RotMG Wine Cellar Rushing Guide

RotMG Wine Cellar Rushing Guide by iblob

About 90% of all Wine cellars have most people rush past everything leaving you behind a wall of enemies while Oryx gets killed.

So if you dont want to get left in the dust you need to rush!
So here’s my guide to WC rushing success!

Step 1-Know your enemy
First of all you need to know where to go no matter where you spawn.
You can either learn this through experience in the 10% of WC that are not rushed
Or you can use the wiki or videos to learn the map!
Remember you need to know the exit for each room.

Step 2-Get ready
To succesfully rush you need
-Max speed to run past all the bullets and to dodge stars
-Max def to Survive said bullets and the little bomb things your aiming for at least 35
-Balls of pure steel to stay focused on dodging stars
And that’s all you need!

Step 3-The damn stars!
When you enter the WC RUSH INSTANTLY any hesitation on your part means people will not only get ahead of you and kill oryx but you will also lose meat shields! rushing is always safer in a group!
Your only enemy when rushing is the stars catch one of the confuse stars and you should not be going fowards until it runs out.
If you catch one
-Run back
-Use any holy water/Puryfication tome’s
Otherwise you will be trapped in a corner and be unable to escape while various mobs shank you with magic if you reach this point just nexus.
Remember if you get in that situation ALWAYS NEXUS.
So if you get one always run back then use holy water/tome beacuse that millisecond of confusion will cause you to end up in the horrible situation mentioned above!

Step 4-Success!
If you manage to get through the the WC a virgin congratulations! Now there are countless people who also got through armed with Doom bows and tops so go full out on oryx while the others distract his shots!
Be sure to enjoy your none tops!

-Extra tips!-
-Try to rush with a priest! They will likely have up to 52spd so you can follow them and get free heals!
-Beware of slimes! Where slow isnt quite as deadly as confused it can still make you take a lot of hits be prepared with a def ring/Holy water! (If your using holy water beware of sick!)
-Much like the castle always go for the gaps! If you dont think you can make it through just head out and go for the opening the mobs just made!
-Set quality to low even if your not lagging! It helps your computer survive you getting drunk!

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