Flyff 1v1 Billposter Guide

Fly for Fun 1v1 Billposter Guide by alcopop


1. Introduction
– Pro’s and Cons and an Introduction to the BillPoster class and 1v1 BP

2. Builds
– 1v1 BillPoster Stat Builds and an explanation of Stats

3. Skills
– An explanation of the different BillPoster and Assist skills, their uses, which ones to get and Skill Builds

4. Equipment – Armor
– An overview of Assist and Billposter armor, and which ones to use

5. Equipment – Knuckles | Sticks
– An explanation of Knuckles and which ones to use
– An overview of the sticks you should use

6. Equipment – Egg Pets | Jewelry
– Everything to do with jewelry including which ones to use for leveling and PvP
– Which egg-pets to use for PvM and PvP

7. Equipment – Upgrading | Shields | Cash Shop Items
– Explanation of Piercing, Elementing, Awakening, Blessing and Weapon/Armour/Shield refining
– Shields, which ones to use and what stats to look for
– Which cash shop items to buy if you have the money, and what stats to get on them

8. Money Making
– A level by level guide on making money without buying gpotatoes.

9. Leveling
– Where to level from 15-120
– General Walkthrough of your time leveling as a BillPoster

10. Quests
– A list of useful quests
– Job Change Quests
– Explanation of Quest Office

Player Versus Player
– Arena PvP strategies
– Arena Etiquette
– PvP Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions
– A few common questions that everyone seems to ask

External Links | 1v1 RM | Short Summary
– Other useful links for answering questions I haven’t answered
– Click the other 1v1 billposter guides for another perspective
– How to use this guide as an RM
– A short summary of information, for people who are too lazy to read.

– Everyone who helped revise the guide, provide pictures and make it better
– My sources of information

– Definition of terms and anagrams used in game and throughout the guide


What is a Billposter?

A BillPoster (BP for short) is one of the eight third-job-classes in flyff, and one of the two third-job-class choices for the assist. The other being an RM, which is mostly a Support or AoE class, but does have [inferior] 1v1 capabilities.
The billposter on the other hand, is arguably the best tanker in the game, the best PvPer and one of the fastest levelers.
The word BillPoster comes from the “posters” or enchanted scrolls they use to cast a number of their skills.

What is a 1v1 BillPoster?

A 1v1 BillPoster, is the name given to a BillPoster that gains experience through killing each mob individually, hence One versus One. On the other hand, an AoE (Area of Effect) BillPoster gathers a large amount of mobs (masquerpets/monsters) and then tanks their damage and kills them all simultaneously.

Pros and Cons (As compared to other BillPosters)


1. Self-sufficient, you can level without the need of an FSRM (Full Support Ringmaster)

2. Good at gianting, ClockWorks, and perhaps even Meteo [Therefore a good source of income]

3. Great first character choice and easy to play

4. Reasonably cheap

5. You can still support other people with your own buffs that you obtain when you are an assist

6. You can still AoE with this character, which makes getting to 60 a lot easier

7. Good at PvP (Player Versus Player)


1. They level slower than AoE BillPosters

2. They’re not as good at PvP as compared to AoE Billposters

3. Requires a lot of funds if you want to kill very fast

4. Requires careful planning

5. You can still benefit a lot from having an FSRM around you, leveling with one becomes almost necessary towards endgame.

6. Without good equipment, it is hard to level past level 67

Making the Decision

Whether you want, or don’t want to play a 1v1 BillPoster is entirely your choice. I highly recommend this character to new players, who know barely anything about the game and are starting off with zero funds.


Any build that isn’t a part of these four is ineffective.
Feel free to adjust these builds to whatever you like, these are just guidelines and they’re all decent builds to go with.

Explanation of stats

Every time you level, you receive two points that you can put towards any stat. At level 1, you start out with 15 in each stat as default. The four stats you can spend them on are: Stamina, Dexterity, Intelligence and Strength. Here are their properties.

Stamina gives you HP, Defense and FP.
The more stam you put, the better you will be at PvP but the worse you will be at leveling. I don’t ever recommend going over 40 stamina, and you can level perfectly fine in a level 15 set with 15 stam, without being worried about dieing. More stamina also helps you with Gianting/Clockworks/Meteo
This is the third most important stat.

This stat adds block, hit rate (accuracy, how often you hit), crit and attack-speed. The effects from dexterity can be replaced with good equipment, but it is still an important stat to add to for most people.
The block you get from dexterity is negligible, as is the critical % you receive. You only add dexterity for more hit rate and attackspeed.
This is the second most important stat.

This stat gives you longer buff timers, better heal, more MP and higher damage for certain BillPoster skills.
A 1v1 BP has no need for any of these things, therefore you should not add any points to this.
This is the least important stat.

This stat gives you more attack, so you hit harder. It also adds damage to certain BillPoster skills.
This is your basic damage stat, and is therefore most important to the 1v1 BillPoster who maximizes melee damage.
This is your most important stat.

Build One

Str: XXX

Dex: 43

Stam: 15-40 [Recommended maximum is 30]

Int: 15

This is the most followed build, and usually the most efficient in terms of kill time and funds.
Also called the cookie-cutter build for this reason.
With maxed cannon-ball, haste and accuracy this gives you around 80-85% attackspeed, maxed hit rate in a +6 set and 6% extra crit.

Build Two

Str: XXX

Dex: 15

Stam: 15

Int: 15

As you can see, this build puts all points into strength, maximising your damage out-put and is therefore called the Full Str Build. This build requires good attack-speed awakens, a +8 set (Or good dex awakens/pierces) and maxed buffs.
Ultimately, this is the best build, but it also requires the most funds.

Build Three

Str: XXX

Dex: 80

Stam: 15-40

Int: 15

This is also known as the V6 build, this one gives you 4% extra crit than the Cookie Cutter build and with maxed cannon-ball, haste and accuracy you get maxed hit rate in a +3 set, about 88% attack speed and 10% crit. Go with this if you’re dirt poor.

Build Four

Str: XXX

Dex: 43-80 (Usually around 6x dex)

Sta: 15-25

Int: 15

This is basically a hybrid between Cookie Cutter and the V6 build, go with this if you don’t want to spend too much money, but still want a decent kill time.

Builds You Should Not Use for a 1v1 BillPoster

1. Anything with more than 40 stamina (Even 30 stamina is pushing it)

2. Anything with more than 15 int

3. Anything with over 80 dex

4. Anything that caps str (Stops adding strength at a certain level)


Skills, or “spells” are abilities you gain as you level. As a 1v1 BillPoster, the only necessary skills are buffs, however there are a number of skills which you will want so you can PvP effectively.

The AoE to 1v1 Skill Build

If you choose to AoE to level 60 and then start 1v1ing, then I suggest you follow this method of raising your skills. You must keep your event re-skill that you obtain at level 15 after doing the level 15 job-change quest.

Max in this order from 15-60:

Image Heap up

Image Burst crack

Image Beef up

Image Stone hand (level 19)

Image Haste

Image [Optional] Level 1 res

Image Cannonball

If you choose to get level 1 resurrection, you will only be able to get level 6 Cannonball when you finally turn billposter, level 11 cannonball if you choose to not get resurrection.

The Pure 1v1 Skill Build

If you choose to 1v1 all the way from assist to billposter, then pick this. You don’t need to keep your reskill, but it’s recommended just in case.

Max in this order from 15-60:

Image Heap Up (If you think you can survive without it, just get it to minimum)

Image Haste

Image Accuracy

Image [Optional] Level 1 res

Image Beef up

Image Cannonball

Image Stone hand (level 19)

Skill Builds 60+

After becoming billposter, you will have enough points to max the following:

Haste, Cannon, Heap, Beef, Accuracy, Stone (Level 19), amsodeus AND have level 1 res with 20 points to spare.

Now you have two options:

1. Save points for maxing asal and sonic hand for pvp

2. Max mental, quick step, cats reflex and prevention

Number 2 will be better for leveling, but it turns you into a sitting duck in pvp. Personally, I would pick number one because I like PvP.
In the end however, you will be maxing both of these skills.

PvP Skill build [60+]

Get everything to minimum until you get to 80, where you max asal. After you max asal, you can then max sonic hand, and then move to max the rest of the buffs.

Use this order:

Image Asalraakium

Image Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want)

Image Prevention [level 18]

Image Mental Sign

Image Quickstep (You can max quickstep before you max mental if you want)

Image Cats reflex

Leveling Skill build [60+]

You can choose to keep burstcrack if you want, just in case you get a partner that has a tank with them.

Image Quickstep

Image Mental Sign

Image Prevention [level 18]

Image Asalraakium

Image Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want)

Image Cats reflex

AoE Skill build [60+]

At level 60 after job change you should have:

Haste, beef, heap, stone (level 19), burst crack, prevention (18) and amsodeus maxed or at the specified level.

If you want, you may choose to max cats reflex before Haste to increase your tanking ability.

After you have those, do whatever you want with your points really. After 70 however, you will be forced to reskill. You can still AoE, but without really good equips, it isn’t worth it. This build does not cover AoE leveling past level 70.


The section of the guide that shows you what rings, necklaces, earrings, armor, weapons and shields you should be using.


Armour will be sorted from lowest level to highest

Sardine/Curus Set

Level 15


ImageImageImage Image

Bonuses include:

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+15, DEX+3
3/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%
4/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%, Atk Speed+10%

This is a great set, usable to level 95 with good crit awakens, allows you to use a crit shield instead of an attack speed awakened one.
If you choose to use the Talin set, then I still recommend using this from level 15 to level 30, it speeds up leveling. Only if you have funds though.
This set also adds +10% MP which can increase the damage of asal.

Talin/Sayram Set

Level 30




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19, INT+5
3/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Crit Rate+10%

The second option for armor to use before level 95/105. The +10% crit is great, remember more critical means more damage. Requires enough dex awakens/pierces or attack speed awakens to achieve 90+% attack speed.
In my opinion, Talin is better than Sardine only because it’s easier to get attack speed awakes as compared to crit awakes. It also looks better, but it’s up to you.

Wedge/Flury Set

Level 45




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19, INT+7
3/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Decreasing of Magic Motion Time+30%

This set is useless for 1v1 BillPosters, it is only useful in PvP later on in the game. Buy this for PvP later on in the game when you have all of your 1v1 leveling gear together.

Rashadain/Yuandain Set

Level 50


Helmet:Resistances: Electric+8%, Fire+8%, Water+16%
Boots: Resistances: Electric+7%, Fire+7%, Water+14%
Gauntlet: Resistances: Electric+9%, Fire+9%, Water+18%
Suit: Resistances: Electric+10%, Fire+10%, Water+20%

Rashadain special bonuses:



Yuandain special bonuses:



This set is also known as the ClockWorks set, because it drops from ClockWorks. CW sets are the only sets that have different bonuses for Male and Female, each class has a CW set of its own.

You can use either set for AoEing if you wish (It gives a lot of defense), but it is inferior for 1v1 as compared to an awakened set, talin/sayram set or sardine/curus set. Not recommended for 1v1, but if you had to use it for 1v1, I recommend you choose the female set.

Shurand/Shuran Set

Level 60 [assist]




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19
3/4: Def+45, INT+8
4/4: Def+45, INT+8, Add HP+15%

The level 60 assist set is good for AoEing in due to the HP bonus, but is otherwise useless for 1v1. It can also be useful for gianting, so you don’t get one-hitted by a ragecrit.
This set is also good for low-leveled PvP in the arena or guildwars or something.
Any good awakened NPC set, level 30 set or level 15 set is better to use than this set for 1v1 leveling.

Alext/Ales Set

Level 75




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+43, DEX+7
4/4: Def+43, DEX+7, Add HP+15%

This set is good for AoEing, gianting and PvP. Useless for 1v1ing, continue to use any well awakened NPC set, level 30 set or level 15 set.

Akent/Aken Set

Level 90




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+47, MP Consumption -15%
4/4: Def+47, MP Comsumption -15%, DEX+5

Absolutely useless. Do not use this set.

Rody/Rodey Set

Level 105




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+47, Hit Rate 12%
4/4: Critical Damage +40%, Def+47, Hit Rate 12%

A great set, use this set at level 95 if you can afford reductions. It’s the best 1v1 set for BillPoster, and as such, is the final set you will use for leveling.
Upgrade it, awaken it and love it.

Billist/Billporon Set

Level 105




1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Blk+10%, Melee Blk+10%
4/4: HP+15%,Def+15%, Ranged Blk+15%, Melee Blk+15%

A good set for gianting, meteo, PvP and AoE. Bad for 1v1 leveling however.
This set is also called the V7 BillPoster set, as this set was released in V7.

Grim(M)/Grim(F) Set

Level 120




1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: STR+10, DEX +10, Add Def+25%, Add HP+15%

Very expensive to buy clean, even more expensive to buy upgraded. It’s not good for anything, the V7 BillPoster set is better than this set in every single way possible.
It looks a treat though.

The “Other” Option

Any NPC set awakened with as much critical as possible on the suit, attackspeed or critical on gaunts, adoch on boots and strength or dex on helm.
I recommend this if you can’t get a decently awakened Talin/Sayram or Sardine/Curus.
This is also very good to use till you get Rody/Rodey.



This section covers what types of weapons are available to you, and which weapons you should use.

Level 15 Unique: Irony Knuckle


STR+2, Crit Rate+1%

Not exactly very special, if you have money, buy it. It has the highest attack rate of any weapon till level 30, but you can get by with just NPC knuckles.

Level 30 Unique: Steel Knuckle


STR+3, Atk Speed+5%

A very nice knuckle, it has a decent attack rate and it gives 5% attack speed. Again, not necessary, but if you can afford one, definitely buy this.

Level 45 Unique: Fist of Revenge


STR+5, Reflect Damage+10%

Not a very good knuckle at all. If you get it to +3, it has the same attack rating as a level 55 knuckle, but it adds +10% reflection…It’s cheaper to buy this +3 than get every NPC knuckle from 45-60 +3 so that it becomes equal in attack rating, so might as well use it.

Level 60 Green: Guardian Knuckle


Atk Speed+15%, HP Rate+15%

Good for AoE, good for gianting, good for PvP. It’s a great knuckle for 1v1 also, but only if you have a +6 set (With cookie cutter) or +8 set(With full str) or you reach 100 dex+ with buffs and equipment.
If you don’t have maxed hit rate, then this knuckle is not worth buying.

Level 60 Unique: Yakadain Knuckle


STR+5, Hit Rate+20%

Also known as the Clockworks Knuckle (CWKnuck for short) is the knuckle you should use from 60-75 if you don’t have maxed hitrate, in which case you should be using a gknuckle.

Level 70 Unique: Ivilliness Knuckle


STR+2, DEX+2, STA+2, INT+2

Not a good knuckle, no idea why people use this. It doesn’t even look pretty.

Level 75 Green: Historic Knuckle


DEX+5, Crit Rate+13%

A great knuckle. Most people will use this till 95/105, if not till 120. Upgrade it, pierce it, element it, ultimate it, awaken it and maybe even reduce it.
It’s a great knuckle. You MUST use this.

Level 90 Green: Angels Gloves


HP Rate+15%, Hit Rate+20%

A nice knuckle for AoEing and PvP. For 1v1, it’s good if you don’t have maxed hit rate, and is worth buying if you don’t, but it’s a lot more expensive than the Historic Knuckle, so chances are if you can afford this, you can afford a 20dex awakened talin helm, a 2/2 shield and a 3/3 knuckle (This will put you at maxed hit rate with 40 base dex and maxed cannonball/accuracy)

Level 105 Green: Legendary Golden Gloves


Additional Damage of Critical Hits+38%, Atk Speed+10%

A fantastic knuckle, most people will use this for 1v1ing. However, I only recommend doing so if you can manage 30% critical with this knuckle and a rody set. Otherwise you’re better off using a hknuckle and rody (LGGlove and talin set is also an option).
This is your final 1v1 leveling knuckle, upgrade it and make it as good as you can afford.

Level 120 Green: Bloody Knuckle


Additional Damage+250, Def+100, Add HP+20%

A good knuckle. Good for AoE and PvP. I wouldn’t recommend it for 1v1ing.

Level 120 Ultimate Green: Vampire Knuckle


Additional HP+20%, Defense Rate+10%, Ranged Attack Block Rate+10%

Pretty mediocre.
Don’t get it, it isn’t worth the price tag and the Bloody Knuckle is good enough for PvP.
This knuckle is useless for 1v1.

Level 120 – Master Ultimate Green: Ancient Knuckle


Additional HP+23%, Defense Rate+15%, Melee Attack Block Rate+10%

Meh, slightly more useful because it has melee block, which is pretty much the only block you need…
But I’d probably stick with the Bknuckle for PvP, mostly because it’s cheaper and it has similar bonuses.
This has 3% extra HP and 10% block going for it.
Don’t use this for 1v1 as well.


Please note, sticks are the last thing you should be spending money on. An awakened stick is no more than 20mill on most servers, so buy one if you have money to spare, but don’t go spending 100s of millions of penya on a pretty +8 element Gstick, or a +20 int 4/4 awakened stick. The money is better spent elsewhere.

In a stick, we look for(in order of importance) Intelligence (Which adds to buff timers), DMMT (Faster buffs) and Decreasing of MP usage (Cannot be awakened, but helps for lower levels).

Instead of going through all the green sticks, here are the ones that might be considered useful:

Any awakened blue or green stick

At least 15 int

This is your best option.

Level 45 Unique: Stick of Roritoren


INT+5, Reduce MP Consumption+10%

A good stick, awakened stick is still better though.

Level 105 Green: Legendary Golden Stick



It adds 20 int, great for buff timers. But on some servers, it’s still expensive even for a clean one (100m+), so you’re still better of with an awakened one most of the time.

Level 120 Green: Bloody Stick


Decrease Magic Motion Time+20%
Add MP+20%

Better than any awakened or green stick, but it costs upwards of 1bill on most servers. Not worth it in my opinion.


Egg Pets

Pets that come from eggs, not the Cash Shop ones that pick up items off the floor for you.
Pets come from eggs, which drop from all monsters higher than level 20, and a cheap to buy from player shops. You need to feed the egg approximately 50,000 pet feed in order to hatch it, where you will be given a random pet from the Pet Tamer (Located in each major city) by doing a quest.
Pet feed is obtained by going to the pet tamer and exchanging any quest items for pet feed. The higher level monster the quest item dropped from, the more amount of pet feed you will receive per quest item.
Each pet has 5 levels, these are: D, C, B, A and S.
D being the starting level and S being the highest.
With each level, they gain a random rank. A “maxed” or “perfect” pet, is one that has the highest possible rank for each level, which is


The lowest being


It’s hard to get this, and often requires “Blessing of Pet Tamers”, which is a cash shop item.

PvM Pets

There are only four pets that are useful for leveling. These are:

Image Dragon [Ideal over 200 attack]

Image Tiger [Ideal over 30 STR]

Image Rabbit [Ideal over 30 dex with good awaken]

Image Any pet awakened [Griffin is the cheapest pet]

They all have there advantages and disadvantages. Here they are:


Adds attack directly.

The second or third best choice. It adds less attack than a Tiger, because it just adds raw attack which isn’t affected by lightning cards (The ones you put in your suit).

It’s a good choice if you have other characters and don’t want to go make another pet. It doesn’t sell for very much though, which is good if you want to buy one, but bad if you want to resell one.


Adds STR

The best or second best choice, depending. It adds the most attack out of any other pet for a 1v1 BP. Nothing else to say.


Adds DEX

Best or second best choice, depending on your situation. It adds dexterity, which can be used to get better attack speed, hit rate and critical, which means you don’t need to waste money on an upgraded set or attack speed awakens on a shield. This means you can use a crit shield, and crit/str awakens.

PvP Pets

Other than the tiger for extra damage, your other two choices are:

Image Lion [Ideal 40+ STA]

Image Unicorn [Ideal 3.5k+ HP]

Basically, these are both used for more HP, which you need for the arena since you should have under 30 STA.

Unicorn is better than Lion for PvP, but lion can also be used for PvM on AoE characters if you have any, or on your BP so you can AoE for a longer time if you get bored of 1v1ing.

Lion is more versatile, but Unicorn is a lot better.

Leveling Your Pets

Two options.

1. Keep your pet out when your active, always feeding it, making sure the pet and yourself doesn’t die

2. AFK level your pet, and then when it gets to around A or S you can start using it while you level

I prefer number 2 personally, but if you can’t afk then you’ll need to stick it out and do number 1.


Jewelry includes earrings, rings and necklaces. Sometimes called accessories.

Please Note
Upgrading jewelry should be one of your last priorities. +9 rings, +12 earrings and +6/+19 necklaces should be the highest you ever go for a LONG time.

Earings dropped from ordinary, non-flying monsters are always +0. Flying monsters drop plugs up to +9 and Clockworks drops highly upgraded demol earrings.
There are two types of earring, and these are Demols and Plugs. Demols add attack, Plugs add defense. These can be upgraded using moonstones, but may break when you try to upgrade past +3. Use Aprotects (A cash shop item) if you wish to upgrade past +3, but don’t want the item to break. You can upgrade these up to +20

Rings dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. These do not drop from flying monsters, and will drop up to +6 from an ordinary giant. Clockworks and Meteo will drop rings like these over +9.
There are many types of rings, the ones that people only use are Stam Rings, Intelli rings, Vigor rings and Arek rings. These can be upgraded using moonstones and Aprotects up to +20.
Vigor adds STR, Arek adds DEX, Intelli adds INT and Stam adds STA.

Necklaces dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. You may upgrade it using moonstones and aprotects up to +20.
+6 and +19 Necklaces drop from giants, most notably from the Giant Steelknight (Level 59, refer to money making section).
There are three types of necklace. Peisoin which adds FP, Mental which adds MP and Gore which adds HP.
Gore will drop +6 at the highest, and Peisoing and Mental will drop+19 at the highest.

Leveling Jewelry

Image Demol Earrings

Image Vigor rings

Image Gore necklace

Image Plug Earrings

For demol earrings (Also known as Demols), buying two of them +12 is recommended. These will give you 105 additional damage each, or +210 altogether. These are affected by attack piercings, as it is “Additional Damage” and not just raw attack which a dragon gives you.

For Vigor rings, buy two +9. They’re reasonably cheap, and give you 10 STR each or 20 STR all together.

Gore necklace should be upgraded to +3, you may buy or farm the giant steelknight for a +6 one if you want, but +3 is more than fine.

Plug earrings only help with AoE, and should never be used when you 1v1. Just if you feel like AoEing, they’re good to use. They drop +9 from flying mobs, and are pretty cheap (20m-50m each depending on server).

PvP Jewelry

Image Stam Rings

Image Mental Necklace

Image Speedoes

All of this jewelry is useful for PvP. Demols, vigor rings and Gore Necklaces are also commonly used for BPs.

Speedoes add block, and drop from Clockworks or Meteo (?). They drop +1, which gives 3% block or +3 which gives 10% block. Two of these +3 will give you 20% block, which can help a lot when versing blades, bowjesters and rangers. +3 Speedoes are ridiculously expensive though, often over 1bill each on most servers.

Stam rings add stamina, which give you more HP for tanking hits in PvP. Try and get +6 ones if you have spare money. They also help if you choose to level using AoE method till around 70.

Mental Necklace adds MP, which gives you more asal damage. Try and get +19 ones, they’re usually cheap but on some servers can cost a lot. Which is why it’s best to just farm yourself one when you kill the SteelKnight giant.

All other jewelry is useless.



Elements are very important. These help you survive and kill a lot faster when used correctly.
Remember this:

Image [beats] Image [beats] Image [beats] Image [beats] Image [beats] Image etc..

So when versus a fire elemented monster, element you knuckle with water and you will do more damage. Element your suit with water and you will receive less damage from the monster.

The higher the element, the more damage you do against a weak elemented monster.

Here’s a table someone provided that shows the increase in damage depending on the upgrade of element (this is assuming you’re versing something that your elemented weapon has an advantage upon):


I assume it works the same way for defense, except it would reduce damage by 10% or 68% or whatever.

As you can see, Elements go up to +20, but going higher than +10 is very expensive. Even +10 is very expensive.

However, as of V14, the upgrading success rates has increased, so getting to +10 element won’t be nearly as hard as it used to be, even getting to +20 element might be possible!

You can use Cyclone cards for wind element, Flame for fire, River for water, Generator for electric and
Desert for earth.

When upgrading an element higher than +3 you need to use a spro to prevent it from breaking when it fails.

When you need to change element, buy a Scroll of Element Change from the CS or from another player (Only use if you have an element over +5, otherwise it isn’t worth it.) or go to Bobochan in Cen Flarine and get rid of the element (100% success) for just 100k and upgrade it again.

Awakening and Blessings


These are special stats, that can be either negative, positive or neutral.
This means they can take off stats, add stats or give/take off something so useless or in such low amounts that it isn’t good or bad.

For more information on the basics of awakening, see here:

For billposters, we want:

Helmet -> STR or DEX. I prefer Dexterity for hitrate since I don’t like to waste money on upgraded sets.

Suit -> Attackspeed or Critical. I prefer Critical.

Gauntlets -> Attackspeed, Attack or Critical. I prefer critical, then attack speed, then attack.

Boots -> ADOCH (Or aditional damage of critical hits) or Speed (Walking speed). I prefer ADOCH.

Weapon -> STR, DEX, Attack, Crit, Attack Speed or ADOCH. In order of importance:
Crit -> ADOCH -> STR -> DEX -> Attack Speed -> Attack.

Shield -> Str, Dex, Attack, Crit, Attack Speed or ADOCH. In order of importance:
Crit -> Attack Speed -> ADOCH -> STR -> DEX -> Attack.

Blessing of Goddess

Also called Blessings, not to be confused with Blessing Scrolls which are also called Blessings, which make sure you don’t lose any exp when you die, and remain active until you die in a PvM environment.

Blessing of Goddess are awakening scrolls for Cash Shop Costumes and Cloaks. They’re always positive, and add up to +7 of any stat, +150 of MP, HP or FP, +28 Defense, +35 attack and +5% of any percentage based boost (DCT, Attack speed, Crit etc.)

For a billposter, we want (in order of importance):

Crit -> Str -> STR -> Attack Speed -> DEX -> Speed -> MP -> DCT -> HP

Anything else is useless.


There are two types of Piercing, that is Suit piercing which is percentage based and Weapon/Shield piercing which usually gives stats and a small percentage of something.
Piercing is done via any weapon NPC in a town. It costs a small fee and a moonstone. Gprotects are also recommended, as piercing can break even from 0/0 to 0/1. Gprotects will protect your item from breaking, but not from failure and it is a CS item. All weapons and armor start at 0/0 (Which isn’t visible). Suits go up to 4/4 and Weapons/Shields go up to 10/10.
You can use Water, Land, Wind and Fire cards for Weapons/Shields. They range from D grade being the lowest and A grade being the highest. A cards do not drop, and must be exchanged through a NPC in Eastern Flarine. You need 10 B cards to get a chance of getting a A card.
For a Suit, you can use Lighning, Vacuum, Ocean, Volcano or Earthquake cards. They range from 2% to 7%. 7% cards no longer drop, and can be obtained by collecting (Get 10 pieces and exchange them at the collector NPC) or get 10 4% cards and exchange them via the exchange NPC in East Flarine to get a chance of getting a 7% card.

Suit Piercings

For suit piercings, I recommend at least using 4% cards, which can range from 1-10mill depending on the server. 7% cards can range from 5mill-1bill depending on your server.
Use Lightning cards for 1v1 Leveling.

The only useful cards are:

Image Lightning Cards – Adds 2%-7% attack per card, useful for PvP and, more importantly, PvM and Giant Hunting

Image Volcano Cards – Add 2%-7% HP per card, which helps for PvP

Image Ocean Cards – Adds 2%-7%MP which helps for PvP as it increases asal damage

Image Earthquake Cards – Adds 2%-7% Defense per card, which can help for AoEing if you choose to do so.

Weapon/Shield Piercing

I recommend at least using B cards. For these, you should only ever use Electric B cards. These add +4 dex and +1% crit, that’s like 1.4% crit per card. Electric card As add 7 dex and 2% crit, which is 2.7 critical per card, or up to 27% bonus crit for a shield or weapon. The dex is also helpful for hit rate and attack speed.

For PvP you can use anything you want though. But never put anything except for electric cards B into your Hknuck and leveling shield.

Shields asdf

Shields are pieces of armour that are equipped on your off-hand, or the hand that you aren’t using your knuckle with. These can add a lot of stats, a little bit of defense and are extremely vital for doing well as a 1v1 BP. The level of shield you use does not matter. Shields add VERY LITTLE defense. A +3 shield awakened with 9% crit is just as good as a shield level 113 awakened with +9% crit, except the 113 shield looks better.

You should use (In order of importance) before level 90:

Attack Speed -> Critical -> ADOCH -> Dex -> STR -> Attack

For piercings, always use Electric Cards B or A.

You should use (In order of importance) after level 90:

Critical-> ADOCH -> STR -> Attack Speed -> DEX -> Attack

For piercings, continue using Electric cards B or A.

Masks, Cloaks and Cash Shop Clothing

Masks include sunglasses, and masks (orly). Also known as face items.

Cloaks are items bought from the Cash shop or can be obtained in game through buying from another player. You can also get cloaks from most event boxes, events and you can get useless ones that are just for looks from a guild.

Face Items

You should only use sunglasses that add HP and MP, or a Mask that adds +1 of dex, str or stam. Masks aren’t too expensive, and make pretty much zero difference to your leveling speed. The HP and MP sunglasses are useful for PvP though, and some of them look pretty nice too.


Cloaks are items that are worn on your back. I recommend you buy a “Country Cloak” or “Flag Cloak”. These add +100 hp and +10% speed, which helps you in the arena and when you’re leveling. Because you still need to walk up to each monster before you kill it, so it does help.
Dragon cloaks (Add +5 each stat) or cloaks that add over +4 of Dex or Str are also very useful. Cloaks can also be blessed for more stats, see the Awakening and Blessing section.

Cash Shop Clothing

Cash Shop Clothing are costumes that you can put over your armor. These aren’t really useful for leveling, but they help in the arena if you don’t want to fight with someone because it shows that you’re rich. They also make you look good. Be original with your combinations, original combinations means more respect.

Cash Shop Clothing can be blessed, however. Which can make it useful for leveling. See the Awakenings and Blessing section.

Money Making

1v1 BillPosters are great at gianting, therefore making great moneymakers.

Giants are special mobs that have a high rate of dropping “Blue” or NPC weapons/armor/shields, jewelry and sometimes even greens. You can then sell these items for money, which you can use to buy better gear etc.

Just a general rule for gianting, be three levels under or three levels over the giant’s level. After you exit that range, you won’t get many drops, so it’s no longer worth it.

Whenever you farm giants or mobs, I always recommend you use party drop skills after level 50.

These are the only legal methods of making money excluding: Reselling items, scamming/hacking and buying Gpotatoes.

Buying gpotatoes is the most efficient way to make money, but it requires you to spend your real money on pixels.

Making Money ~ Levels 15-60

Not a lot you can do here, but there’s enough to afford decent jewelry and clean weapons at the very least.

Starting out: 1-15

As soon as you start out as a vagrant the only thing you can do is farm twinkle stones and sell them for 100k each, or buy twinkle stones off people and then resell them at 100k each in an AFK private shop.
As a vagrant, I also recommend you get level 15 at lawolfs, and don’t move to Bangs, nyangnyangs or Feferns if you’re short on money, since they drop a lot of armour and weapons, which saves you money and you can always sell the drops to the NPC if they are of no use to you, so you get some extra money that way also.

As an Assist: 15-30

At level 15, after your job quest, I recommend trying to buy a couple stacks of food that can heal your entire HP, or at least half, and then going to Mars Mine and killing mobs there. They drop a lot of cards, NPC items, Greens and occasionally stones.
You stand to make a serious amount of money here.
Stay leveling there until around 25 (When you reach the same level as mutant-bangs).
Sell all element 1-20 cards for 100k each in an AFK shop, and all D, C, 2%, 3% and 4% cards at whatever price you like. At that level, I personally recommend you keep C and 3% cards (no FP or MP cards please) to turn them into B cards, if you’re lucky it’ll work and you could sell the B card for around 5m.
Sell all +0 jewelry for 100k each.

After that there’s not much else to do, just keep killing mobs and selling the drops such as cards.

There’s a giant Jack Hammer (Level 33) that drops +3 jewelry fairly often, which you can sell for 3-5m, I recommend you start farming them (If you want to) at level 30.

At around level 30 you can also go kill Vice Veduques to go make more money, they’re giants so they hit hard, make sure you have plenty food. They don’t drop any unique items, but they respawn extremely fast, there’s five of them in the room, you rarely ever have to compete with someone for a spawn of them, and they always drop blue items.

Half-way There: 30-50

After you become too high for Giant Jack Hammers and Vice Veduques, At level 44 you can begin farming the Tomb Stone Bearer Giant, which drops +5 gore necklaces and +11 mental necklaces/Peisoin necklaces.
It’s definitely worth it.

At level 50 you can go farm Rockepellers (Near tranfogmas in Darken 2), which are a flying Mob, they drop +9 plugs which can sell for 30-60m depending on your server. Definitely worth it, even if you kill them pretty slow.
I recommend you invest in attack speed awakened gear for them.

At level 45, you can also start leveling in the Ivliss Dungeon, at Red Otems. These mobs drop a lot of Blues, the occasional Green and have a higher chance of dropping stones as well. Definitely worth it, especially if you can get yourself into an active Red Scroll party.

Final Stretch: 50-60

Next is the Giant Leyena which you can start farming at level 52, it drops +4 rings which can sell for about 5-10mill depending on your server.

At 55 I recommend you go level at Black Otems, which are the same as Red Otems, but are a higher level so they give more exp.

Then at 56, you can start farming the Giant Steelknight, which drops Gores+6, Mentals +19 and Peisoin necklaces +19, which sell for a lot of money.

At these levels, you can also go farm questies such as droils (Drillers, level 59-60), amperes(60-61) , guardieyes (62-63), dumptyres(64-66) and garbagetons (64-65) if you choose not to go level in the Ivliss Dungeon.
Dumptyres drop from Dumps, and sell for a lot of money. They can be found in Darken 3 in the desert (Deadwalderness)
Personally I prefer questie farming like this instead of the Ivliss dungeon, since I can get a leech with me, so I level faster.

Making Money ~ Levels 60-120

Starting out as a BP: 60-75

There’s plenty you can do here. Go farm repygles (Nautrepies level 67-69, in Darken 3) and continue at Black Otems or Dumps. You can also continue farming the SteelKnight giant.

At level 63 you can start farming the Mushelizer and the Giant Volt and Elderguard.

The mushelizer is a giant (That looks like a mong) and is in the Ivillis Dungeon, it only drops blue weapons, but it respawns fastly so it’s worth it.

Giant Volt (65) is great, it drops +5 jewelry which sell for quite a bit. The giant elderguard (68) drops a lot of blue items, and although it respawns very slowly, it’s near the Volt giant, so you can kill it while you wait.

Then at 73, you can begin farming for guardian weapons. The ones that sell for a lot are: Gstick, Gknuckle and Gbow.

I recommend you buy a party for this, and get a trusted friend to hold the lead for you while you hop servers.

Kill the following giants:
Sylica [Also +5 gores] (electric)
Mong [also drops +6 rings](Earth)
Nautrepy (Fire)
Rangda (Fire)

For leveling, you can go farm quests at Boo’s (Level 72-75) and Hoppres ( 76-77)

An Experienced BP: 75-90

Not much you can do here. If you wish, you can continue farming questies at Irens (81-83), Watangka’s (84-86), Antiqueries (87-89), Luias (90-93) and Gonguries (93-95).

Renykens (iren questies), Luchests (Luia questies) and Eronismints (Gongury questies) sell for a lot of money. You can also go to Grrs and Dumps in the desert for Grr Bandages and Dumptires.

At these levels you can also farm giants for historic weapons, but I don’t feel that it’s worth the effort personally.
The best weapons are: Hknuckles, (1h) Hswords, (1h) Haxes and Hyoyos.

Historic weapon giants:

Boo [Guardian weapons] (Level 77 Electric)
Carrierbomb (Level 77 Fire)
Hoppre (Level 80 Water)
Mushpoie (Level 83 Electric)
Iren (Level 86 Fire)
Watangka [no Prevention] (Level 89 Earth)
Level 85 Rangda (Level 85 Water)

You may also go to azria, they drops heaps of blues, green armours and stones, which can make you a decent amount of money with party drop skills.

Half-Way: 90-105

Like before, continue hunting for quest items if you wish.
Gonguries/Chims, Shuhammas/Bears (96-98), Kern/Muffrins (99-101), Glaphan/Popcranks (102-105). After that there are also the new Shaduwar mobs, specifically Toadrins.

Kerns, Glaphans, Chimeradons and Bernerky questies sell for over 500k each. You could probably sell Shuhamma questies for over 500k each as well, but they would take longer to sell. The new Shaduwar questies should also fetch a similar price, if not more.

You may also giant for Angel weapons, which sell for quite a bit, so it’s worth taking the time. Even the blue items that drop sell for over 600k each, so even if you don’t get anything it’s still great.

The following giants drop Angel Weapons:

Giant Grr (Level 92 Electric)
Giant Dump (Level 95 Water)
Giant Antiquery [Does not drop often] (Level 93 Earth)
Giant luia (Level 95 Fire)
Giant Gongury [Occasionally gets stuck underneath floor and you cannot access it] (Level 98 electric)
General Chimeradon (Level 98 Electric)
Lv. 100 Rangda (Level 100 Electric)
Giant Shuhamma (Level 101 Electric)
General Bearnerky (Level 101 Water)
Giant Kern (Level 104 Fire)
Great Chef Muffrin (Level 104 Fire)

Beware of the General Bearnerky, Great Chef Muffrin and General Chimeradon. These giants do a lot more damage, so you better have at least, at the very least, 9k or 10k HP.
If you added 30 stam to your build, this is your time to shine.

At this level you can also start farming for LG weapons. Most LG weapons aren’t worth over 30mill, with the only exception being Lgaxes, which sell for over 600mill on most servers. I highly recommend you farm this giant at 104.
The Queen Popcrank does a hideously large amount of damage, like the other Desert Giants (except the Giant Grr and Dump, of course) so beware of that.

Giant Glaphan (Level 107 Wind)
Queen Popcrank (Level 105 No Element)

And again, you can also just keep leveling in azria and get a decent amount of drops.

Final Stretch: 105-120

At this level you can begin farming all the quest items in the Desert (Except Dumptyres and Grr Bandages), which sell for a lot of money.

For giants, you will be mainly farming them for LGAxes, which is definitely worth it.

LG weapon dropping giants:

Queen Popcrank (Level 105 No element)
Giant Glaphan (Level 107 Wind)
Giant Dantalian (Level 110 No Element)
Giant Battle Toadrin (Level 110 Fire)
Troglodon Warlord (Level 113 Wind)
Great White Bolo (Level 116 Fire)
Giant Araknoid (Level 119 Water)
Colonel Club-tailed Reptilion (Level 120 Wind)

115 Rangda (Level 115 Wind)

All of these giants hit exceptionally hard, with the exception of the Giant Glaphan, which does somewhat less damage. Mostly because the Popcrank and Shaduwar giants have obscenely high rage multipliers (Something like 3x to 3.5x their normal damage when they’re at 20% of their HP)….So yeah.

The Popcrank Giant doesn’t have “prevention” or doesn’t “food”, in that it doesn’t recover it’s HP.

You may also choose to do ClockWorks, which is a level 80 giant that drops +9 and higher rings, CW armour, CW weapons and some shields. However it has over a million HP, does a lot of damage and you can only kill it once every 2 days (And you have to kill the giant within one hour).

If you think you won’t be able to kill it fast enough, then it is worth investing in a Red Scroll. You will most likely need an FSRM for this as well as party skills.

It is also possible to do meteonyker, but you need ridiculously good equipment, and it is near impossible. I strongly suggest that you contact Xurtan who can give you more advice. I only know of two/three BPs who can successfully hunt the Meteonyker, Xurtan (Who has 96% crit, 100% attack speed and uses lgglove and rody, and has reached 90k+ crits) and a certain BP on my server who owns a +7 ultimate LGKnuckle awakened with +8% critical and 6/6.
That kind of equipment is hideously expensive. I’d imagine a lot more than 20b.

Clockworks is a lot easier to do, I wouldn’t bother with Meteonyker unless you can buy gpots. Lots and lots of gpots.


This section covers where to level at, for how long and just some extra tips. Worth reading if you’re new to the game.

Vagrancy: 1-15

A vagrant is your first job. You can only get to level 15 as a vagrant, and then after that you can no longer gain any exp until you go and do a job change quest. A vagrant gets three skills, but none of them are worth getting, so don’t even think about it.

Instead of me explaining how to get from 1-15, there’s a guide on the flyff wiki that is much more detailed. … 1-15_Guide

I recommend you stay at mushpangs until you can get 5 forforms, as you need these to do your Assist quest, and it’s annoying when you have to come back when you are level 15 and spend hours trying to find one. Or worse, spending your hard earned penya on overpriced Forforms.

At level 15 do the assist job quest: … _Job_Quest

Starting Out as an Assist: 15-30

You’ve just done your job change quest. Congratulations, but now where should you go?


Two options. Go to bangs or go to the Mars Mines.

Mars Mine will get you more money, but there are aggroes so you WILL need to buy food. Leveling at the Mars Mine is also faster.
For people starting out, I recommend going to NyangNyangs just outside the Mars Mine in Flaris, and then Bangs.


For those choosing to AoE to level 60/70, you’re very close.

Continue in mars mines if you’re there until level 25 (Fight mutant bangs) After 26, you will need to move out of the dungeon.

If your outside the mines, after level 18 buy a blinkwing to saint morning (Magic NPC in Eastern Flarine) and head to Waagsaacs.
Wagsaacs are roughly north of Saintmorning City and the Duel Arena. The duel arena is no longer used, and will most likely be empty.

Stay at wagsaacs until level 19, then move to Mias(Just north of Wagsaacs or west of Mr. Pumpkins) until level 21, then Mr. Pumpkins until 23 (Hill of shade in SaintMorning), the Redmantis (Near Mr. Pumpkins) till level 25.

Then move to Jack the Hammers until level 27 and do your last level at Giggle boxes.

Mobs to skip:
Giants (nothing at this level drops anything good)
Ranged mobs (Normal Pumpkins and normal Wagsaacs are the only ones I remember. These monsters attack from afar and run away everytime they need to attack. It’s annoying.)


At level 28, you get your AoE. Element your suit opposite to what you level at if you AoE, and your knuckle opposite to what you level at if you 1v1 (Refer to Elements Section). Work towards getting a good awakened shield if you started off with very few funds (See shields section). Then after you have a good shield, work towards vigors+9 and demols+12.


If you choose to AoE, go back to Jack the Hammers or Redmantis ‘A’s (Near giggle boxes) and use your AoE on them (More information on AoE in the FAQ).

Continue to AoE any mobs that are 1-3 levels higher than you, and you should be able to take at least 8 mobs comfortably. If you cant, then you shouldn’t be AoEing or you’re killing monsters that are too high. You can try to element your suit, that usually helps , and you can always reverse it for a cheap 100k (Or just buy a new suit if you’re using NPC gear, that would be cheaper)

Mobs you shouldn’t AoE:
Ivliness mobs
Wheelems (The ones in Garden of Rhisis)
Scorpicons (Also in Rhisis)
Any mobs that use Ranged attacks
Any mobs that run away when they get low health.
Hobo’s (Terrible spawn)
Rock Muscles

You can test if a monster uses Ranged Attacks or if they run away at low health by just 1v1ing and seeing what happens.
For emphasis,
AoE anything 0-3 levels higher, element your suit opposite (see element section) and tank at least eight. If you can’t tank eight mobs at your level with an elemented suit, you shouldn’t be AoEing (Perhaps you should test this before you add points to Burstcrack)

Same before. As soon as you reach level 30, Start fighting mobs 4-8 levels higher. You should be killing under 10 seconds.Try and buy a steel knuckle (See Knuckle Section) and a good attack speed shield. Remember to buff yourself before you fight, as well as using Pang Buffs, which help you, since you won’t have good buffs yet.
Elementing your knuckle also helps. If you can’t kill under 10 seconds, go to a different mob. Even with the worst equips, you should be able to kill something 4 or 5 levels higher in at least 15 seconds at the very most.
It is also very important you have a leech as a 1v1er (See FAQ), otherwise leveling will be really slow and boring.

Mobs to skip:
Ivliness mobs
Wheelems (The ones in Garden of Rhisis)
Scorpicons (Also in Rhisis)
Any mobs that use Ranged attacks

Mobs that run away at low health aren’t too much of a bother as a 1v1er.


By now, you should have your shield you need (Stam for AoE or attack speed for 1v1, I only reccomend crit as soon as you have above 88% attack speed without an attack speed shield) and you should start working on vigors+9 and demols+12.
At these levels there are many quests you can do to get you from 45 to almost level 50. Do them.


Continue AoEing mobs 0-3 levels higher, go further if you have good equips and can manage over 1.5k burstcracks and tank at least 8 mobs.

Mobs to skip:
Ivliness mobs
Wheelems (The ones in Garden of Rhisis)
Scorpicons (Also in Rhisis)
Any mobs that use Ranged attacks
Any mobs that run away when they get low health.
Leyenas (Generally a crappy spawn, I don’t like em. You may here if you like)
Steelknights (You can AoE here, I found it frustrating though…Your choice)

Please note that you can level at black otems, in ivliness dungeon if you plan to AoE. They’re level 63, and all the mobs there are aggro so gathering is easy. They drop well, so it’s definitely worth it. They also give more exp, so go there if you can.


Same as before, 1v1 mobs 4-8 levels higher than you, element your knuckle. Don’t buy a Fist of Revenge unless you can get it +3 or higher. You should also have an attack speed shield by now, takes about 2-5mill to make yourself if you aren’t unlucky, or about 5-10mill to get one already awakened with 10% attack speed or more.

Mobs to avoid:
Ivliness mobs
Wheelems (The ones in Garden of Rhisis)
Scorpicons (Also in Rhisis)
Any mobs that use Ranged attacks

Go to black otems here as well if you can. They’re in ivliness dungeon, level 63 wind elements. Nice exp, nice drop.

The issue with cranes:
Many people want to 1v1 cranes before 60, which is fine but only under the following conditions:

– You must be over level 55

– You must be able to survive

– You must be able to do at least 800 damage with over 85% attack speed, with buffs

If you can manage all that, then by all means, go ahead.

At level 60, go do the BillPoster job change quest … _Job_Quest

Starting out as a BillPoster: 60-75

Please Note: From now on, I’ll just be giving your options straight, and saying which monsters are the best to level at, instead of just telling you where not to level. Because it doesn’t really matter that much pre-60 since you level fast enough anyway.

First of all, congratulations for making it to level 60.

By now you should at least have vigors+9 and demols+12, if you have trouble making money, look to the money making section.

Right now, you should be wearing either:

Awesome awakened set, talin set, sardine set OR NPC gear/Shurand (If you still plan to AoE)

If you have all of that, then begin working towards a yak knuckle+3 or higher (Or if you have money, and already have maxed hit rate through either 100 dex with buffs or a +6/+8 set then buy a gknuck +3 or higher)
They are pretty cheap, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you don’t have all that, an NPC knuckle should suffice. Try and get a decent awaken if you can, otherwise just stick it out till you can buy what you need.

Personally, I just used a yakadain knuckle+7 till 65, then reduced a Hknuck. Its not the most economical option, but i had spare money. I never recommend reducing anything except the LGGlove if you plan to use it.

Yes, you can still AoE as well. NPC gear is less than 5mill for the entire set, and can be bought from the NPC in Darkon 3 (The old lodelight, near altar of ranger) Use any knuckle, I used my yak knuckle, but you can also use an NPC knuckle.

A gknuckle is the best for AoE, but not worth it since I don’t recommend it past level 70, so yeah only if you’re going to use that knuck for 1v1ing as well (In which case you need a +6 set for 43dex and +8 or higher for full str, or enough dex awakes/pierces for max hit rate)

You will also do your last non-quest office quests in these levels. Unless of course you plan to go master/hero, in which case you have one last quest to do at 120.

I also won’t be continuing an AoE guide, because I don’t recommend it past 67. But basically, go from elderguards at level 60/62, then garbage spiders, then finally sylicas. That should get you to 67 fast enough.


There are a couple of quests you can do, to get to 62, but whatever, I’ll assume you don’t do them.


Finally, you can 1v1 decently.
Go straight to cranes, element your knuckle with +3 wind and away you go.

Don’t go to sylicas till at least 64/65, no matter how fast you kill cranes. I was doing them at under 3 seconds, but I stayed there anyway, stick it out, its great exp and they’re easy to kill.

If at level 60, you’re doing less than 1k damage to cranes, go to captain garbage spiders and level there till you can do at least 1k damage to cranes.

At around 64/65, go to sylicas, these guys hit hard so element your suit as well as your knuckle with electric. Only kill young sylicas, captains run away and normals use ranged attacks. Captains should still be okay, but I still prefer young sylicas. Many people recommend against this, because they do more damage than Mongs (which are higher leveled than sylicas), but I never had trouble surviving.


At around 66, you have three options:

Level at Boo’s

Level at yetti’s [azria]

Level at mongs.

In terms of best exp over time:

Yettis > mongs > boos.

So why level at mongs or boo’s? Because yettis are in azria, and you need to pay money to get there. It isn’t hard to get enough, 1 day tickets are around 5-15mill each depending on your server.But if you’re poor, don’t bother with them, its more worth it to save up money to whatever you need to buy. I didn’t go to azria till level 75 (But I had a leech with tank and I still had maxed burstcrack)

Then why level at boo’s?
Because, the spawn is uncrowded, barely anyone levels there, and its close to a shop. They drop more than mongs, and the questies can be sold for a lot of money, up to 500k each on some servers.

At 68, move to small carrierbombs [not normal or captains] or captain boos, or if your damage is less than 1.2k against carrierbombs, stay at mongs or normal boos. If you’re in azria, stay at normal yettis.


All monsters from this point outside of azria or the tower will be in Darken 3.

At 70, move to mushpoies, in azria move to mutant yettis at around 69/70.

Stay at mushies/mutant yettis till level 74/75 then move to either:
Irens (Bad spawn, Bad exp, but questies sell for a lot)
Tangkasks ( Too high leveled, so damage will be bad. But questies sell for a lot)
Augus in azria (High leveled, but better drop rate and exp)

You may choose to move to pinkies, but I recommend against it at the moment, since they hit hard, lots of aggro’s, and you’ll do horrible damage.

The Experienced BillPoster: 75-90

You made it to 75, this is a very high level indeed and you should be very happy with this accomplishment, especially if it’s one of your first characters.
For any of the monsters I say in Darken 3, you can find equivalent level monsters in the Tower. The tower has very large spawns, which is great because it means less walking. They’re also very empty, which means you don’t often need to change servers.
But they hit very hard, and don’t drop good quest items like Darken 3 monsters.

Stay at mushpoies till level 76 or 77.

At 77 or 78, I reccomend you go to pinkies in dekane mine. The entrance to the mine is near elderguards/garbagespiders.
Pinkyroaches hit hard, have many aggros, are hard to get to (You have to make your way through two aggro infested rooms, all the mobs in those rooms hit hard too), they have giants that some people spawn on purpose that don’t drop anything good and hit hard and they have lots of HP.

So why go there?
Because pinkies are by far the best exp you will get, ever. And the spawns are almost always empty these days.

They give you like .2-.3 each at around 78. That’s ridiculously awesome.
Element your suit and knuckle with AT LEAST +3 water, and go level there. Going higher than that won’t be a waste of money, especially with the new Element Change Scrolls.

Please note, that if you find that you keep dying, you may consider buying an alext set to use…I didn’t need it, you shouldn’t either, but some people have trouble.

And whilst you are leveling there, try and get a fighting partner (instead of an FS/RM), and make sure you don’t open ANY eggs at all, they spawn aggro pinkylarvae, which give less exp and do lots of damage as well. Some eggs will also spawn giants, so just don’t open any eggs.

Stay at pinkies till level around 83/85.

After that, I strongly recommend you go to azria. At level 86 stay at mutant augus, till around 87-88, then to princes till level 90. Those monsters are all in azria.

If you really cannot go to azria, stay at pinkies till level 88 at least.
Then go to luias, then gonguries then shuhammas. These are all in Darken 3 in the area with lots of lava and magma.

The Final Stretch: 90-120

Finally. PvP should be a lot easier, and you should be wearing a decent talin set with 16% attack or higher in piercings, with vigors+9 demols+12 and a hknuckle at least+3 upgrading +3 element with a 2/2 with electric Bs, with a nice crit shield awakened with 9% crit and also two piercings with electric Bs. Thats the minimum.
Getting an FS assist partner with maxed GT is also a good idea.

For any of the monsters I say in Darken 3, you can find equivalent level monsters in the Tower. The tower has very large spawns, which is great because it means less walking. They’re also very empty, which means you don’t need to change servers often.
But they hit very hard, and don’t drop good quest items like Darken 3 monsters.

If you haven’t moved to azria yet, then please, please do so now.

Stay at princes till around 93/94
Then move to kings, stay there till at least 98/100 and level at mammoths till 105/108…Then finally move to cannibal mammoths and stay here as long as possible. I recommend you stay there until you at least reach the same level as them, which is 115 before going to asuras in the Tower.

If you still cannot go to azria for god knows what reason, go to Darken 3 and level at the old Darken 3 mobs, or move to the Desert. The desert has a much better spawn, but the elements of the mobs there differ a lot, have more aggros and do more damage. But the spawn at places like Gonguries and Luias are disgusting, even for 1v1. So it’s up to you. You can also go to the Tower again so yeah.

After Azria, you’ll eventually need to move to the Tower or Shaduwar. Shaduwar has terrible spawns, but asuras can get crowded sometimes. It’s up to you, Tower would still be the better option because Shaduwar spawns are pretty dismal. The questies there sell for a lot, so whatever.
Up to you.


These are the most useful quests, follow them and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Quest Office Quests

Do these.

I recommend starting these whenever you can, they give you a decent amount of penya (About 100k-500k for the level 60-90 ones, which isn’t bad) and 20% experience if you do them as soon as you get them.
You get a new Quest-Office quest around every one or two levels (Except from 60-70 where you get extra because of the Darken 2 and Darken 3 mobs), and then three to four levels when you get to 90+.

20% experience, especially at higher levels, is a lot of time saved.

Other Quests

All of these quests give at least 50%, and save you a lot of time.

The Mia Quest

At level 20 do the Mia Quest

Mia Quest
-Lvl to start: 20-29
-Starting NPC: JeongHwa (Across from Martin, Magic shop owner of Saintmorning)
This quest consists of 8 parts.

1)Tears of mother
Talk to Porgo. He is east of the square.
Reward: Experience

2)Kids disappeared?
Hunt 20 small Mias. They are located north of the Pumpkin village. Talk to Porgo again.
Reward: 43200 Penya, Experience

3)Facts of Mia
Talk to the Mayor of SaintMorning. She’s at the square.
Reward: Experience
NOTE: The quest seems to end here. It doesn’t. Read on.

4)Doll of Mia
Talk to Porgo to start this one. Kill any type of Mia for 1 Yinyoung doll, and bring it to JeongHwa.
Reward: Experience
NOTE: Again, it doesn’t end here. Read on.

5)Uncovered past
Talk to Porgo again. Now get 1 Truly Disappearance book. It spawn just east of SaintHall, in a small patch of weeds (I think it’s weeds.). Take it back to Porgo.
Reward: Experience
NOTE: Many people can’t pick up the book. This is because it may spawn too close to the building. Wait for it to respawn, or switch servers until you find one you can pick up.
V9 edit: Again, this item is named differently. I don’t know the name exactly, but the spawn is the same, so just pick it up.

Red Bang Quest part 1

At any level higher than 30 but before you do your job change. This is basically to set up for the second part of the quest at level 60. Also gives around 300k, which is nice.

Bone Bowl Quest

Do this at level 44

Disappeared Play Script Quest

Around 43-45, but before the Iviliss Quest.

Iviliss Temple Quest

Around level 45.

Redmantis Quest

At level 60 after BP job change.

Red bang quest part 2

At level 61, after Redmantis Quest (Requires completion of Red Bang Quest part 1 before Job Change)

Great Clockworks War Quest

At level 70

Flyff Great Clockwork War Complete Quest Guide

Job Change Quests

Both of these quests are compulsory.

Assist job change

Do this at level 15.

BillPoster Job Change

Do this at level 60.

Player versus Player

If there’s one thing billposters excell at, that is PvP. High str billposters, or just 1v1 billposters in general don’t do that well, but you can still hold your own in a 1v1 battle, trouble only begins to arise when you have more than two or three people on your back.
You will do a lot of equipment changing.

PvP Equipment

The following is very useful, but not necessary.

1. Gknuckle/Aglove/Bknuckle for HP

2. MP set, for Asal (Any set awakened with MP on each part and pierced with mp cards)

3. Unicorn and/or behemoth (Unicorn is better in my opinion, but Behemoth helps with leveling as well)

4. 100% attack speed and maxed hit rate (Or basically the 1v1 gear you use to level)

5. Alext/Billist set, highly upgraded and pierced for more HP/Block

6. Prevention, Quick Step, Mental and other normal buffs (Not patience or other useless stuff like that I guess) as well as sonic and asal

7. MP awakened knuckle and shield (Any knuckle and shield with MP)

8. DMMT Knuckle and shield (Any knuckle and shield awakened with DMMT)

9. Wedge set(If this is awakened with MP, that’s even better since you don’t need to buy an MP set)

10. A decent stam shield

12. Good speed awakened/pierced gear (Speed, not attack speed. A country cloak also helps)

What is necessary for being able to PvP well in the arena (Please note, this is what I feel is necessary for bare minimum arena pvp, you won’t be owning many people, but you’ll do well):

1. Your 1v1 set

2. Maxed sonic, asal and buffs you’re supposed to max as suggested by skill builds, especially stone hand.

3. A 1v1 knuckle

4. Sardine/curus set (If you can’t buy an MP set)

5. Wedge set

6. DMMT knuckle and shield, MP knuckle and shield..

7. Be over level 60

Arena Etiquette

Just some basic things you need to know before you set foot in the arena:

– Anyone in the arena is free to use any skill available to them. Saying that someone can’t use a skill in the arena is arrogant and just makes you seem stupid.

– Repeated sneaker/satanology without intent of killing is bannable, however

– Spam killing is fine, you will be spam killed whether you like it or not. Don’t complain, they will stop eventually.

– If someone spam kills you, change servers. If they follow you to another server and spam kill you there as well, then you can report them.

– Do not gloat, do not brag, do not put other people down. If people do this to you, just ignore them and they’ll go away.

– People can and will team up on you. Don’t get worked up about that either, usually it isn’t very fair, but there’s nothing you can do.

– Swearing and insulting people can get you banned for three days. If you continue to do so, the punishments will become far worse

– You will be killed for no reason. You are allowed to kill people for no reason. You can kill FS assists, people a lot higher than you and people a lot lower than you. The arena was not meant for social chit-chat, kill as many people as you want.

– “Asal glitching” or abusing position lag WILL get you banned. Fast. Do it if you think you can get away with it.

Arena PvP tactics

Just some basic tactics.

Picking your fights – “Knowing is Half the Battle”

Who you fight with is important. Most of the time you will be left alone if you leave other people alone. If you start to fight with someone, they will fight back, so try and fight with someone who you know you can kill. It helps.

In every case, how much HP you have is dependent on whether you will win or not. How do you get more HP with 15-30 base stamina? You spend money on PvP equips.

Who not to fight

1. Jesters (If you don’t have a lot of HP) around your level or higher. They have dark illusion, and if you don’t have much HP you will get owned by a charged shot or HoP

2. Other BP’s with better gear than you. You can kill them if you have an asal that can 1 hit them and more DMMT than the opposing BP, then by all means, go ahead.

3. Psykeepers, unless you want to glitch. Which I don’t recommend you do, since it can get you banned. Basically don’t kill these guys cos they can satan. If you have good running speed, and they can’t satan you in time before you asal/sonic/melee them, then go ahead.

4. Most high level people. They usually hang around friends, who will protect them. And unless you have good pvp gear, or the people you are versing aren’t very good at pvp, you will die in a 4v1 battle.

5. Rangers. Silent > asal. And if you don’t have a decent amount of HP, you will get beaten easily.

6. Blades. Chances are, if you don’t have good HP or block, they will one hit you if they’re level 90+. Even more so if they have lgaxes. Most of the time, you’ll only need to tank two crits though.

Who you can fight:

1. Blades. If they don’t have lgaxes, you’ll probably win. Even if they do, if you have at least 10k hp you should win against most blades. Maybe with some nice DMMT gear you’ll be able to asal them before they kill you since Asal will almost always range a little even if you don’t want it to.

2. Elementors. They may be able to use rooting on you, and then you’re screwed. High int ele’s may pose a problem if you have under 7k hp.

3. RMs. Watch out for ones with High stam or ones with STR though, they are harder to kill.

4. Knights. Watch out for high stam or high str ones, they’re generally harder to kill. They might try to use sneaker and guillotine/slash+keenwheel. Just use your level 2 Belial Smashing.

5. Rangers. I put them in both lists, because they’re damage is terrible, and you can always sonic them to death.

6. BPs. Usually depends on who’s better in pvp, who has a better connection/computer and who has better equips/build.

What to do when faced with each class:


Choice of equips: HP preferred

Jesters have HoP, vital stab and a large array of stunning skills that last from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, as well as an invisibility skill, a skill that increases movement speed by 50%, counter attack and high crits.
Try and know how much they HoP before you take them on. In an ideal situation, you want at least 2k HP after an ordinary vital stab and HoP so you can food/pill and quickly asal them or spam with sonic.

If you have under 7k HP, don’t bother. If you have half decent HP…Just try and run around while they use dark illusion and come at you from the sidelines, tank the HoP/vital stab and spam sonic hand on them.
Make sure you have all buffs on and stone hand, with 3 sonics in the action slot.
You will need pills for this fight.
You can also try and be a jerk, where you stick to the sidelines and go asal them when they least expect it.

If its a bowjester, then just spam sonic or use asal straight away. These are easier than normal jesters, but still pretty hard.

1v1 attacks aren’t the best here, since they usually have good block.


Preferred equips: HP, speed, DMMT, 1v1 or mp

If they use satan:

Go with speed gear, and either melee them, sonic them or asal them. Your choice.

If they don’t use satan:
Use either HP or DMMT gear.
HP if you feel you won’t be able to tank many bombs, or dmmt if you just wanna hit them before they hit you with asal.
Same method of killing as above.

If they have good HP, you may want to use MP gear and stun them instead of using DMMT gear and asaling straight away.

1v1 gear also works if they have lots of HP, but watch out for crucio. If they crucio a lot back at you, just try and asal them and use sonic.


Equips to use: HP, gear that adds decent attack, DMMT gear.

Basically, they’re going to use silent, which means no asal. So you’ll need some decent HP, at least 5k, they’re not that hard. If they don’t have good block, you can just melee otherwise spam sonic.

If they have high damage and decent crits as well as HP, you can use your HP gear and try and tank, then stun…Or use DMMT gear and try and get in an asal. Not likely though, that will probably only happen if you can catch them off-guard. I recommend using Hp gear, as they have dark illusion and will probably silent you first before you can let off an asal anyway, as they always get the first few hits.

Other Billposters

Equips to use: 1v1 gear, HP gear, DMMT gear, MP gear…

If they are in asal/dmmt gear:
I recommend 1v1 gear, just melee them and stunlock them to death. Or you can try to just sonic them, or use the dmmt gear and see if you can asal faster. Chances are they won’t have good HP in asal/DMMT gear.

If they’re in HP gear:
I recommend using 1v1 gear, DMMT gear or MP gear.
1v1 gear may not work if they are using a v7 set, DMMT gear may not work if you can’t one hit them, and MP gear may not work if they can stun you or asal faster.

I recommend you stun them first using sonic or whatever, then kill them by 1v1ing or using asal.


Gear to use: Anything

Knights are sitting ducks. They’re ridiculously bad in PvP versus most classes. Especially in the arena.
Do anything, 1v1 them to death, sonic them, asal them…They’ll die either way, they’re just that bad.
Versus much higher leveled knights, I’d recommend you stun them or asal them first, since they will be able to kill you.
Much worse, they will sneaker and use position lag to their advantage (If they look like they’re doing it intentionally, and they look like they’re using a slash+keenwheel combo from far away, then you may be able to report them)
Most of the time, they can tank your asal, so MP gear will help most in these fights.


Gear to use: HP gear, DMMT gear, 1v1 gear

HP gear if you want to tank their crits, DMMT if you want to asal them first or 1v1 gear if you wish to stun them to death.

You may need to use MP gear against high HP blades (Yes, they do exist, some even get up to 60k hp in the arena, that’s without CS items.)

Against AoE blades, you won’t be able to 1v1 them, so pick one of the other options.


What to use: Speed gear, DMMT, 1v1 stuff or HP gear

Use speed or HP stuff if they are using rooting, or if you keep getting wfed and dying before you get to them.

Other wise just use 1v1 or DMMT gear and asal them, they probably won’t have HP over 15k. Especially since there are so few high leveled elementors.


What to use: MP gear, 1v1 gear

Use MP if you don’t think you’ll be able to one hit them, otherwise just use 1v1 stuff and they’ll drop pretty quickly.
Watch out for the ones with maxed stonehand though, they may get a lucky stun in. Sonic helps here.

General Arena PvP

I recommend either using HP, mp/dmmt or 1v1 gear if you’re just wondering around waiting for a fight or just hanging out with friends. In case someone attacks you, you’ll be quick to respond. With any luck you’ll stun lock them, tank their hits or just asal them.

Mp and DMMT gear won’t make you look very good though, CS clothes might help here if you have spare money.

CS clothes and a highly upgraded set gives you respect, which makes you less likely to be attacked. Remember to glow stack, which means putting any +3 piece on with your other highly upgraded gear already on, then putting on your normal highly +d piece on replacing the +3 one (Must be higher than +3).
The result is a better looking glow that makes you look better than you really are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some questions people have been asking.

Why didn’t you mention anything about Houses?

Houses are useless, absolutely useless. The bonuses furniture provides is mediocre at best and the furniture is timed, which means it will disappear after 15 or 30 days.

So don’t buy any 8D

Level 30/15/1 set? I’ll die! Not enough defense!

More than enough defense. You can survive without stone hand in most leveling areas, with 15 stam, a +3 set and no heals. The only area you may have problems in is Pinkies, and although I skipped them on my 1v1er, I’ve heard many people have had a reasonably easy time there.

Why should I use the talin set/sardine set/pre-awakened vagrant set?

Because those are the only sets that provide bonuses that significantly increase your kill time.
Alext set, shurand set and all of those are useless.
To clear up further confusion, I only say vagrant set because those are the cheapest to awaken. I know people who buy level 60 Blue sets to awaken, because they look really good, but I’m more about being cost-effective.

Why should I use a Yakadain Knuckle instead of a Guardian Knuckle

The only people who should use a Guardian Knuckle (as a 1v1 build) from level 60-75 are people who have maxed hit rate, which means a +6 set with 43 dex or +8 with full str, or 100 dex with buffs and a gknuckle.
If you don’t have those, a yakadain knuckle will make you kill a lot faster.

Why should I use a Historic Knuckle instead of a Guardian Knuckle?

Because 13% critical is better than 15% attack speed for 1v1ing. Hknuckle also provides a neat amount of dex as well as a higher attack rate.
And it’s a lot easier to get 15% attack speed as it is to get 13% critical awakened.

Why should I use a Historic Knuckle instead of Angel Gloves?

Because a historic knuckle will provide slightly faster kill times, and is a lot cheaper than an a glove.

A historic knuckle will kill a lot faster than a aglove with a rody set. The difference with just a talin set isn’t very noticeable, but it still kills faster.

If you still have horrible equips at level 90, with a 43 dex or full str build, then it might be worth buying an aglove.

I’m level 105, I have my Rody/Rodey set. Should I use a Hknuckle or LGGlove?

The basic rule of thumb for this is:

Over 30% critical with your LGGlove? Use it.

Under 30% critical with your LGGlove? Use a Hknuckle instead.

You may also choose to use the Hknuckle if you have better upgrading, piercing and so on, and can’t find or afford an equivalent or better LGGlove.

What’s the difference between a 1v1 BRM and a 1v1 BP

Not much before level 105.

Before level 105, they’re almost the same. Except billposters still kill slightly faster, because they have lower speed breaks (43 dexterity instead of 61 dexterity). Most 1v1 BRMs will also choose to use the sardine set instead of the talin set. They also have amsodeus, but ringmasters get SF, so with an RM partner BPs would have the advantage, otherwise RMs do, in that aspect only though.

After level 105, BPs begin to kill around 1-4 seconds faster with similar equips, because they have access to Rody/Rodey, whilst 1v1 BRMs need to continue to use the Talin set.
BPs are also better in PvP.

People only make 1v1 BRMs to be original or because they need HC and GT for some reason (i.e. they have a friend they like to partner, but they want to fight as well) or perhaps so they can CW by themselves without having to get a partner. In the last case, RMs would most likely just restat from a FS build, since a lot of partners end up cheating their FSes out of CW drops.

How does a 1v1 BP compare with other 1v1 classes?

It doesn’t do very well, it kills the slowest, just over BJs and 1v1 BRMs. But that’s assuming everyone in the test has average equipment.

If everyone in this hypothetical test were to have ridiculously good equipment that may have costed over 20bill in penya, then they would in fact, do very well.
I would personally place them under blades, since with ridiculous awakens and piercings, Billposters in essence, become blades except without the second hit.

This is better than 1v1 knights, because 1v1 knights can only use one BSword or 1 LGAxe, so they automatically lose out on 40% adoch. Billposters on the other hand, recieve 40% adoch from their rody set.

So 1v1 BPs have the most potential out of any class in the game, but are otherwise somewhat slow. With red scrolls however, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull out 3 second kill times at higher levels.

What is a Bladeposter?

A bladeposter is the term created by Xurtan (or made famous by him).

It refers to a Billposter with Blade-like damage. This means 50k+ crits with over 60% critical.

This requires a lot of funds however, well over the 10 billion mark.

I personally define a Bladeposter as anyone with over 80% adoch and over 55% critical, as these are the stats that any blade can achieve with a clean, unawakened and un-pierced Dayst/Dest set and Lgaxes.

Just to put into context how hard this is, I know someone who has a +7ultimate LGGlove with a +25 dex awaken and 6/6 piercings. They have 32% critical and do something like 40-70k crits, not sure if that’s with a red scroll or not. She is amazingly awesome, and yet, she still does not reach the 55% crit mark (She does have something like 100-120% adoch though)
It’s ridiculously hard to do. An ulti LGGlove+7 on my server is around 4-8billion, alone.

How much critical is enough?



Anything over 70% is excellent, and that already puts you in the league of some of the best 1v1 BPs. Over 60% is very, very good. Hardly anybody can achieve that.
Over 50% is very good, you’re above average.
Over 40% would also be above average in my opinion.
Over 30% is where you should be at.

Anything under 30% is not enough.
A hknuckle is 13%, a crit shield is around 10% and talin set is 10% again. That alone will put you at 30% critical. Unless you’re really poor, there is no excuse.

I personally had 60% crit pre-105.

Over 105, anything over 40% is excellent, 30% is good and most people will be at around here, over 20% is where you should be at with clean equips, anything under 20% is not enough.
Anything higher than 50% with a lgglove+rody, and a cookie cutter/50-80dex/full str build is amazing.

I wrecked my stat/skill build!

For stats, if you added over 20 int, over 90 dex, over 40 stamina, then you should start again or restat.
Restat if you’re over 80, and start again if you’re under level 80.

For skills, usually you can just use your event re-skill. But if you can’t, either restart your character, buy a reskill from the cash shop (or ingame), or make sure you have an RM/FS everytime you level so you can have buffs.

I’m poor!

If you followed the money making guide, you should be fine for at least clean equipment.

If crit is better than str, why don’t we add dex?

Good question.

Basically, you get 1% crit per 10 dex.

That’s horrible.

You stand to gain much, much more from 10 str than you do 10 dex. Dex is only ever added for hit rate and attack speed (mostly for hit rate though, because everyone can get attack speed shields now)…

You should only get crit from piercings (Electric Bs add 1.4% crit per card, so they’re better than fire Bs) and awakens, because they add directly to your crit. And 10% crit > 20 str (what you get on the average awakened shield), but 100 dex (the amount of dex needed for 10% crit) < 100 str in general.

Does that make sense?

External Links

Xurtan, BladePosterX

– A video of the true potential of a 1v1 BillPoster

Speed Break Table

-Table of Speed Breaks for all classes

FlyFF Wiki

– Anything and everything you need to know about 1v1 BillPosters and FlyFF that isn’t in this guide

FlyFF Cluster Forums

– Need to sell or buy something? Need a partner? Want to talk about something cluster related? Then click your cluster forum.

Too long; Didn’t read

Just remember these things.

– Before 30 use anything

– From 30-105 use talin set with as much attack pierced, with as many crit/adoch awakens as possible. Use rody/rodey forever after that.

– Make sure you have maxed hit rate/over 90% a.speed. Use char sim to check.

– Use any knuckle from 15-60, use yak knuckle or gknuckle if you already have max hit rate from 60-75, then use Hknuckle from 75-105. Use LGG forever after that if you have 30% crit when you equip it, otherwise use Hknuckle

– Level at any mobs 3-8 levels higher than you, element in your favour. Go to azria if you can afford it, otherwise just go wherever. Level at pinkies from around level 78. Stay at mammoths for a LONG time (even when they’re just 1/2 levels higher)

1v1 Ringmaster

If you want to go 1v1 RM, just follow this guide, except max all the useful buffs instead of the PvP skills.
For equipment, just use a really good talin set with LGGlove and crit shield forever. Obviously use hknuckle before that.

1v1 RMs are basically 1v1 BPs except they kill considerably slower 105+ and they can’t PvP/tank as well. However you get more buffs, and the ability to restat to FS so you can go Meteoing, which most BPs can’t do at all.

Also, go 63 dex XXX str instead of 43 dex. RMs are also more fragile, so adding around 30 stam won’t be too bad. Most won’t need it, but still.


– sarisairis

– zomgcookies

– heosphorus

– ChriSter

– Xurtan

– conchixp

– ecclesiastes

– _Pastry

– brookie500

– blade_tsukasaa


– Flyff Wiki

– Google Images

– Assist/Ringmaster/Billposter Stickies

– Flyff Community


1v1 – A method of leveling where you kill one monster at a time, as compared to AoE where you gather many monsters then kill many monsters all at once. 1v1 doesn’t level as fast as AoE, but is usually better for gianting (See “giants”)

Azria – Also abbreviated as “Azzy” and “Az”, this a leveling area that can only be accessed using Azria Tickets, which can only be bought from another player, received through an event, or bought through the “CS”. Azria is the best place to level, with monsters starting from level 73 through to 115. They’re easier to kill most of the time, give better drops and 20% more exp than other monsters outside azria.

A.Speed – Also known as atk speed, it stands for Attack Speed. Basically how fast you attack, 100% being the fastest and 0% being the lowest. Dex adds attack speed, but you can also get it from weapon/shield piercings, awakens, set bonuses and knuckle bonuses. This is instrumental in obtaining faster damage.

Adv. Party – Short for Advanced Party. A party can choose to become advanced at level 10, once you make it into an advanced party you can change the exp distribution to “Contri” and change the name of the party. It’s always best to just change a party to advanced, because “Contri” is always better than a level party.

Aggros – Monsters whose names are displayed in red. These monsters will attack you when you go close to them. Most, if not all giants are red named by default.

AoE – An acronym short for Area of Effect. A style of leveling that requires you to “gather” or “lure” a bunch of monsters, and then kill them all at once. This is the most effective way of leveling.

Apro – Short for A. Protect, which is a “CS” scroll that is used to prevent a piece of jewelry from breaking when upgrading it. Upgrading anything past +3 has a chance of breaking when it fails.

Atk – Short for “Attack” is a stat given from certain weapons, set bonuses, awakens and pets. Attack adds directly to your damage, and is not affected by piercings of any sort.

Attack Rate – Your total attack, how much damage you do for a non-critted, non-blocked hit against a monster. This is shown in the ‘H’ window, or the character window. Your attack rate does not equal your damage, it is how much damage you could do versus a monster of no element, 0 defense and of the same or lower level as you. It’s pretty much the maximum damage you could do for a single hit without critting.

Block – Block is half way between a normal hit and a miss. You hit the monster, you do damage, but it does very very little as compared to the full damage. You can block, and the monster your fighting can block. Many characters rely on block for survival. Block is also important for PvP when versing Blades.

Block Rate – How much you block. The max block rate is around 85%, but it increases to around 94% when you include your Dodge Rate (See dodge rate in glossary). Block is obtained from dexterity stat, from Speedo earrings, upgraded sets and buffs. The amount of block obtained per dex is very negligible, and dex should never be added to obtain more block for a BP.

Blues – Weapons, armor and shields with blue names. These give no special stats, and can usually be bought from the NPC. “Green”/”Unique” armors/weapons are usually better than Blue or NPC armors/weapons. Check guide for more details. These are also known as NPC weapons/armors.

Crit – Short for “Critical”, this is the most important awakening and bonus gained from items. All classes
get 1% crit for every 10 dex except for jesters who get 4% crit for 10 dex. It is not worth adding dex for more crit.

Contri – Short for contribution, it refers to the type of experience distribution you have have in a party. Contribution is always the best for when you level, and you will never find an “Adv. Level Party”, ever.

CS – An acronym that stands for Cash Shop. You spend real life money on “Gpots” which you exchange for items in the Cash Shop. Spending real money ingame isn’t necessary, but it’s the fastest and most efficient way to make penya.

DCT – Formerly known as DMMT(Which stands for Decreasing of Magic Motion Time), DCT is an acronym that stands for Decreasing of Casting Time. It makes all MP based skills for any class, cast faster. This stat can only be achieved via awakens, weapon/shield piercings or set/weapon bonuses. Water Card C’s and higher will give you small amounts of DMMT. This is useful for faster heals, faster buffs and faster Asal (PvP).

DEX – Dexterity Stat. One of the four stats, it adds crit, evade, block, attack speed and hit rate. Dex is only added for more hit rate and attack speed. Never add dex to get more block or evade. Dex should only be added for crit if you only need to add less than 5 more dex to get that extra 1% (i.e. you’re at 57 dex, adding three dex will give you an extra 1% crit. 1% crit > 3 str)

Dodge Rate – How often you dodge or evade. Dodge rate varies from class to class, knights getting the highest. Dodge Rate is given from dex. Dex should never be added in order to get more dodge.

DPS – An acronym which stands for Damage Per Second. As the name suggests, it’s how much damage you deal to a monster in one second. Higher DPS means faster kill times, which means more EXP.

EoT – An acronym that stands for Experience over Time. It’s the amount of experience you gain over a period of time while leveling, usually measured in hours (i.e. 8% in 1 hr is my EoT, which means I get roughly 8% exp after every hour of leveling). Experience over Time determines how fast you level, and what’s most efficient. This usually depends on your level and the level of the monster you fight. Too low, and you get bad exp per monster, resulting in lower exp over time. Too high and you kill to slow, resulting in lower exp over time. You can check this using Herki & Jon’s simulator in the external link section.

EXP – Short for “Experience” each monster gives a certain amount of “experience” to the player. The higher the monster, the better the experience. Your experience is displayed in the Status Window

Farming – Killing a certain giant or monster in order to retrieve an item it drops, to either complete a quest or to sell for more money.

Fillers – Someone used to fill a party. If you are in a full party, you gain more experience per kill. A party has 9 slots to fill.

FSRM – Full Support RingMasters. “RMs” who choose to go a high “int” build, and specialize in buffing and healing skills. These make the best partners for a 1v1 BP, but there isn’t much of a difference till around level 90 when “RMs” get maxed “GT” and “SF”.

Giants – A type of monster that has higher HP, higher defense, higher attack and often has a “Prevention” skill and “Rage” mode . Prevention for giants is when they reach a certain HP, they will use what looks and acts like the assist skill “Prevention” being activated, and will have half its HP recovered. Giants cannot “recast” this “prevention”. Giants are often “farmed” because they drop jewelry, “green” (See green) weapons, “Unique”weapons and “blues” which can be sold for a profit.

Gpots – Short for G-potatoes which may be short for Golden Potatoes, is the thing you exchange your real life money for in order to buy thing through the Cash Shop.

Gpro – Short for G. Protect, which is a “CS” scroll that is used to prevent a suit, shield or suit from breaking when piercing it. Piercing anything past has a chance of breaking when it fails. See Piercing section for more information.

Greens – Armors and Weapons (Over level 60) that come in 15 level intervals starting at level 15 that give Set Bonuses and extra “Stats”. There is also a level 5 green set, which is the only exception to this. These armors and weapons are usually the best armors and weapons to equip, but not all of them are. Check the Equips Section of the guide to see which greens to use. Green Weapons only drop from “giants”, see money making section for a list of these giants. These armors and weapons are called Greens because they have green names.

IGN – In game name. What you call your character.

INT – Short for intelligence, it is one of the for “stats” you can upgrade each level. For a BP, Intelligence helps buff timers, the damage of one of the level 70 “AoE”, increases your “MP” and how much you heal. Intelligence should never be added for a “1v1” BP.

Leech – A leech is someone up to 19 levels below you who literally “leeches” your exp. They must be in a party and near you to do so. It is important to level with a leech because if you use an “Adv Party” and you have a leech 11-19 levels below you, you receive double the exp. The person leeching also receives a free Plvl which is good too. This is how “FSRMs” level, it is usually better to have an “FSRM” as a leech since they heal and buff you. “FSRMs” are usually called partners though, and usually get angry when they get called a leech.

Mobs – In FlyFF, Mobs are also known as Masquerpets or Monsters. These are basically the computer controlled enemies that you fight to get items, exp or to kill so you can finish a quest.

Penya – In game currency.

RM – Short for Ringmaster, RMs are the one of the two second class option for an assist. The other being a Billposter. Ringmasters are best at buffing and healing, and make the best “leeches” or partners.

Speed – Walking speed, how fast you walk or run. This is useful for PvP and somewhat useful for leveling, as it reduces the time it takes to walk between each mob. Speed is only obtainable through awakens and the level 5 green vagrant set, as well as cloaks, buffs and shield/weapon piercings(Wind cards add attack speed and walking speed). Speed is only awakened on boots and suits, so critical/attackspeed/adoch is more valuable than getting a speed awaken. Similarly, crit/dex piercings are better than speed/attack speed ones.

Spawn – When someone says spawn and is talking about FlyFF or an MMORPG, they mean the group of mobs that appear in a certain area. They also refer to the monster in particular. A good spawn is one that has many monsters close together with few aggros. A bad spawn is the opposite, which is few monsters spaced far away, with lots of aggros. Spawn can also be used as a verb, as in “To Spawn” where you force monsters to appear.

Spro – Short for S. Protect, which is a “CS” scroll that is used to prevent a piece of armour, weaponry or shield from breaking when upgrading it or elementing it. Upgrading or elementing anything past +3 has a chance of breaking when it fails.

STA – Also known as STAM, is short for Stamina. Stamina adds “HP”,”FP” and Defense. Stamina is not usually added to “1v1” Billposter builds, as it is not necessary since you don’t do a lot of tanking. It is better for PvP and “Giant” hunting.

Stats – Short for statistics, this refers to the four traits you can upgrade each level. These are Strength, intelligence, dexterity and stamina. You gain to statistic points each level, which can be spent on any of the four traits.

STR – Short for Strength, is one of the four “stats” that you can upgrade each time you level. It adds melee damage for swords, knuckles, yoyos, axes, “2h” swords and axes as well as a little bit for bows. It’s the most important stat for all 1v1 classes except “BJs” because it adds damage. STR is can be awakened on helmets, suits, shields and knuckles. You can also pierce str on to weapons/shields using Fire cards.

QI – An acronym for Quest Items. Items used for a quest or petfeed. These drop from monsters. There are also items that spawn in certain areas which are also questitems, but they cannot be traded/dropped/put in private shop/mailed in most cases, and can’t make petfeed.

Uniques – Former green weapons that were from levels 15-60, a new one coming each 15 levels (The exception being one Unique vagrant axe/sword level 5). These drop from certain monsters and giants.

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