Battle Dawn Players Guide

Battle Dawn Players Guide by branabus

Well, it’s been a while since I re-published a guide… my last one went down quite well, so let’s try another.
I think the calculations are still accurate, do pick me up if they’re not.
This is a somewhat mathematical way of determining the ‘value’ of a player as well as covering a number of other subjects, such as leading an alliance and advice. This may be good to refer to regularly, as I have found it quite useful.
Before the guide starts, again, this is not by me. This is by one ‘Miyamoto Musashi’ from the old client (apologies if he’s still around).
This is copied pretty much in verbatim (hence the preface).

Preface: Before I begin I want to begin with, I played with many players in this game, good, bad and down right disgusting. Players can say the same about me and varies with experience of every player. My greatest life priority is. This guide is made based on my experience and judgments. I would expect many players to disagree with this guide, for they have their own experiences and conflicts. It is up to you what you want to accept or reject. This guide is open to criticism. I also want to make it clear to everyone that I am not Japanese. I like gundam but that does not mean I am anime freak. Miyamoto Musashi is not an anime character. He was a real living breathing person. He is considered one of Japan’s greatest warriors and is dubbed kenshin meaning Sword Saint.

Part 1

I) Player value

Battledawn is a very diverse game with players collected from around the world. This changes game play and the values of player. In this part of the guide, I will introduce the idea of player value, which can be used to judge a player on his/her place in the game as ranking other than pure score. Score does bring value to a player because the purpose of the game is outranked other alliances and players.

I.01) Ranking values
As I have mentioned earlier before a player has different values other than the scoreboard. Here, based on my own judgments, will be a listing of values, with my own explanation with formulas. I also intended this guide to be read on the forums and may need modifications to represent subscripts. The general formula is


Where V represents the total value, P represents the points you earned to be credited to the value and the “…” denotes for continuous points.

The general formula for most cases is
P represents points, S represents the skill (represented by the number 1), A represents the number of people that carry that skill, and E represents effectiveness.

A) Score points- This is based on your actual score in game. Now here is the formula for this form of points.
The reason why I added made modifications to the score is because crystals only rank sheer score and nothing more, where as power represents ability to take/defend these crystals.

B) Activity- You can’t be participating in war if you do nothing right? So here is the formula for this.
P=(1/ average log-in difference)*10
For log-in frequency, just find the average differences in log-in times based on a 24 tick time frame.

C) Political/diplomacy power- This is a game of war, which utilizes politics very much and includes many types of points that can be added.

C.1) Alliance Influence- This is based on how well you can control other alliances around you to do your bidding, regardless if they are sub-alliances or independent alliances.

S represents the strength of the alliance; E is the efficiency of influence on that alliance (ranging from 0 to 1) and F the number of other alliances that influence them.
C.2) Common communications- This is based on your ability to understand people and English proficiency. One time in peace discussions, I called the opposing alliance a “Fantastic alliance” but the reader understood it to be fanatic. This is a mentality issue over all. I made two different scores for this C.2 because it applies to 2 different kinds of people. A person who’s first language is not English and for those who speak English as their first language.

For players whose primary language is not English:
E represents the efficiency in the English language and G is for grace, how well written is your English. It isn’t just about getting the message across; it is about making people turn to work favorable to you, the player writing. I am maintaining this score to be more lenient.

For players whose primary language is English
I just don’t like the fact that most players feel it is ok to represent ourselves as illiterates.

D) A general formula
As a general formula for anything
E is a very open derivative for any application.
So I will make a general what E should be shaped out to be.
Occurrence stands for the times it occurs ever.
Success stands for when the amount of times those occurrences have been worked.
Also you should notice that you should measure some of the higher ranking alliances based on power and not on crystals. Because crystals are just the reward for winning competitions. Power will give you a greater idea should you try attacking that alliance. If you can find out some weakness to take advantage, and then hit them in the Achilles heal.

II) Player Traits

Different players share traits that differ from other players. This is based on certain skills that can be categorized. There are four broad categories. Void, Fighters, Speakers and Mix. Void consists of Newbs. Fighters consist of Soldiers, strategists, supporters, and warriors. Speakers consist of Diplomats, Nobles, Politicians and spammers. The mix is categorized only with commanders, sharing features of both speakers and fighters. I will present them in alphabetical order.

The Commander
The commanders are able to issue orders to players. This does not mean they are leaders of alliances. Leaders are subject to insubordination. Commanders are not, they are able to issue orders and have players carry them out. If insubordination does arise, they will know how to deal with it effectively.

The Diplomat
Diplomats deal with diplomacy between themselves and other alliances. Diplomats can be weak or strong, varying the success of the goal. The whole purpose of the diplomat is to meet the criteria of his/her goal. The diplomat ultimately will make an attempt to reduce loses that could be. This is primarily used for war.

The Newb
Newbs represent the void of all characteristics of every kind of characteristic in this section.

The Noble
The best way to describe a noble is best described as a celebrity. Not only are these players famous, they are popular and have been around for a long time. But it isn’t simple fandom which gives them strength, it is prestige. This prestige attracts other players to follow. This does not mean they are commanders. The noble may deal with insubordination and allow it to be. The commander will not incur this problem, if so; will be able to deal with it.

The Politician
The politician uses social aspects of the game and derives it his power from the communication of the game. S/he is able to advocate others to join a cause or movement or go against a cause or movement. The difference between the diplomat and the politician is the diplomat is seeking to reduce its losses of war or potential war. The politician does not and tends to utilize public speech. The loss can also empower the politician where as the gains to his forces does not contribute to his cause.

The Soldier
The soldier is just a player with units. They do no more than build units. They may have plans but intends to build a large army before conquests. Most of these players are not high ranked or successful. This guide defines them not as newbs but commonly players will call most soldiers newbs due to their low rank.

The Spammer
Spammers are players who, of course, spam. This isn’t a terrible case. The benefit of spamming is developing networking and connections. The only value of spamming if this assists you gaining the experience of other players, as well as becoming better noticed.

The Strategist
The strategists are players who can construct plans that not only work, but increases efficiency. This can be map layouts, war preparations, squad movements and team. The strategist knows he has been successful by, accounting for player chrematistics, winning with minimum losses.

The Supporter
The Supporter can be divided into two sub groups. Buffers and Reducers. The primary purpose of the supporter is to defend the alliance as they expand. The reason why I place these together is because they are best used together.
Reducers take on a lot of the expenses of the alliance. They build nukes, ops, gates and so forth. The reducers work to reduce expenses for the rest of the alliance for them to expand out.
Buffers build defense units for the team. When the team is subject to attack, this is when the buffers come into play. They make sure they do not get attacked and occur no losses.

The Warrior
The warrior is very different from the soldier and should not be measured on the same level. The warrior is superior. Where the supporter provides defense, the warrior is the offensive player. He is the one who racks in the score for the team. He is the one who gathers the crystals and relics. He brings in conquers for resources. He is what makes your alliance look hardcore and intimidating.

Part 2

Preface: In part 2 of the guide, there are two main points will be explained. Section III and Section IV focuses more for leaders of alliances. It can be used by common players to better understand themselves and there relation to their team, but for any alliance leader, it is worth while to read Section IV and Section V. I am still working on the other parts of the guide.

III) Loyalty Alignments:

An important fact any player should know about his team is what will the others players of the relation to the team be. It is important for players to know this to have certain expectations. People have the ability to change, so can their alignments, but most of the time you will find it to be consistent to their personalities.

Soul Bounded-These players are loyal to the first alliance they join. They will likely serve the same alliance till the rest alliance ends or his/her battledawn career ends.

Primary- These players play with the same alliance from the beginning of the round. Unlike soul bounded players, they will pick alliances as they please when the round ends.

Ethics-These players only play with players with standards in terms of ethics. If a player takes a disliking to his alliance on account of their poor ethics, they will seek to leave.

Neutrals- These players serve with their alliance. They do not feel any loyalty to the alliance and would easily switch alliances if it is what they desire. Unlike freelancers, they do not carry any “bad luggage”.

Freelancers- These players are loyal to themselves. When they switch alliances, they take the goods with them. It doesn’t mean they can’t serve in an alliance, but their actions are only to serve themselves.

IV) Leading Alliances

This part focuses on leading alliances. Some leaders will have a different experience with different players. This is expected, with players from all over the globe from different ranges, it would only be natural this would occur.

Just because you are solid ranked player does not mean you will make a strong leader. The best attribute an alliance leader can have is a commander attribute. But this may not always be needed at all, because an alliance might be able to act independent of its leader. This is assuming they can act without causing problems for the entire alliance.

For most leaders, you need to be hard nosed to take up the job. You will deal with a lot of crap from other alliance leaders, alliances and members of your own alliance. The trade off is the prestige of being the alliance leader, the extra credit for what publicly putting a little more into the alliance (Which is true. They need to deal with the diplomacy, planning, updating ranks, communications).

There are certain criteria a player should meet before attempting. This is a suggested list.
-6 Months of experience playing with a fairly successful alliance
-Understanding of game play functions
-Commander Features, and to be hardnosed as well.

Leaders encounter many problems when dealing with its members. Some alliances may never encounter these alliances problems. As I have said, it can be because the members know how to maintain themselves or players are happy to be in the same alliance as his/her leader.
Common problems leaders encounter are
-Inactivity (Least Deadly)
-Rogue Mentality
-Loud Mouths (Most Deadly)

Each one has methods of preventions. There are solutions, but they are nowhere as effective as preventing it from occurring. Some of these methods are unethical, some which I used most myself, in a most unfortunate position.

1) Inactivity

Inactivity is the most annoying problem. You can’t do anything with an inactive member, he cannot defend, he cannot attack, he can’t sustain, he might lose his colony becoming short of a member. It is not as deadly as others because no one can know can see the inactivity of an alliance (except for the alliance). For someone to figure this out, they need to send a message out on the assumption a message not replied is a message not read.

Preventions: Keep the alliance going at war, small and large. Keep developments rolling and make it worthwhile to continue logging in. When they said, they had enough, you know this when they will work on redeveloping troops for more invasions.

Solutions: Inactivity is broad term. It is used to determine a player who logs in infrequently or not at all. Hopefully your case is the first, where you can send a message to that player. If it has pretty much come to them not logging on at all, conquer them. You can at least make use of them for income as much as you can.

2) Rogue Mentality

This is when an alliance member goes off attacking other alliances, causing trouble for the alliance as a whole. These alliances tend to be stronger alliances that can pose a threat. The problem with these mentalities is they don’t function with the alliance favorably. The reason for their attacks is for conquers, crystals and relics.

Preventions: Have players like these attacking weaker alliances and send them in that direction. Help them along the way so they can win against these small alliances. Make sure the reward will be able to satisfy them.

Solutions: Plan a war that can intimidate that alliance in staying in that area. Or plan a full scale invasion. You don’t want to go on the defensive and let your homeland be trashed. The other plan is to offer the player off for sacrifices. Send him off to your enemy’s territory. Conquer him and hand him over for the beating.

3) Betrayal

These players sold you out and are looking take everything from you. They have planned everything against you. Players like these are likely freelancers.

Preventions: Create incentives for players to stay. Feed them some resources periodically. This is something most alliances don’t do.

Solution: Set up shields and prepare to eliminate everything that player owns. Find where every nearby gate is and cut him off. Good chance he already relocated, but make that relocation a waste of his oil.

4) Loud Mouths

These are the deadliest of them all. These will come when you’re unaware and absolutely off guard. People simply aren’t aware of the dangers. These players will provide the case scenario to another player of what is going on with the alliance. It is enough more then enough to foil any plan. It helped shutter the SBR alliance politically in e-1 age-2, and brought down KoH very quickly. I remember when members of KoH sent me messages. Read between the lines and you can figure what is going on in their heads. Players like Nally would never be able to see things like this because players wouldn’t message this amongst themselves. Hence the clues to defeat KoH were at the grasp of RO, BUL, and BBS.

Preventions: Make it a rule for your players to consult you directly about issues like these. Let democracy float so people have a choice in their destinies.

Solution: Prepare to destroy them. This is worse than betrayal. They are providing information to the opposing team.

The one weak point in this guide is the solutions and preventions. Your options are not limited to this. Other players may have been able to deal with these problems with more effective methods than I have. So do not take it to be the absolute. The problems that are dealt with are certainly what any player needs to watch out for.

So there you have it, another guide. Feel free to comment.

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