Battle Dawn Starting Strategy Guide

Battle Dawn Starting Strategy Guide by Jake

Hello everyone! Alright this guide is just a guide I usually follow when playing Battledawn, to be eligible to follow this guide you must follow these minimum requirements.

-Join at tick 1
-Be Active
-Good grammar would help with diplomacy

If you do not follow these minimum requirements I hope this guide has still helped you in someway, you may be able to use it as a reference. Now lets start with Early game.


To begin, you must first choose a server obviously, next you will be placing your colony. Location is key! Check out where the most heavily populated areas are and avoid them, but don’t go somewhere completely isolated. There would probably be low amounts of res ops and conquers in the area making it harder for you to thrive.

Q: Where is the best place to put your colony?

A: Probably in the corners on Fantasy I like the upper right and on Mars I like upper left, its all preference but a corner is usually a good spot.

Something to remember: Good spots will also have many alliances competing for this area, be prepared to smooth talk your way out of overwhelming defeat and strike where and while you can.

Build: I usually start by building lvl 3 all res structures (except E/M) lvl 1 everything else 10 soldiers and then I focus on getting to ranged units.

Q: Why ten soldiers?

A: Recruiting 10 soldiers will give you 1 more power while still keeping your workers at a decent population.


Remember that your income in the late game will be directly effected by the conquers you get early game so be greedy.


By now you should be in an alliance, if not join one! Make sure though that the alliance is at least half full and there are no conquered members! Try to make contact with the leader outside of the game like over skype (not in rl)

By now you should have ranged and your area secure.

Q: What is the best army build?
A: Most pro’s will tell you the best army build goes like this:
Infantry: 10 armor 20 range
Vehicle: 5 armor 10 range
Tank: 3 Armor 7 range + a extra armor squad for every 10 squads built like this.

For more information on armys you should look here: … Strategies

Q: Help! I’m conquered! What do I do?
A: Send a message to your conqueror. He may be willing to work something out with you! Diplomacy goes a long way. If not you should rebel, or relocate 72 ticks after you have been conquered.

Anything further into end game would contradict my title, so that concludes my guide! I hope I helped.

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