Crystal Saga Training Ground Survival Guide

Crystal Saga Training Ground Survival Guide by Profe

So, I was doing training earlier and I somewhat got annoyed that some of my party-mates wouldn’t listen to what I/we were saying. Lucky for them, they’re tanks and my heals are high that they didn’t die. Even so, it’s no guarantee that this will work out every time. Now, I’m taking the liberty of making a guide on how to successfully survive training!

I’ve searched for other guides about training but how they do it is completely different from what I/we do.
Here, I would like to show what my party would usually do so we can survive the ordeal.
I’d like to thank EvaFonda and Ayuhiro06 (both Zensho Island) for sharing this technique with me~

Requirement: Lv.40+
Times per Day: 2
Rewards: Large Amount of Exp, +2 Guild Contribution, +2 Guild Progress, +10 Honor
Where to Accept: King Valcroy (Starglade)

Some Things and Tips You Should Know:
1) Training is separated by Levels. These are Lvl. 40-49, Lv.50-59, Lv.60-69, Lv.70-80.
….So a Lv.40 and a Lv.50 partied together will be separated once they both enter the training grounds. They’ll still be in the same party, but they won’t be in the same “instance” nor can they change that.
2) Training is best done when you have activated 2x or 3x Exp Buffs. I’d recommend you do training when you have 2 Exp Seignoir + Guild + Event (if any) + your own activated!
3) Bring out your pets! They gain exp, too!


#1: The Party
Number of Members: 3 or 4 (best exp gain), 5 (best survival chance)
Key Members: Healers, Tanks, DPS
Make Sure: You’re within the same Level Range (mentioned above)

I know, you’re wondering why there should only be 3 or 4 members. A party shares among each other the exp gained from a killed mob. So if say there are 5 of you and you’re all in the same area, a mob which usually gives 1k exp to one will divide that to 5 aka each member will get 200 exp only. That’s why: the fewer the members, the better the exp gain. HOWEVER, if you’re not sure if your three-some/quartet can survive with only you guys, then get a full party! Surviving till the last wave is the goal here!

As for your party members, you MUST have Healers in your party! Touche, but they are very important as it’ll be near-impossible to finish up to the last wave without them!
Holy Priests are your best options but Nature Rangers can also do the job.
The next important members are the Tanks. One person to get all the damage so the rest of your party will be safe from harm and you’ll also save the Healer from the hassle of switching targets on who to heal!
Protection Knights are your best bet for they have the Shockwave Skill which can lure the mobs. However, if a Protection Knight is unavailable, other classes with high defenses may also tank! But the thing is, the one who usually deals the most damage attracts the mobs! So even if you have someone with good defenses, if they can’t lure the mobs away from your party mates… well, let’s just hope you have good/many healers in your party. So try to get a proper tank, ok?
And finally, the DPS… I don’t need to explain this bit now, do I?
I know that many prefer to have anIce Mage in the party because of their AoE skills, and I can’t blame them but I’ve never worked with a Mage for Training before so I have no way of knowing the advantages/disadvantages ^^;

My party earlier:

1 Healer, 3 Tanks/DPS

#2: Meeting Up
There’s a 10-second time limit inside the Training grounds before waves of mobs start attacking so it’s best if your party can enter simultaneously.
Agree to meet in front of King Valcroy at a specific L, buff up, and enter together.

#3: Inside the Training Grounds

>>First appears inside Starting Area<<
>>Run towards The Corner (x:95 y:30) and activate your AFK when you’re on that coord<<
>>Get Ready! 10 seconds after the 1st player enters, waves of mobs will spawn from the 3 Mob Spawn Areas<<
>>Mobs from Area 1 and Area 2 will directly attack your party<<
>>But Mobs from Area 3 won’t attack directly, so they will gather at the Blue Gathering Area<<

>>Avoid going past the tree for you’ll attract the mobs in the Gathering Area<<

“What’s the POINT of running to that CORNER!?” you ask?
Because when you’re at the center (Starting Area), you’ll be bombarded by mobs from all 3 sides.
But when you’re in The Corner, mobs from Area 3 won’t be able to reach you because the tree is blocking its path. Mobs never go around things unless you make them! So because these mobs can’t attack you, you have fewer mobs to take care of, thus a better chance to survive!
So after defeating wave after wave of mobs from Areas 1 and 2, Mobs from Area 3 will just gather in that Gathering Area.
When the last wave is done, you can now attack all the mobs that gathered in the blue area!
And not an exp was wasted~

>>When you Enable your AFK, please, please, PLEASE enable it when you’re in The Corner‘s coords! Activating it close to the TREE will make you stray into the Gathering Area of Area 3 Mobs, which may result to your death!
As I said to my party earlier, “No need to chase the Mobs. They’ll just come to you.”
>>I forbid Healers to AFK or use AFK mode in training! xD This is simply because the “AFK heal” will NOT work in training. Just set Light Heal as your default skill. After that, all you have to do is click the tank and you’ll be healing him automatically!
>>Knight Tanks must have their Shockwave skill on from the very start.
>>It’s important that you guys stick together!

Alternative Training Ground Guide by tensa

The training ground!

I will upgrade the guide, when I’m a higher lvl and if have the time.

Hi this is a guide, how do training ground.

First all there many people, who don’t or how good the training ground can be. But I in this guide will tell what you need to know.

MUST BE LVL 40+ to do the training. You have 2 runs per day

Place: At the king in Starglade



1xTank- must have the skill “Wave” and should be able to tank nm vault/or what lvl dungeon he/her can inter!

1(2x)healer- ( if two one must be holy)

1(2x) Mage- is REALLY important, that you have in party. They have skills, that can damage more monster/mobs at the same time!(there have to be a mage in the party!)
And a dps.

JOBS(Basic stuff)
Tank : Have “wave” on all the time, it’s your job keeping the you party members alive!
Heal : Heal the the tank all the time. It’s your job keeping the tank alive.
Mage : Use as many skill, where you attack more then one monster at the time. Your job is kill many monster at the same time fast
Dps : Just kill(fast)
Ranger : if u have healing skill use it to heal the tank some times

In inside the training ground, after a few seconds there will be coming monster/mobs(10+ monster) from every side.
There is more then one wave/rounds and it will get harder for every wave like *CL*

1. Go to a corn, so the monster can come from only one side.
2. Heal the tank all the time!
3. Stay close to the tank when the monster come, so you don’t get attacked
4. Mage/blood priest use attacks/skills that will dmg more monster at the same time!
5. Use a 2x EXP Token so u you will get more exp.
6. The Tank must not dies,
7. Kill the monster/mobs fast before the next wave/rund!!
8. Inter at the same time, because you only have a few seconds(15-20) before it starts
9. As the party leader check, the plays gear/armor/stats, you invite
10. Try to stay alive as long you can.
11. There is 10 waves

Dont group up with someone lvl. 40/50/60
If you are lvl. 48 and joins with a party, where the are only 50+ will you inter the training ground 40+ and they will inter ground 50+

That’s why when you are looking for people to join your party, and you are 40+
ask for players at lvl 40-49max
It’s the same for lvl.50/60

It’s a good ide to do training, for it will give you REALLY GOOD EXP that helps you lvl up

Mine ideas PM ME If u want any of those guide:

Priest guide( I will not talking about skills, but like soloing dungoen, make money and leving up as a “priest”)

A tank for your holy/blood priest( how to make a good tank that will help your priest doing hard or nm vault).

I’m sorry if my English is not good enough :/ if don’t understand then read one more time

If you have questions, I will gladly answer them. If you want to tell, what i can do better, then I’m all yours
(I will try to answer them as soon i can and if I not busy with school)

Thanks you r2games for making crystal saga.
(The game is still new so be patient, and I’m sure they are doing whatever they can to make it better

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