Domain of Heroes Making Quick Money for New Players

Domain of Heroes Making Quick Money for New Players by KoV

Oke easiest ways to make money if ur new and want some small profits.

Current purple / legendary items are sold if they are junk for 500k coin
you can resell them to certain people for 600k coin giving you an small 100k coin profit.
So try buying purple stuff for 500.000 coin and wait till someone shows up that buys it for more.

Red items are sold for 2.5m to 2.75m coin same thing as with purple buy for 2.5m sell for a littlebit more.

Next to that upgrade your reagents capacity to 10 million and start recycling stuff thats junk but has bonusses that give 37.5 extra power luck mind agility endurance or life.

If you recycle such an item you get 100.000 orbs of the corresponding type.
Luck orbs have the best price at the moment as they sell for 2 coin each.
So if you happen to recycle something with 37.5 luck on it you get 100k luck orbs that you could sell for 200k coins.

Green Keys: Collect them the names dont matter sell them at the best price you could get try 100k coin for keys you can always go a bit lower if someone offers 90 or 80k. The more you have the more interest you’ll be able to gather so try to collect 20 and try to sell them for a wish.

Join forum games they are fun and some have nice prices so participate for the fun and the pricepot if you could use it.

If you play a bit you should also ofcourse go to the option menu and click the following checkboxes:


These plugins are made by some players but will help you greatly in the game.

Also on a sidenote join a guild (cost 1 wish to become guildworthy) they will help you out with some epics etc so you have a nice start epics are mostly junk but can have some nice enchants to help you on your way.
They can also help you on answering questions like what something is worth.

So I hope new people will read this and become some great players.

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