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Fly for Fun Money Making Guide by lunakore_

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PG001 – Introduction
PG002 – Fastest Easiest Money
PG003 – Basic Vending

Introduction [PG001]
Apologies. In the Recent versions (14 and 15) New Money tactics for newer players were somewhat limited and I did not personally join everyone in over farming Lusaka weapons during the early weeks of V15 so my information on the dungeon was limited
Again adding money tactics for things like Bloody / Vampire / Ancient / Lusaka Crystal will only apply to higher level players , These players know enough from personal experience and won’t need to read this guide

Hello I am Lunakore,
I have made a large amount of Penya in my journey to 120 (And then later on Hero) along with many other players.
People have always asked what the best ways to make money are, and for them I made this guide.

For those who wanted to know how Lunakore or any other Player can make all the money they need-
This guide is mostly for people who do not want to compete with a dozen or more other players for a Giant
(There is already an Incomplete Guide for Giant Hunting I believe)
For people who do not have access to their computer to keep their shop open for days at a time.
(I was able to keep my shop open whenever I was not playing the game, But many players can not do this, There are however other alternatives)

Almost any player can make around 100 Billion from 1-Hero if they know when and how to do it.
And with today’s Economy it is even easier to make potentially double that or more.

Here’s MY Guide to Legitimate money making.
(By Legit I mean without having to buy from Penya Sellers which is EXTREMELY illegal.)
This is not a Reseller guide sorry. I tried to find ways around Reselling as to avoid server inflation.
For those who want to get the most out of their character , By leveling up and also making insane amounts of Penya , this is for you.

~You do not have to kill Giants all day – If you can then by all means do so, this is an easy source of Penya although you will need to be strong enough to handle their greatly increased stats while competing with other players.
~You do not have to Kill Clockworks or Red Meteonyker – These are also incredible sources of Penya but require you to be incredibly strong or have Large groups of people (Clockwork can only be killed once every 48 hours I will explain him later)
~Buying Penya from Penya Sellers is illegal and you will be banned for doing it…….So…Just don’t.
~There are 2 ways of reselling I will also explain those at a later point .

P.S. I may mention Blades a lot in this Guide and I apologize for this , I am a Blade , I do have basically all classes but in my opinion my Blade was the most effective at making money , It is simply a matter of opinion , It is all dependent on your gear and how well you can play the class you use.

Now then…..On with the Guide


Fastest Easiest Money [PG002]
While Leveling I have seen BY FAR in the game –
This is only for slightly more advanced players as you need to be a somewhat higher level.
-Upon reaching Level 98 or more if you have no already , Invest in an Azria Ticket.
-An Azria Ticket is a Cash Shop item that allows you to access the Island of Azria
-Upon entering Azria (By choosing Channel 1 or 2 after clicking on the ticket) Fly or Run directly North
-Continue following the path until you reach the curve to the left here you will find-
Ghost of the Forgotten Kings-These are from what I have experienced one of the best dropping enemies in the game.The reason for which is that not only do you get an Increased Drop Rate from being in Azria , But since they are level 103 they seem to have a much larger list of items that drop.
These Range anywhere from Level 75 to 120 items along with Sunstones , Moonstones and much more
-Start or Join a party (Only Join one if it is and Expanded Drop Range Party -Red Scroll-)
I would suggest running your own party for the sake of having Linked Attack (This will almost double your kill speed if you or another party member is using an Red Scroll)
-Get it to Level 40 as quickly as possible for the use of all Drop Rate increasing skills.
(Or buy a Lv40+ Party this will most likely cost you between 3 and 5 Mill but will pay for itself)
-Use Drop skills – Lucky Drop and Gift Box (Stop changing the names Gala….)
-Start Grinding (Killing enemies mindlessly for hours)
(This is done best with a Blade or other Critical / High damage class as they can basically 2-3 hit Kings at this level with decent gear)
Although I say it is best done with a Blade almost all Classes will make amazing income from this monster……Unless of course you are Tanking or Wind-Fielding at a lower level.
Stay at Kings as long as you possibly can , This is most likely until you start making less than 50 Mill a day (Total value of the items you find not just the Penya you happened to make in that session) EVEN though the EXP is absolute *bleep* With the servers economies now you will be pulling in more Penya than you should possibly need to upgrade your gear with basic upgrades and half decent awakenings. This goes for weapons as well.

Do not focus on these for too long if your gear is not spectacular , There are other ways of making money (Much more explained below) Kings work well for most 1vs1 based classes and somewhat of the same for AOE classes.

Now dont get me wrong you won’t make 100 Billion penya off of Kings alone but you should make a few Billion by the time you are finished with them :) (I personally made around 1-200 Mill per session but this was a long time ago and may be less or more varying by items)
~~You should find between 25-60 Suns AND Moons each a day (60 being really lucky with spammed drop skills for several hours) not to mention an abundant source of Blue weapon drops and Green Pieces~~
I have been told by several people that on a lucky day one can almost pull in a full stack of each , This would be somewhat overkill in my opinion…..Take a break and get some air once in a while.
(THIS IS NOT DEFINATE – Killing Kings was just my favorite way I made money so far as the EXP was constantly flowing in as I was making my money some people could argue different methods are better I just prefer this one)
Happy Grinding


Basic Vending [PG003]
Vending is the art of being a Merchant , This is a person who opens up shops regularly to sell off their wares to people in need. Personally this was by far (And I mean by FAR) The BEST way I made money overall , Kings made me a few billion Penya sure…but that was only for a few Levels. For all the other levels #1 way to make money was Merchanting the goods I found during each days session of Grinding.
Vending will not really help you if you do not have the time or resources to do it.
Try to open Shops as much as you possibly can while you aren’t playing (Sleep,School,Work Etc)
You need as much Vend time as you can get your hands on.
Shops are mainly for selling the things like Sunstones/Moonstones and awakened items you will find.
Whenever you find a Rare piece of armor (Green Name) it is usually a good Idea to go to Flarine , Speak to NPC Peach , Buy a Scroll of Awakening (Green Scroll) and awaken the item , This will cost you 100k and if it is a negative awakening you can always just sell the item to the NPC for more than you payed for the scroll (This happens more at higher levels as low level greens have a Low NPC Price)

For those of you who can’t open shops at all due to the fact that it isn’t your computer etc. You will be doing a lot of Full Shouting to try and sell your items. There are however alternate methods of selling items without having to shout or vend , However these take a little bit of effort ,You can have a friend sell items for you (If they do this be generous offer them a cut of whatever Penya you make) The other is to make lots of friends , Try to get in a nice full Guild filled with friendly people , There will always be someone in there who needs something, And again don’t be greedy if you are selling to your Guild Mates offer them a guildie discount they are nice enough to keep buying from you after all.

Over time Vending is most likely going to be your main source of income as it was for me, You will learn the value of basic items very quickly and sooner than you think you will have a popular shop and you will be able to keep your cash flow up using items you got for free :)

Try to keep your shop stocked as well as you can with items that ANY Player or Class can use
If you try to be too class specific you are drastically lowering your chance of gaining income
Items like Sunstones and Moonstones or Free Event items that would normally be bought in the cash shop (Azria Tickets , Fullshouts , Etc that can be pulled out of Event Boxes) will sell the quickest as they are the items every player will want or need at some point.
(Other methods of Vending explained below)


If you are a new player starting the game you most likely won’t have any Penya – Read the following
Level 5 In Flarine East talk to NPC Loyah , She will give you the quest to find her puppy. The puppy can be found far to the north near Grownup Lawolfs , Look for the scroll shape item under a tree , The reward 15,000 Penya!!!

Level10 – Kill monsters in Flaris until you reach Lv10 , As soon as you are lv10 Blink to Saint Morning and Find the NPC named JeongHwa , She will offer you a quest which requires you to run to Pumkin Village which is south of Saint Morning , The Reward – 20,000 Penya!!!This will be enough to get you to level 20 ,

At level 20 you should already be training in Saint Morning most likely so head back to town , Look for the NPC named Porgo , they will offer you a Quest Chain called the Mia Quests , Complete the tasks given until you reach the third Leg “Kids Disappeared” the reward for this is another 43,200 Penya!!! But this isnt the end of these quests , You can choose to stop them now OR you can continue them until the chain ends about 5 quests or so later , the reward for completing the chain is yet another 32,000 Penya!! This should get you to 30

Level 30 At level 30 the Real fun starts , Blink to Flaris and find the Shield NPC Luda , He will offer you the Red Bang quests , Accept them and start completing your tasks they are nor hard at all and only require you to fly north to bangs , Locate Red Bangs and kill a few of them. the 4th Leg of this quest – “Identity of Red Bang Troupe” ….Once completed will reward you with…..Brace yourself…….357,000 Penya!!! (I almost had a stroke when I seen this for the first time to be honest) You will also receive an Entanale Sword from the third Leg , which if you are a mercenary is invaluable so equip it asap.

Also at Level 30 is the Mars Mine Bosses at the back of the mine , You require Keys to open the doors here , Apparently these bosses have a high chance of dropping Highly upgraded weapons….but these weapons are low level and cannot really be sold to anyone other than an NPC….I will add more details to this Mine if necessary but I would suggest just leveling past it towards Ivillines Mine in Saint Morning.

This money should be enough to get you high enough in which to start doing the Ivilliness Mine quests.
Go to Ivilliness Dungeon in Saint Morning (If you follow the Large Dirt road South you can’t miss it)
In the hallway in the center just before the Northern most room you will see many monsters called Black Otems , With party skills going these die in about 5 seconds each and will almost always drop 1-2 Grr Bandages , Not to mention they have a decently high Sunstone Drop Rate , The Bandages can be sold or turned into Feed to do with as you please This is an effective method Pre-Mushelizer , If you are not strong enough to Kill Black Otems at this time , Try looking for the Red ones , they are slightly weaker but drop somewhat of the same

(Outside the dungeon)Also Feel free to kill monsters around level 40-50 , These drop items in the Level 45 Rare Armor sets to my knowledge which tend to sell for high amounts , Example – a Flury/Wedge or Cruiser set will sell for anywhere from 10-50 Mill per suit (This being an average between all the servers , They may sell for more on a specific server)

Level 65
Go to Ivilliness mines and look for the yellow looking Boxes (They look like Giggle Boxes) , If you are strong enough and within decent level range you can explore the dungeon and kill all of these that you find, On occasion these monsters will drop large amounts of random Quest Items along with Ivilliness weapons , These weapons will fetch you a very sexy 25-70 Mill each usually depending on the weapon

Also at Level 65 is the slightly more Challenging Ivilliness Mushelizer
This is somewhat more of a Favorite to players nowadays
This monster is a Level 65 Enemy in the back Right hand corner of the Ivilliness Mine.
He resembles an extremely large Greemong (And I do mean Extremely Large) and drops EXCEPTIONALLY well….With Party Skills active he drops an average of 5-10 Items per kill , Takes only around 1 Minute to kill and Re-Spawns in around 10 Seconds!!
Only Downfalls – This monster is severely hunted most of the time due to the fact that he can earn you 20mill every 10 minutes or so , And the fact that your Inventory is almost guaranteed to fill up in around 5 Kills or so , This can cause a problem , The journey back to Saint Morning can take up to 5 minutes or more which can leave the spawn free for the taking to anyone who wants it.
My Advice – Since this monster dies so quickly and re-spawns even faster – SHARE , Don’t be greedy 3 groups of people can easily farm this enemy at the same time , Decide an order and just take turns.

Level 70 or so you can get a few friends together and start doing Ivilliness runs , These require you to kill the 3 bosses in the temple to get the 3 Gems , then these are used to get into the boss area at the far back of the Mine, This is a timed fight so be ready , Killing the boss usually results in an Ivilliness weapon , Which range anywhere from 20-75 Mill depending on stats and whatnot ( I will try to update this section with more details but I never actually did these runs myself)

Above 70 Nothing really to say here besides the fact that now you are basically set to do many of the other Money Making Tactics in the guide , Read on-


Awakened items with Positive and Useful awakenings can sell for extremely large amounts of Penya in player shops. Example – You find a Dayst Boots in your drops, Instead of Selling for a few Million you Awaken it instead , By chance you happened to Awaken it for say 15% Additional Damage of Critical Hits…..Congratulations you just made a large profit by selling it to another player :)

To Awaken an item you first need Scroll of Awakening , This item can be bought in Central Flarine From NPC Peach near the Upgrade specialist for 100,000 Penya. DO NOT BUY THEM FROM OTHER PLAYERS FOR MORE THAN 100,000!
An awakening scroll is purely an NPC sold , If you see one sitting in a shop for more it is a 100% Scam do not buy it

Sometimes awakening can turn out pretty horrible especially when done to an upgraded item you are currently using. Awakenings CAN be negative , Is this happens to an item you are using you will need to buy a Scroll of Reversion (Cash Shop item) so be careful. I would suggest awakening all Rare Armor Pieces (Green Names) that you find as these do not see for very much when they are clean , But if you awaken them you can make an item worth Several Hundred Million.

The awakenings you can get on items vary , The different awakenings you can get are –
Str , Sta , Dex , Int
FP , MP , HP
Decreased Casting Time
Critical Chance
Additional Damage of Critical Hits
Attack Speed
Run Speed
Base Attack
Base Defence

You can only awaken specific awakens on specific types of Items – This is the list
Suit / Weapon / Shield – Any variation of the Above
Helmet – Stat Points , FP/MP/HP
Gauntlet – Critical Chance , Deacreased Cating Time , Attack Speed, Base Attack , FP/MP/HP
Boots – Additional Damage of Critical Hits , Run Speed , Base Defence , HP/MP/FP
Good Luck , You will need as much of that as you can get


Whenever Gala-Net holds any kind of event that results in getting items (Either from creating items or item drop events) TAKE ADVANTAGE! These events can make you absolutely rich beyond your wildest dreams!
For Events that drop materials which you need to make boxes or other free items – Sell as many of these as you can in the first night they will be in extremely high demand , After the first day keep the materials to make the free items yourself then keep those items , Material prices drop sharply by hour not even day , So just sell when they are high and use them yourself when they are low.
Once you have all the Free items at the end of the event or Boxes which dropped (If it was a box drop event) Hold them until the event ends , As soon as the event ends the prices will slightly rise and you can start selling the boxes , The longer you wait the higher the prices usually get , But don’t wait too long otherwise they may start another event with those same boxes and your item value will drop to Zilch

When Gala holds an event in which you gain items for free that would normally be sold in the Cash Shop – GRIND….I am a Hero with maxed out EXP , Regardless of this Gala recently just held an event in which Boxes dropped with massive amounts of CS items including things like Reversions and Azria Tickets , When an event like this arises you absolutely must take advantage , Getting these free Ccash Shop items can Make and SAVE you Billions….Literally….You should take at least a few hours during these events to gain at least some of these items. EVERYONE needs Cash Shop items at some point whether you buy them or not , Even if you never bought a single Gpotato you most likely have gear that required someone’s Gpotato to make.
(Before people say “Oh I didnt use Gpotatoes” if you have any item over +3 I can almost guarantee Cash Shop items were used on it whether they be from the Cash Shop or an Event so get as many as you can while they are free. Its just the way the game works)

~~~Example – Rhissis Blessed Treasure Boxes are almost 10m now in Mushpoie , I have 1 Stack saved from the event that’s 1 Billion Penya , for about 2 days of Grinding. Pretty good investment if you know how to take advantage of the event.

For more on Buying G-Potatoes read below


You can purchase “G-Potatoes” (Normally referred to as Gpotts in game) from Gala-Net by using real money , These normally have an incredibly high value on most servers ranging from 15-25 Million Penya per 100 Gpotatoes
(1 G-Potato is about 1 American Cent , 100 = 1 American Dollar)
How to sell G-Potatoes – You can’t actually sell “G-Potatoes themselves” , If you find someone who wants to buy a specific amount you first ask them what items they want exactly then you purchase them Via the Cash Shop , These items they asked for are then traded to the player who wished to buy them for the Value of the Penya Per G-Potato pre-determined by the person buying/sellin. (Means you sell the items from the cash shop not the G-Potatoes themselves.)
A common scam involves people saying they are “Selling Gpotts” when they do not actually have any
I believe this is a bannable offense…..
Gpotts are 100% without a doubt but far the Quickest and Easiest way of getting Penya…..problem is they cost real cash , Personally I did buy a few times (Once a month for a few months) but stopped after a bad luck streak with upgrading discussed in a long expired thread. G-Potatoes were worth a lot less back then , Probably 9-10m Per 100 but are now worth much more making this a much faster source of penya than it used to be
G-Potatoes basically cost 1 American cent each , and 1 Gpotato sells for about 150-250k (1K = 1,000) per G-Potato depending on your server
Do the math and $100.00 gets you 10,000 Gpotatoes (Before Free bonus G-Potatoes) Which basically translates into 1.5 – 2.5 BILLION Penya per 100$ (You can do the math yourself to calculate the lower amounts it is just easier to do the math with 100$ – 10k Gpotts)

G-Potatoes can be Purchased from the the FlyFF Website – NEVER BUY G-POTATOES FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE OTHER THAN GALA-NET (Other websites offering to sell you G-Potatoes are most likely going to steal your Credit Card number or your Personal Login info to hack you.
Gala has many payment options now , These include Credit Card , Paypal , Money Order , G-Potato Game Cards and Much more , See the Fill Up G-Potato section on the main website for more details.

You can also buy G-Potatoes from players in game if they offer you a deal for Bulk
Please do not over-price the items if you sell them though

EXAMPLE -If G-Potatoes are currently 20 Mill per 100 on your server , Try to buy a large amount for a Discount (We will say 18 Mill per 100) Now when you sell for the regular server Price you will make a small profit and you will not effect server inflation , If you decide to sell for 1 Mill UNDER the regular server price (Therefore making 1 mill per 100 in profit) You’re items will sell within minutes and you will actually be helping to lower server inflation (That is a very good thing as it means lower prices on your server) (Again this is just an Example these numbers are NOT meant for any specific server)


This can make you decent of cash BUT ALWAYS make sure you have the effects of Party Drop Skills.
Grinding outside of Azria is usually less ineffective due to the fact that Darkon 3 Spawns are just horrible , And Azria has a 1.5x (50% Better) Drop rate or similar
{[As soon as you are Able to go to Azria (65+ Usually) BUY A TICKET , Trust me it is the best investment you will ever make as long as you are training decently with Drop skills active a 15 Day Azria ticket can EASILY pay for itself on the first day (2-3 If you have no idea what your doing or can only play for 1 hour at a time) But that still leaves you with MANY days of Free grinding with the cash just flowing in.]}


If you are Level 65 and you can’t afford your first Azria Ticket here is what you do , Get a few friends together if you do not have good gear , Blink to Saint Morning , Follow the huge path to the southern most end of the continent until you find the Dungeon , Enter the dungeon and Ignore everything , Your goal is the North-East Room , There you will find a VERY Large Giant called the Ivilliness Mushelizer , He Drops incredibly well at that level , especially with Drop Skills active and re-spawns incredibly fast for more details Scroll Up to where I explain Low Levels and look for the Level 65 Section.

DO NOT BE GREEDY , If there is someone else there offer to take turns , He dies usually within 1 minute and re-spawns in under 3 , There is no need to be greedy , Just take turns killing it , When doing this you can make approximately 10-20m an hour (Again if you know what you are doing while killing it) There are better giants to kill at 65 but they are all more difficult and usually hunted to extinction.

Merchanting requires you to keep yourself constantly updated on server prices and whatnot , Once you have a basic Idea of what prices are based at start shopping , Whenever you see an item that is under priced buy it , Then just Resell it in your shop for whatever the average cost on the server is (Personally I don’t do this but I will avoid getting into this) , Try to avoid selling for higher than server average prices , If too many people do this it causes base values in items to increase and the server inflation goes up (This means Spros / Suns / Moons and most other items you need to upgrade will greatly increase in price and you will find yourself always stuck with under upgraded gear)
{[To make money even faster when you have a shop open try to keep your prices Low , If the server price for Suns is 1M each don’t be scared to go a little cheaper , it will ensure your items sell faster than anyone elses , Sure you will make a small fraction less , but if you are selling 100 Suns at 950k Each you will still make 95m In a few hours where selling 100 at normal price would take several days]}

User Chatoality (A Friend of mine) posted this further down and I decided to add it to better explain what I mean by merchanting-
“Imagine lightning 7’s are 1b each.

Good Reselling:
I’m walking around in flaris. I see 4 Lightning Card 7% pieces for 500k. I buy them, and sell for 90m each. Thats near or under the price at the time. No real harm done.

BAD Reselling:
Reseller01 is walking around in Darkon. He sees Lightning Card 7% pieces for 95m. He buys then resells for 110m each. The next day, he does the same thing, except buys at 100m and sells at 120. The price of Lightning 7% cards fluctuates to insane numbers. Lots of harm done. “


Gianting is where you fly around looking for giants (They are bigger than normal monsters , Have MUCH higher stats , Are usually a different color , And usually take effort to kill , Again these are probably best killed with a Blade or other class capable of 1vs1 battle at an accelerated pace. At level 115 I killed the General Bearnerky in 7 seconds with a Blade, This is faster than most classes but requires powerful gear , If you are a 1vs1 based class your life will most likely be made easier when Gianting than say an AOE class or a Mage. (Mages having somewhat low Defence and HP)Most classes can Giant quite well as well , it all depends on how well you know how to play your class and handle your characters survival) Killing a Giant that is within your level range is followed normally by a small pile of drops showing up. If a giant takes you too long to kill you probably should avoid it. (Example- If you are a Full Stamina Ringmaster I probably wouldn’t suggest going out for a Giant Hunting session….)
I do not want to sound mean in any way but I would really have to advise that players avoid Playing a Mage class to Giant Hunt , Now Hang on…Hang on… before all the Mages freak out at me I mean no offense , Its just when it comes to Giant Hunting there are only a few Mages who are capable of killing them at speed , Most Mages have lower Defence and HP and are more damage based, this can cause problems when Giants hit Rage Mode (Where their attack doubles or quadruples) …..Sorry.
The biggest problem with Gianting is that they are usually hunted (All giants / All servers) close to 24 hours a day , This is incredibly annoying so I personally chose not to do it.

Rockepeller Plug Hunting – In the empty area in the gap between Flaris and Darkon there are flying enemies these are Rockepellers and kind of look like demented clowns , These have a Low chance to drop Plug Eerings +9 which usually sell for between 20-50m each depending on the server you play , I include this in the Gianting section because it is extremely tedious as you are trying to kill them while Flying on your Board/Broom/Bike/Cloud/Sled/ Fluffy pink Unicorn….Whatever ….you get the idea…this can be a real pain , You wont be able to have an RM heal you as far as I know that just doesn’t work in the air. But again , These are basically in the same category as Giants meaning they are basically farmed into extinction , If you really want to do this and someone else is there you will most likely be fighting over the kill as most (Not all) people are greedy and will not want to take turns (Hopefully if someone else is there they are kind) , I ask that you at least have the courtesy to ask to take turns instead of trying to steal them from someone who was there before you.



Clockworks – The original bad [I Have a Potty Mouth] of the game. This guy used to be such a pain before all these new upgrade systems…
Killing a Clockworks can usually make you 50m (Guaranteed) to 1Bill (Takes an almost un-godly amount of luck) every time you kill it , This can be done once every 48 hours.
To Fight Clockworks you first need to create a guild , Name it whatever you want it really doesn’t matter For the few times I killed him I preferred something funny such as OMGLunakoreIsKillingCW…This of course being amusing as I have never been known for making Clockwork Guilds…
I really don’t mean too sound like Class Favoritism but in all honestly the best Class for killing Clockworks is the Blade Class (To my knowledge they are the only class besides Ringmaster who actually have the “Clockworks Blade/Ringmaster Sub-Class)
If you are a Blade You simply need to be 90+ With Lusaka or Angel + Dayst or better. Bring an RM and start killing , Pretty simple really just heal when needed.

If you are a class other than a Solo Clockworks specific Class or are low level (Don’t bother doing this if you are under 80…..You will take twice as much damage and do only a fraction of your normal damage) You will want to bring in multiple people , Usually around 3 fighters or so , Almost always consisting of a Blade (No I’m not saying this because I am one Im saying this because lets face it……Every Clockworks killer knows Blades pretty much run that show…)
Go in there with an Advanced Party lv40+ and Abuse those skills , Keep your Linked attack up and dont be afraid to use Drop Skills
Clockworks normally drops 2x Vigor +9 and 2x Demol +12 by default , He also drops the rare Clockworks weapons and armor , These include things like Dretra Swords , Taytra Axes , Yakadain Knuckles/Sticks and more If you use drop skills (He also has an EXTREMELY RARE chance to drop Jewelery +15 (Possibly 18 still) and Speedo’s +1,2,3) you should come out of each clockworks with hopefully over 100m , which should get you through the next 48 hours before you can create a guild and kill him again.
Clockworks is Located inside Clockworks Cage which you can find by walking directly south when you Blink to Darkon.
If you want to kill Clockworks you should have a minimum of 8-10,000 HP and High Damage Per Second , You only have 1 hour to mow down his 60 Million HP ……yes you heard me 60 Million….It is a very long and very annoying fight at low levels
As soon as you get into his cage you want to run directly under him and start slashing away at his…well……Yeah.
When he Stomps it will do an AOE attack this hits everything around him , This has a pretty high chance to knock you back….If this happens RUN right back under him DO NOT WAIT if you are under him he will ONLY stomp , If you are in front of him he can hit you with his sword and use a Laser to kill you ….and chances are it will kill you

This can be a great challenge for newer guilds and for regular players alike. Again this can be repeated every 48 hours due to the Guild Re-Creation waiting period.

RED METEONYKER – (Including in the Clockwork section) This is an incredibly hard boss which shouldnt even be thought about until you are 115+ this monster will utterly destroy you , Im not kidding , I watched it 1 hit a GM before….wasn’t pretty….but was a really good laugh…….Sorry Gala….it was
This guy is basically what would happen if Clockworks did a bunch of crack , grew a set of wings , and Learned ASAL……When you are 120 and you decide to go kill him PM the HERO’s of your server for updated details on how to kill him as they change over time.
He has much higher HP than Clockworks and the Drops are much better but last time I checked you are not guaranteed anything specific. (He can however drop Bloody weapons and +18 jewels)
I will not Detail this monster here because if you are high enough to challenge him I am certain you won’t be reading this guide for pointers…

(V14 – 15 BOSS DATA not fully collected yet)


This section I will update over time with random Tidbits of info

1- Jewel Creation – Whenever you find any item level 105-120 Check its details if it is more than +5 already take it to Flaris to the Upgrade Specialist and Crush it into a jewel , 105-110 Will give you Emeralds and 120 weapons will give you Diamonds , Both of these sell for large amounts


I dont mean to brag but I personally made close to 100 Billion penya between 1-Hero just by training
So as long as you are Just grinding in the right places at the right levels you can make incredible amounts of Penya.

Hope this helps everyone.
(Version 3.0)

Devoted Player

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