Elsword Getting Raven and Eve Guide

Elsword Getting Raven and Eve Guide by maxpayne

Ever wondered why you cant create the other two characters on right most edge of the character selection?? Basically, you haven’t unlocked them yet….

There are 3 Ways to unlock these special characters:
1) Through event…
2) Through cash 25~35 G (depends on server)
3) Through the traditional grinding your ass quest

How to get Raven
->Starts at level 32

Mission Proper :
Go to village chief in Altera to start his quest….

1st Quest: Finish 4-1 (★★★)

2nd Quest: Defeat Raven in 4-1 (★) 5 times

3rd Quest: Get 3,5,5 quest items from certain monsters in any Altera Dungeon Map
* 4-2 and 4-3 mobs seem to drop the quest items needed for this

4th Quest: Finish 4-5 (★★★) mode

5th Quest: Defeat Nasod King in 4-6 in any mode and get a Perfect Core
Reward: Raven Card

How to get Eve
-> Her missions is divided into 4 which can be acquired through a certain level…

Eve Quest 1/3
-> attaining level 19 and talking through 2nd Village (Elder) Alchemist:
Defeat Wally 8th version in 2-5(★★) and get an Engine Core

Eve Quest 2/3
-> attaining level 25 and talking through 3rd Village (Besma) Alchemist:
Defeat 30 Cart Pushing Nasods in 3-5 (★★)

Eve Quest 3/3
-> attaining level 36 and talking through 3rd Village (Besma) Alchemist:
Collect 8 quest drops from Shield Nasods in 4-5(★★★)

Eve Card Reward Quest
-> attaining level 39 and talking through 4th Village (Altera) Alchemist:
Defeat Nasod King in 4-6(★★★) to get the quest item
Reward: Eve Card

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