Domain of Heroes Price Guide

Domain of Heroes Price Guide by Jowlstar


Regular Items
Rare Items T-1 T-2 T-3
Coin 500K 1.5w 2.5w
MF 75k 500k 5w
EXP 200k 400k 1w
HPR 50k
MPR 50k
+All Skills 10w
+Race/Class 80-100K
Unique Items T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 10k
Coin 500k 2w 3w
MF 50k 2w 7w
EXP 50k 250k 3w
HPR 200k
MPR 50k
POW% 10k 100k 450k
MND% 10k 100k 450k
LUK% 10k 100k 300k
AGI% 10k 100k 200k
LIF% 10k 80k 200k
END% 10k 80k 200k
All Skill 25-30W
+Race/Class 300k
Legendary Items T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 50k
Coin 1w 3w 7w
MF 650k 10w 30w+
EXP 550k 2w 7w
HPR 1w
MPR 500k
POW% 100k 300k 7w
MND% 100k 300k 6w
LUK% 100k 300k 4-5w
AGI% 100k 300k 2w
LIF% 100k 300k 2w
END% 100k 300k 2w
All Skill 60W+
+Race/Class 500k-1W
Mythical Items T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 500k
Coin 2w 8w 12w
MF 3w 7-11w 60w+
EXP 400k 1-2w 8-10w
HPR 8w
MPR 2w
POW% 500k 4-5w 14w
MND% 500k 3-4w 13w
LUK% 500k 2w 9w
AGI% 500k 2w 7w
LIF% 500k 2w 7w
END% 500k 2w 7w
All Skill 140w+
+Race/Classl 2-3W
Uncommon Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 500-800k
POW% 1w 4w 9w
MND% 1w 4w 9w
LUK% 1w 2w 6w
AGI% 1w 2w 5w
LIF% 1w 2w 5w
END% 1w 2w 5w
Notable Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 5w
POW% 6w 10w 27w
MND% 6w 10w 27w
LUK% 6w 10w 27w
AGI% 5w 7w 14w
LIF% 5w 7w 14w
END% 5w 7w 14w
Rare Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 19w
Coin 21w 40w 70w
MF 40w 65w 100w
EXP 37w 55w 90w
HPR 110w+
MPR 75w
POW% 25w 40w 65w+
MND% 25w 40w 65w+
LUK% 20w 32w 50w+
AGI% 18w 28w 41w+
LIF% 18w 28w 41w+
END% 18w 28w 41w+
All Skill Start at 210w+
+Race/Classl 24W
Unique Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 60-70w
Coin 75w 90w 120w+
MF 85w 125w 165w+
EXP 75w 95w 145w+
HPR 185w+
MPR 120w+
POW% 75w 95w 145w+
MND% 75w 95w 145w+
LUK% 65w 80w 130w+
AGI% 65w 80w 130w+
LIF% 65w 80w 130w+
END% 65w 80w 130w+
All Skill Start at 380w+
+Race/Classl 60W
Legendary Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 100w
Coin 145w 180w 245w+
MF 160w 255w 320w+
EXP 145w 180w 245w+
HPR 440w+
MPR 230w+
POW% 130w 200w 290w+
MND% 130w 200w 290w+
LUK% 120w 160w 250w+
AGI% 115w 160w 230w+
LIF% 115w 160w 230w+
END% 115w 160w 230w+
All Skill Start these at 775w
+Race/Classl 140W
Mythical Runes T-1 T-2 T-3
Vanilla 420W
Coin 430w 450w 500w+
MF 450w 500w 600w+
EXP 435w 490w 550w+
HPR 575w+
MPR 520w
POW% 450w 550w 650w+
MND% 450w 550w 650w+
LUK% 420w 520w 625w+
AGI% 420w 520w 600w+
LIF% 420w 520w 600w+
END% 420w 520w 600w+
All Skill Start these at 1200W
+Race/Classl 440W
Materials & Reagents
Materials Ratio (Mat:Coin) Comments
Stone 1:10 (Stone is not used as much anymore)
paper 1:5 (Paper is easier found and is not used that much)
Lead 6:1
Glass 6:1
Carbide, Ceramic, Platinum 5:1
Crystal, Plastic, Silk, Silver 4:1
Aluminum, Cotton 4:1
Gold 3:1
Brass, Bronze, Copper 3:1
Bone, Iron, Linen, Scale 4:1
Leather, Wood 15:1
Steel, Shell 15:1
Reagents Ratio (Reagent:coin)
LUK Orbs 1 : 1
POW Orbs 1.5-2 : 1
Bottled Pain 2.5-3.5 : 1
MND Orbs 2 : 1
AGI Orbs 6 : 1
LIF Orbs 6 : 1
END Orbs 7 : 1
Others 10 : 1
1 Wish 1-1.1m
1 Treasure Hunter Pack (TP) 100w
I would like to thank a few people in particular for all they’ve done to keep the price guide running. Athy since the beginning she had a price guide up so everyone could have a better idea of values, Lurkily for designing this code being used to create this guide and Ugliestorc for his work to preserve and update the guide for a while. Without these people the guide would likely not be around, I know countless hours of watching trade and being a part of the trading goes into ensuring that these prices are an accurate resemblance to whats happening in trade.

Please keep in mind that no matter how much someone tries they’ll never complete a perfect pricing guide, there is simply too much room for random chance that an item could go for less or could go for more. It’s dependent not only on how active trade is at the time of your sale, but its also dependent on how you make your sale. Whether or not you’re a quick sales person, or you’re the person that spends days and hours auctioning something. In the end the both items get sold by the price variates, so keeping that in mind here is my best attempt to create a guide that is as up to date as possible regarding the current trade in DoHria.

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