Dynasty Warriors Online S Rank Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online S Rank Guide by S4V10RX

P.S: The how to get S rank quest is an on-going progress and I really encourage gamers that is playing this game to contribute to this section when they got an S rank on their quest that is not in here yet.

I just got promoted and I receive some quest, what should I do now? (Credits goes to T3xan)

To do the quests that u have now picked up but can’t go to battle find a Clerk which is near most taverns in West/Central/East plaza. Once found talk to the clerk u can do all quests that u find from now on by going to the clerk

Fast way to become a guard rank on your first mission (credits goes to BryanKDWO1, ViolentK)

Fast way to become a guard (for new players)
After creating your character, you will enter a quest automatically.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Go near the officer in the center of the map.
2. Kill some NPCs, then the officr will retreat.
3. The system will ask u to do C1, C2, C3 and C4 (charge attack 1-4).
C1 means pressing “K” once.
C2 means pressing “J” and then “K”
C3 means pressing “J,J” and then “K”
C4 means pressing “J,J,J” and then “K”
4. You need to kill all the NPCs on the map as soon as possible. you can just go clockwise.
5. After killing about 200 NPCs, a guard in the center of the map will appear. Kill him.

If you can finish all of these within time limit, you will get grade “S” for the quest and receive 200 honor.

6. Finish guard quest in which you need to kill 500 NPCs and then a guard.

When you have killed 500 NPC and the commander, you’ll get the Guard Rank which is not really encourage for new players, but is up to the players choice, this Guard ranks is only serve as an option for people that do not want to do the in-game tutorial.

Here’s the link to the video of the tutorial on how you can get 200 honor on the first mission.

How to get an S rank on some quest?? (Credits goes to MCA94, Azura05,ra780312 Darkie4eva, SilverShadow90, CATGUN90, Bustadwolf)

Gathering iron- the KO counts are around 950 kills to get S. My personal best is 987. Try to use spear or cudgel. I recommends spear because its c5 is good, and you have it for free.

The Mathematician– just finish before 7:14. My method is to kill 315 or 630 if you go over 315, then report to the east base and then supply base. Reminder, you need to wait until the multiple of 21 35 and 65 (these number are from my memory but the number 315 is correct)all reported before you go to the supply base. When you are closed the number, archers will be your good choice to kill since they dont move.

Rescue the Daughter– finish all the instructions at 10:30 or faster. You will need damage to destroy a wall at the beginning so upgrade your damage right away. Then just follow the instructions.

The Legendary wine– finish all the instructions at 9:10 or faster. In this quest the speed is very important because you need to chase a guy at the end.

Updated: The Missing Brother– The missing Brother quest. Is you have to save all 3 brothers and Keep them ALL alive during of the quest. So for this quest you will need speed and damage. Mainly speed because you need to have to keep all 3 brothers alive as well as COMPLETE the quest at hand. And they are all in different locations. The locations are:

1st brother (youngest one) is in the South and will the first one you will have to save then he will leak information about his 2nd brothers which will be the middle one.

2nd brother (the middle one) is the one where you have to capture 2 bases in the upper northwest. And then run to save his sorry butt. After him he will leak information about the oldest brother.

The 3rd brother is in the south East, so you race down there and you find out he’s somewhere else by the bandit chief. Kill him and race back up to the north east where you will find the 3rd and final brother. By this time you would have lost the middle and the youngest brother and the time has run out.

Save the three brothers with 600 KO counts before 4:30.

I will have to check up on this but i think the Time Limit for S grade is about the 3 minute mark. Since this is a single quest however you will be low on time.

The Prisoner and Goods– finish all the instructions at 7:10 or faster. You also need damage to destroy the wall after you kill the two guys to get the information about the prisoner and goods. So upgrade your damage after you kill the two guys. Then it is all up to luck when you are taking the bases.

Rescue the Apprentice– Find the apprentice before 11:20. You need attack and damage in this quest. Another thing is luck.

How to get an S rank for your Lieutenant Colonel test and where do i get this quest?

Just go straight to the officer you serve and the quest will be available. i.e, i serve Zhuge Liang so when i hit 500 honor, i went to his office and talk to him, click under quest and your Lt Colonel Quest is going to show up there. Hope this helps.

This Lieutenant Colonel test is straight forward. All you have to do take all the 4 bases and also kill those enemy captain outside the base and finally when you go up the stairs and fight the commander you serve under, make sure you are able to kill them 1 minute before the time is up. At least that’s how I got my S rank for this quest.

Victory without fighting– Just don’t kill over 5 people. In this quest, your bodyguard is very important so upgrade your bodyguard (slot 4). Use him to kill the enemy. Your job is to destroy the tower and the officer (officer is tougher so I recommend you kill him by yourself). The captain can be kill if your bodyguard uses his mosou. Here is a tip: the button [ , ] (the one right to M) helps the bodyguard to store mosou and use mosou attack.

A good choice of weapon for doing any quest is that its attack, defense, and damage is either slot 1 2 and 3 so you can upgrade really fast. The speed is also very important because you need to move around. The life and mosou aren’t that important in most of the quests. For CBT, I would recommend the twin swords. Please correct me if there is anything wrong.

How to get an S rank for”a trial of skill and luck”?

the quest is a bit complicated you get either to kill 500 units(i think i remembered the number correctly, capture all bases or defeat 7 officers, except for the unit killing (which you could probably do at the starting point) you have to do a lap of the map so speed is pretty important. I got S rank for killing the officers in 7:08

How to get an S rank on Fallen Mage Quest?

Here’s the map for this quest:

-first go to circle no.1 clear the base (don’t bother killing the officer outside)
note: follow the officer outside until he get to his new bases but don’t kill him now

-go to the no.2 and repeat

-now to the last base circle 3 and repeat
Note: follow again the officer until it reach his destination

(now u can see the 2 blue circle at the center. thats the places where 2 officer stand)

Tips: how to defeat that 2 officer within 10 sec given time to kill them both

1st all u need to do is attack either one of them until his life reach 1/4 of his life but dont kill them as of yet.. leave and go to the second officer then kill that 2nd officer and using the speed x2 if possible, go to the 1st officer and kill him now and your done…

-Now to the red cicle at the upper west side thats the real mage u need to kill

I have done it within 7:50 mins left in the clock and get S rank

The Smuggling Ring

This quest you’re given instructions the entire time, you basically have to go around the map beating an enemy your Commander tells you to beat. You start with 10 mins, but get a 5 min extension after beating the 2nd enemy told to you. After you beat the 3rd one 2 bosses will appear a Lower Boss(on the bottom) and the real Boss(at the top) to S rank you have to beat the Boss(top) with around 7:00 left on the clock, be careful though as he has Hyper Armor(doesn’t flinch). This quest ends when you beat one of the bosses, but you don’t get an S rank if you beat the lower one instead of the real one.

Rectified Son

Quest NPC: Merchant
Reward: Gold
Domestic Bonus: Commerce/Distribution
This image has been resized. Click to view the full Size Image.

The basic goal of this quest is to beat the 4 bandits and not kill A Zhi, he’s on the enemy side and if you kill him you fail the quest. Position of the Bandits and A Zhi are random not predetermined so which ever spot A Zhi is at ignore him and look for the next bandit. To S rank the you must beat the 4 bandits by 11:00

Ghosts of the Battlefield.

Quest NPC: Barkeep
Reward: Item
Domestic Bonus: Commerce/Distribution
Rank: D

How to get rank S:
The basic idea is to find the truth about this ghost,when you began the stage you will be tasked with taking the neutral base in front of you.Do that and three neutral forces general appear outside the bases.Then you are tasked to make the three general enter the captured bases in which the problem is you need to force them into it and at the same time avoid killing them.My best suggestion is to use Twin Sabre jump charge attack to force them as the jump charge blow the enemy.After done this the time will extended.

After that the three general(now bandit) will surrender and spawn near the enemy supply base and then Wang Po will appear.Wang Po then ask you to offer 777 soul(defeat 777 enemy).But before you can do that,the three bandit will ask you to help them by defeating the 4 ghost general around them.As you defeat a ghost general,more enemy troop will appear.Defeat all 4 ghost general and the bandit will escape.After you defeat the 4 ghost general,a message saying Wang Po has weakened will appear and he ask you to defeat him.Ignore that and concentrate on getting 777 kill.

After getting 777 kill,the same message that Wang Po ask you to defeat him will appear.Do so and you will complete the quest.Time does not affect the rank.

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