Gardens of Time Quest Requirements

Gardens of Time Wonders and Side Quest Requirements by billiejosunrise

This is by no means conclusive. This is all I have information on at this time. I am omitting the phrase “in your garden” to save time having to type it, and the space it takes up. If anyone can screen shot any of the other quests and PM me I will add them to my list

For those of you having trouble finding these items, I will include a link below to the the section where items are broken down by where they are located in the building menus. Please note that you *will* be asked to have/place items that may still be unavailable due to your level. So, the point is do not stop looking for an item in the menu just because you are entering into items above your level.

Where is it?

Side Quests

Quest Name Requirement
A Knight to Remember Have 1 Knight
A Poetic Garden 1 Have one Scholar Rock Have one Koi Pond Place 4 Lush Bamboo
A Poetic Garden 2 Have one Mandarin Ducks Have one Garden Bridge Have One Circular Doorway
Add Egyptian Flair Place 2 single Palm Trees Have one obelisk
Ah, Venice! Place 2 Red Rose Pots Place 2 Cafe Tables
Arresting Development Place 3 Wooden Barrels Have 1 Sheriff’s Office
Art Collector Have one Mona Lisa Have one Warhol Painting
Babylon Rebuilt I Place one Archway Place 2 Almond Trees
Babylon Rebuilt II Place one Lamassu Have one completed Lamassu
Bear Essentials Have 1 Brown Bears
Bloomin’ Yardwork Place 1 Golden Wattle Place 2 Queen Napranum
Bodhi Trees Place 2 Bodhi Trees
Build the Egyptian Temple Have one Completed Egyptian Temple
Bus to the Future Double Decker Bus
Cagey Bees Have 2 Kremlin Walls
Cathedral Conundrum Place one Da Vinci Sculpture
Column What You Will Place 2 Column Rows (states 0 of 1)
Really need 1 Roman Column
Place one Column Corner (states 0 of 2 so need 2)
Creature Feature Have 1 Movie Lights Have a Bogman
Crom Plating Have 1 Blacksmith
Crunch Time Have 1 Nutcracker
Dance Fever Place a Dancer
Dark Ages Complete the Round Table in Flashlight Mode 3 times Complete Merlins Lab in Flashlight Mode 3 times Complete Steed Stables in Flashlight Mode 3 times
Desert Oasis Place one Oasis Place 3 Ephedra Plants
Dragon Curator Retrieve the Shanghai Dragon(get 4 stars in Shanghai Docks called the Jade Dragon of the Shanghai quest) Retrieve the Beijing Dragon (Return of the Jade Dragon 4 stars in London Clock Tower Desk)
Drive in Quest Have/Place Drive in Movie Sign
Enlightenment Place 2 Marble Colums Have one Philospher’s Podium (Greek Philosopher)
Forbidden Temple Place one Forbidden Temple Have one Forbidden Temple
Greek Temple Have one Greek Temple
Guardians 1 Male Lion 1 Female Lion
Guards of Horus Have a Left Horus Have a Right Horus
Hailing Caesar Have a Petals of Triumph
Hailing Caesar part II Have a Zebra Triumph
Hailing Caesar part III Have a Triumph Treasure
Hailing Caesar part IV Have one Trajan Column
Hedge Fun Place one Big Topiary Place one Simple Maze
Hera’s Lore 1 Have one Hera’s Peacocks
Hera’s Lore 2 Place 1 Hera’s Pomegranate Place 2 Twin Cypress
Horsing Around Have one Chariot Guard Have 2 Egyptian Chariots
Imperial March Place 2 Banners Have one Armored Phalanx
Imperial March Armored Phalanx
Just Deserts Place 1 Cactus Place 2 Prickly Pear
Legend of the Jade Dragons Purchase one Ming Vase Have one Ming Vase for Quincy to analyse
Life’s a Birch Place 1 White Birch Place 3 Camomile
Light up, Sit Down Place 2 Paper Lanterns Place One Chinese Bench
Lion About Place one Marble Lion Have one Completed Marble Lion
London Bits 1 Have one Post Box
London Bits 2 Foot Guards
Milling About Have one Kizhi Windmill
My First Artifact Place a Standing Anubis
Naan Shall Pass Have one Naan Maker
Over Troubled Waters Place 1 Stone Bridge
Path to Liberty Place 6 Gravel Road tiles Place one Liberty Tree
Pipe Dream Place one Aqueduct Have one Aqueduct
Railroaded Steam Locomotive
Raising the Bar Have 1 Saloon
Roman Fountains Place a Fountain
Sacre Coeur Have one Sacre Coeur
Sandboxed Place 4 Patches of Sand Place two Egyptian Lamps
Seat of Power Have one Emporer’s Throne
Shades of Autumn Place 2 yellow fall trees Place 2 red fall trees Have one Garden Patio
Shark & Awe HAve 1 Aquarium
Six Degrees of Bacon Have one Pig Market
Son of Shiva Have one Ganesh Statue
Spring Fling Place one Catapult Have one completed Catapult
Stonewalling Have 2 Castle Walls
The Fabric of Time Have one Textile Merchant
Tree Hugger Have 1 Koala
Under London Have 1 Tube Entrance
Victorian Gardening Place 4 Pink Flowers Have one Bandstand
Victorian Gardening 2 Place 2 Benches Place 2 Lightposts Place 8 Cobblestone Roads
Victorian Gardening 3 Have one Birdbath Have one Garden Patio
Wagon Around Have 1 Covered Wagon
Walk of Fame Have 2 Searchlights Have 4 Fame Stars
Water Tower Quest unsure # as I built 89
What Does a Didgeridoo have/place 1 Didgeridoo (I built one and when it was done I got credit for it-so do not know wording)
What’s a Metope Have one Centaur Metope
When in Rome Place 4 Wild Poppies Place 10 Cobblestone Roads Have one Fire Brazier
World Cuisine Have a Dim Sum Cart Have a Fruit Stand Have a Bread Cart
Your Vineyard Have one Vineyard
Z-Unknown Quest Name Clay Prism
Z-Unknown Quest Name Lamassu Statue
Z-Unknown Quest Name Pavilion
Z-Unknown Quest Name Sundial

Wonder Quests

Wonder Quest Name Requirements
Big Ben Loose Ends Earn 9 stars in Ch 1
Have 2 new artifacts in garden
Place 3 new decorations
Royal Albert Hall Victory Lap Earn 13 stars in Ch 2
Place 2 new decorations
Have a Gramophone
Panda Refuge Ancient Chinese Secrets Have 2 Great Wall Segments
Have one Great Wall Tower
Earn 18 total stars in Ch 3
Hanging Gardens Roman Around Earn 18 stars in Ch 4
Place 2 new artifacts
Place 2 new decorations
Zeus Statue Hera’s Legacy Earn 3 stars in Greek Altar
Earn 18 total stars in Ch 5
Complete a Statue of Hera
Tomb of Horus Work Like an Egyptian Earn 18 total stars in Ch 8
Have one Painted Archer
Drive-in Theater That’s a Wrap Earn 18 stars in Ch 7
Eiffel Toiwer A Flair to Remember Earn 18 total stars in Ch 8
Place 2 artifacts
Place 3 decorations
Florence Cathedral Cathedral Catharsis Earn 18 total stars in Ch 9
Have one completed Da Vinci Sculpture
Colossuem Colossal Conclusion Earn 18 stars in Ch 10
Have one completed Statue of Caesar
mislabeled in game
Taj Mahal Crowning Achievement Earn 18 stars in Ch 11
Have one completed Taj Mahal Pool
mislabeled in game
Golden Gate Bridge Shootout! Have 18 stars in Ch 12
Have one Gunslinger
Have one Bandit
mislabeled in game
Uluru Scrum Master Have 18 stars in Chapter 13
Have 1 competed Rugby Huddle
Camelot Crowning Achievement Have 18 stars in Chapter 14
Have 1 completed Queen’s Throne
Have 1 completed King’s Throne
St. Basil’s Cathedral Easy Kizhi Earn 18 stars in Chapter 15
Have 1 completed Kizhi Pogost
Dragon Tower Dragon Snare Chain Earn all 20 stars in Ch 3*
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  1. i have completed all the requirements for chapter 3 (yes, 3) and cannot get access to the panda refuge wonder. i built this garden a couple years ago and stopped playing for a while then when i came back after being up to level 124 it made me start again. it shows i should be able to get the pandas but i cant!

  2. 41 andnothing on the bridge

  3. On level 40 now and after upgrading dragon tower to level 5 the stone bridge came up as well as the next chapter #14.

  4. I play on my ipad and I think they have been to busy making buildings that you have to use gold bars costing real $$$ and have forgotten about finishing the quest 'bridge over trouble waters'. There's 29 building you can build if you use gold and 19 buildings you can purchase from points you earn during the game. I wish there was another game like this that was less costly. I have never paid or spent so much on a game and try not playing it anymore but I come back in hope of an update. I will give it up for good soon.

  5. Same here level 42 let's get this fixed!!

  6. same here, chapter 14 and stone bride still not showing anywhere. I have all scenes and quests completed, level 45. no updates available either.

  7. Where is the stone bridge? Everything done on my iPad except that? At level 45. Please help soon.

  8. I am on level 41 and have completed all of the standard levels up to and including Uluru no premium one and I also need to place a stone bridge but cannot find it any help please.

  9. I'm on level 40 iPad, I've completed Uluru and am being told to place the stone bridge also. It isn't in any tabs and there are no updates to download. No help from 'support' either

  10. i'm on level 47 on my ipad and i also have been told to place a bridge over troubled water and it isnt in any of my lists to purchase. I've looked for updates n there is non available, so what to do?

  11. I can't find the stone bridge either and am on level 44

  12. I too am on level 45 and have compete All scenes in All chapters and can not find stone bridge

  13. I have the same Stone Bridge issue — I am level 45 and can't find the bridge anywhere.

  14. I am also on level 44 and have been told to place a stone bridge. It states it is in over troubled waters. I cannot find that chapter or the stone bridge. And there is a message that says there is a time crystals chapter coming soon, but I see posts that show people have played it already. Please help.

  15. they said the stone bridge is in the decoration, but I could find any!

  16. I'm on Level 49 and I can't find the Stone Bridge either!
    I am playing on my IPad.

  17. I'm having the same issue with the stone bridge and I'm on level 47. Also,I can't seem to make level 14 appear.

  18. Yep. Same for me and I'm on level 45. Can't find the Stone Bridge anywhere. …

  19. I have been told to place a stone bridge in my garden but I am not able to find it anywhere to purchase. I am on level 44 and have completed all 13 chapters available so far. I am playing on my iPhone. Any help much appreciated.

  20. I think the digeridoo quest is called "What a Digeridoo"

    In any case, it's have, not place

  21. water tower quest requires you to have one water tower.

  22. I have only 18 stars in Chapter 3 and I do have the Dragon Tower

  23. This came in really handy for helping a friend who was having problems getting wonders. thank you for doing this.

  24. In Work Like an Egyptian, you mention "earn 18 stars in Chapter 8". Isn't it Chapter 6? I have all 18 stars in Chapter 6, however, I have not been able to access my Tombs of Horus.

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