Rise of Immortals Kyrie In Depth Guide

Rise of Immortals Kyrie In Depth Guide by Brochilles


I have seen a lot of Kyries around Rise of Immortals, some not so good ones to some decent ones but never any that caught my eye and made me think “Woah Kyrie is strong!”. While seeing all these Kyries running around I constantly look over her skills and was wondering why are these people not killing everything and everybody at any moment in the game. I honestly believe she has THE best skill set in the game, all her skills fit into the same role with so many possibilities to get into the fight and out without being scratched. So I decided to start playing her to see why Tzai is so much better then her, and why the enemy carry is never thinking “oh god we are screwed they have Kyrie!”

Before I get started into the real talk I want to discuss her role on a team optimal general itemization. Every skill Kyrie has is directed towards being an Anti-carry. There isn’t any type of attack steroid in her skills. Now with a Balak, Talia, and Nysuss they all have attack steroids so they are carries correct(This isn’t always true but that is a discussion for another day)? So since Kyrie doesn’t have any type of steroid for her Auto-Attacks why would you build towards it? I feel the biggest change in my Kyrie play that benefit me the most is building to her role, build defensively with minimal damage. Now if you are wondering why read on.

With this recent patch, the real anti-carry Kyrie will shine. She has gotten a massive buff for her to be an even better anti-carry then she was before.

Just a quick note: From level 21+ this build will be mediocre at best until you get the artifacts you need. Building tank with no artifacts leaves you a step behind against people with minimal artifacts.


Laceration Post “Q”– Deals 40-120 physical damage and Lacerates the target, reducing movement speed by 15% and armor by 1-5. Stacks 4 times.

Now this is your go to skill, your bread and butter, this skill can be on the verge of OP. At rank 5 you have the potential to get it to 160 damage with a cd of 2 seconds. This skill has so much utility it is unbelieve able. Someone trying to run away? No big deal I’ll slow them. Oh look you have 150 movement speed, now how does it feel to run away with 60? Maybe they aren’t trying to run away because they think they are tanky enough to mitigate any damage you can do. No problem I have a skill for that. -20 armour I bet now I can do more damage then you!

Shurkien “OMG HOW’D KYRIE KILL ME” Salvo “W”– Launches a barrage of 3 shurkiens, each dealing 30-190 physical damage.

This skill alone gives Kyrie the best early game. But when this skill does more damage on an enemy Laz when he uses his Missile after/during you know something is not right. Or doing slightly less damage then a Tat combo with half the cool down time, something is not right. The best part of this skill is that it goes through walls! There are so many ways you can land the ridiculous damage of this skill it isn’t even funny, okay maybe a bit to you but not for the enemy.

Rush “E”– Kyrie rushes to her targets location. While traveling Kyrie is immune to direct target effects.

By far the worst skill Kyrie has, but still really strong. You can jump to enemy and allied immortals and minions. A gap closer and an escape in one. Sure it doesn’t do damage, but majority of the time you want to save this skill to save your own hide then by taking someone elses.

Meditated “what a useless skill” Assault “R” – Teleports to the target and stuns them while issuing a barrage of strikes every 0.5 seconds. Each attack deals attack damage + 60-80 physical damage. Channels for 1.5 seconds.

I lol when people try to say this skill is bad because it has a channel time. The damage on it is wonderful, the channel time actually makes this skill better, and you can lock down a carry for 2 seconds while slicing him up. Reason why I say the channel time is good is because when a fight starts and you use it, the time it takes to channel most teams will blow their CD’s so when the channel is done no one can stop you from beating on your target. There are so many useful ways to get this off successfully.

Dementia “If the rest of my kit isn’t strong enough” Gas bomb “D”– Kyrie throws a gas bomb into the target area. All enemies are disoriented, slowing movement speed by 50% and preventing all weapon attacks and ability casting while in the area. As long as Kyrie remains in the cloud she is invisible, and invisibility will re-enable after breaking when attacking or using abilities. The cloud lasts 5 seconds.

One of the strongest sigs in the game. Not only can the people that are in the cloud do absolutely do nothing but try to run out of the cloud, your whole team can just run amuke all over them. It is useful for any situation. When someone initiates throw that bomb on their carry/mages now none of your team is taking much damage or getting CC’d! Or that pesky Talia sigs and has 3 seconds of free attacking, well that is fine because I have 5 seconds of being safe! Etc…

Skill Order


In conclusion you can see that all of her skills are ment to get into a fight do as much damage while not taking much, and getting out. Which is quite possible seeing as she has a skill for everything. This also is the reason why she makes the best anti-carry in the game(even though the only other one is Tzai but he is a confused little monk who doesn’t know if he should kill the opposing carry or sit back and be the carry).


Itemization for Kyrie is really basic with a bit of knowledge about your enemies. 2 items are always open for change based on the other team while the other 4 I would consider core items and should not be touched. I’m going to list the items and then a bit of an order of which to pick them up.

Windrunner’s Boots– Now this is a must have for any Kyrie player. Movement speed is manditory. If you can’t catch up to anyone to use your Lacerate you are pretty much useless. Simple.

Giant’s Belt– This item is just screaming “Hey Kyrie use me please!”. A nice chunk of health, armour, and armour pen is just everything a Kyrie needs, wants, and loves. This item replaced Penman’s because of the armour pen now affecting the damage on shurikens. I also got a confirmation from an important person that Penman’s does not proc on physical damage dots. Because of this Penman’s is no longer the item that I thought it was and is now next to useless on anyone that needs anything more then just armour and health.

Serrated Edge– This item is just too good in conjunction with her ult. 60 damage at max rank equals 240 more damage your ult does. Plus in-between your lacerations this makes your Auto attacks not useless.

Assassin’s Dirk– This skill is just useful in so many ways, the ministun is great, 25 more auto attack damage = 100 more ult damage, and the 10 armour pen. This is better then the only other AD item because you don’t stack enough crit so anyone walking around with a breastplate or a ring makes that Randarz half useless, and 20% life steal is what, 40 health per hit with a completed build. Is that worth giving up a ministun and armour pen?

Situational Item 1– Now it comes down to your enemies. Do they have two people with crit? Get a breastplate. Do they have 3 casters? Get a berek’s. Do they deal physical damage through skills? Get a Belt of power.

Situational Item 2 This last item comes down to who is the best person on their team, OR what you didn’t get prior. Did you get a Breastplate but they still have a caster or two? Get a bereks or a Ring(this is where you have to have some knowledge about EHP and if the armour/magic resist you gain from the ring has more EHP then the magic resist and health you get from bereks). If they are all physical then get another armour item. If that nethergest is just wrecking you and the others aren’t doing much and you already got a bereks then mageward is a possibility. There really isn’t a wrong item for this slot as long as its defensive and to what you need.

When the game starts getting Windrunner’s first is a smart choice. Movement speed is irreplaceable, and as a melee to last hit you need to be as fast as possible. It also doesn’t hurt that it helps with escaping skill shots or getting caught. With your left over gold purchasing some Rejuvenation Elixir is a priority. Early game you will be using your W as much as possible and this restores a lot of mana while restoring a good chunk of health. It is better then stacking health and mana pots, and as a bonus the healing on the elixir doesn’t break when getting hit. So you can use it in a sticky situation to maximize your chance of living. After a lot of games with Kyrie and are confident that you wont die in the first 7 minutes you can purchase a midas potion. ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU WONT DIE! 300g early game is a lot you do not want to waste it.

Now you want to upgrade and buy items based on who you are laning against. If you are laning against a magic dealer don’t buy a penmans. And vice versa. Secondly since movement speed is so important to Kyrie you want to be upgrading your boots. The timeline I follow is by looking at the other teams gear. If they all have basic boots I want the first upgrade on my boots. Once I notice someone else has the first upgrade I want to finish my boots. I ALWAYS WANT TO BE FASTER THEN THE ENEMY. Easy enough. After you have an item or two for the people you are laning against the next question is well do I keep upgrading these items or purchase more? The best way to put it is just use the money you have when you go back. If you have 600g at the buyer and you have your penmans but can’t upgrade it purchase a serrated edge. But anyway here is a list of priorities when upgrading.

1. Boots
2. Belt of Giants
3. Defense against the caster
4. Assassin’s Dirk Upgrade 1(only until the first upgrade! This is for the stun purposes)
5. The situational item in defense against the person/people doing well on the otherteam.
6. Serrated Edge
7. Assassin’s Dirk past the first upgrade.

Situational Items

Berek’s Scroll– This is usually the go to item when the enemy team as at least one caster. At max rank it gives 150 health and 12 magic resist, with artifacts/talents you are pushing 20 magic resist and that negates 40% of the magic damage received. This item is not only valuable because of its magic resist, but it hinders any person that is trying to lifesteal or spirit vamp their way to victory. So basically if they have a caster and some people that benefits from lifesteal this is an item you should get for sure.

Mage Ward– In my opinion a very under rated and under used item, especially in lower level play. Although this item only gives 8 initial magic resist the proc is very very helpful. It gives an extra 10 magic resist for 5 seconds but can only proc every 10 seconds. So basically you get 18 magic resist for 5 seconds and then 8 for 5 seconds, and then it can proc again. In lower level play this can be your only magic resist item because 18 magic resist has more EHP(Effective Health Points) then 12MR + 150 health. Secondly the downtime on the mage ward isn’t as scary as one may think. 3/4 casters(Laz, Vezin, Tat) all use their skills or their skill finishes in 5 seconds or less. The only skills that potentially can outlast mage ward is Neth’s bind and ult. So the mage ward proc will take most of the damage away and then while its cooldown will be ready to proc again by the time the enemy mage is ready to burst again. I believe this item is better against magic heavy teams. Usually if there are 2 magic dealers and a soft carry(anyone that isn’t Talia, Balak, or Nysuss) this is more effective then Berek’s, or if there are 3. Secondly Berek’s scroll’s aura is unique, so if you notice another person on your team with it and there is a caster or two that is doing good then Mage Ward is more then viable.

Ring Of Shielding– This item is very situational, as it gives good armour and magic resist along with an amazing passive but it comes down to EHP. With a fully upgraded penman’s, artifacts, and talents you are already at 20+ armour. So you want to make sure you aren’t stacking too much armour instead of health, and if you have a berek’s or mage ward, do you really want to overkill on magic resist? Basically the only time I get this item is if the enemy team has at least two people building crit, and ONLY one mage. Reasoning behind this is because with the reduction of the chance to be crit it increases your survivability against them carries that are building crit. Personally I’d rather get hit for 350 then crit for 900. But also if the enemy has more then one magic dealer then you are losing out on MR(mage ward) or health(berek’s).

One of these three item’s WILL be your 5th item to defend against the mages, if the team has no mage then you can just build these next two items.

Breastplate– If the team has at least one hard carry then this is the item for you. High armour, reduces chance to crit aura. There really isn’t anything more to say then that.

These two items are quite simple to know which one to get but a quick explanation that really doesn’t fit into the description. Some people will say that “Oh the tank or another person on my team will have the breastplate so I can get the giant’s belt every game.” This is a statement that never should be said and personally I believe there should be two breastplates on a team, or only on the anti-carry. My reasoning for this is pretty simple, the range on the plate is very very short and a tank’s job is to keep the squishy(in this game the carry) person alive. So a good tank during a team fight should be keeping the enemy anti-carry CC’d the whole time or whoever has the most threat on your carry. And if that is the case he will NEVER be close enough to the enemy carry to make use of that aura. So as an anti-carry you are going to be in the carries face making your aura a 100% chance at being effective. And I would rather have the higher armour value and decrease the damage done onto my team instead of 300 more health, and 9 armour pen that my skills take 0 effect from. And with the 10 already on Assassin’s Dirk the carry will already have 0 armour so that is just overkill for 13% crit(Kyries passive). That is why I believe Breastplate should be prioritized over the belt.

Now I know what you are thinking “Woah Brochilles you are crazy! Why are you not using all 6 slots for offensive items, how are you going to kill anyone without them!”. And that right there is the biggest misconception with Kyrie.
The theory I use when I play my Kyrie is to be an anti-carry. Kyrie does a ton of damage in skills alone, hell screw the skills just in her W. Her W with a couple Laceration posts is more then enough damage to kill any Carry. But why do I build defensive instead of kill the carry faster. This is a very simple reason. Since my skills alone can kill any carry who is going to hurt me after he is dead? If I have 20+ armour and magic resist I am mitigating 40% at least damage from everyone else. So without their carry the rest of the enemy team is going to do low damage to me and with laceration post stacks, 10 armour pen, and shurikens you can do more damage to anyone else in the game. Secondly a Kyrie that lives after she kills a carry is way more valuable then a Kyrie that has 300 attack damage but dies after she kills the carry. Reason for this is because she can guarantee that at least one person can’t escape, and make people like Scorpix actually killable. A 50 armoured Scorpix dropping down to 30 armour is huge for your carry or anyone else with physical damage.
After that explanation there is even a bigger reason why building offensive is a waste on Kyrie. Look at her skills again. A 2 second spam skill, a skill where you can’t move for a second, and a skill that doesn’t allow you to crit. Your ult becomes useless once you start building for attack damage/crit. If your damage is high enough to do more damage then the bonus damage then you do more just auto attacking. Or if your crit is high enough to crit most of your hits then it is better to keep critting then the damage from your ult. Your Laceration resets auto attacks so having interrupt your AA every 2 seconds makes your Laceration pointless. It hurts you more to try and slow someone then to auto attack. And the shurikens will end up doing less damage then one attack. So building offensive you waste 3 skills. Now what is the point of playing Kyrie if you are not using her skills? Just play Nyssus, Balak, or Talia that all have skills to maximize their auto-attacks instead.

Discipline Tree and Artifacts

Because I just typed this all out I don’t feel like screen shotting artifacts/talents, uploading and all that jazz I’m just going to briefly type it out.

2 Gilded Bone Talismans- 2 Armour
3 Gilded Ivory Talismans- 3 Magic resist
5 Ancestral Totem of the Leopard- 7.5% CDR
3 Grand Seal of Dexterity- 4.5% movement speed
2 Primal Like Symbol- 3 Magic Resist and 3 armour
1 Relic of Trueheart- 2 Magic resist and 2 armour

Total 7 armour, 8 magic resist, 6% cdr, and 4.5% movement speed.

Note* This is subject to change as I experiment but as of right now I think this may be the best.

I am just showing the places I put in my points. I drew out the trees with 0’s and replaced the 0 with the amount of points in that talent.
0 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
Total 2
2 0 3 0 0
0 2 3 2 2 0
2 2 3 0 0
Total 21
2 2 0 2 2
1 0 4 0 2 1
2 1 2 2 2 2
27 points invested

This discipline set up is to maximize you’re defense, movement speed, and immortal abilities.

Game play

Kyrie is one of the harder immortals to play because it requires you to constantly outplay the enemy. She is not an immortal where you jump in blast your skills and hope you live to do it again. Or an immortal that sits back and only attacks people while being in good position. But just because you have to out play the opponent doesn’t mean that they have to be bad, or make mistakes. Out playing someone can range from just knowing more about your immortal, so you know when to take someone 1v1 or not, to something as simple as doing absolutely nothing to even rushing into 3 people killing someone out right and then getting two more kills just by kiting.

Laning phase
Laning phase should be a breeze, if you get a solo lane you can win 1v1 against anyone. If you are in a duel lane you can still full advantage of your early game with the worst of the worst lane partners. Like every other immortal you want to maximize your creep score blah blah blah that is a separate guide in itself that I am not eve going to get started on. Either then that to win your lane you want to be SUPER aggressive. You want to maximize your shurikens and take full advantage of its damage. At level 5 anyone below 10 armour your shurikens will be taking at least half their health. Anyone with 2/5 of their health or less should be dead. Easiest way to do this is to make sure your W is off cool down, rush to them lacerate and position yourself for an easy W. Make sure creeps are not in your way! If they make it out with a little health left its okay, do not put yourself in position to die, if they have to go back you won that battle. Note that shurikens goes through towers and walls. So if you see an enemy not wanting to go back but tower hugging with creeps in front of him you can go into the jungle and shoot your shurikens from there through the wall.

Just remember Kyrie snowballs really easy and very hard early in the game. So if you are not getting them kills early do not get frustrated and try to force them, if not just make sure you do not die. As long as you can keep up in levels and throw shurikens you can still snowball and will go from Lol look its kyrie to wtf why wont she die.

Mid Game
By this point you should be level 12 or so with a few towers down on either/both sides. At this time there will be some minor team fights and ganking attempts. This is where Kyrie excels. Try and find opportunities where you know someone is in a lane and you can get to a near bush without being seeing. Then a simple R>Q>W>Q should get a kill if not they should be close enough that you can just keep Qing them for the kill or use W when its off CD. With using rush once the snare or stun wears off(if they cc’d you). Either then that you should try your best to find a lane no one is in and farm, so if you are not getting kills you need a source of income. Be aware on the map when people are MIA and what lanes enemies are/were in. Try and get the invisibility buff every time it is up. Invisible Kyrie ults are OP. Plus 100g for your team is nice.
Also during mid game this is where you really have to start out playing people. If an attempt at a gank on you is made and you escape try and get someone to chase you into the jungle with your movement speed and lacerations you should be able to kite anyone safely. Ult and shuriken from bushes and keep trying to stick close to walls turning every chance you get so you don’t get into line of sight when you don’t want it. Being able to isolate targets in the jungle = auto kill for kyrie.
During mid game if the enemy carry is behind and they have a caster that is doing extremely well then prioritize the caster over the carry. Aim for the most important person and keep going down the list of important people until you are at the tank.

Late Game
During late game/end game it is pretty much either going to be straight team fights or attempts at split pushing. Kyrie is excellent at stopping slit pushes because she can kill anyone 1v1. And in team fights she is even more powerful. In any team fight late game you want to kill their carry, Balak, Nysuss, or Talia. If it is possible try to start a fight where there is a bush/Los area so you can ult in on your target, if that isn’t an option not a big deal. Try and save rush to escape when you need it. As an anti-carry positioning is extremely important and you pretty much want to play like a melee carry. Sit back until you see your opening. As Kyrie you don’t want to jump on a carry with 2 people or a bunch of creeps beside them. It reduces your chance to land shurikens. Secondly unless you have to kill a Talia try and stay out of the middle of the fight, there will be CC there that you do not want to get into. Once you get to your target spam laceration post and stay on them! Only time you should switch targets is if the carry uses a potion to escape with low health, if so turn and attack someone else. Make sure you prioritize your targets, the carry first, if the carry is dead or not there, then you’d want to jump onto that nethergest or vezin. If the nethergest is 1/15 then you might want to kill the enemy Tzai that is 6-6.

Kyrie’s skill set is straight forward and to the point. Maximize her skill set by being able to live while doing just enough damage to kill a carry. Her champion tree doesn’t flatter her to well but it trys to make up as a attack steroid since she doesn’t have one, like Tzai’s champ tree trys to give him some defense because of his uselessness.

Reason why I believe she is way better then Tzai is because as an anti-carry you want to build defensive and let your skills do the damage. Tzai’s skill set is confused and has attack steroids in his W and his sig. While his W and his Q does less damage then Kyrie’s W by itself. Tzai is like a bad easy version of Kyrie simply because his ult instant. If Tzai builds defensive like Kyrie his skills and auto attacks are too weak to kill anyone, his sig is useless and all he has is his ult which unless it is perfectly timed ends up getting interrupted anyway. He is also selfish and has nothing that helps out the team where Kyrie’s laceration post helps the team as much as it helps her.

If you have any questions/comments about my build that is fine I am open to a debate and I am confident I can back up everything. Also this is purely my opinion on how Kyrie should be played, and how I believe it gives her the maximum potential while always being effective. This is in no way the only way to play Kyrie.

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