Flyff Bow User’s Skill Distribution Guide

Fly for Fun Bow User’s Skill Distribution Guide by rbardy

There is a new skill system and i will adapt that guide to that system so here we go.
Ok I’m reading this forum and i see a lot of topics with people asking how to distribute the skill points, so i will try to help.

Vagrant stage:

As vagrant don’t spend any point in skills, save those to when you become an acrobat.

Acrobat stage:

Congratulations now you are an acrobat and choose to use a bow and don’t have idea how to use those 78 points so i will help you :wink: .
Note: You will get a nameless scroll when you finish the job change, keep it, it is a reskill scroll (but you cant sell or trade or mail or anything, you can just use it), the best time to use it is when you reach the level 60 as i will say later in the guide.
Note2: In this guide when i say spend x points i will mean skill points, and when i say level it to lvl 6 for exemple i mean skill level.

Level 15
Skill points you have: 78
New Skills available: 3
ImageJunk arrow: It is the best 1st job damage skill among all classes but don’t max it yet because it will suck all your MP, but if it is your 2nd char and you have a lot of refreshers so max it, my recommendation to lvl it to 10~15 (20~30 skill points).
Points left: 58-38

ImagePulling: A yoyo skill you wont use it but it is needed to other useful skills like DI and PB so put it to lvl 4 (8 skill points) and leave it.
Points left: 50-30

ImageSlow step: It is a guide to bow users so don’t put points here.
Points left: 50-30

Level 18
Skill points you have: 56-36
New Skills available: 1
ImageFast walker: It isn’t a really useful skill, put it to lvl 6 (12 skill points) and you will be able to have Dark Illusion.
Points left: 44-24

Level 20
Skill points you have: 48-28
New Skills available: 1
ImageBow mastery: This skill add 1 damage per level so don’t worth to spend skill points here now, put it to lvl 5 (10 skill points) just to have access to silent shot and aimed shot.
Points left: 38-18

Level 30
Skill points you have: 68-48
New Skills available: 2
Note: This level is checkpoint, if you don’t mastered JA it is the time because now you can start your arena life and you will want to have master JA to kill the others and you have the access to the Dark Illusion that makes acrobats survive in the arena, so now you will have 48 skill points.

ImageDark illusion: Now the acrobat signature skill, it is a skill you must to master right now.
Points left: 8

ImageSilent Shot: Well put the rest of your skill points here and keep leveling this skill until it reach level 9 (18 skill points).
Points left: 0

Level 35
Skill points you have: 5
New Skills available: 1
ImageAimed shot: It is a good skill mastered but don’t put any point here now.
Points left: 14

Level 45
Skill points you have: 40
New Skills available: 2
ImagePerfect Block: Don’t care if you will be ranger or bow jester you must have it mastered.
Points left: 0

ImageAuto shot: It is a fantastic PvP skill, but you wont use that while you level, so spend your points here after you mastered your main skills later as a ranger.
Points left: 0
Note: I said rangers because a BJ wont use that skill at leveling or at PvP, so that is only worth for rangers.

Level 50
Skill points you have: 20
New Skills available: 1
ImageArrow rain: That skill have the best AoE damage per cast, but you wont use it until you become a ranger so you can past that skill for now and if you followed my guide you don’t even have lvl 5 aimed shot.
Points left: 20

Note: With those 20 skill points and the next points you can use in whatever skill you want, rise bow mastery or fast walker since you have a reskill to use when you become ranger or bow jester.

Level 60
Now congratulation you reach the level 60 and now you can choose to become a Ranger or a Bow Jester, the next part of the guide will be divided for those 2 classes:

Ranger stage:

Now you are a proud and happy ranger as me :mrgreen: and i will help you to use that skill points you have.
I will base my guide to AoE rangers, but i’ll make notes to 1v1 and hybrid (1v1 and AoE) rangers.

OBS: You can check the details of the rangers skills Here

Level 60
Skill points you have: 328(after you use the reskill)
New Skills available: 3
Ok it will be a long part of guide so let’s go:
Acrobat skills:
You will need Perfect block and Arrow rain mastered and Auto shot level 4 to get Ice arrow, so spend your skills points to have those skills and the their required skills.
Dark Illusion and Junk arrow will be great mastered to go 1v1 and in PvP so master it.
Master Arrow rain too that skill cause the highest damage per cast among the rangers AoEs.
Points left: 102

Ranger skills:
ImageFire arrow: Master it without questions.
Points left: 72

ImageIce arrow: It is an AoE, slows the enemy, good damage, you HAVE to master it.
Points left: 42

ImagePoison arrow: It is a good PvP skill, cause a good damage and cause poison in the enemy so max it.
Points left: 12

Level 65
Skill points you have: 37
New Skills available: 1
ImageFast shot: AoE, 1v1 and hybrid rangers you can master it, it gives you 2.5% aspd per skill level, you will get 100% aspd with any haste.
Points left: 11

Level 70
Skill points you have: 36
New Skills available: 1
ImagePiercing arrow: If you go AoE ranger max it, it cause a good damage and fill the cooldown that happens some times.
Note: 1v1 rangers can skip that skill and for hybrid it is a optional skill.
Points left: 36-6

ImageNature: The most useless ranger skill, level it to lvl 4 (12 skill points) to get access to Silent arrow skill in the lvl 75.
Points left: 24-0

Level 75
Skill points you have: 49-19(It depends if you spend points in piercing arrow)
New Skills available: 1
ImageSilent arrow That is the best PvP ranger skill, max it no mater or what .
Points left: 19-0

Level 80
Skill points you have: 44-13 (13 skill points if you got master piercing and silent arrow)
New Skills available: 1
ImageTriple shot That is a nice skill and you have already all the skill you need so why not master it?.
Points left: 14-0

Final note: Your final skill tree will look like that:
Junk arrow – 20
Bow mastery – 5+
Dark Illusion – 20
Perfect Block – 20
Aimed Shot – 5 (for arrow rain)
Arrow rain – 15-20 (depends if you are hybrid or AoE, 0 if 1v1)
Silent shot – 9 (for auto shot)
Auto shot – 4 (for ice arrow)
Ice and Fire arrow – 10
Poison arrow – 10
Fast shot – 10
Nature – 0-4 (same as poison arrow)
silent arrow – 0-10 (max you can get if choose to have it)
triple shot – 0-? (if you have points to spare, it is a really optional skill)

Bow Jester stage:
Congratulations fellow archer, you now are the crit king/Queen, and got the x4 crit rate, but now the skill distribution.

Level 60
Skill points you have: 328(after you use the reskill)
New Skills available: 0
Bow jester have a really easy time here, you will wont get any new skill for the rest of the game life, so you must redistribute your acrobat skills like this:
You have to master Perfect Block and Bow mastery, then master Dark Illusion, Fast walker and Junk arrow or Aimed shot or both (for PvP purpose).
points left: 91

Jester skills:
From now if you want to use the skill points in the jester skills follow this guide:
[Guide]Skill point allocation for yoyo acrobats going jester
You can also level other skills to try out like auto shot and test between Junk arrow and Aimed shot since Bow jester have less needed skills so they have more free points.

Final note: Your final skill tree will look like that:
Junk arrow: 20
Bow mastery: 20
Fast walker: 20
Dark Illusion: 20
Perfect block: 20

That’s my 2 cents for the acrobats in this forum i hope that guide helps.
Any miscalculation or grammar errors (English isn’t my main language) or comments please post here so i can fix it.

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