Rise of Immortals Psychozen Troll Guide

Rise of Immortals Psychozen Troll Guide by Lim3s

Psychozen is the biggest troll in all of Graxia. His ability to dominate lanes either solo or with a partner continues to shine through all the bad Ichorr/Tzai and uber defensive carry lanes. This guide shall give you the tricks of the trade to playing Psychozen to his full potential (as well as maybe getting a few kills, WOW!).
Psychozen is listed as a melee disabler, but can fit many other roles such as support, nuker, or main troll. His abilities allow him to sustain in lane easily, while giving him significant single target damage.

Q – Infectious Cerebrum (Leaving? Nope.)
This ability is Psychozen’s most recognised ability. It’s an ability which bombards the enemies’ speakers with screeching noises, slowing them and dealing damage over time. The particle effect placed over their heads is also like a beacon saying “Kill me! Kill me!” This ability is perfect for dealing damage and picking off fleeing enemies.

Trolling potential: Minimal

W – Limbic Disorder (What abilities?)
This is Psychozen’s maximum troll ability. Do not underestimate the potential of this skill. Not only does it deal a ton of damage, it also reduces their armor, allowing for increased damage on his other abilities. This ability also silences the enemy, allowing for maximum trolling. See a Kyrie channelling her ultimate on an ally? Wait for it to pop before silencing her instantly, not only does it cancel her damage prematurely, it leaves her helpless in the middle of your team. Is an enemy Tatiana destroying your team with her damage? Just pop this baby on her and she’s as good as a creep. The potential for this ability is limitless – use it, love it.

Trolling potential: Maximum

E – Hypothalamic Transmute (What’s yours is mine, no refunds)
This is what makes Psychozen such a great support in lane. This heal is huge for its mana cost, and it does a hefty amount of damage. The self-heal means that Psychozen can also help himself to some loving while bringing the pain. Great for saving dumb Kyries and Tzais, this ability can serve a million and one purposes (aka, 2), so take it.

Trolling potential: Average

R – Neocortex Diversion (Attack of the clones)
This ability f*cked my mind when I first saw it. This ability spawns multiple clones of Psychozen, while making him invisible. It even makes coffee (Note: doesn’t actually make coffee)! The clones do a fair amount of damage but are dumb so your best bet is to use it against towers for pushing, or during clusterf*ck teamfights in combination with your signature. The invisibility portion also allows him to escape bad situations quite easily as well. This ability is prime for trolling. Did you know: towers currently do not have true sight? Well, you do now. Psychozen’s ultimate is the best (Read: best) tower diving ability in the game. Period. Just pop the invisibility, run up to the useless sod hiding behind his tower, and blast your load onto him. Walking out is optional, but such a feat actually renders Psychozen invulnerable for a few seconds while he dances on top of his helpless victim, so use this time appropriately and have some fun. This ability is also great for click-blocking people in teamfights. “Stop hitting the damn clones!”

Trolling potential: This one has a high cooldown for a reason.

D – Telepathic Blight (The ultimate in melting faces)
This is Psychozen’s signature. Many others have a signature, but this one is mine. This AOE slow/DoT/heal/coffee-maker provides Psychozen with enough teamfight presence to put Vezin to shame (nearly…). Unlike his other abilities, this one actually hits multiple people. YAY! Use it turn teamfights around and give your carries some much needed help (yep, all 4 of them). The particle effect on this one is also very distracting, and has a 12% chance to crash any low-end systems that witness it. Trolling? Valuable. Fourth-wall breaking trolling? Priceless. There’s some things Vezin can’t do, for everything else, there’s Psychozen.

Trolling potential: Max, definitely the reason you play Psychozen

Levelling Priority:
D – R – W/E – Q

Obviously, getting your signature and ultimate whenever you can is pretty standard play in RoI. Maxing your W and E together allows for great sustainability in lane as well as some crazy damage with your WQE combo. Your Q takes last priority, put one point into it early, around level 3-5, and keep it there till late game. It doesn’t do as much damage as the other abilities in a combo, and you lose your amazing supporting ability if you don’t level up E.
Basic combo:
People usually don’t die from a single combo, but with cooldowns as low as Psychozen’s, that hardly matters. In general you want to silence, then slow, then “heal” for the full effect. If someone is running away, get your Q off before your W to slow them down. Using E first prevents them from using any escape abilities, as well as reducing their armor to increase the damage of his other spells.

In a nutshell, Psychozen needs CDR, mana, and defense. Sound familiar? Of course it does, welcome to the RoI meta-game baby, everyone’s building tank! I shall breakdown some of the item choices below:
Wildrunner Boots – Movespeed and CDR, perfect. The only boots you should be getting as you don’t want to waste money on a Torpid’s Wand for CDR. They’re also cheap, so get them early.

Lytle’s Locket – By far the best item in RoI at the moment, Lytle’s Locket allows you to permanently troll people while giving your lane mates some nice regeneration. Pick this up as fast as you can to make full use of its amazingness.

Sapphire Amulet – Gives mana, magic resist, and some spirit vamp. The spirit vamp is pretty piss weak, but your auto attacks do enough to make it remotely useful. The mana is what you want this item for. Buy it after your boots and locket and only upgrade it later on when it becomes more useful.

Necklace of Tears – This was an item I used to take a while back and it has some interesting effects on Psychozen. This item increases outgoing healing effects, but because of the way Psychozen’s heal works,
it also increases the amount of health he gains. An interesting choice if you want to pump out the heals.
Unfortunately this doesn’t happen anymore, but it’s still a useful item for pumping out some big heals.

Penman Reflector – A great tank item for Psychozen, gives a bit of everything as well as a useful effect when taking on right-clickers. I usually take this after my first three utility items.

Bloodstone Pendant – I confuse this item with Penman Reflector all the time, but it hardly matters because they’re basically the same. Grab this along with Penman Reflector if you want to walk around with 9001HP.

Shining Breastplate – A great flat armor boost for Psychozen, I recommend picking this up only if someone else on your team hasn’t. You don’t want to waste cash on the aura which would be useless in that case. This item can easily replace Penman Reflector or Bloodstone Pendant if you want more armor and need the critical reduction.

Orchid Stone – A good health and mana item for Psychozen, plus the death timer is pretty handy. This can easily replace Sapphire Amulet in a build, so it’s a bit of a pick and choose between the two.

Berek’s Scroll – By far the best magic resist item out there. Its added effect is much more useful for your team and isn’t a useless “oh god I’m scared” passive that Mageward has (which usually triggers on anything that isn’t magic damage). Pick this up if you’re being dropped by the magical tanks of RoI.

Ring of Protection – A good item if you are getting wrecked by a crit-carry. In combination with Shining Breastplate, this can turn 800 crits into 150 prods.

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