Adventure Quest FAQ

Adventure Quest FAQ by Scakk

Short Version

1. I’m getting zero gold and/or experience. Why is that? Daily Gold/Experience/Z-Token Caps

2. Looking for information about equipment/monsters/etc? What does “rare” mean? Look at the answers here, and also try the AQ EncyclopediaEquipment ComparisonsAQ Guides forums.

3. Where can I find [specific monster]? Where can I find Challenge Battles or monsters that aren’t intended to be defeated?

4. Training and Untraining Stats; Levels, Stats and Attributes (including Bonus to Hit, Random Damage bonus, and Blocking), attack type conversions, information on “Builds”

5. Questions about the Blade/Dagger/Spear/Staff of Awe

6. Guardianship/How do I change the colour and the defenses of my Guardian Plate? I saw someone with the Guardian Leather or Guardian Robes as their no-drop armor. Can I swap my Guardian armor or weapon for a different type (e.g. Guardian Plate to Guardian Robes)? Can I change my default equipment that I start off with when I log in?

7. Races and Subraces (Vampire, Werewolf, Werepyre, DracoPyre)

8. Classes

9. Game Formulas (including HP/MP calculations, and the levels of monsters you’ll meet at your level)

10. Where can I get more Health/Mana potions? How many can I carry, anyway?

a. AQ is Lagging! What do I do?
b. What can I do if my game freezes when loading a quest/item/monster? How do I “clear my cache”?

12. Changing Your Character’s Features – Skull head, different hairstyles, black face, changing your character name

13. Questions about Z-tokens.

14. Questions about SP. What are they? How many can I get? What are they used for?

15. What is a buff/nerf? How do I know if a buff/nerf is going to happen? Where can I request a buff/nerf? Which pets/items nerf your enemy?

16. How do I change the color of my attack menu? How do I enable the spell shortcuts?

17. Can I reset/delete my (Guardian) character (above level 50)? Can I delete my whole account?

18. I haven’t played the game for ____ days/weeks/months/years. What has happened while I was gone?

Long Version

1. Exp/Gold/Z-Token Caps. I’m getting zero gold and/or xp!! What’s happening?? 
You’ve probably hit your gold/xp “caps” for the day. There is a limit to how much gold/xp you can gain in any one day and once you have reached that limit, you won’t get exp or gold anymore. The formula for each is:

Daily Caps formula
AQ Daily EXP Cap: (3*1.055^Lvl+24+3*1.055^(Lvl^1.085))*200 (*1.1 for X-Guardians)
AQ Daily Gold Cap: (1.055^Lvl+8+1.055^(Lvl^1.085))*200 (*1.1 for X-Guardians)

WF Daily EXP Cap: (3*1.055^Lvl+24+3*1.055^(Lvl^1.085))*400
WF Daily Gold cap: (1.055^Lvl+8+1.055^(Lvl^1.085))*400


Caps are reset at midnight server time each day. In the event of a temporary gold boost, the cap also increases by the same amount (if there is a 10% gold boost, then the gold cap also increases by 10%). (X-)Guardians can get around 50 Z-Tokens from battle per day, Adventurers 25. Additionally, you won’t find any further Z-Tokens when you have reached both your exp and gold caps for the day.
The gold cap is only affected by the gold earned (or lost) in battles. You can still buy and sell things and they will not affect your gold cap.

(Thanks to etching for information about the Adventurer Z-Token cap)

Caps reset at 12:00AM server time

If you want to see how much gold/xp you’ve already earned in a day, go to 

Max cap:
 Max gold cap is 1 billion gold, at any time this is exceeded it resets to 1 billion after the next fight.

2. Questions about the location/prices/availability/etc of items; What does “Rare” mean?:
Read the AQ Encyclopedia forums. They should be your FIRST port of call for information about the game. Each equipment category (weapons/pets/armor/quests/etc) has a separate sub-forum and an index for ease in locating a specific item. Locations of items can also be found in the AQ Shop List.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for in the encyclopedia because the item is new and hasn’t been added yet, make sure to check the Info Submission forum.

If you want to know which is the “best” of something (weapons/spells/etc) try the Equipment Comparison forum, and look through the topics there. AQ Guides forum can be a helpful place to look as well.

What does “Rare” mean?
There are two types of “rare” items, annual rares and permanent rares. A annual rare is one that is typically available during holidays while a permanent rare is one that is no longer available. Permanent rares may return at the discretion of AQ staff; if a recently released item will go rare, there should be word of it either on the homepage or in AQ GD.

3. Where can I find [specific monster]? Where can I find Challenge Battles or monsters that aren’t intended to be defeated?
Check this: AQ Random Monster List. If it is on this list, then you can find it via the Battle Monsters button in Battleon. It will also appear in any quest that uses the RA list. If the monster isn’t listed in either the RA list or in the list below, feel free to ask here in Q&A where it can be found.

To find Challenge Battles, use this list by Baron (updated):
Considered Unbeatable(at this time):

Carnax (lv 500) – Isle d’Oriens -> first building on the left side of the courtyard -> click on the altar -> Carnax War Scroll (the one next to the scroll puffing smoke) -> Carnax One on One

Chillax One-on-One  Frostval 2011: Rise of Chillax (return unknown)

Loco – April Fools 2010(Seasonal)

Considered “unbeatable” or Challenge monster(at this time):

Absolix – Travel Map -> Granemor -> General’s Tower -> Absolix Attacks!

Algern the Shadowknight – Travel Map -> Sail East -> Seekrat -> 7: Cat-Astrophe!

Mutant King – Travel Map -> Granemor -> General’s Tower -> 5: Mutant King War

Nightbane (lv 500) – Yulgar’s Inn -> The Devourer Saga -> The Beginning of the End (need to be level 100 or higher)

Nightmare Queen (lv 200) – Travel Map -> Zorbak’s Hideout -> Frostval in July!

Ramleoness (Furious Version) – Yulgar’s Inn -> Robina -> Truphma / Eukara Vox Saga -> 5: Kill the Beast Part 1 (can’t go below 1 HP)

Safiria – Yulgar’s Inn -> The Devourer Saga -> Queen of Hearts or Travel Map -> Darkovia Forest -> Battlegrounds (after the battle against the Werewolf King)

Stragath’s Head(120) – Travel Map -> Zorbak’s Hideout -> The Return of Stragath

Stragath’s Head (140) -Travel Map -> Zorbak’s Hideout -> Infernal Inferno

The’Galin – Yulgar’s Inn -> Devourer Saga -> Final Battle

Undead Xyphos – Travel Map -> Travel South -> Dragonclaw Island -> Dense Red Fog

Visia – Travel Map -> Granemor -> General’s Tower -> 6: Visia War

Werewolf King – Travel Map -> Darkovia Forest -> Battlegrounds (choose either side)

Wolfwing – Travel Map -> Darkovia Forest -> The Secret -> Battle Wolfwing

Xerxes – Travel Map -> Dragonspine -> Vartai Secrets!

Most monsters in Granemor -> The Moon OR Battleon -> Guardian Tower -> Stables -> Teleporter -> The Void

4. Questions about levels, stats/attributes (what they are, what they do, how do I train them, how do they affect damage and bonus to hit, and blocking), training and untraining stats
Five stat points are awarded for every level; the level cap is L135 for Adventurers, and L150 for Guardians and X-Guardians. There are six stats available for training, each of which provide benefits. Kaelin’s Build-a-Build Workshop goes into detail on the inner workings of each stat as well as how well they operate in conjunction.

What does damage conversion mean?
Damage conversion means that the attack is of its new type — you receive the stat bonuses of the type the attack is converted to, and not the type of the weapon. For example, the Nightraider can convert damage to Ranged, so the stat bonuses use the Ranged formula instead of the Melee or Magic formula.
Thanks to Aelthai for this.

What do I do with my stats? What’s a “build”?
A “build” is how you choose to distribute your stats; the primary builds are Warrior, Mage, and Hybrid. Here’s a few links to guides about builds:


Character Build Guides

Guide To Optimal Stats

Kaelin’s Build-a-Build Workshop

The Training Academy: Ultimate Warrior Guide

The Training Academy: Ultimate Mage Guide

The Training Academy: Ultimate Ranger Guide

The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide

How do I train my stats?

The town where you train your stats is Battleon (your starting town). Click on Twilly (the red moglin) on the hill. Then click on “Hello!” and then “Visit the Stat Trainers”, and lastly “Let’s Train!” This will lead you to the place where you can choose a trainer. To train your stats you have to choose either Sir Lanceler, Neberon the Mage, or Grimweld the Warrior. Sir Lanceler can train any stat to 75, but not further. Neberon the Mage can train your Intellect (INT), Luck (LUK) and Charisma (CHA) to 200. Grimweld the Warrior can train your Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX) and Endurance (END) to 200. It costs to train stats, check this chart to see how much it will cost you to train a certain amount of stats. It will cost more the higher you train your stat to (for example it will cost more to train from 150 to 155 than from 30 to 35). The price is the same for all kind of stats and for all of the three trainers available through Twilly.

How do I untrain my stats?

To untrain your stats, you must lose a battle. When Death appears, click on the hourglass adjacent to him in order to access Death’s Domain. Make your way through the purple swirling portals until you encounter two tombstones, one of which should be labeled Sir Pwnsalot. Click on it and you should be given the option to untrain whichever stat you choose. In order to succeed, you must lose to him. If you are a Guardian, you can access Sir Pwnsalot from the Teleporter in the Guardian Tower, assuming you have already encountered him the ordinary way.

With the release of house estates, another way of training and untraining stats is to hire personal trainers by buying a Battle/Magic Stat Trainer. Training with these personal trainers is a bit cheaper than using the trainers available through Twilly.

5. Questions about the Awe Equipment (where do I find weapon pieces, what are the specials, how do I get Power Word Die (PWD), what’s a BoA!!!, how do I get Armor of Awe, which Armor is best for me)
The Blade of Awe (BoA) and all other Weapons of Awe consists of 5 pieces: a stonewrit, a handle, a hilt, a blade, and the runes. The best place to find Rare Treasure Chests (which hold BoA pieces) is the Somewhere option at Crossroads where you have a 10% chance of encountering a rare chest at the end of the battles if you are above level 30. Other than that, you can only find the chests when using the Battle Monsters button in town. You do not have to find all the pieces in one login. And no matter what anybody tells you, using Cancel/Flee does NOT reduce your chances of finding pieces!

Look at the Encyclopedia listing of the Blade of Awe for details of its specials and the percentage chance of each. The Blade of Awe!!! was a prize for a competition a long time ago; it is no longer available. For those who do have the weapon, you can now change the weapon type if you choose.

Valencia can be accessed by talking to her in front of the Inn and choosing to visit her privately. Once you are there, ask about the Weapons of Awe to get it forged (only if you have the complete stonewrit, and only if you are a Guardian/X-Guardian). If you are not a Guardian, it doesn’t matter if you get all the pieces – the final piece to get the Blade of Awe is the Guardian Blade itself. The weapon you will receive depends on your current no-drop Guardian weapon.

If you already have one of the Weapons of Awe and you want to have a different weapon, you can switch weapon types. To do so, visit Valencia and pick “Weapon Exchange”. You can either choose to replace your no-drop weapon temporarily (free) or permanently (costs 20 Z-Tokens) and you can also temporarily rent the elemental weapons of Awe for 150 Z-Tokens.

To get the Armor of Awe, you must complete the two quests Tomb of Awethur and The Return of Awethur!. You can adjust the element of your Armor of Awe by talking to Nimrod in the Guardian Tower. To change your armor type, go to Valencia. You can also customize the color of your Armor of Awe here.

For those of you with questions as to which armor would be best for you, BlackAces has written the following summary.


Mighty Armour of Awe
Mighty provides stable healing and is good for builds who do not have maximum blocking. At the beginning of the player’s turn the healing occurs and is 2.2% of a spell of the armour’s Power Level UP TO the amount of damage the monster dealt that turn.

Deft Armour of Awe
The Deft Armour of Awe is ideal for any build with 200 DEX and LUK since you heal HP when you block an attack. For builds without 200 DEX and/or LUK, the Mighty Armour of Awe and its stable healing would be of more use. The healing occurs if the player dodges the last attack from the monster, it heals the player by 14% of a spell of the armour’s Power Level.

Insightful Armour of Awe
The Insightful Armour of Awe is ideal for any build that uses Mana to deal damage as it heals MP each round. It also has a weaker attack but has a 10% chance to boost spells damage by 190%. The healing occurs at the end of a players turn and it heals the player’s MP by 4% of the cost of a spell of the armour’s Power Level.

Shield of Awe:
You can now swap your Guardian Shield for the Shield of Awe at Valencia. Click on Awe Equipment and you can permanently swap it for 20 tokens.

The Armour of Awe now has a Full Set Bonus which has the ability to inflict Fear upon the enemy when you have the Blade/Spear/Staff/Dagger, Armour of Awe and Shield of Awe equipped at the same time. If you have your set at flat resistance Fear reduces the chance of the monster not acting to 16.7% whereas it is 23.8% if your set is aligned to an element.

6. Questions about guardians/guardianship. How do I change my guardian armor colour or defenses? I saw someone with the Guardian Leather or Guardian Robes as their no-drop armor. Can I swap my Guardian armor or weapon for a different type? Can I change my default equipment that I start off with when I log in?
Go to the AQ Guardian page. All the info you should need is there. If it isn’t, they try the Battleon Help pages. Do not post a topic begging for someone to make you a guardian.
If you’d like to see a list of all Guardian-only features in the game, you can read Galanoth’s post here: AdventureQuest Guardian Upgrade — Full List of Guardian Content

How do I change the colors on my No-drop Armor?
Go to Valencia in front of the Inn and choose to talk to her privately by clicking on “Visit Grumbugly”. You should be taken to a screen where Valencia stands next to a salamander. Click on Valencia, then choose “Customize Items”. This will let you change the colors of your Guardian Armor. While there you can also take your cape on and off of your armor by clicking the Hide Cape option in the customization menu. Once you are done, click on “More”, then on “Apply Colors”. If you forget to apply them, the changes aren’t saved.

How do I change the defenses of my No-drop Armor/Element of my No-Drops?
To change the defenses for your Guardian Armor/weapon element, you have to go to the Guardian Tower and talk to Nimrod, the NPC in the first room. Choose “Guardian Armor” from the list, then pick the element you wish to defend better against. When attuning your no-drop to an element the elemental resistance will scale as you level. Adventurers do not get this ability and their no-drop remains as flat resistance and scales as they level. When you attune to a certain element your weapon, armour and shield all become that element there is no way to mix and match the elements permanently. After picking an element other elements will be adjusted according to how they relate to other elements as in Allied, Neutral, Poor and Opposite. For more information on the relation between elements see The Elemental Wheel.

Can I swap my Guardian armor for a different type?
The ability to change your no-drop armour has been added and some new no-drops have been created. Guardians can freely switch permanently, at the cost of 20 Z-Tokens, or temporarily between the Guardian PlateGuardian LeatherGuardian Robes and Savant Robes. This also applies to the Guardian BladeGuardian DaggerGuardian Staff and Guardian Spear. Guardians also have the ability to choose between 2 new no-drop armours which are the Amours of Awe ( MightyDeft and Insightful) and the UltraGuardian Plates ( MightyDeft and Insightful). With these 3 no-drop armours also come 3 no-drop shields that Guardians can freely choose between, 20 Z-Tokens permanently or freely temporarily, which are the Guardian ShieldShield of Awe and UltraGuardian Shield.

To get UltraGuardian items, you must first complete The AntiGuardian quests “Fight as a Guardian” option at the end of which you are given a choice between the three to become your No-drop. After which you can switch between the armors via the Armory in the Guardian Tower. Location: Guardian Tower > Armory(left) > Click either NPC > Click the black “Ultra” tab. You can either then temporarily (till log out) switch No-drop armors or for 20 Z-tokens you can switch them permanently.

Adventurers also have the opportunity to switch between the standard adventurer no-drop, temporarily or permanently for 20 Z-Tokens, armours ( Cloth RobesLeather ArmorSteel Plate and Student’s Robes) and weapons ( Long SwordShort SwordWooden Staff and Spear). They also receive a no-drop shield which is theAdventurer Shield.

Can I swap my Guardian weapon for a different type?
Yes, this is possible. To do this, click on Valencia in front of the inn, choose “Visit Grumbugly”, “Weapon Exchange”, then choose the type of weapon you want. In order to get one of the Awe weapons, you have to find all pieces first and have Valencia forge it. From then on, you’ll be able to get the different types of Awe weapons.
You can either get your new weapon temporarily, which is free, or permanently, which costs 20 Z-Tokens.

Can I change my default equipment that I start off with when I log in?
Guardians can choose what default equipment they want to equip at login by talking to Nimrod in the Guardian Tower. There are 3 different options:

Save: This saves the equipment that you choose in the scroll as your default equipment at login.

Save Equipped Slots: This saves what you have equipped at the moment (scroll over your face to see) as your default equipment at login.

Equip Login Slots: This makes you equip the equipment that you start with at login.

7. Questions about races/subraces

Human is the only race permanently available to the ordinary player (free AND guardian); you can temporarily change your race in several quests, but your race will reset to Human once the quests are over.

The available subraces are Vampire, Werewolf, Werepyre, and DracoPyre. These can be obtained in Darkovia Forest (via Travel). To become a Vampire, go to the Vampire Castle, to become a Werewolf, go to the Werewolf Lair, to become a Werepyre, go to Werepyre Hideout, and to become a DracoPyre, go to DracoPyre Legacy -> Become a DracoPyre! Please note that you have to be either a Werewolf or Vampire before you can become a Werepyre.

The DracoPyre, Vampire, and Werewolf subraces all have subrace levels, which you can train by going on quests in your subrace’s headquarters. The highest level is 10; free players and Guardians can train to that level. The levels are used to determine how often the subrace armors’ special attacks happen. With the DracoPyre subrace, there are three skills that unlock at DracoPyre level 4, 7 and 10. Free players can only use the level 7 skill while guardians can use all skills. The Werepyre subrace does not have levels.

If you are already one subrace, but want to become another, you will HAVE to do “The Cure” first, which will reset your subrace back to none.
Information about the Vampire Castle, Werewolf Cave, The Secret, DracoPyre Legacy, and The Cure can be found in the Darkovia Forest quest topic in the Encyclopedia. Details on the Vamp, Lycan, Werepyre, and DracoPyre armors can be found in the Armor and Class Armor forum in the Encyclopedia.

The correct passage for “The Cure” is the Eastern Passage.

8. Questions about Classes
Try the Armor and Class Armor section of the Encyclopedia, specifically the Armor and Class Index . You can also find Class requirements, the locations where you train classes and many other things in this guide by Pae: A Basic Overview of Classes & Subraces & Non-Class Levelable Items.

If you want to know which class is good for your character, the best thing you can do is try all of the classes out & see which one you like best, you aren’t limited to using just one class. Training in a different class has got no effect on your other classes, this means that the other classes you have trained in wont go down levels, the power will not change & the cost to use the class abilities will not change. The Guide to Class Abilities: Analysis and Evaluation is a handy reference for questions like “Which class is the best?” or “Which class should I train in?”

If you would like to see an overview of all class levels your character has already trained, go to Enter your character ID into the search field to load your profile, then you’ll find an overview of all classes on the first page.
Your character ID is shown in the upper right corner of your character sheet when you move your mouse over your portrait in the game.

9. Questions about ANY of the formula used in AQ (random damage, bonus to hit, blocking chance, what levels you meet what monsters and much, much more)
The Master List of Game Formulae in the AQ Guides forum is where you can find most of the formulas that are used in the game.

10. Where can I get more Health/Mana potions? How many can I carry, anyway?
The best places where you can get potions are player houses, the Triple Challenge or the Frogzard Hunter Quest part 3. They cannot be bought anywhere, you have to find them.

To get potions from houses, you need to own one first, then click on the potions on the shelves to get them. Tiki Huts will refill your health and mana potions up to 5, Log Cabins up to 10, Log Houses up to 15 and Stone Cottages up to 20. If you only have a tent, use the “Visit Neighbor” option to visit another player’s house. If you manage to defeat their guards, you can take potions from the house, but only half the amount you would get if you owned the house.

If you don’t have a house, you can play the Triple Challenge. To get there, either use the teleporter upstairs in the Guardian Tower (Guardian only) or mix a teleportation formula in Warlic’s shop. Drag a Magma Leaf, some Mermazon Kelp and some Slattwob Dust into the cauldron and you will be teleported to the Talk Like a Pirate Day challenge or to the Triple Challenge. If you end up in the former, simply return to town and try again. For each victory in the Triple Challenge, you will receive one potion of each type.

For lower level characters, who may have problems with some of the monsters in the Triple Challenge, the third Zardhunter quest is a good place for getting health potions. You have to fight two monsters, a Skeeter and a Swamp Trog, then you will receive health potions until you have a total of 10. After that, you can flee from the next battle, if you don’t want to finish the quest.
To play this quest, click on Twilly in town, ask him about the Frogzard Hunter, then choose “Quest 3” from the list.

For more potion locations, use these links:
Health potion locations … Mana Potion locations
You can carry the following maximum numbers of EACH potion – Adventurer25Guardian30X-Guardian35.

11a. AQ is Lagging! What do I do?
Is AQ lagging? Check your graphics detail level. If it’s on high, try setting it first to medium and then, if it’s still too slow, to low. To change the details, click on “Options” below your exp bar, then click on “Graphics” to cycle through the available options.
Another thing you can do to improve the game speed is upgrading your Flash player to the newest version available. To download the latest version, go here. You can also speed up the game by playing in a smaller window. To do this, choose a smaller screen size from the dropdown menu on the homepage, then click on “Play”.

11b. What can I do if my game freezes when loading a quest/item/monster? How do I “clear my cache”?
Sometimes you will get a corrupt temporary internet file whilst playing AQ, causing the game to freeze up. “Clearing your cache” is first, logging out of AQ, then cleaning out all your temporary internet files, and then logging back into the game and trying again.

For details on various browsers, try Helpzard or the guide Clearing Your Cache(updated as of 5.20.13) by .::oDrew.

12. “Special” character features – Skull Head, hairstyles, black face, character name

Some older characters do have unique faces. If you see something on a character that isn’t available through the “change your face” in Warlic’s shop, it is NOT AVAILABLE, with two exceptions. Please do not ask about these faces.

The only special head still available is the Skull Head. To get this head, go to Death’s Domain. When you are there, collect 25 or more hourglasses and return to Death (by fleeing a battle there, dying again or repeating the quests until you get to his castle). When you return to Death, a new option will appear to give the hourglasses to Death. Click on that option and you will be taken to the 25 Hourglasses Recovered quest. Once you have completed the quest, choose to get the skull face and you will have it saved as your character’s face.

One other exception is the permanent black face. To get a black face, first mix a black face potion in Warlic’s shop by dragging a Frogzard Tear, some Moglin Essence and some Bad Juice into the cauldron. Then use Warlic’s mirror to change your face. Don’t change any colours there, but click on “Buy” right away. This will save your black face.

You can also combine this with the Green Hair Potion (Bad Juice + Frogzard Tear + Mermazon Kelp).

To change your character’s name, go to the Death’s Domain quest. Meeting Confused Twilly (through the purple portals) will give you the option of changing your name.

13. Questions about Z-tokens
Z-Tokens are a form of currency in the world of Lore. You can either buy them at ( AQ’s main page) or AE’s Portal Site via Artix Points, collect them in-game by fighting monsters, or use AExtras ( here). The higher the monster level, the more Z-Tokens may be obtained, although you will NOT always get some after a battle, as the chance of finding them is random, with (X)Guardians having a 5% higher drop rate then Adventurers. You will stop getting tokens once you hit your EXP & Gold cap.
If you are going to use AExtras, please make sure to read the warnings before signing up to anything.

With Z-Tokens, you can buy very powerful items in the Z-Token shop (list available here – click on Valencia in the Battleon town screen) or get more opportunities to hunt the Raydius Dragon.

Most questions regarding Z-Tokens are answered in Knightstar2001’s Guide Adventure Quest Z-Token Guide.

Note: If you buy an AQ Gift Certificate to upgrade another person’s character, you can get bonus Z-tokens, see this post.

14. Questions about SP. What are they? How many can I get? What are they used for?
Skill Points are similar to MP, but there are no stats that affect them in any way, so that all characters at the same level have the same amount of SP. The formula used to determine the amount of SP you can have is Character Level * 5 + 100. Unlike MP, the SP bar gradually refills during battle. At the beginning of each turn, you automatically get back a few SP. The formula that determines how many SP you get back is 10 + Character Level / 5.

15. What is a buff/nerf? How do i know if a buff/nerf is going to happen? Where can I request a buff/nerf? Which pets/items nerf your enemy?

The Knights of Order is the what you are looking for. The members of the Knights of Order are staff – they decide whether buffs/nerfs should happen. “Buff” is commonly used to describe raising an aspect of something, such as the price or the power. “Nerf” is the exact opposite, lowering the price or the power. If the KoO decide to buff/nerf an item, they may do it without notice, but they usually post in a thread that requested it. If you have any other questions about the KoO, the stickies should answer all your questions.
There is now a sub-group to the Knights of Order, the Squires of Order. They are to the Knights of Order what the ArchKnights are to the moderators. And before you ask, the answer is NO, you cannot join the KoO. The ONLY time that you would be able to join is if they clearly state that they need more members.

Here is a guide by kipperkin which shows all of the items/pets/monsters which could nerf you or your enemy – Kalanyr’s Arsenal: Guide to All Things Nerfy

16. How do I change the color of my attack menu? How do I enable the spell shortcuts?

To change the color of your attack menu, simply click on the diagonal line that connects your menu to your status bar, where your Name, HP, MP and experience are shown. Hereis a little picture that shows this line. There are four different styles to choose from.
Spell shortcuts are the little symbols in the “Spells” category of your attack menu ( here is an example ). There are two ways of enabling them. You can either open your spells menu and click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner or you can click on “Options” below your experience bar, click on “More”, check the box next to “Quick Spell Cast Icons” and click “OK”.

17. Can I reset/delete my (Guardian) character (above level 50)? Can I delete my whole account?

No, there is no feature in game that will allow you to “retry” at a character, Guardian, or any other character above level 50 for that matter. You also may NOT delete a Guardian character or a character above level 50. There are also no known plans to release such a feature. If you feel that you’ve gone wrong, and want to start again, then you may do one or more of the following:

Un-train your stats (see #4 above for more information)

Train them again to however you want.

Sell your equipment and buy other items to fit your fighting style

Create a new character/account and make that character a Guardian.

Those are pretty much all of your options, But as stated you cannot “reset” a character

Free accounts can be deleted. To do this, go to the homepage, click on “Manage your account” below the “Play free” button, log in with your user name and password, then choose “Delete Account” from the menu. This is irreversible, so only do it if you really mean it.
Guardian accounts cannot be deleted.

18. I haven’t played the game for ____ days/weeks/months/years. What has happened while I was gone?

The most current releases and developments in-game will usually be discussed in the =AQ= tagged threads in the AQ General Discussion forum, so that’s always a good place to look. Many larger changes can specifically be found in the AQ Design Notes subsection of the AQGD.

There are also several ways to catch up to the game progress on a broader scale. For example, if you would like to know specific equipment or quest releases, there are release date threads in the AQ Encyclopedia

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