Firefall Profitable Thumping Guide

Firefall Profitable Thumping Guide by Baraun

This post should act as a guideline for new and old players that are having trouble finding a good thump spot or a good player setup. There is also a bit of basic tactics explained. Most of these things will sound familiar and will probably not requiring further explanations.

1) Good thump spots are:
– 180° of cover against a wall, cliff, stone or tree.
– Bottlenecks.
– Isolated places. (I marked a couple of them that haven’t been removed/debugged yet)

2) Good thumping groups are either:
– A 2-man squad doing a heavy personal thumper. (4 to 5 thumps before “dry”)
=>At least one of them should pick a good “AOE” frame while the other preferably wears single target dps.
– A 5-man squad doing a heavy squad thumper. (1 thump per vein)
=>The frame choice is of lesser importance because the numbers go up.

3) The basic thumping-tactics:
– The most basic tactic is “Kiting” mobs away from the thumper. This is a key element that is often misunderstood.
– Standing beside the thumper while shooting monsters is NOT-DONE. Take at least 30-50 meters of distance from the thumper. (Yes bastions this also counts for your turrets!)
– Taking heavy damage and looking for a way out? Going away from the thumper to die will give your teammates a easier time reviving you in all that chaos.
– Look for the 2-3 creature spawning areas and fight them where they spawn.
– Pop HKM’s at 75% Claw wave. Prioritize Rage-claws! (~800 range damage……says enough doesn’t it?)

4) The consumables prioritized in a list:
– 1 Stim-packs. (loads of em)
– 2 Elemental chambers. (every % helps)
– 3 dropdown – medpacks/ammo.

5) How to locate resources quickly:
-Open the map and press “TAB”, this shows all resources on the map.
-The resource is displayed on multiple POI’s, then search where the POI-circles intersect.
-Use ‘s live resource stream to know what is out there.

6) What addons are preferred:
=> Melder to install it all @
=> create a folder for melder. Copy the .zip or .rar addons in it (Don’t unzip). Start melder, select addons and launch game. This installed your addons.
– Thumper monitor @
– Surveyor @
– Ditto @

7) And last but not least: My reworked guide-map and advice.
– This map should act as a guideline. Why as a guideline?? By trying the marked spots you’ll understand how to place your thumper and anticipate creature flows.
– Not thumping the highest point of a vein is foolish time wasting. Anything below 56% is not worth thumping if you go for the highest profit. (there are exceptions ofc)

Note: The map could hold a lot more spots but I decided this would be sufficient to serve its purpose.


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