Crystal Saga Free Easy Crystals Guide

Crystal Saga Free Easy Crystals Guide by Iniquitous

Have you ever tried to do the free offers for games like crystal saga? They are a pain lack support and alot of times do not work..

There is an alternative website, that allows you to do more of the same offers and more and they all work 90% of the time, they also list which ones work the most and which ones the most users have used.

This website is called Prize Rebel, I am going to include my referral link if this helps.. I request you use it, so I can also obtain more crystals and r2games makes more money, allowing them to better serve us and our gamers needs. I will also include a non referral link.

The principal is simple, do offers get points and with those points you can obtain Ultimate Gift Card Codes, $5 $10 $20 etc etc then you can use this card to purchase Crystals, Prize Rebel makes money, r2games makes money, You make Crystals.. IT is alot more simple then, doing the basic free offers currently offer..
This also does not violate any ToS use and is not obtaining gold or crystals illegally.

Steps to this are simple

1. Go the website:
2. Create a Prize Rebel account (Can be linked with Facebook)
3. You get Bonus Points for making an account and doing offers.
4. Offers are easy to do: Aim for the ones most done with success.

. Each offer gives you around .3-5 Points per(Some alot more). it takes 9 points to get a $10 UGC

Follow the steps, and when you have 9 points, simple go to the rewards page.

Go to prizes, Click on Online Games, then Type in Ultimate Game Cards under search.

After that get your code and help r2games get there money!

This is alot more simple, then using the built in Free Crystals page. It works most of the time, where theres.. does not.


Just to show that these offers work.. I have done the offers on R2games.. and not one worked… but as you can see.. this is another story.
Also for Ideas on which offers to try.. check out my list.


Aim for something simple, Sign up with email and validate. Can be done in 5 minutes.

Avoid ones with Surveys, as they are time consuming.. you can take up to 30 minutes just clicking no… read the offer before you try it..

Q: I am Getting Coins, not points. How do I turn Coins into points?
A: Coins are Automaticly turned into points, at a 50 Coins, to .25 Ratio

Q: How do I obtain my code? my reward?
A: At the top Go to: Prizes then to Prize Claim History. After your reward is processed (Instant for Silver or Higher Members(Completed 75 or more offers)). Then after it is processed click “View” to view your code.

Guide on Completing Offers, On r2gamers and anywhere else!

Part 1: Preparation

In this tutorial i will cover everything from software i use to how you should react to certain situations while doing an offer. With the introduction out of the way, let’s get right into it! First i will share with you the software i use to complete offers.

FireFox: This my my primary Internet browser when completing offers.

Google Chrome: This is my secondary internet browser when completing offers.…ome.html?hl=en

CCleaner: This is what i use to clear my cookies before every offer.

Roboform: This Firefox addon will fill forms out for you. I personally don’t use this. Another user suggested i mention it.

Sandboxie: This is what we will be using to complete the download offers.

Now that we have our browsers, let’s make some new emails. New emails should be made after every 5-10 offers. I use yahoo. Other users may use a different email provider but for this guide i will stick with Yahoo.

Yahoo registration form:…

After you have made your new email, (You can make more than one) it is time to get working on some offers.

Part 2: Introduction

I would first like to introduce myself I am Iniquitous from the Tundara server, and I see too many people struggling with offers so i thought i would share a little of my knowledge with you.

Before we get into that, let’s go over a few ‘rules’ when doing offers. Most users are afraid to use their real address. There is no reason for this. Using your real address will increase your credit rate while at the same time provide rare surprises! When you have come to the end of an offer, leaving it open for around 5-10 minutes is the best thing to do. Clearing cookies is best done before an offer. Clearing cookies right after an offer can mess with your credit rate. Have patience! Doing offers take a lot of patience and determination. Hang in there and never give up!

Part 3: Execution

For this guide, I will go over the three main types of offers; quiz/survey, downloads, and the usual silver/gold/platinum offers that everyone hates. Why don’t we start off with quizzes. I will be using QuizJungle for an example.

These offers do have a high credit rate if done right. I suggest doing them at around 9-11pm. The first thing you need to know when attempting these offers is that blue submit buttons are your friend! (I will get into that in a few) Fill out the short quiz, fill in your real info and click submit. Now you will be led into the actual offer. The first few pages you can skip. (Until you reach the vertical yes/no page) Now that we are on the vertical yes/no page, you will have to pay attention! In order to get this offer to credit, you will need to say yes and complete two or more of these vertical offers. They must also provide a blue submit button. This is key when it comes to offer completion. Here i will list a few of the yes/no offers that will provide a blue submit button. Zoom Panel, Stop meth not meds, $50 in savings on name brand Menthol, Search4Degrees, The Scooter Store, Carnival Cruiseline , Smoker Sweepstakes, MyOppinionCenter, SurveySpot. Fill these offers out with valid information. Once you reach the results page, leave it open for at least 5 minutes. I find my credit rate higher with these offers using FireFox.

This button is your friend! Look out for it.

When you reach this page, stop! Hold it for 5 minutes.

Remember to use Ccleaner before every offer! Now that you know how to do quizzes, go get some done! Next I will be explaining how to use the program we downloaded earlier; Sandboxie. This program will make your life a lot easier. You will see what i mean, which brings me to the next section of this guide. Download offers. I will be using GameVance for an example.


These offers are very simple. I will start off by first explaining how Sandboxie works. Many of the download offers available on PrizeRebel and r2games, will install malicious software onto your computer. While some of this software may not be harmful, there are a number of them you will want to avoid. Sandboxie helps you do just that. What Sandboxie does is open an internet browser in a ‘sandbox’. Everything you download, explore, install will be in this sandbox. Malicious software cannot get out of this sandbox. When you are done with what you need to do, you empty the sandbox along with everything in it.

Now that you know what Sandboxie does, let’s learn how to use it to complete a download offer! The first thing you will need to do is, make sure you have the browser you want to use set as your default browser. (FireFox is my first choice for Sandboxie downloads) If you already have Sandboxie running, there will be a yellow diamond shape on the bottom right of your task bar. Right click that -> Default box -> Run web browser. If done correctly, you will now be in a sandboxed web browser. You will know by the # in the browser description.

It’s time to start a download offer. Click the offer and click whatever you need to start the download. Once downloaded, go back down to the yellow diamond we right clicked earlier. Right click -> Show Window. Now that you have the Sandboxie Control window open, it is time to install what you just downloaded. (In this case, it is GameVance) Sandbox Default box -> All Files and Folders -> User Files -> Personal -> My Do****ents -> Downloads. Now you will see the software you have just downloaded. Right click and choose ‘Run Sandboxed’. The rest is self-explanitory. Install, play the game for a while. When you are done, it is time to empty our sandbox. Go back to our yellow diamond. Right click -> Default Box -> Delete contents.

Look for the yellow diamond!

There are a few different types of download offers on PrizeRebel, and R2Games. They are all done this way. (Minus the playing of a game) Get some practice with Sandboxie and you will have these offers crediting like a champ!

The next and final section of my guide is by far the most complicated, stressful, frustrating type of offer on PrizeRebel. I say this because there are so many different outcomes, so many different scenarios, so many different things can happen while doing these offers. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it.


It is almost mandatory to have a brand new email when attempting these offers. I am sure all of you have attempted at least one of these offers. Since these offers can be so different from each other yet so alike, I am going to try my best to increase your general knowledge on them. One key thing to mention is email confirmations. These usually come in the flavor of password creations. Some offers require you to check these emails right after submitting valid contact info, while others require it near the end of the offer. My suggestion to you is to keep your new email open at all times while doing these offers and click any confirmation email that comes up.

For purposes of this guide, we will be using FireFox to complete these offers. Although Google Chrome does work, it should only be used if FireFox fails you. The first thing you will do on these offers is enter your brand new email. Submit valid contact information. Now that you are in the actual offer, things can get a bit hectic if you don’t know what to do. A few things to note but are not limited to are; when skipping a page, sometimes the skip button will be hidden, look for it! On vertical yes/no lists, always say yes to at least three of them, even if you aren’t going to fill them out. Sometimes there will be a skip button that won’t be available for 10 seconds.

While going through these offers, saying yes and completing offers with a blue submit button is important but not as important as it is on quizzes. Thus far into my guide, i am sure you all know how to get to the end of the offer.

Now that we are at the silver/gold/platinum page, check your new email for any confirm emails. Click on one more offer than they tell you to. (If they tell you to complete 2 silver, click 3 of them) Always let an offer load before you click the next one. If a popup occurs, leave it open for as long as the offer takes to load, then close it. Continue to do this until you are done with the platinum offers. (Sometimes there will only be silver/gold offers) Now if there is an option to click on bonus offers, click it. Choose a bonus offer, let it load, then click ‘click here when you are done with your bonus offer’ or something along those lines. Now we will leave every tab open for 10 minutes.

For the offers that only provide Silver/Gold, there will be no option for bonus offers. What you will need to do is finish the offers you are supposed to open, then refresh the main page with the offers. (Usually named ‘Final Steps’) A popup should open with bonus offers in it. Sometimes this popup will only show up in Google Chrome. Click one and let it load. Leave everything open for 5-10 minutes.

Sometimes these offers will credit instantly, sometimes they will credit over night. If one does not credit, no worries. Move on to the next one.

Part 4: Final thoughts

Offers are frustrating at times. I won’t deny that. With the right knowledge you can make quite a dent in your offers list with minimal frustration. I hope i have provided you with some of that knowledge. Getting an offer completed and getting an offer credited are two peas in a pod. Sometimes an offer just will not credit and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The more you move on and try the next one, the better your chances are of racking up the most points you possibly can. Another thing i should note; taking a break after a long streak of duds is the best thing. Not only for crediting purposes but to ease frustration and annoyance. The cooler your head, the more you can focus on doing the offer.

I would like to thank, frobroh for information on this, and the orignal guide.
He would like to thank prKING and Jessie for helping with the making of his orignal tutorial.

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