Firefall Terms and Lingo

Firefall Terms and Lingo by Ced23Ric

Alright, because no one knows everything, let’s do this crowd-sourced style. Currently, I would like to create a so-to-speak dictionary of the terms and phrases we use ingame, assemble them alphabetically and “translate” them. If you have a term that is not listed, please add it to the thread. Will update the original post periodically. Thanks for the help!

Accord – NPC faction / “the good guys” / stock gear manufacturer
Advanced – Advanced Thumper, 8500 health, 1500 capacity
Aero – The player’s other “teammate”
Afterburner – An assault ability for fast movement
Ammo, Ammopack, Ammo Drop – Either world drops from monsters/crates or craftable deployable, giving ammo
Aranha – The ingame bugs
ArcLight – Massive spaceship that caused the melding, view able from New Eden
Army – the Firefall counterpart to Guilds
Astrek – 3rd party gear manufacturer
Assault – DPS class, in a nutshell: AoE/Speed
Azur / Azurite – a rare ore

Basalt – NO ONE KNOWS (its an ore of yore, not in the game yet)
Bastion – Tier 2 Engineer Frame (Defense)
Bifold Cannon – Chosen turret like weapon used to protect Warbringers
Biotech – DPS/Heal class, in a nutshell: poison or heal effects, fast & agile
Bismuth – Another ore
Bombs Away! – Tier 2 Assault (Firecat) Ability
Boomerang – Tier 2 Engineer (Electron) Ability
Brimstone – Another ore
Bugs – … bug-like monsters

Cannonball – Tier 2 Assault (Tigerclaw) Ability
Chosen – NPC Faction / “the bad guys” / harder-hitting enemies
Copa, Copacabana, Cocao Banana – The starting town
Coralite – Another ore
Crater – Assault Ability, AoE ground-slam
Crafting Bank/Terminal – Molecular Printer, where you build stuff.
Crystite, Crys, CY – Ingame currency, obtain from mobs, sifted earth and ore refining

Depleted – Signal that the vein your group is thumping is empty.
Deposit – surffaced rainbow rock, can be blown up for ore
Detonator, Det – Sonic Detonators, blow up deposits, small AoE bomb
Dragonfly – Tier 2 Biotech Frame (Healing)
Dreadnaught – DPS/Tank Class, in a nutshell: CQB/Survival

Electron – Tier 2 Engineer Frame (Damage)
Engineer – Trapper class, in a nutshell: turrets, shields and other gadgets
Engi – Engineer
Executed, Executing, Execution – Finishing off a downed opponent for more XP and making revival impossible.

FAMAS, Burst riffle –more accurate then the assault rifle but not full auto.
Farming – Repeated killing of the same monster or towards a specific goal.
Fart – See Poison Trail
Ferr, Ferrite – Another ore
Firecat – Tier 2 Assault Frame (AoE Damage)
Firefall – Event that led to the game’s current events
Friend, Friended, Friendlisted – /friend adds people to a buddy list

Grinding – Repeated killing towards an arbitrary, high goal, as in grinding towards Tier 2.

Harvester – 15 vs 15 PvP game mode
HMG, Heavy MG – Heavy Machine Gun, main gun of the Dreadnaught

Improved – Improved Thumper, 8000 health, 1000 capacity
Invasion, Incursion – Chosen Warbringer Dropship World Event.
Isotope – the numeric value representing the overall quality of the crystite resource
Ignore /ignore, Ignored – /ignore removes people from your perception in chat and denies all their requests

Jetskiing – a method of maintaining speed by using jets to bounce on the zero-friction cushion of air right before you touch a surface
Juggernaut – Chosen spawn with AoE plasma cannon
Jumpjets, JJ, Jets – Flames shoot out of your feet, oh noes!

Kisuton – 3rd party gear manufacturer

Leash – A Biotech ability. Heals both leashed for damage they deal, crossover.
LFM – Looking For More, this is a group that wants more people.
LFG – Looking For Group, a single person looking for a group to join.
LFT – Looking For Thumper, usually the same as LFG, someone looking for a thumping group to join.
Lightening Gun – [NYI] second main weapon for engineers

MCP – abbreviation of Mass, CPU and Power. The constraints placed upon battleframes’ loadout.Melded – Tougher, bigger, more purple version of a bug, spawn at the Melding’s edge
Melding – The blue wall of evilness, where the world is swalloed by menace.
Melding Thumping, Meld Thumping, Meld Group – Thumping at the edge of the Melding for harder monsters/more ore/more XP.
Missile Shot – Tier 2 Assault Ability
Molecular Printer – Craftign Terminal where you build stuff

Navpoint – Waypoint, a marker on the map
“N” – Opens the contextual menu, click left to accept/right to decline a given request (party, duel, etc.)
New Eden – the surrounding location the player starts in
Node – More specific than ‘Spot’ and refers to a single, thumpable, deposit type within a grouping of different deposit types
Node Walking – Hammering along a Node in order to track down the highest percentage yield of that Node [if any]
Nostromo – Head of the Accord
Nova Cannon – AoE charge-up weapon for Assaults

Oilspill – One of the player’s “teammates”
Omnidyne-M, Omnidyne, Omni – 3rd party gear manufacturer
Ore – Rainbow rocks out of the ground and from monsters, used for crafting and acquiring CY.

Party – Squad, Group, etc.
Poison Trail, PT – Medic AoE death cloud
PvE – Player vs. Environment, aka you against monsters
PvP – Player vs. Player, aka you against other humans

Quality, Q – Refers to the isotope number of an ore
Quartzite – Another ore.
Queue – Waiting list for PvP/The act of signing up for PvP

Rageclaw – fire-spitting roller-bug
Recon – DPS/CC Class, in a nutshell: Sniper/Stunner
Regolith – NO ONE KNOWS. (not yet implemented ore)
Red5, R5, 5 – The game devs
Roaster – Chosen spawn with flamethrower

Sabo, Sabotage – 10 vs 10 PvP game mode
Scan Hammer, Scanner, Scanner Hammer, Scanner Hamster – Tool to check the soil for ore, 400dmg small AoE attack
Scavengers, Scavs – flying bugs with ranged attack
Shield – Engineer deployable
Silicate – Another ore
Siegebreaker – Chosen spawn with nova cannon
SIN – Shared Intelligence Network
SIN targeting, SIN target – using the F key while targeting enemies to add them to your party’s minmaps
Spot – Place with ore
Squad – Party, Group
“Squid Head” – SIN hacking addicted
Stock – Stock Thumper, 7500 health, 500 capacity
/s – Squad-only chat channel

TDM – Team Deathmatch, 5 vs 5 PvP game mode
Terrorclaw, Terry – high health bug, has shockwave, rolls around
Tesla Gun – Main weapon for engineers
Thumper – sky-dropped mining probe
Thunderdome – Dreadnaught Ability
Transhub – That other big town, South-West-West of Copacabana.
Turret Tree – Throwing engineer turrets at trees where they are safe from monsters

Unqueue – Signing out of the PvP waitlist


Warbringer – A invasion ship along with a Chosen encampment
Waypoint – Marker on the map.

X – marks the spot ^_^v

Yield – Strenth/thickness of an ore vein

/zone – The instance-bound main chat

I know this is far from complete. Please contribute in the manner seen above:
Term – short explanation


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