Dynasty Warriors Online Capture Detailed Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Capture Detailed Guide by Technature

This is first first guide I’ve ever completed, so it may not be the best. None the less, I hope you will find some use from it.

1.Capture Basics
2.The most important stat?
3.The weapon to bring
4.Important Strategies

1.Capture Basics “Or, “Herp Derp, what’s capture?””

So, Just what is capture, exactly? Simple. Capture is a battle to see who can conquer the enemies territory (or, “bases”, in this case) faster and more efficiently. There are a total of 4 to 8 bases on any given map (it generally varies from stage to stage, but each stage has several variants of them). There are also 2 different capture types.

#1 is “Capture all of the enemies bases”, while #2 (the less common one) is “Capture all bases”. The core difference is simple. In #1, you simply have to cause the enemy team to not have any normal bases left, while in #2, you have to control every normal base on the map.

If either team is unable to accomplish their objective, the game relies on a judgement rating. These could be:
1.K.O.’s. How many soldiers did each army kill?
2.Commander K.O.’s. How many players did both armies slay?
3.Overall. Just how well did both forces perform?
4.Nothing. Come back when you have everything, or don’t come back at all.

Your current standing in Judgement can be seen at the top right corner (where the morale bar is in every other game). Whichever team’s color fills the bar more is the winner (Naturally, this isn’t true with “Nothing”).

2.The most important stat? Which to focus on the most?
Now, some people have mentioned before in conversations about what the most important stat in the game is. The truth is, they’re all equally important in some way. It ultimately depends on how you play that will ultimately tell you what the most important stat for you is.

2.1. Attack?
Attack is very important, naturally. It determines how many hits it takes to kill organic enemies (read “Soldiers, Officers, and Generals”). The higher it is, the less hits it takes to kill your opponent. This is the most important stat, because you need to kill enemies quickly.

2.2. Damage?
Damage determines how quickly you can destroy walls, Juggernaughts, towers, anything that is made of something that isn’t flesh and bone. The more damage you have, the quicker things fall apart. Damage is the most important stat, because you can’t waste time destroying walls or towers.

2.3. Defense?
Defense determines your ability to reduce damage. The higher it is, the less damage you take from attacks. Especially useful for slower weapons. Defense is the most important stat, because you need to be able to take a beating to survive in war.

2.4. Life?
Life determines the length of your health bar. It increases the maximum amount of damage you can take before finally going down, and can make you tougher against armor piercing attacks, such as fire. Health is the most important stat, because with a lot of health, you can walk through even the fiery depths of **** without worry.

2.5. Musou?
Musou allows you to use your special, or “musou”, attack longer. It also recharges your musou a lot faster. Musou is the most important stat, because you need powerful attacks to beat the competition.

As you can see, each stat is important in it’s own right, and deserves it’s own mention. It’s up to you to decide which of these fit your play style the best.

3.The weapons to bring. Which kills the fastest?
I have played capture for a long time, so I can say this with the utmost confidence. No weapon is truly better than any other weapon when it comes to capture. It’s how you use it, and how you build it. Now, some weapons simply have something on them that causes them to be better for certain situations, but it means nothing if you have no idea on how to use it correctly. Abilities like Obliterate, Illusion, Fortify, and so on, all especially shine in capture, but it’s better to have a weapon you can fight well with that has a somewhat less useful ability, than to have a weapon with an ability that is perfect for capture, but can’t be used, because you keep getting killed.

3.1. Building the perfect weapon.
Of course, having the weapon well built is important as well. You can be the best player on the server, but if you have a crappy weapon, you probably won’t do as well as someone who has a good weapon.
Probably the best way to look at this is to look at it in an RPG perspective. (I understand, that may be a bit weird for the game, but work with me here.) Here’s examples for specific builds…

Fragile speedster.
These guys are made to go in, capture bases, and leave before you know what happened. If they think they can get caught, they’ll do their best to outrun you, which they do very well. If they do get caught…well, let’s just hope medical attention is nearby, cause chances are, you’ll be wailin on them for makin you run half a fricken mile. By far the most popular type of fighter in a capture game.
Favorite stats:Attack, Damage.
Suggested Weapons:Twin Sabers, Claw, Pirate Sword.
Advance’s that promote this:Scimitar’s and Pirate sword’s “Godly Speed”. Also, anything that increases attack or damage.

Glass Cannon
People who’s best bet is to take enemies out in one shot. Without a doubt, they can be the most frustrating of opponents, as it takes careful planning to take them out. However, they lack defense and health. Once you can get a few hits in, they’re done. The most popular in confront matches. (Glass cannons can also be damage based, which should make it even easier for you to take em out, but causes them to be more dangerous in damage based bases)
Favorite Stats:Attack, Musou.
Suggested Weapons:Wind Staff, Noble Sword, Iron Blade
Advance’s that promote this:Anything that increases attack. Iron Rod’s and Great Club’s Godly Hammer also works.

Lightning Bruiser
More or less the same as a fragile speedster. However, they also have defense they can rely on, and are more likely to get into a fight. They also use weapons that give better defense boosts, which tend to not be the faster ones. Because of their defense, they don’t deal as much damage as fragile speedsters, but are dangerous none the less.
Favorite stats:Defense, Attack
Suggested Weapons:Iron Sword, Chakram, Whip
Advances that promote this:Pretty much the same as fragile speedster, but ones that increase defense could work here as well.

Mighty Glacier
In my time of playing, I have noticed that slower fighters tend to have higher stats. This isn’t that surprising, since the game IS focusing on balance…anyways…The mighty glacier is a powerful fighter. He focuses on taking out enemies and dishing out damage quickly. If he could…just…reach…you…run, you stupid, stubby legs, run! Of course, if he does manage to get you…
Favorite stats:Somewhat balanced, though attack and defense are usually first choices.
Suggested Weapons:Iron Rod, Great Club, Noble Sword (A faster Variant)
Advances that promote this:Anything combat related works.

Stone Wall
The stone wall is someone who has incredible defense. Put it in basic terms, they’re a **** to kill. If you do manage to kill them, you’ll probably want to keep doing it to prevent them from becoming a threat again. However, their offensive abilities are…er, not all that good. They will be the first ones to use elemental abilities in bases, because they practically need them.
Favorite stats:Defense, Life
Suggested Weapons:Twin Picks, Eastern Sword, Trident
Advances that promote this:Toughness and Strong Guard especially work.

Balanced Fighter
As the name suggests, the balanced fighter is…well, balanced. A balanced fighter is useful for just about any situation. They tend to have stats in anything and everything they have. They are the Jack of all trades…and the master of none. Fragile speedsters and Glass cannons do more damage, Lightning Bruisers and fragile speedsters are faster, and Mighty Glaciers and Stone walls are just simply better at defending. However, you can’t put a price on the ability to do anything, even if it is half assed.
Favorite Stats:It’s “Balanced” for a reson.
Suggested Weapons:Iron Blade, Cudgel, Deck
Advances that Promote this:Majesty, Despite needing high health to effectively use, definitely fits this.

Supporting Fighter
The supporting fighter isn’t as good in normal combat. Instead, these guys thrive in making other people do the work for him…with benefits, of course. They can easily be the most annoying people you have to deal with, but also the easiest to kill, depending on the circumstances.
Favorite Stats:Depends on how they’re supporting, though it’s likely to be defense and life.
Suggested Weapons:Vision staff, Strategist’s fan, Deck
Advances that promote this:Anything that helps your allies…or hurts your enemies…in a variety of ways. Illusion, Sacrifice, and Fortify are good examples.

4.Important strategies. Straight from the book.
“Technature’s book on Fightin People and Takin bases”, to be precise. Should of been a best seller…**** you, Sun Tzu…anyways, Strategy is a great importance for winning any battle. It is especially true in capture, which relies incredibly on communication and teamwork. No single strategy will work, but almost all of them start with 1 simple thing.

Strategy starters, “That 1 simple thing”
First thing you should do in any capture battle is to get your offensive abilities up. Take a look at the nearest base not on your team (does not matter the color, as long as it’s not blue) and try to determine what kind of base it is. Then, raise attack or damage accordingly. Move in, take the base, and then move to the next base, attacking any soldiers on the way (after rounding them up, of course).

This is, more or less, the most basic strategy to start with. By this point, you should be able to figure out what to do.

The Judgement bar is mostly red? (as in, noticable, even without that line in the center) The enemy is probably focusing on kills. Depending on how soon that is, you may need to either do the same, or focus more on taking bases.

Down to 1 base? Have at least 1 person defend (2 isn’t a bad number) the last base while the others try to take a base as quickly as possible.

Annoying ****** won’t leave ya alone? You may need to rely on an ally or two to get rid of him.

There’s plenty of strategies to use. These are simply the most basic for the most common problems.

Breaking a stalemate (suggested by qwertac)

So not every capture battle is gonna be obvious. Sometimes you will find a team that has about as much skill as your team. Here is a tip for tipping the scales to your favor.

Go into a base and capture it as normal…until you’re down to the last guy/thing you have to capture. Then move onto another base. Do this until every base is like this, and then have you and your team take all the bases at once. It is very hard to combat against this, but it takes a while to set up, so you’ll have to figure out a good time to do this.

Now, you may be wondering why Liutenants are in the strategy section. The simplest reason? Abilities. Liutenants at level 20 and 40 have abilities in battle they can use with musou (please refer to a different guide for the specific abilities). To put it simply, they can give you an advantage, or make it a living **** for your enemy. Most abilities last until you’re defeated, so take advantage of them.
Elephants are somewhat different in this, as they can also be ridden around. Their main use is taking out damage based enemies (towers, walls, etc.). They usually aren’t worth mentioning unless you have absolutely no damage, though…

5.Bases, and what they mean to you. (Or, “how I learned to shut up and take what’s rightfully mine”)
Now, this wouldn’t be a capture guide if it wasn’t for an in depth look at the bases themselves, now would it? Here is all the info on all the bases you’ll ever need.

5.1. Captains
By far the easiest and most common base. These bases consist of you simply rounding up four enemies and killing them.

5.2. Troops
The most tedious base. Would be the easiest if it wasn’t for 100 of them. It should be noted that a common mistake is to round all of them up and kill them. It’s actually faster to kill them 20 at a time. It’s suggested you take these bases without assistance.

5.3. Officer
The simplest for Glass cannons. You have to kill a single powerful enemy. If you don’t have high attack, then fight with help.

5.4. Juggernaughts
The most feared, for some reason I don’t quite understand. Even 2 damage is usually enough to kill them in a decent amount of time, and it’s not that difficult to dodge their fire attacks.

5.5 Towers
Tower bases are almost as dreaded as Juggernaughts, despite the fact that they could be considered the second easiest base to take. Simply walk up to each tower, and whack it a certain number of times. It’s a good idea to keep track of how many times you hit it, so that you can spend as little time on them as possible.

5.6 Supply Bases.
Supply base are the hardest to take (cept for glass cannons, of course), simply because along with 2 powerful enemies, you have to deal with statues that shoot fire and arbalests. Thankfully, there’s only one on each map, and you don’t have to take it, but taking them gives you a large advantage in taking bases (you would be surprised how much those urns actually do).

5.7 Healing and Elements.
Every base has exactly 4 Urns in them. These urns provide healing and (usually) a element bonus. The more urns intact, the faster you heal. Elements will stay at the same strength as long as there is at least 1 Urn intact.

You can also change the element a base gives (or give it one) simply by taking the base with an orb equipped. This will change the element the base gives into whatever the capturer has.

6.Communication. Yakkity yak yak.
Communication is very important in capture. I can not stress this enough. However, you don’t neccesarily need to have teamspeak to have good communication. The same thing can be acheived through the number hotkeys and using the phrases your characters say (which can be changed in the Template settings menu, under game settings). Here’s what I use, to help you get a general idea.

1.I’ll be there before you know it (Sure, I’ll do that)
2.I decline your request (Not gonna do it)
3.Attack this place (with a ping, usually)
4.We must focus on defense (Defend here, Also with a ping)
5.It might be best if we seperated our forces (We need to split up)
6.Please help us over here (I need assistance. NOW!)
7.I’m ashamed at my performance (I’m sorry. I’m very, very sorry.)
8.Thank you, Noble one (No explanation needed…I hope)

You can feel free to use this layout, or you can make one you feel comfortable with. None the less, it is suggested that you use this system to your advantage. The less time spent typing, the more time you can use takin stuff.

7.Stages. Know your surroundings, or die by them.


Time Limit: 11:00

Plains is by far, the most common stage in the game. It’s also, in my opinion, the most boring. There’s nothing all that special about it, other than the fact that it lacks obstructions.


Time Limit: 9:00

The gate is a straightforward stage. There are a total of 4 paths, two on each side of the large gate. Knowing which direction to go is important, cause if something starts happening on the other side, you won’t be able to reach it quickly enough.


Time Limit: 11:00

The forest is an interesting stage. It looks like 1 giant tug of war path, but there are shortcuts in the unseeable area that can take you straight to enemy bases. There’s also a chance that fire crates will spawn on the battlefiled, making it harder for enemies and allies alike to use said shortcuts, or to protect and take bases. Beware, for you can’t see anything on your radar map when you’re in the forest.


Time Limit: 13:00

The wall is simple. It consists of a wall that protects the supply bases of both armies (why they decided to build them so close to each other, I’ll never know). They can both be broken into from the west or east side via barricades, or you can enter it normally from the north or south. The two paths on the sides of the map also have barricades on them.

Mountain Path

Time Limit: 13:00

The mountain path consists of multiple paths to go through. Each base is in the intersection of these paths, making it even more important to pick your paths wisely than it is on the gate map.


Time Limit: 13:00

The marsh consists of 4 areas, each of which is connected by a small path. The top right path is blocked off on both sides by a barricade, but otherwise, there’s not much worth noting.


Time Limit: 13:00

The castle is possibly the most hated map by the community. Is it any surprise that I love it? The castle map takes place inside and outside the walls of a castle. Almost every doorway in the castle is barricaded, forcing you to either break them down, or to get through via the stairs. Except for the right area, which you cannot get out of without destroying barricades, you can get in and out of each area via the walls and stairs.


Time Limit: 15:00

Island is made in an interesting way. It’s made of several…er, Islands connected by several small bridges. This map definitely requires future planning, as it’s not as easy to maneuver around the islands as on other maps. It should also be noted that there are a couple of areas where there are…farms (let’s just go with it for now). Flasking in these areas can be slightly difficult due to not being able to identify items by sight, but it isn’t that bad.

River Port

Time Limit: 15:00

The river port is the second most common map. It consists of several, wide open areas, that connect to all of the bases. There’s also bridges, though I don’t think they serve any real function other than basic paths, despite the fact that they look like they should.

Linked Ships

Time Limit: 13:00

This is, without a doubt, THE most confusing map yet. Even with the minimap, it’s not easy to figure out how to get to each base. If you can memorize the different paths on here, you will definitely have a leg up over the competition. Keep in mind that the island to the west is only accessible through the boat in the center. This will make it difficult if you have a good defensive position there.

Like Forest, Linked ships may also have explosive crates that will set the boats (and sometimes the bases) on fire. While most of the time you only need 1 crate to set the entire boat on fire, you will need to detonate 3 of them to completely engulf the 2 big boats (assuming they have them).


Time Limit: 13:00

The fortress seems like someone said “What do we get when we combine Gate with Wall?”. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it should help you get the gist of it. There is One bigger area with a wall through, a smaller area, and several paths leading to each other. While most of the time, you’ll be fighting in the one bigger area, sometimes there will be a base on the second smaller area. Along with that, there are barricades blocking the second path in the wall and the center two paths between the 2 areas. As long as the barricades are up, it makes defending either side a lot easier.

Fortress Version 2

The second version is basically a vertical flip of version 1. There are 2 significant differences, however.

1.There is only one path through the wall in the center of the big area instead of 2.

2.Each path leading between the big and small area has a border. If this border is not blue, you cannot pass it. Along with that, the 1 path in the wall also has two borders on it

Along with that, there are a couple more areas on the smaller part where bases can be, so it’s much more likely you’ll have to take bases on both sides.

About computers:Computers do not cross borders on their own, no matter what color they may be. The only way to get them past is to lure them with someone they’re trying to kill.

Mountain Range

Time Limit: 13:00

The mountain range is, more a less, nothing but paths. The only areas that aren’t very small are the areas with bases. This makes it very likely that you will run into the enemy team sooner or later. It is very important to plan out your route, as it’s almost as hard as gate to maneuver around. However, this is an excellent map for those who love confrontations with enemy players.

It should be noted that in the north, slightly above both supply bases, is a one way path. This should be kept in mind when deciding your path, as well as something to consider for supply base defending. (Naturally, the computer, with their ability to scale mountains in seconds, can ignore this note.)

8.Suggestions. Clearly, you missed something, bro.
As this is to help the community, this is made in the best interest for helping people to enjoy capture more. However, I realize that there are things I probably missed. If there is something you think deserves mention, feel free to post here, and I might add it to the guide.

9.Comrades. Exploiting the game system for all it’s worth.

I have noticed for a while now that computers capture bases in a different way than human players do. Specifically, they stay at the base and slowly whittle down the health of the guys protecting the base protectors…er, that may be a bit confusing.

Here’s an example. If you go into an officer base, you may notice that the guards around the officer have lower health than usual. Basically, this means the base has been attacked by a computer officer. Computer players take all bases if the people guarding the captains are killed. So if there is even one computer attacking the base, it’ll be easier to just kill the guards than it is to kill the objective itself. This allows you to spend time on other bases.

It should be noted that this is not true for archer towers (which computers take the same way as players) and Juggernauts (I still do not know how they take these bases). They also only take the bases this way if human players are not with them. Otherwise, the normal rules apply.

10.Commanders. Abusing the super powers to your leisure.

No matter what happens, you will end up dealing with commanders sooner or later. Commanders come on the battlefield under 1 of 3 circumstances.

1.The most common is campaigns. During these, a commander from both teams will arrive on the battlefield to assist you or your enemy.
2.Random type 2 matches not only add in “Defeat the commander” as an objective, but also has a chance of both teams having a commander at the start of the game.
3.If a team is doing particularly bad, a random commander may come by and assist them.

So, other than looming death for the opposing team, what can an allied commander do for you? Well, this is a capture guide, so it shouldn’t be too hard to guess. So what bases are they the most helpful? In order from most to least…

Officer bases. Just lead them to the officer. Wait 5 seconds. [insert name] has captured an enemy base.

Captain bases. Leading captains to them may not be the most efficient way to capture these bases unless you have low attack.

Tower bases. More or less the same as the jugs, except you can’t bring towers to officers. (It should be noted that you can bring officers to the towers if there are still troops in the base. If there aren’t for whatever reason, then tower bases are harder to capture via commander than jugs)

Juggernaut bases. Sure, they can do a lot of damage to jugs, but there’s little chance they’ll actually see them, and herding them to him is a waste of time.

Soldier bases. They’re probably gonna be more of a problem helping you than the other way around. While it’s practically guaranteed that anyone they throw around are dead in these bases, they can still be a pest.

Along with attacking bases, they can also defend bases from enemy attacks. How effective this is ultimately depends on the base type and the enemy. No matter what, though, you will need to babysit the base with them, cause they will run off on their own otherwise.

How to deal with commanding officers? Simply put, don’t. It’s a better idea to stay as far away from them as possible than to try to kill them (unless they’re guarding the last base, but even then, you should be able to take it without directly fighting them). If you absolutely have to fight officers, keep these tips in mind.

*Iron walls are the only ones that will be able to take on a commander for any given time. Anyone else will die within 3 hits…usually.
*Musou is your friend. Unless the enemy has a red aura around them, they can be knocked around by musou. True musou is the quickest way to take them out, but it’s also the most risky.
*Charge attacks can also knock commanders off their feet if they’re strong enough. Again, does not work on red aura commanders.
*Elements are most useful against them. They can make fighting them a much easier ordeal.
*DO NOT fight them alone unless you can true musou them to death. This is the quickest way to die in the game, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing.
*Use attacks that allow you to move really, really fast.
*Weapons that triple your attack strength or defense strength are, for obvious reasons, heavily recommended above other weapons for dealing with commanders.

If your commanding officer is also present, try to lure the enemy commander to him. Stay near them until your opposing general is down to one health (they can’t kill each other, so don’t bother waiting for it). This is especially effective within an allied base. Be careful of enemies who will take advantage of the situation.

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