Wakfu Leveling Tips

Wakfu Leveling Tips by dramalebih

I was born in Amakna, so here Is my suggestion :

a) u can always fight solo mob or group mob. it depends on your level and your skills.
b) fight a group of mob give u double and triple experience. u may need a 2-3-4 person in a party.
c) each mob give different XP and skill XP.
d) there are colors on mob name (green , orange , and red) these colors indicate the possibility for you to win.

Level 1 – 15 (can solo single mob or party)

  • Piwis (lv1,lv3,lv4) (Amakna Village, Amakna Recruitment Centre)
  • Gobballs (lv2,lv10,lv15) (Fertile Prairie, Gobello Prairie, Hugo’s Meadow)
  • Bow Meow (lv5) (Flooded Fields of Astrub, Amakna Village)

Level 15 – 25 (u can solo single mob, or party)

  • Gobbals (lv2,lv10,lv15,lv20) (Fertile Prairie, Gobello Prairie, Hugo’s Meadow)
  • Tofus (lv5,lv10,lv15,lv20) (Cania Plains, Farle’s Fields, Gnarled Barklee’s Forest, Goballfield Country, Singing Fields)
  • Larvas (lv10,lv16,lv18,lv20) (Atta Grotto, Craft Mine, Kandee Mine, Minim Mine, Not Mines, Shay Mine, Snotto Grotto, The Drhellery)

Level 25 – 35 (u need a party for bandits as they dont have solo)

  • Puddly (lv20,lv23,lv26,lv30) (Singing Fields)
  • Bandits (group of lv40 to lv49) (Holey Forest)
  • Reinette (lv35) (Holey Forest)

Thats all the list of suggestion on where to level up. I will update this list later on.


(let say your level is currently 5)

  • a) go to singing fields
  • b) find a single mob name Dinky Puddly (lv20)
  • c) fight
  • d) use any skills u want to level up most
  • e) after use one skill, let Dinky Puddly hit u
  • f) POOFFF!! your level up, your skill level up

P/S : fyi, Dinky Puddly dont have any skills that hurts you. they may be a threat if in group but if they are solo, you have a free XP and skills XP as their only skill is hit you (enter your body) and -1 AP for 2 turns. Once they hit u (enter your body) the fight will be over and u will be the winner. U can get easily 400+XP and 90+ Skill XP.

Have fun!!

Rozi Tiger (“English” guild) . Currently level 42 Air Iop

Bonta Iop Air by Areshi

And i’m from Bonta Iop Air ^^ And soloing ^^

Level 1~5 = Incarnam Woodents
Level 6~10 = Incarnam Gobbals
Level 11~15 = Real Gobbals
Level 16~20 = Tofurbys … Try only one its a good xp
Level 21~30 = How about Biblies?
Level 31~40 = One arachnee… they have like 500hp and they hit round 40~70
Level 41~55 = Amakna =P its not bad … Kelba Bridge ^^ There is a Guard called Malarondel …

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