Flyff Ranger and Bow Acrobat Guide

Fly for Fun Ranger and Bow Acrobat Guide by anuxinamoon

This is the finalised Guide for bow Acrobats and Rangers. This is a collection of oppinions and suggestions from the entire Acro-Ranger community.
Please use the links to quick jump to specific points on the guide. We hope this guide will help you on your way to Rangerhood and that you will enjoy being a Ranger.



– Pro’s and Con’s
– Stats

Acrobat Section
– Acrobat Job Change Guide
– Acrobat Bow Skills
– Acrobat Builds (level 15)
– Acrobat Leveing Guide

Ranger Section
– Ranger Job Change Guide
– Ranger Skills
– Ranger Builds

Acro and Ranger Section
– Attack Speed Breaks
– Green Weapons and Armour
– PvP
– Forumlas and Calculators

User Builds and Tactics
– Power2
– Foxhound14
– Anuxinamoon
– Trick
– Kneeru
– Z1mbq4e5
– dfosco

Note by rbardy: Since the time past and the game changed I updated the info in that guide, fixed the links and added some info. If you notice something that isnt right then let me know to fix it


Congratulations, you are now a bow user and you have made up your mind that you want to forget about the bow jester route and stick to good old rangerness. Good for you!

Before you place your stats, ask yourself this question; Do I want to AoE at level 60 or not?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of AoE (Area of Effect leveling)


    – Faster leveling (up to .70% from a mob of drillers at level 60) – Able to take more hits in PvP – Using your new ranger skills to their full potential – Gianting is easier, able to tank higher level giants!


    – Will probably need an RM if you want to tank a lot of mobs. – Less DEX (Base Attack power, critical, evasion, block and attack speed goes down) – Will probably need to restate later at level 90 when AoEing becomes too difficult and 1v1 takes over. – chews through a lot of pots and food – Need elemented suits of the opposing element to the monster your fighting, and high level equipment for optimal tanking performance

As you can see there are a few more cons than pros, but the fast leveling outweighs all of them in my opinion. Unless you cannot afford to upgrade and element your equiptment that is.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of 1v1 leveling


    – Won’t need to restate when monsters become too hard to AoE – Depending on what you attacking, you won’t need to use as much food/pots – You can level solo easier after 65, when fast shot becomes as good as a maxed haste. – Providing lag is not around, you won’t die as often as AoErs.


    – You will level pretty slow compared to an AoE ranger until level 70-80 – You will need to think about elementaling your weapons for greater damage per hit – Your damage will never be as high as a bow jester, and you don’t get the criticals =(

So its time for you to decide what route you want to go. Your stats for the first 60 levels will determine what your ranger will become.


Lets look at our good friends, Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Intelligence.

– As a ranger it does increase a slight amount of attack power BUT it is not recommended to add any STR to a rangers build. Although STR does add a small amount of base attack, it doesn’t compare to the increase you get from a point in DEX. If you want to use yoyo skills in PvP, this stat will help with yoyo attack power. If you only want to focus on bow using DO NOT add any points to STRENGTH.

– Stamina increases your Hit points and your FP rate. 1 point in Stamina can equal to 1.5 point in defense. This stat is the second most important stat if you want to be an AoE Ranger.


– This is a Bow users Damage Dealing stat. If you increase this your attack damage will raise when equipped with a bow. This stat also governs your attack speed, critical percentage, Hit rate, block and evasion rate. This is considered the golden stat, as it affects so many good things for any melee/physically attacking character.
AoE rangers will also benift alot form DEX; not ony in damage but in evasion and block rate. This stat can be more effective that STA in most cases.


– Intelligence to a ranger give only 2 things, more magic points (MP) and increases the damage of Fire Arrows Burning Field (1 point of INT = +10 damage total in burning field). Although some people say having 20-25 INT is good so they don’t have to spam refreshers all the time, I believe that INT is a waste, the magic points you gain from upping INT are not worth it. Plus the extra damage gained in burning field is not enough o waste those vital points on INT. If you want more MP buy shine glasses or a mental necklace. I don’t recommend putting points in INT.

Here is the v9 quests to all the first jobs:

But to help with the location of the NPC and itens i will use some maps:

NPC Hent and Taileer: Point 14 in the map
NPC Pyre: Point 10 in the map

Location of the Book of Technique

Shuraiture is located in the point 5 of that map:


ACROBAT SKILLS (only for Bow)
Here will be described about the acro bow skills, to see how to spend your skill points read that guide: Bow users skill distribution V1.5


Okay, you ask me, what the hell am I dong? A bow user having to learn a yoyo skill?! It?s inconceivable! *sigh* Yes I know, it’s silly, BUT you need to get pulling to level 4 to get DI and PB.

Junk Arrow:
That skill shots 4 times and mastered have 70% chance of hit, it is a powerful skill that you will spam a lot from lvl 15 to 60.


That skill rise, a lot, your move speed, and that allow you go to the monsters faster and shop in the cities faster too :mrgreen:


Bow Mastery:
It raises your attack rate by 1 point per skill level.


Dark Illusion:
Your last line of defense (or first line for PvP). This skill makes you invisible for a few seconds. It’s a life saver if you get into a sticky situation.

Silent Shot:
I personally think this skill is useless. Maybe its okay in PvP, I think I remember using it like 3 times? Pfft. Using it in dark illusion will cancel the dark illusion effect.


Aimed Shot:
A fairly decent skill. Some people spam it instead of Junk Arrow. Which is fair, considering it has a percentage chance of doing double damage and it casts a bit faster too. Quite effective in PvP when mixed with a bit of Junk Arrow in the action slot.


Perfect Block:
This skill is awesome. It rise your block rate make the monster miss more and you block more.

Auto Shot:
Exactly like Junk arrow in a graphical sense, but OMG it doesn’t miss! Though you pay for that with the cost of a cool down =/ So No action slot for this baby. If you want you can swap Junk Arrow for this, a lot of people recommend it as when maxed, does more damage than Junk Arrow.

Arrow Rain:
Arrow rain is your first AoE. Yay! It’s useless to use it on its own as it has a 10 second cool down >_>.


Here are a few builds that you can use when you turn level 15.

Full DEX Build

Like the title says, this build is full DEX. This build should only be used if you are going for the Full DEX Ranger build or intend to go Full DEX Bow Jester. If you are planning to use some STA in your build, I would recommend one of the other builds.
STA: 15
DEX: 43
Recommended Fighting Tactic: 2 Bars Charged Shot or Junk Arrow
Recommended Equipment: Sleepint/Stinger Set +5, Bow of Accuracy +3, Arek ring x 2, Mental Necklace

Just keep adding DEX. Stick to your strategy and you will come out being really powerful but really weak. Tip is to try and upgrade your amour with Dice as much as possible.

Low STA High DEX Build
This build is the build my new Acrobat is running with. I don?t know if the STA actually is enough to cause that much of a difference between this build and the Full DEX build, but since it works I thought I might as well put it in.

STA: 18
DEX: 40
Recommended Fighting Tactic: 2 Bars Charged Shot or Junk Arrow
Recommended Equipment: Sleepint/Stinger Set +3, Bow of Accuracy +3, Arek ring, Mental Necklace

This build is suitable for those who want to go 1v1 after 60 with as little STA as they can afford. With this build you must allocate points to STA carefully. Try to keep it at the barest minimum you can, and only add more STA when you are always dying from mobs 2 levels higher than you.
This build is the ‘Just enough to survive’ you shouldn’t need to go over 25 STA.

STA and DEX Build
This build is for those who like a bit more defense and who hope to go ‘High DEX’ AoE Build at level 60. Although you do loose out on some much needed attacking power, the higher STA allows you to be able to tank a few levels higher straight off the bat.

STA: 25
DEX: 33
Recommended Fighting Tactic: 2 Bars Charged Shot or Junk Arrow
Recommended Equipment: Sleepint/Stinger Set, Bow of Accuracy, Arek ring, Mental Necklace

If you are going for the High DEX AoE Build at level 60, keep adding DEX until you have reached 100, and then put all your points into STA. If you are going for a 1v1 route, just add STA when it’s needed. Try not to go above 40 STA.

Skill Spamming Build
This build are for those of us who want to be able to Spam Junk Arrow and cut down on the Refresher Spamming a bit. This is the build a lot of people go with, especially if they are new and don’t have the funds to keep up with their Refresher Bills. This build is also good for those who want to do the ‘INT Based’ AoE Build at 60.

STA: 20
DEX: 30
INT: 23
Recommended Fighting Tactic: Spam Junk Arrow
Recommended Equipment: Sleepint/Stinger Set, Bow of Accuracy, Arek ring x 2

Divide your points between INT and DEX for the first 2 levels until INT reaches 25. Then if you decide you want to go with the INT Based AoE Build at level 60, add INT at spaced intervals like every 5 levels. This should be able to keep up with the increase in MP demand from your skills. You can decide to put 1 or 2 points. If you start with 25 points of INT at level 17, and add 2 points every level that is a multiple of 5, (e.g. 2 points at 20, 2 points at 25 Ect. Ect.) you end up with 41 points of INT at level 55. If you add only 1 point, that?s 33 points in INT at level 55. It just depends on how much INT you want when you start AoEing.
If your not doing the INT Based AoE Build at level 60, add a maximum of 25 INT. Anymore and its pretty much a waste. Remember, if you really want more MP, grab a mental necklace or some shineglasses.


This is not the be all and end all of how you should level your bow acro. This is just one way that I have found to be effective enough. In the end, you will determine how you want to play your character =)

Note by rbardy: I would be kinda hypocrite in make a updated guide on how to lvl your bow acro since I didn’t leveled my acro in that new version, so if any new ranger want to help in that part of the guide would be welcome.


Depending on your build, depends on how you level. For this guide I will be writing it as how I played with the Low STA High DEX Build.

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to find a Bow of Accuracy and my Stinger Suit at level 15. Only being able to find the boots helm and gloves for under 200k. But three pieces was all I need to get the bonus 28 defense and DEX. Grab yourself a pair of cheap yoyos as you will need to level pulling as well.

So now you need to level 2 skills: Junk Arrow and Pulling. Both need to get these to level 4 before you start hard core grinding to level 18.

You can go to either Lawolves or Feferns, they both give PxP and ExP, but I trained at Feferns cause I also wanted to gain some more exp. ;)

So let’s start with Junk Arrow. Junk Arrow is basically the main skill you will be spamming to level up throughout your time as an acrobat. Junk arrow does look weak and poxy with all those 0?s flying off it, but as you level it, it will become deadly strong. Do not give up on it! My level 38 acrobat right now can kill Capt. Totemias in 3 good casts of Junk arrow; that is if a majority of them don’t miss xD
So you need to level Junk Arrow first. Just keep using it till it is level 2. That shouldn’t be too hard.

With action slotting Junk Arrow, only put in 3 or 4 as filling up your action slot will cause the cool down (or exhaustion effect) to increase rapidly. At least with only 3 or 4 skills in the action slot, the combo doesn’t become useless to use after four goes.

If this is your first character and buying Refreshers is difficult. Still try to level it as much as possible. You can opt for using normal charged attack for killing things. That’s what I did with my first acrobat back in December. Just click and hold your mouse until 2 green bars appear over your head, then release. By only charging 2 bars you are able to keep up with the rhythm and speed of your normal auto attack. It does take some practice, but you will learn the timing of when to charge and release. Also start off with a full charged bar and when you get criticaled and knocked back is also a good time to charge up your bar. I don’t recommend using this method as it is slower than Junk Arrow, but each to his own I suppose =)

Now that Junk arrow is level 2, Bring out your yoyos and cast Pulling! Because Pulling has a cool down of 20 seconds while waiting for the cool down, happily whack away at your monster, just to save time at the end killing it. Rinse and repeat until pulling is level 2. See that wasn’t so bad?

Switch back to Bow, and use Junk Arrow again till it levels. Then switch back to Pulling until that gains a level. Keep going until they are both level 4. And there, you have it. Pulling already level 4! You can throw away your yoyos now, (unless you want to learn yoyo skills.)

Now if your not already level 16, level up till you reach it. Now your Junk Arrow should be around level 5. Now is the time you can choose to kill 1 or 2 levels higher than yourself. So level up to 18, cause then we have to train FastWalker!


Okay time to level Fastwalker. You may think that fastwalker is pretty pointless at first. But just keep using it and leveling it up. You need the skill to be level 6 by the time your level 30. I used it after every fight, I ran everywhere as much as possible and used it when I was shopping around the user shops in SM.

Well since your level 18, why are you still in Flaris? Blink over to Saint Morning with a Saintmorning blinkwing you can purchase from the Magic Shop. I prefer to level on Saint Morning than Flaris at level 18, as bangs are closer to Saintcity and there is more shops to go and check out ;)

Always be on the lookout for your versions of level 30 greens. Either the Layered set for you Males or Miragle Set for us Females ;) The Bow of Spirit is a MUST to get. Be careful when upgrading it though, I lost my first one from a failed break from +0 to +1. Luckily a good friend gave me their +6 bow, so I was happy again ^^.

All Greens should last you until the next set.

So fight bangs or wagsacs until level 20. Remember to level FastWalker! Junk arrow should be killing things pretty quickly now, allowing you to fight 2-3 levels higher easily.


Congratulations on reaching level 20 and gaining the ability to fly. You probably shouldn’t be flying much as you still need to level Fastwalker! (unless your some crazy person who leveled it to 6 already @_@)

You also now have the skill Bow Mastery! Yay for more attack rating! A whole +1 per level >< But it is better than nothing. So do try to level it as much as possible.

You should be able to fight Small Mias now. I found them easier than Wagsac’s so give it a go =)

Don’t forget to talk to Martin at the Magic shop in Saint City to receive your Ring quest. That extra 1 DEX doesn’t seem like much but its better than nothing ^^


You can now equip your new greens and feel the power of higher defense and attack rating! Yay! But now its time to keep a look out for your next Green Set: the Crusier or Hyper set and Flaming Bow.

Also you now have the valuable skill Dark Illusion (available to those who got Fastwalker to level 6) and the not so valuable skill Silent Shot. These two skills pretty much go hand in hand as silent shot gains more power if you use it in Dark Illusion.
I guess it would be good in PvP, but seeing as you need to get that skill to level 9, its just so painful >


Okay now that’s you have reached level 35 you get access to the new skill called Aimed Shot! This skill is pretty powerful as it has a chance to do double damage. Its fast to cast and people often swap Junk Arrow out in exchange for Aimed Shot. If you feel like doing that, by all means =) I am still be using my Junk Arrow to level, just because its like level 13 and I’m also lazy xD Try to level it to level 5 anyway.

You should be able to level; 3 levels higher now without much difficulty. Also try to hunt a few giants now. Try to hunt the same level as you. Try not to go beyond a 3 level difference. Giant Hunting is a good way to get money. Have a go =)


This is the level you get to do the Plug Earing quest! The plug will give and extra 60 defense rating! It?s a must have especially for those who are defensively challenged ;)


If you were able to get all your level 45 greens, wear them with pride. Level 45 also gives you access to probably the most valuable skill that you can get. Perfect Block. Its is a MUST HAVE for those that AoE and even for those that don’t, its still a life saver.
Level this as much as possible! You won’t regret it <3

You also get a skill called Auto Shot. Much like Junk arrow but it doesn’t miss. A lot of people say, stop Junk Arrow and level with auto shot as it does do more damage in the long run. Again, if you feel like you are so sick of Junk Arrow that you dream about it, go ahead and change to Auto Shot. Just remember Auto Shot has a cool down which means its cannot go into the Action Slot

You will probably be leveling at 4 or 5 levels above you now with your new equips. I suggest head over to Darkon 1 and start killing Leyenas after Master Mage Pranksters. You will find more people to party with and be able to keep you company thought the tough 15 levels to come.


You should also be nearing a maxed out Junk Arrow soon. Awesome work! You can keep going with Junk Arrow, but I do suggest that after you have maxed a skill to either reskill it into another and continue to fight with junk arrow, or start leveling another skill such as Aimed Shot or Auto Shot or Arrow Rain if you are going to go AoE ranger once you hit level 60.

Arrow rain is not good a good skill to use on its own. It has a ten second cooldown, so to level it I suggest casting your Action Slot, then Arrow Rain then Action Slot or singular attacking skill (eg. Junk Arrow) until the monster is dead. Arrow rain is a good skill after level 60, but pretty much useless for hardcore AoEing right now. Still try and level it to a decent level if you are planning to AoE.

The next ten levels are pretty much murder, but don’t give up! Your path to Rangerness awaits! Party with full Contribution parties with a leveling partner to take advantage of the bonus EXP. Do all your Quest Office Quests at 80% (just makes it seem easier ^^) and just grind, grind, grind =) your on the home straight, goodluck!

Written by 390za, Pictures by me.

Click on the links provided to view the pictures. ^^
Writing highlighted in bold are the key actions to take. For those who just are to busy to read all of it ;)

I. The Great Driller Massacre
Once have reached the long journey to level 60, ranger life begins (unless of course, you choose the Jester path)! To kick off the quest you will need to talk to [Ranger Master]Eliff who will ask you to do the task of slaying 20 regular Drillers.

You should well know where drillers are located by now. Piece of cake eh?

Once you have completed the task of commiting Driller homicide, head back to your Ranger Master, Eliff and you will be given another set of tasks

II. Delivering The Letter

You will be asked to kill Rubo who is located in the Darkon Caves where Syliacas and Greemongs reside. Rubo is located in the southernmost area of the Syliacas, near the Grownup Syliacas. Slay him and get the letter.

Once you have finished with Rubo, flyff to Flaris and head to the Mas dungeon entrance. Kimel is located near the entrance, right beside his best buddy, Radyon. Rumor has it that they developed an attraction to each other (No, just kidding).

III. The Book Collector
After Kimel, it’s time to head back to Darkon again and find [High-Dwarpet]Liekyen. He resides in the north-western exit of Darkon Town (the one that leads you to Zombigers).

Now in the next step, you will have to go and collect 8 books from Pranksters, they are located in the island north-east of Saint Morning (You should be very much aware of their location by now). This is extremely easy and shouldn’t take too much of your time.

Now fly to to [Ranger Priest] Rupim. She is found at Darkon 3 near the lodelight so it will be quite a long flyffing journey to get there.

IV. Battling The Venel Guardian
Rupim tells you to kill Guardian Venel. The Giant Burcow Creature is in a small room called the ‘Room of Guardian”. Once you successfully kill Venel, the heart will appear in your inventory.
Its recommended to take a healer or someone who can res. Or at least mark at lodelight. Its a long way to fly back.

Now you Have the heart, you need to fly south to the altar and just go visit the Ranger Guardian. Congratulations, you are now a Ranger! Don’t forget to get the drop and your penya reward!

Supplied by z1mbq4e5
Here will be described about the rangers skills, to see how to spend your skill points read that guide: Bow users skill distribution V1.5


ImageIce Arrow:
I is a AoE skill that used to slow down the enemies, but now it only cause damage.Cool-down 3 seconds.

ImageFlame Arrow:
Great AoE skill because of its high damage. When this hits, it has an initial hit that does the same damage as Ice Arrow but in conjunction with its Burning field, starts burning right away. The burn will hit four more times when maxed for a lot of damage =) (The burn can stack by the way, but you’ll never have more then two at once.) INT gives about +2 damage per burn and supposedly more Burning Field time, but it only seems to burn 5 times total. The burn is affected by the monster’s element, but apparently the initial hit for this or ice isn’t. Cool-down 4 seconds.

ImagePoison Arrow:
This skill isn’t too useful for 1vs1, it’s mostly for PvP. When maxed, it has a 48% chance to poison for 17 seconds, with each hit of poison dealing 250 damage 6 times. However, the initial hit is only slightly stronger then ice and flame and its total damage is less than Flame Arrow because of Burning Field damage. However, the target doesn’t need to be in a fixed area to be hurt by poison. Another neat thing about the poison is that it’s not affected by skill reduction, and can be slightly stronger with a higher attack rate. Eg, Poison Arrow will poison for 250+ at Elderguards or Glaphans no matter what your level. Cool-down 4 seconds.


ImageFast Shot:
This skill increases your attack speed while wielding a bow. When mastered it will give a nice +25% attack speed bonus. It’s useful if you want to 1v1 without an assist, but because max attack speed is 100%, its value is much less with an assist’s haste.
Cool-down 30 seconds.


ImagePiercing Arrow:
This your 4th and final AoE skill. Piercing Arrow is a straight line AoE, meaning you need to have your mobs in a loose line in front of you. Its ‘range’ is fairly loose though, with mobs standing next to you being hit. It does around 100 to 200 more damage than Ice Arrow but without any element or effects. Unfortunately it doesn?t work if you are on a steep slope. The appealing thing about piercing arrow is that it is fast casting, and has a low cool-down. Another neat (however mostly bad) effect of Piercing Arrow is that it will hit any monsters on your screen in a line. This is mostly bad though, because you can get unwanted monsters coming to attack you.
Cool-down 3 seconds.

This self buff will reduce an amazing 75 damage from spells from opponents when maxed. So, instead of taking something like 1500 damage, you’ll only take 1425. So far, I haven’t found any use in normal leveling. At least it lasts 4 minutes when maxed and lasts 6 seconds longer per point of INT. However, adding INT for this to last longer is a very bad decision.
Cool-down 20 seconds.


ImageSilent Arrow:
The skill name is a bit confusing because of the Acrobat skill “Silent Shot.” However, this skill is actually useful. It’s slightly stronger then Poison Arrow’s original hit, but not by much. When maxed, however you can Silent opponents for 15 seconds and it’s always a 100% chance success for Silence. Silence means, I believe that no MP skills can be cast. Thus, mages can’t use spells, assists can’t use buffs or heal and even billposters can’t use their level 80 skill =O Since the cool-down is only 10 seconds, you can easily Silence lock somebody =) Also very useful for guild war to stop those pesky mages.
Cool-down 10 seconds.


ImageTriple Shot:
This skill is essentially useless, because it’s attack is lower then the average of poison arrow. True, it does a few hundred more for the initial hit, but after that the bonuses aren’t really good; knockback is a joke. You’re better off just regular attacking for a crit, since you’ll probably hit one (and do more damage) within the time it takes for this ridiculously slow skill animation to finish.
Cool-down 8 seconds.


Builds that begin at level 60


Solo-lovers AoE Build
I have heard this around the forums a bit. I don’t recommend it but its still an option if you want to be a beefcake.
STA: 130+
DEX: 30

Recommended Skills: Perfect block over level 15. level 5 Fire and Ice arrow. Arrow Rain at level 10.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +3 or Setien Bow +3, Silusia/Silven set +3, Mighteer, Plug +2, mental necklace +2 or shine glasses.

You can allocate points during level up all on STA or divide them between STA and DEX until DEX gets to 40 or 50. Your main focus on this build is STA, don’t forget that.

‘High STA’ AoE Build
This build doesn’t have as much STA as the Solo-Lovers Build, taking advantage of more DEX for extra damage in the skills power.

STA: 100 (max)
DEX: 60
Recommended Skills: Perfect block over level 17 Max Fire and Ice arrow. Arrow Rain at level 10.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +3 or Setien Bow +3, Silusia/Silven set +3, 2 Mountain card piercing (8% defense) 2xPlugs +2, mental necklace +2 or shine glasses.

Because the max points for STA has already been reached in this build, you can pump up DEX every level. At level 80 both stats should be level. You can start adding points to STA anytime you want after that.

‘High DEX’ AoE Build
This is the build I currently run with. It has a high amount of DEX, but enough Stamina to allow me to still AoE effectively. You will need an RM if you don’t have the right elemental equips, or if you want to fight higher monsters. This build gives you enough DEX to 1v1 pretty well too.

STA: 60
DEX: 100
Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. level 7 Fire and Ice arrow. Arrow Rain at level 12.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +3 or Setien Bow +3, Silusia/Silven set +3, 8% defense from Mountain card piercing, +3 of the opposing element, 2 x plugs +4, mental necklace +2 or shine glasses.

Pump DEX and STA evenly for about 5 (or 10) levels. Then whack all your points onto DEX. The High DEX rating will increase you damage, blocking percentage and evasion.
You can use 2x plugs +2, but if you can get some Plugs +4, you will find it much easier.

‘Low STA’ AoE Build
This is the build that a lot of people run with. I ran with this build at level 60. You can AoE fairly well for a few levels but after spider/cranes you will need an assist to help you take more mobs and to AoE well enough.

STA: 40
DEX: 120
Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. Level 9 Fire and Ice arrow. Arrow Rain at level 14.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +3 or Setien Bow +3, Silusia/Silven set +3, 8% defense from Mountain card piercing, +3 of the opposing element, 2 x plugs +4, mental necklace +2 or shine glasses.

You can remain with 40 STA for as long as you feel comfortable. I personally just added STA like mad for 12 levels before slowing down and adding DEX instead. A lot of people still use this build at level 80, but an RM is a must.
The good thing about this build is that if you stick to 40 STA and keep pumping DEX, you can also become a capable 1v1 attacker. This can help you avoid having to restate if the AoEing tactic becomes boring or slow.

‘INT Based’ AoE Build
This build has been discussed a bit in the past and some people think it would work, others think that your better off putting those INT points on DEX or STA. Its up to you really.

STA: 70
DEX: 50-60
INT: 30-35
Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. Max Fire and Ice arrow. Arrow Rain at level 10.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +3 or Setien Bow +3, Silusia/Silven set +3, 8% defense from Mountain card piercing, +3 of the opposing element, 2 x plugs +4, Arek and Intelli rings.

35 INT is basically as much as you will need. Your choice now it either putting your points into DEX or STA. I would place all my points onto DEX until that reaches 90-100 then place some more points on STA. The idea with this build is that the INT will increase the Death Over Time effect of Fire Arrows; Burning Field. I don’t know of anyone who uses this build, and even though I do have 25 INT myself, I do feel that I would benefit more from having those point put onto DEX. But of course it is up to you.

Note: At level 70 you can opt to swap Arrow rain with Piercing arrow, which when maxed, does roughly 200 more points of damage than Ice arrow. Problem is your mobs need to be in a rough line in front of you. It isn’t hard to make a line and I prefer it over arrow Rain.


Full DEX 1v1 Build
I don’t know any ranger running with this build. Given the amour rate you get from the ranger equips is relatively low, I’d say this was a “suicide unless with RM” build. :P

Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. Fast Shot Max at level 65.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +5 or Guardian bow +3, Cruiser/Hyper set +3, 8% Attack from piercing, +3 of the opposing element, 2 x Mighteers or 2 plugs +2 / +4.

Yes that’s right. All DEX. That mean every level add DEX, DEX and only DEX. You will do more damage, but will die really, really easily. Take an RM with you.

Standard 1v1 Build
This is a more stable build, though you still only have a few STA points to live off, you will survive a lot better than the Full DEX build above. RM’s are optional.

STA: 20 – 30
DEX: 120 – 135+
Recommended Skills: Bow Mastery level 10, level 15 Perfect Block. Fast Shot Max at level 65.
Recommended Equipment: Flaming bow +5 or Guardian bow +3, Cruiser/Hyper set +3, 8% Attack from piercing, +3 of the opposing element, 2 x Mighteers.

If you start at 20 STA, evenly distribute your points between DEX and STA until STA is at 30. Then pump DEX until you need more STA. If you feel you are taking too much heat in battle add more STA. Try to keep your STA at the lowest possible amount so you can get more advantage from DEX.

100% credit goes to z1mbq4e5.

Some ask; “what is a speed break”? Well, as the game info tells you, DEX increases your attack speed. Every point ups it a little, but when you reach certain amounts of DEX, there’s a noticeable jump in your attack speed. It is these noticeable jumps in speed that are referred to as “speed breaks.”

Note: Attack speed DOES NOT affect your skill speed. 100% attack speed will cast skills as fast as 50% attack speed.

Now, these are the specific attack speed breaks for Bows:

15 DEX = 42% attack speed
27 DEX = 46% attack speed
63 DEX = 51% attack speed
99 DEX = 57% attack speed
134 DEX = 61% attack speed
170 DEX = 67% attack speed
204 DEX = 73% attack speed

Credit goes to Beowine and Chris

These are the current Green Amour and Weapon Sets.


Slepint & Stinger Set
Defence +36
Dex +3
Add FP +10%
Add MP +10%
Critical Hits +10%

Bow of Accuracy
2-Handed Equipment
Attack Rate: 62-64
Attack Speed: Fast
Dex +2
Hit Rate +10%


Layered & Miragle Set
Defence Rate +50
Add HP +10%
FP Consumption -15%
MP Consumption -15%
Attack Speed +10%

Bow of Spirit
2-Handed Equipment
Attack Rate: 102-104
Attack Speed: Fast
Dex +3
Attribute Attack Rate +2


Cruiser & Hyper Set
Defence Rate +55
Bow AP +10%
Yoyo AP +11%
FP Consumption -20%
MP Consumption -20%
Deathblow Damage +40%

Flaming Bow
2-Handed Equipment
Attack Rate: 152-154
Attack Speed: Fast
Deathblow Damage +20%
Critical Hits +3%


Rebron & Restron Set
Defence Rate +48
STR +10
Hit Rate +15%

Guardian Bow
Attack Rate: 233 ? 235
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment
Add HP Rate +15%
Critical Rate +20%


Oska & Okas Set
Defence Rate +50
Hit Rate +15%
Add HP Rate +15%

Historic Bow
Attack Rate: 251 – 253
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment
DEX +10
STA +4


Asren & Aren Set
Defence Rate +50
STR +7
Critical Rate +12%

Angels Bow
Attack Rate: 278 – 280
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment
Add HP Rate +20%
Hit Rate +20%


Tyrent & Tight
Defence Rate +48
Add HP Rate +15%
Reflect Damage +10%

Ranerz & Raze
Defense +15%,
Distance Atk Block +15%,
Short Atk Block +15%,
HP +15%

Legendary Golden Bow
Attack Rate: 292 – 294
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment
Additional Damage of Critical Hits +40%
Attack Speed +10%


Bloody Bow
Attack Rate: 307~309
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment
+40% Additional damage to crits
+10% Attack speed
+20% MP rate

Written by dfosco

The concept of hybrid ranger is pretty simple. When ranger’s can’t out-damage nor out-hp the enemy, they just stun-lock them with crossline and slowly burn/poison enemies down.

If you decide to go hybrid ranger, you must have one thing in mind. It will be hard. VERY HARD.
Either hard spending 20 bucks in a reskill or going to a high-hp monster (trangs for example) and spamming crossline.


If you still want to, go for it! Training it manually is extremely hard and boring, one of the worst times you’ll have in Flyff. But the reward is a godsend. So get a music on, and go ahead.

In order to spam it properly you’ll need Hyper/Cruiser Set (no suit) so you can get the fp reduction, and an iron yo-yo so you can deal the less damage possible. The fastest way to do it is selecting a mob, putting a coin in the crossline f# and clicking in the fp icon in the shortcut bar. Any shortcut button, new window opened or f# you press will cancel the skill. So place the coin there, click in the FP pots when needed and pretend you’re a plant.

I’ve already tried activations, and frankly it goes pretty much as fast as this method. So it’s cheaper to do the way it’s here, since the action slot is kinda broken.

Also, level up counterattack the max you can, most people don’t really know how to fight it, and always get stunned.
Incredibly, pulling is also useful. You’ll love when the odds are favoring you and you’re able to combo a pulling+counter.

For bow skills, have ice/fire/poison arrows mastered. Junk arrow still helps against some classes, but yo-yo’s and ranger skills will be most of what you’ll use. Although auto-shot is a very good damage dealer, and aimed shot is somewhat better than JA due to the lower casting time and faster damage/second.

As for build, I?m not actually the most recommended one for this kind of PvPer, since I?m AOE. A DEX build would do fairly better than I do due to a higher damage out-put (but could probably die in ohko from many classes =P), but then a good peision necklace/shineglasses should come in play.


As a hybrid ranger you’ll want to kill as fast as possible, so your enemy can’t escape from the stun-lock. Then you’ll need as much attack as possible.

– 3/4 of Restron/Rebron Set for the +10 str (no suit needed). Don’t worry, the set defense is actually the same as the crappy ranger armor.
– Guardian Yo-Yo, if you want to deal a significant damage with yo-yo’s.
– +16% attack in your suit is very recommended, but if you manage to get a 12% it’s cool.
– Get the best areks you can, if you can’t try getting vigor’s, they are still helpful, but not as much as the areks.
– Mighteers would be a great help, if you can get at least one, go for it. If you can’t, stay always dual-plug

If you can’t get spro’s or gpro’s, get at least you set/bow/yo-yo all +3, and your suit +4%. A guardian bow would be nice due to the higher base damage, but as I?m an AoE build I could sell it to upgrade better my other equips.


So, you got crossline to lvl 16+. Now you can consider using it in PvP, although you won’t get that much stunlocks, and will hardly ever be able to switch to bow and get back with another stun.

Switching between the weapons is another skill to be mastered. You have to put both bow/arrows and yo-yo in the action slot, and press the f# key once to switch. If you get nervous and press it many times you’ll end up unarmed and the enemy unstunned.

Also, be aware of the stun glitch. If you mix both counterattack and crossline stuns the enemy will end up unstunned until both stun wears off. That’s a nightmare when you action slot crossline and you kick in 3-4 stuns which lasts 6 seconds. Basically, stun glitch = death . Although, there’s a way to go over it! When your crossline is high enough, it will likely stun in the first or second try. Just leave the cursor over the counter-stun icon, wait for it to reach 0, and action slot. You might get one hit, but it’s better than dieing anyway…

I’d post a few other things, maybe a mini guide of dueling scenarios, but something?s are better go get by your own experience, so go to the arena and have a nice time


I’ll try to post my slotbars later, but I?ll only log in the weekend.

Although I made this guide, I?m still under construction, and I am not the inventor of hybrid rangers. The concept, the inspiration and most of the things I know came from the first and only Hybrid Ranger who exists, LadyAriel from Lawolf. Haven’t seen her for a while, come back ladyyyy!


Miscellanious Stat calculators, forumlas and other mathematical thingos that Rangers might like to know.

I don’t know who made these or worked them out. Credit goes to you whoever you are <3


BowAtk = ( ( baseAtk * 2 ) + ( ( ( dex - 14 ) * 4.0 + str * 0.2 + lv * 1.3 ) * 0.7 ) + adjAtk ) * RefineMultiplier + ( RefineLevel ^ 1.5 )
Once mastered it adds 25%
LVL    MP             Effect               Cooldown    Duration
1.     30      Atk. Speed + 2,5%              30          40
2.     31      Atk. Speed + 5%                30          45
3.     32      Atk. Speed + 7,5%              30          50
4.     33      Atk. Speed + 10%               30          55
5.     34      Atk. Speed + 12,5%             30          60
6.     35      Atk. Speed + 15%               30          65
7.     36      Atk. Speed + 17,5%             30          70
8.     37      Atk. Speed + 20%               30          75
9.     38      Atk. Speed + 22,5%             30          80
10.    39      Atk. Speed + 25%               30          85

Level 65 DEX Ranger, here’s what I use (numbers might be off 10% or so, this is all from memory);

STR: 15
STA: 61 (approx 2800hp, with equip below).
DEX: 102
INT: 15

I use the full Silven set (best armor from level 60 – 68, suit is Def 513-516), all bought from players stores and all bumped up to +3 (suit had already been pierced for +8 Def= bonus!). Probably just run this gear until I buy 75 rare set and reach level 75 but it all depends on what I can find in the stores.

I bought 5 Varife bows and bumped them all to +3 and +3 element for each. That adds usually about an extra 100 damage per arrow and still cheaper than 1 Guardian Bow. I will do this again at level 70 with Defnan bows. Will probably buy a Historic Bow at 75 (level 75 rare) if I can.

I’ve got shineglasses (+100 MP/FP) and the School event cape (+100hp), a Stam +4 ring (+5 STA) and a +4 Arek ring (+5 DEX). Also 2@+2 Plugs and a +2 Gore Necklace (+118hp). Need better jewelry but they are still expensive (but that’s changing fast).

So, I basically AoE at Captain Cranes (level 68 mob) and take 4 when I’m alone. Might be able to take 5 since I hit level 65 but it’s safer and easy to just do 4 and there are so many players that play there so I try not to take too many (why I go there is mostly easy to get in party for added exp.). If I have a FS I can take about as many as I can find (up to around 9 probably).

I have my JA at level 19 (about 10% away from mastered) and my DI, FW, PB are all around level 12. Ice and Fire Arrow are both at level 9 and Arrow Rain is around level 9 too. Need to get that one to level 15 so it lasts for 6 seconds instead of 4. I’ve been spamming JA since got it and I still use it a lot so might as well get used to it. On the cranes, I get around 900-1000 damage per hit with JA, times 4, that’s good damage! At 67% hit rate that still figures out to be about 3000 damage per volley.

I like doing AoE when I can (lots of mobs around) but if I just want to go alone for a while I jump out to the Greemong (Captain is level 72) and take them 1 at a time using Fast Shot. Or if I feel real sassy I’ll go fight the CarrierBombs right by Darkon (level 73-74). I can get up to around 60% or more attack speed with Fast Shot (adds 5% speed per level up to 50% at level 10) so no regrets for not being BJ, except loss of critical rate- which is minor in the long run for me). Sometimes when I’m bored or want to kill faster I’ll spam JA and Aimed Shot, both action-slot skills.


This is level 66 Ranger. I only use 2 bars at the moment but that might change soon. I switch to bar 1 to cast my buffs or when I’m fighting 1v1. Bar 2 is for when I’m AoE’ing.

These were taken several hours apart so my Action Slot changes depending on what skill I’m trying to level. Trying to get JA mastered (only 500 more uses and it will be).

For those not as familiar with the icons I’ll list them too.

Bar 1: F5 -F9 = Fast Walker, Dark Illusion, Fast Shot, Perfect Block, Bow Mastery.

Bar 2: F5-F9 = Poison Arrow, Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Arrow Rain, Fast Shot (in case I want to finish off the last 1 or 2 mobs that AoE doesn’t kill).

foxhound14’s BUILD AND TACTICS

Hello, :)

I’m a level 82 Ranger on Lawolf named FutabaRentarou

Paker Set+8
Of which the suit is +16% defense (4x pierced with mountain cards)
And is also +6 water (for Pinky’s in mines)
2 guardian bows, 1+5, other +8+6water.

STR: 15 (17 with suit)
STA: 61 (used to AoE with 50 but since the guild is doing ClockWorks soon I’m pumping STA)
DEX: 125 (arekring+6 <3)
INT: 30 (even though people say its useless It really doesn?t feel that way :) )

From level 72 I?ve been AoEing mush till level 75. At that point I went into the Dekanes mines to kill Pinkys which started off going pretty slow (had a level 72 ranger with me and we teamed up on single Pinkys to get decent time) exp was great at that time Smile. I managed to get to 82 in about a week thanks to the mines. Now I can easily AoE the entire spawn of Pinkys if I have a ringmaster with me (I have mastered perfect block) although I usually just solo them seeing as I kill at decent speed soloing too.


Action Slot: 5x Junk Arrow (haven?t used it since level 65 but still.)

Skill Slot
F1 : Silent/Triple (depends on what I?m dueling in PvP/training on monsters)
F2 : Fast Shot
F3 : Food (star candy)
F4 : Refreshers (5th)
F5 : Flame Arrow
F6 : Ice Arrow
F7 : Bow Mastery
F8 : Perfect Block
F9 : Dark Illusion

I play on a laptop so there’s no space between F4 and F5, so keep that in mind before anyone thinks its a weird skill slot setting.



My Character, Almalexia is a High DEX AoE Ranger. I’m currently level 75 and AoEing regular Mushpoies. I can tank 4-5 on my own and 8+ if I have an Assist/RM with me. I also like to 1v1 sometimes at Captain Carrier Bombs when I’m chatting to people or bored of AoEing.
So let’s get down to the technical stuff shall we?


STR: 19
STA: 64
DEX: 115
INT: 25


Arek rings +4 and +6
2 x Plugs +2
Mental necklace +1

Gia cloak – (STA +1)
Carnival Mask – (DEX +1)

Okas Helm +3
Paykink Suit +4 (+4% Defense, +4 Electric element)
Okas Gloves +3
Okas Boots

Hydron Bow +6


Okay here is my function keys all set up on 2 bars

Bar 1
F1: Star Candy
F2: Meat Salads
F3: Junk Arrow/Arrow Rain/Silent Arrow (whatever I’m leveling at the time)
F4: 5th Refresher
F5: Fire Arrow
F6: Ice Arrow
F7: 5th Refresher
F8: Piercing Arrow
F9: Broom

Bar 2
F1: Combat Stand (what?) Its supposed to be Star Cady :roll:
F2: Fast Shot
F3: Dark Illusion
F4: Fast Walker
F5: 5th Refresher
F6: Nature
F7: Bow Mastery
F8: Perfect Block
F9: Action Slot Key


Okay so before I gather mobs I press…

[2] This gets me to Bar2
[F8] Cast Perfect Block
[F7] Cast Bow Mastery
[F6] Cast Nature (for leveling purposes)
[F5] only if MP is below 110
[F4] Cast Fast Walker to run fast

Press [1] to go to attacking screen
Gather mobs
Run ahead of the mob after you collected them for a bit, then…

[F6] Smash the button to cast Ice arrow as they are still coming towards you. This should freeze some of them.
[F5] Smashing this button as soon as you see Ice arrow cast helps me make sure that very little time is wasted in between casts. They should be standing in front of you, so they will stay on the Burning Field.
[F6] Smash this button as soon as you see Fire arrow cast. Casting this as much as possible makes sure that they remain in their frozen state as much as possible. This also might slow down ones that didn’t get frozen the first time.
[F7] Use that refresher!
[F8] Slip in a Piercing arrow. Again with the smashing action xD
[F7] Only if my MP is looking a bit low.
[F6] Smash that Ice arrow

Basically rinse and repeat till they are dead :p

So that?s my crazy AoE tactic. The cool downs suck but they do make it a lot more interesting than just pressing C and food =)

Remember the key is Speed and Freezing time, as well as initiative. If you can run ahead of them at the beginning enough so that you can launch an Ice arrow into them before they hit you, this will sometimes make or break your AoE. 40% of the times where I have not done this, I have wound up close to death or dead D:

If you have good elemented and pierced suits and a high perfect block, you will find AoEing much easier ^^


Hi =] I’m Wink from the Aibatt cluster and I currently have the ‘Low STA’ (40 STA) Ranger Build. I used to go with ‘High Sta’ Build, except that I continued adding STA every level but was unhappy with the damage, so I restatted at level 77. I can vouch that it is very effective solo though.

The build I’m going with now, however, is, in my opinion, more effective, although I have to admit it requires a bit of money to attempt amongst a few other advantages some players unfortunately don’t have =(..

This is the build that works very well for me, but I’m not so sure it would work for anything less than the equipment I have. With all of it on, my Attack Rate is about 1210 without any kind of buffs and my Defense Rate is about 650. My HP is about 3350.

It’s definately improvable though.. +6 Arek Rings / Dexion, Plugs (Or mighteers even? =O), and a Mask would probably make things a little too easy =P


Normal / Adjusted

STR: 15 / 24
STA: 40 / 53
DEX: 142 / 173
INT: 15 / 24


= 2 x Arek rings +5
(DEX +6)

= 2 x Plugs +2
(Defense Rate +60)

= Mental necklace +2
(+79 MP)

= Dragon Cloak
(STR +8, STA +8, DEX +8, INT +8, +100 HP)

= Paykinic Helm +6
= Paykinic Suit +6
= Paykinic Gloves +6
= Paykinic Boots +6
(Electric +3, Max MP +20, Hit Rate +20%, Block Rate +6%, HP Rate +5%, Magic Power +6, All Stat +1)

= Historic Bow +7
(DEX +10, STA +4)


F1: Arrow Rain (Level 19: 1820 Damage 3x -> 5430 Damage)
F2: Piercing Arrow (3020ish Damage)
F3: Ice Arrow (2860 Damage)
F4: Fire Arrow (No idea xD But the burn damage is ~350)
F5: Star Candy
F6: Fifth Refresher
F7: Fast Walker (Level 19)
F8: Perfect Block
F9: Board


AoEing is pretty simple.. And even with Low STA (40), I dont’ find it much harder than AoEing with high STA (130). You just start off with an ice Arrow followed by Arrow Rain, and then alternating between Ice Arrow and another skill until Arrow Rain cools down =]

I’ve found I’m able to kill around 10 Mushpoie at once by myself without running away (Haven’t really tried any more than that. I’m usually with an RM). Fast Walker is the what you use to grab em all =P Sometimes I use Bow Mastery too, but it’s in the toolbar without hotkeys, since it lasts a lot longer than other skills.

With an RM, I can take on the entire area and a few iren too =]

Hello,I’m a level 81 Ranger on Lawolf named KneeruEQUIPSHyper+8
Of which the suit is 8% defense (2x pierced with Thunder cards)
And is also +9 water (for Pinky’s in mines)
guardian bow+8


STR: 15 (17 with suit)
STA: 25
DEX: 182 (arekring+6 <3)
INT: 15

From level 70 i was 1v1 Mushies till 72 At that point I went into the Dekanes mines to kill Pinkys which started off going pretty slow (had a level 72 ranger with me and we teamed up on single Pinkys to get decent time) exp was great at that time Smile.I can easily AoE the entire spawn of Pinkys if I have a ringmaster with me (I have mastered perfect block) although I usually just solo them seeing as I kill at decent speed soloing too.


Set 1

Action Slot:N/A

Skill Slot

F1 : Fast Shot
F2 : Food(Star Candy)
F3 : Dark Illusion
F4 : N/A
F5 : N/A
F6 : Bow Mastery
F7 : Perfect Block
F8 : Nature
F9 : Fast Walker

Set 2

F1: Ice Arrow
F2: Fire Arrow
F3: Piercing Arrow
F4: Star Candy
F5: Refreshers
F6: Perfect Block
F7: Dark Illusion
F8: Fast Walker
F9: N/A

Thats it Have Fun With My Build FTW Kneeru

z1mbq4e5 BUILD AND TACTICSHello, I’m Zim (I guess that’s easiest from my forum ID). But my character’s name is Veloria (Which I actually prefer, but you don’t need to remember that, or maybe Vel for short). Anyhow, I have a level 84 ranger on the mushpoie server (Yes, highest I think! I need to level some more, but school is keeping me busy).STATS

Honestly, I was pure dex until level 60, but I decided to slowly change to AoE, and had 30 sta by the time I got to fishies =) I thought pure dex ranger could be really good, but I realized that AoE was incomparably faster. Then I had electirc armor and +5 set, and I still could AoE the whole spawns up to about +4-5 my level. Since then, I got my sta to 40, but then left the rest into dex. My stats look something like this (Base / with equips):

STR: 15 / 16
STA: 40 / 54
DEX: 156 / 174
INT: 15 / 17
HP: 3168 / 3988
MP: 193 / 302
FP: 268 / 427
Attack: 1234 (With equips/buffs)
Def: 698 (With equips/buffs)
Aspeed: 92% (With equips/buffs)


What I use for equips:
-Okas helm / boots / gloves all +6
-Paykinic suit + 6, +5 water, +12% attack
-Int and sta+ Historic bow +7 (Gives +3 sta, +1 int on top of the regular +10 dex, +4 sta of the bow
-School event cape
-Plug +2 (x2)
-Arek +6 and stam +6 (Alternately, I have a stam+5 I switch out for my arek if I need more sta for some reason)
-Cat ears! -Arrows XD

Ulimately, I opted out of the level 75 set suit because it was way too expensive for just +15% HP, and I haven’t really needed that much extra HP as of now anyways.


For leveling, basically I AoE all the time. Doesn’t matter what level, but I just AoE. Right now I’m still working those pinkys for decent exp, however I might be forced to go 1vs1 at level 88-90 out of neccessity.

Honestly, this build depends a lot on good supporters, not so much your equips. True elementing and +3 is a neccesity, but much beyond that is not really required in my opinion. That is not to say that good equips/skills make your life easier.

I have ALMOST level 16 fast walker, level 18 block, and level 19 bow mastery. I maxed all my ranger skills too =) I also have level 10 crossline and level 13 auto shot. (My quest at level 90 is to start maxing my skills =O)


Finally getting to my hotkeys, after much anticipation! xD


This is my AoEing bar. I have my food and AoEs all together, since I can get all of them with one hand. Fast shot is just thrown in F3 because I needed a place for it. I usually mob, then go ice -> flame -> rain -> ice -> flame then, just do whatever works from there. Piercing I use occasionally to fill in delay, but not often. Anyways, then I have my dark illuion on F7, which is a must in case I need to get out of a mob for some reason, like a boss comes. Fast walker on F8, which I use ALL the time. I just slide my left hand over there…F3 would probably work better, but that’s just how I have it. Then my block on F9.

I try to keep my buffs on one side, and things I use while attacking on another. I have not hotkeys for refreshers: I just double click on my inventory (I keep my refreshers in the bottom left corner). SOmething important to note: since all my skills I use have delay except bow mastery, I put it on my combo slot to save a Fkey for something else.

This is my skill leveling bar…I just chuck random skills into here when I want to level them. (Except, triple is already mastered ;X) Buff setup is just a little different, since if some skills I level I can combo.

This is my PvP tab. It has my food and most attacking skills I’ll probably use, then my buffs on the other. I could, however, probably take out flame or ice arrow if I wanted fast shot, but I don’t PvP much, so this is mostly for GW, where I mostly focus on slowing/muting people.

This is my yoyo skills tab. NOt really organized, just a mish mash =P I don’t use them very often though.

dfosco’s BUILD AND TACTICSHeya people, I’m IpodNano from Lawolf, and I’m back for Anuxinamoon’s guide <3!
I know I’m only lvl 65, but my build might be helpful for low lvl -and poor- rangers, so if you feel like giving me a spot Anuxi, i’d really appreciate it :D

I’m basically an AoE ranger, high sta/medium dex, but i rely in basic upgraded equips and a few other tricks to survive. I used to have a Fropnear Set, but when the Restron Set was released I couldn’t resist the +10STR (as I’m hybrid in pvp), even more when i realized that it’s 3/4 defense (no suit) was the same as the fropnear set. So this is my build, basic build/with equips:STR: 15 / 32
STA: 103 / 103
DEX: 57 / 57+1×2
INT: 15 / 15+(57 mp)


My main strategy when choosing my equip was to try to reduce as much as i could the damage i take. That way (as a poor ranger) i upgraded all my equip to +3 and got 5 elemental suits for AoE’ing different element monsters and to kick blade ass3s in the arena. Also, a spare equip to go in a pk spree once in a while :3

My Equips are:

-Restron Helm/Boots/Gloves all +3 (add +10 STR)
-Tohen Suit +3 +3 Earth 4% Def
-Tohen Suit +3 +3 Wind 4% Def
-Tohen Suit +3 +3 Electric 4% Atk
-Fropnear Suit +3 +3 Fire 4% Atk
-Fropnear Suit +3 +3 Water 4% Def

-Plugs +2 (x2)
-Mental Necklace +1 (haven’t looked out for another after the version 6)
-Vigor Ring +0/Vigor Ring +5
-Areks +0 (x2)

-Varife Bow +3
-Guardian Yo-Yo +3

Pk Equip:

-Velinjack Bow +1
-Gelonde +3
-Tohen Boots/Helmet/Gloves +1
-Muruen Suit


For real leveling I just AoE AoE AoE AoE, although sometimes i take a break and go 1v1 just for laughs.

At lvl 65 I can take ~10 Capt. Cranes alone, and 15+ with a good FS. Using my wind suit i take 60~70 from their hits. Always have the right elemental suit on or you might die in a very stupid way.
It’s true that it became harder to AoE after the big update, but with lvl 11 FastWalker I run through the map gathering mobs fast enough to get them and come back to let them hit me so they won’t go away.
My PB is lvl 11, recently I don’t think it’s really necessary, but it’s always good to have it on to avoid more hits.

After i gather them I shoot a combo of Ice-Flame-Ice-AR-Flame-Ice, with both Ice and Flame mastered and AR at lvl 9. Generally this is enough to take them down, if not 1 or 2 shots more.

I actually grab the itens the monsters drop, with the time i got my mouse accurate enough just to pick Refs/Vitals and important drops. Die pets :0


Giant Hunting is da’ old same JA spamming. In fact not hard when you have it mastered, I just shoot an Ice to slow him down and spam JA to his death. Just make sure i have the right suit on and kick his @ss.
Crossline is actually useful sometimes when giant hunting. If my partner tanker can’t tank the giant properly crossline can stun-lock the giant while the partner damages it unpreocuppied.


1. Aoe Bar

F1. Ice Arrow
F2. Flame Arrow
F3. Star Candies
F4. 5th Refreshers (high enough to fill up mana)
F5. Arrow Rain
F6. Perfect Block
F7. Fast Shot
F8. FastWalker
F9. Dark Illusion

Action Slot: Junk Arrow x4

This is my Aoe’ing bar. When i go pvp it get some changes, i usually take out food, AR, PB and fast shot to put Bow/Arrows, poison arrow and junk arrow. It generally gets like this:

1. Alternate Bow Pvp Bar

F1. Ice Arrow
F2. Flame Arrow
F3. Bow
F4. Arrows
F5. Refreshers
F6. Poison Arrow
F7. Junk Arrow
F8. FastWalker
F9. Dark Illusion

Action Slot: 4x Crossline

Also, I always have Bow Mastery in the non numerical bar at the left. Why not having +11 atk power? :3

2. Yo-Yo Pvp Bar

F1. Crossline
F2. Yo-Yo
F3. Yo-Yo Mastery
F4. Vital Drink
F5. Counter Attack
F6. Perfect Block
F7. Pulling
F8. Fastwalker
F9. Dark Illusion

Action Slot: 4x Crossline

This is my 2nd pvp bar. Used to randomly stun out of the action slot, keep a stun-lock, counter the enemy or even pull him inside counter range. For more info about these pvp bars visit the Hybrid Ranger pvp section in this guide.

3. Function Bar

F1. Junk Arrow (to finish off mobs who survived the AoE)
F2. Pick Up
F3~F7. Random stuff put here when needed
F8. Sit Down
F9. Broom

This is just for releasing space in the other bars and to put some shortcuts or macros when i feel to. If you don’t have one you should try, it’s useful.

1. Alternate Giant Hunting Bar

F1. Junk Arrow
F2. Ice Arrow
F3. Star Candies
F4. 5th Refreshers (or the ones i have in the moment)
F5. Poison Arrow
F6. Perfect Block
F7. Fire Arrow
F8. FastWalker
F9. Dark Illusion

Action Slot: x4 Junk Arrow

Slow down the giant, spam junk arrow, slow again when it’s about to wear off. Just keep PB on and DI when necessary. Fire/Poison are just for having some fun against the [I Have a Potty Mouth] :U


Just a compilation of my skill lvls, to match them with the corresponding build.

Bow Skills:

Junk Arrow – Mastered
Bow Mastery

Hope low level rangers find this build a little useful, as there are many other higher lvls around that are probably better, i just wanted to do something for the community :D

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