes Code Nemesis a better support role. At max level 5 you’ll have a 7% increased chance of critical and 5% extra critical damage, it doesn’t look like much but it really helps. It’ll last as long as the Aura Accelerator that you used. A recommended have if you can spare the skill slots for your Aura Accelerator(s). If you don’t have a B-Slot by now or if you can’t spare room for your Accelerators, then it’s okay, you can skip this passive.
**Take note that the effect does not stack. So using Aura Magic and Aura Power together will not grant 14% critical chance increase or 10% critical damage increase, you only get 7% and 5%.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

**To unlock Concentration Aura, you must do the Advanced Branch skill quest, available at Lv40.

Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 300k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 drops from any mob in 4-6

Quest 3: Collect 4 drops from Uno Hound (boss) in 5-1 on any difficulty.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from Chloe (boss) on 5-2 on Very Hard

Quest 5: Clear 5-1 on Very Hard in less than 6 minutes, Clear 5-2 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes, and Clear 5-3 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes.

 Spear Burst – Drive stingers downwards toward the ground, impaling any enemy in the way and create a shock wave that damages them. Can only be used in air. Super Armor is granted during the duration of the skill.
An active skill that leads Code Nemesis for combo purposes. It knocks down enemies, and unless you can catch the enemies afterwards, it has little use in dungeons. You could however, use its super armor effect. PvP-wise, you can chain this with the >>ZX attack so you’ll deal some Spear Burst damage. PvP users are to learn how to use this skill wisely, it will prove great worth for either combos or get-away situations.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

(80) Row 17

 Atomic Shield – Summon Nasod nano-machines that generate an aura around the character which reduces damage taken by allies and destroys projectiles.
Yet another skill that provides support ability for Code Nemesis. It will prevent projectile-type attacks from hitting you if you’re inside the shield, meaning arrows, fireballs, electronballs, etc. In PvP, Special Active skills such as Rail Stinger or Magic Missile won’t be blocked. It’s not bad at all, though. In a situation where you’ll be expecting to take lots of damage, the shield will reduce the damage you take. Has some use for dungeons, such as to help in case the boss gets tricky with you, and does great for team PvP. Optional to max.
PvE – 0/5 or 5/5
PvP – 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid – 0/5 or 5/5

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