Firefall Dealing with Deathsquads Guide

Firefall Dealing with Deathsquads Guide by Demigan

So I see a lot of complaints on the forums about deathsquads. Well within a week I’ve already found ways to destroy the entire squad in stock gear solo. Sure it’s tough, but this is a tier III (purple) GROUP event!

Now let’s start with the simplest bits, their way of appearing.

As of right now, I am not sure how chosen death squads spawn. I’ve seen them on impossible to reach places for chosen, so currently I am of the view that when you are targeted, the squad spawns at a certain (far) distance, usually in the direction (so not necessarily at) the melding wall.
They spawn stealthed, and will get the tigerclaw boost under their feet to walk at blazing speeds towards their target. When in range, they unstealth and unload their weapons.

How to deal with this?

If you are uncertain if you can handle them, you have an option that for some reason comes to nobodies mind: RUN. They are a purple GROUP event, if you think you can do them solo without good gear, you deserve to die. They can only be in one direction, and the chance of you running STRAIGHT into them is small, even then you have plenty of time to get away as they are very slow once they unstealth. Anyone can outrun them, even a dread.

Now you do want to fight with them, cos you think you are badass enough to beat them. How to do it? Well, the most dangerous one is the chosen executioner, with a laser chaingun you can’t dodge his attacks and he can draw you close with his gravity field, preventing escape.
But he has a weakness, he unstealths too soon. When he unstealths, you have a large chance that you are out of his range, as he has a very SMALL range. The range of his chaingun is as big as his gravity field, which looks big but isn’t that big at all.
So, you move to a spot with lots of area to all sides, wait for the first chosen shocktroopers/juggs/engi’s to start firing at you, then you take a step back and wait for the executioner who won’t be long. Shoot him in the face from range, any weapon will actually do, as he’s slow and you can easily stay out of his reach. The range also makes it hard for the rest of his group to hit you.

After he’s dead, it’s nothing more then a small striketeam, wipe them out like you used to do it.

Now people, please STOP complaining about this. He’s group material that you can either easily avoid, or when you can handle the executioner completely wipe out.

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  1. i was lvl 37 and was lvling there i did big mistake was lvling to lvl 36 around shanty town still around 50k+ exp per missions ares brontodon was doing dmg but in this location with my 30lvl HMG well was funn no dmg output at all around 700dmg per HS but still could do all the mission there i did just run backwards and keep shooting no big deal at all that deathsquad commando or as basic class DREADNAUGHT just wait for them to spawn get reaaly close to them and use AbsortionBomb and they just die at least the big guy and couple of them and then just shoot the rest down

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