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1) Priest Guide by Cupcake
2) The Priest Guide

Priest Guide V.1 by Cupcake

Priest guide

I made this guide based on my experience during alpha. I’m not saying this is a perfect guide. Criticisms are welcome

PRIEST is a well rounded character that can heal support allies as well as attack foes or enemies

PROS                                                                  CONS
Healing                                                               Long cooldown of skills
Can do solo leveling                                       Low m. attack
Gaia care is awesome                                   Slow killer
Decent defense physical & magic                Skills uses a lot of MP


> heals friendly target
* Get this skill asap

Area Heal
> Heals friendly targets in a certain radius
* Lower healing effect but can heal nearby allies
* Get this skill

Gaia Care
>to increase the chance to dodge and avoid painful damage.
* a must get skill
*at maxed level you’ll almost be invincible for 10 secs

Mana Shield
>increases both physical defense and magical defense.
* get this skill, its self explanatory

>The target cannot perform any action for the duration of the effect
*take note targeted enemy take less damage from physical and magical . Good against mages but against champ and warrior I doubt it cause they have high normal attack casting this on them would only make them tougher to kill
* get this against casters mages/priest and good for boss too to avoid the AOE

Ice shot
>Hurls an ice arrow at the enemy, dealing magical damage caused by attack power.
* this is the first skill you’ll get. dont level this, windblade is better

>Hurls a windblade at the enemy, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power .
* get this. With 1 sec cooldown this would be your most often used skill

Ice Cone
>Binds water vapor into ice cones to attack the enemy, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power
* i got this but only at level 1 after getting windblade this skill is useless

>Call up innumerous dripstones from underground to attack the enemy, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power.
* one of my three killer skills
* get this

Holy light
>Use essence of light to blast the enemy, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power.
* get this
* my strongest single target attack

>Call up innumerous stalagmites from underground to attack all nearby enemies, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power.
* YOur first AOE
* good for PVE
* get this

Ternary Curse
>Gathers the essence of water, fire and light to attack all nearby enemies, dealing magical damage caused by magical attack power.
* strongest AOE
* get this


How to gain stats from guild altar?        By joining a guild You can do guild quest to earn Contribution points. This contributions points are then used to make a sacrifce to your chosen altar. DIfferent altars gives different stat bonuses. Important stats to focus are MATK, Hitting, defense, MDEF, damage absorb. If you have an altar that gives dodge bonus you can level this too.

> talents are passive skills that raises character stats

How to level Talent?         You need Talent Point  (TP) to level a Talent
> TPs can be obtained by killing mobs or doing quest with TP rewards
Note: you dont have to focus on 1 talent i dont believe in pure support priest. why ? because we dont have that much support skills only 2 healing skills with not so good cooldowns. in Godswar we were meant to fight and support. so try to balance your talents and see what fits you most.

1 Basic Agility: +2 dodge rating
2 Basic Blessing: +5 magical defense
3 Basic Defense: +10 melee defense
4 Basic Purification: +7 magical attack power
5 Basic Prayer: +10 maximum mana
6 Sacrifice Bonus: +8 magical defense
7 Storm Shield: +1 critical resistance
8 Improved Sight:+5 hit rating
9 Attemper Destiny: +8 damage absorption
10 Delphi Forecast: +5 dodge rating
11 Holy Touch: +12 magical attack power
12 Amplify Magic: +14 maximum mana
13 Light of Olympia: +1 duration based spells resistance
14 Hotspring’s Blessing: +10 health restoration speed
15 Machaon’s Healing: +2,0% healing effect
16 Nectar Usage: +2 mana restoration
17 Delphi Theology: +1 duration based spell hit rating
18 Centaur’s Hebalism: +90 maximum health

Talent Paths
Damge Absorb Path :  2 , 6 , 9
Dodge Path : 1 , 3 , 7 , 10
MTK Path : 4 , 8 , 11
Healing Path : 5 , 15
Health Points Path : 5 , 14 , 18
MP restore Path : 5 , 12 , 16

How i distributed my TP?
At Low levels:         Focus on  Basic Defense and MATK talent path
By the time you reach level 40 you might want to save TPs for m.def and damage absorb

LVL 50-60:                Mobs at this level are magic type.
At lvl 50 you should have at least 190+ mdef & 170+ absorb ( with mdef gears) continue to add Damage absorb path to lvl 8 or 9 then continue adding Basic Defense and MATK path
* try compounding Mdef gears before lvl 50

LVL 70+:        If your defense is enough to take on MOBS of the same level try adding talents to healing path and if you feel like your losing too much mana and regenerating less , add some on Mp restoration path.Dont forget to keep adding on MATK path. At this point you should have atleast gained the title of Silver Priest ( requirements: lvl70 , 1000 MATK).

LVL 80+         Continue on Def and MATK. This time you might want to consider adding up on crit resist  & dodge path . why you ask? its better to dodge than to take bombs and crits especially among other class that even with your high def and mdef they still hurt you or even 1HKO you. considering the long cooldown of skills; dodging even just 1 hit is significant. Add some HP too to avoid being 1HKO especially against champs. Continue balancing your talents dont focus on 1 path cause at higher lvl, talents consume alot of TP’s so its better to add some on other important ones.

At level 92 my talents were set up like this (with stats) :

This is just a sample of my talents. Im not telling you to follow this. my defense was without mana shield on that pic, healing was without the title of silver priest. i ended up alpha lvl 95 my defense with mana shield was 1.2k, hitting 280+, dodge 330+, Matk 1470+ I wasn’t able to take SS of my talents and stats when I was lvl 95 �. ( my stats are with gears on btw)

You should have atleast 2 sets of gears. melee def and mdef

For PK gears
*  I recommend gears with 3-4 stats. Def, dodge, healing, hitting & MATK.
HEAD GEAR: MATK head gear with 3-4 stat of the mentioned above
BODY,LEGGINGS,SHIELD,CUFF,PENDANT,BELT : get with the recommended stats
RING: when you’re 80 you’ll get a ring which has MATK base stat, Try compounding until you get a MATK additonal stat.
GLOVES: it has a hitting rate as base stat. compound it until u get a MATK as additonal stat.

Where to level?
1-20 :                Newbie guide
20-30:                You’ll get Quest where you need to kill elite, Boy girl quest.
I recommend that at this level you start doing dailies and repeated quests.
30 onwards:         I recommend do dailies, repeated quest, and do quest with TP rewards.
* when doing repeated quest, do quest that only requires you to kill mobs. Don’t do repeated quest that require you to collect something ( tooth, bubbles etc) this takes time to finish.
*Note- when doing dailies always check what gears you are wearing. You might end up using mdef gears on melee mobs. Happened to me many times.


WARRIOR:        Have high def(physical&magic;), high HP restoration, High HP, high Absorb. In short hard to kill.
TIP: If the warrior has less than 250 hitting, you’ll likely to dodge most of his attacks, duel them head on. Use your strongest attacks (holy light, dripstone) use windblade as fill up skill while holy light and dripstone are at cooldown. Dont bother using different skills like ice cone, ice shot , windblade has better damage. HEal when necessary & use gaia care at tight moments.
* if warrior have superior stats dont even dare to engage.

CHAMP:        They are th PK kings, Have high hitting, high attack, high dodge, & crit
TIP: Dueling them needs alot of strategy, patience & running lol. You should have atleast studied their skills cooldown & range. You should have enough HP to withstand their 2 strongest AOE. BAsically the strategy here is HIT & RUN. We have healing and they dont. Just pray they dont crit often. Make them loose their target so move around but dont get stuck on barriers!. use holy light, dripstone, run on cooldown engage with gaia care & hope you dont miss.
* dont dare fight champs 10 lvls higher than you or higher level gears.
Mage & Priest soon to come.
Have Fun!

The Priest Guide
Im game questions please goto Zeus server, 11pm-1am server time.

1. General Priest information

a. What can you expect being a priest
As a priest, many people will always expect a lot from you, more than you ever really have to do for them. There are not enough good priests in the game and theres a demand for them in almost all servers. Even though this is the case, people are so lazy to make them that they would rather bug you to help them over and over.

Common things are; being asked to be healed in the weirdest and random places, people getting mad when you don’t heal them in wars, people needing you to heal them in instances, people calling you for mana 24/7, people getting mad when the priest that just helped them kill a boss expects some items too, people telling you that you healed too soon, too fast, that you didn’t heal them while they were running, you shouldn’t attack because priests are only support ….. You see where this list goes. A lot of people like to blame their own characters problems on priests that they call to help them. Expect this list and many more.

Furthermore, if you enjoy hitting people and mobs with the highest or fastest damage, then priests wont be fun for you. You will never crit people high, you wont kill people in 2-3 shots either. They are the slowest killers in the game, and have the worst offensive attacks out of all classes. Many will read this guide and listen to some of my stories and think otherwise, but the truth is priests are the weakest attack class.

If you get past all these negatives, priests can and ARE very very fun characters. They require a lot of skill to play properly, a lot of timing for skills and understanding of other classes skills, and a lot of strategy. They are the 2nd best physical defense class, and the best magical defense class. Although not the strongest, they have the widest Aoe’s in the game. They have the highest dodge of all classes and have the most useful war-buff in the game, gaia care. High level/forged priests are immune to almost all classes 1v1, and will drive people crazy when they fight you. Priests have the ability to tank a 5500matt+ mage or 7500phyatt+ champ and make them seem useless 1v1.

In the end priests take a lot of time to learn properly and many will laugh at you and bug you throughout the game, but in the end I believe priest is the most rewarding class to build out of all classes.

b. The priest role in the game
A priest is primarily made to be a support character. Although it is a support character as described in the IGG help info guide, it is a very lethal killer as well. If you lvl and forge your priest up enough, it can be both classes at once very easily and I believe that’s always been the true role of a priest.

Support roles include giving your team mana buff, healing players with single and area heals, and buffing bosses to be killed faster. You also aid as a defender and attacker in wars, being able to heal teammates and shackle enemies while staying alive, as well as attack when you see the opportunity.

A priest must observe the battle very well, and react fast and with confidence. Any hesitation and you are wasting your skills. Priests can change a war more than any other class but they have to do it properly.

c. What are main priest stats
The main priest stat is dodge, as found at the top of the skill point tree. A high forged priest can reach 1200 dodge (maybe more). Dodge is important and shouldn’t be removed because it is what keeps priests alive. People always talk about crit resistance and remove crit stones, but if a player can’t hit you, then its the lowest damage you can receive. If you have 1150 dodge, any player under 900 hit will miss 3/4 times. That is a lot!

The second main stat is healing. Increased healing is very important on a priest not only to heal yourself but to heal others as well. Priests have the highest total heal output of any class and can reach almost 4x. This means at the end of the game, a 3k pot can almost do 12k with a high forged, high heal priest. I haven’t worked out the exact max potential heal, but it’s around that number somewhere.

The next main stat is HP. A priest doesn’t have as high HP as a warrior would have, but they are still a very high HP class. HP is very important because without HP, you can’t tank for a long time, or use heal and pots to your advantage. Priests lack self-buffs like fivestarform and holy ward, so we need the extra HP as a damage buffer. HP also acts as a scare tactic. When people use their best attack and only see you drop 20%, they start to worry, become frantic, and play sloppy against you. I believe all priests should be wearing hp helms and hp rings, I have been telling priests to do this for a year now and believe it’s the ONLY smart equipment choice.

Beyond these stats is where the builds of priest change from one another. Call those 3 stats the foundation of priests, from there you build based on your preference and what is needed on your server.

d. What is the main build
The main build for priest follows the same main stats. A ideal priest should have: High dodge, HP, HEAL(as well healing done), and both magical and physical defence should be high. Priests are flawed with lower hit rate, so you have to make sure hit rate stats high as well. Above 900 is good based on current builds on servers. You should have an HP helm on, and not worry about total magical attack because as I will explain later, it’s not what makes you strong. If people say your magical attack is low, say “cool”. You should also remove all crit, and make sure you replace it with healing or hp, whichever is missing from that gear.

A priest in the end is a high defence, high damage taker, that has high hp and heals fast to continue taking damage while healing and attacking. Small differences in builds wont change that main concept.

e. Talent Points and leveling
I will not talk too much about talent points because in the end they all get filled anyways. I will make a main suggestion; at the beginning of the game avoid being power leveled too much because you need TP. You want to boost your att column enough to be able to afk solo. Afk is an important part of the game, so make sure you can afk ok, that is your ONLY goal until you are 120. Afk > all.

Leveling will always be slow, so what I suggest is to create 2 characters at once. I made a champ and a priest together and kept them together at all times when I started. If they always stay partied, this makes sure that your priest is getting the benifits from afk’ing (ie tp is rising) but also faster exp from the champ. Best of both worlds.

There’s no real stratagy other than that. If you wish to learn how to level faster or learn more about TP, find some guides about that as they will discuss it more in depth.

f. Which stats for Zodiac
My suggestion to you is open up ALL slots because they are all important. Open up the bottom row defences first if you have gold, then attacks. Lets talk about offence zodiacs first. Priest don’t need windblade in zodiac. A lot of people who have played mages before think this is what you should do, but I believe its quite the opposite.

Afk: This is where the forge level of your character makes a big difference. You have to chose a place to afk where you can 1-2 shot mobs, while having mp stay full all the time. A high forger priest in parnitha port or nemea forest doesn’t need windblade in their zodiac IF they can 1hit crit the mobs. If you are low lvl, low forge or can’t 1 hit crit the mobs I suggest putting it in. Its the only time I say its needed. The other skills aren’t needed in zodiac as they wont help afk. We will talk about it more in afk stratagies.

War: You need to maximize your damage as it will already be low against most characters. If you have opened up all your attack slots like I said, you should place Holy Light and Dripstone in the first 2 slots. Ternary Curse and Stalagmite should go in the next 2 slots. The reason why we don’t use windblade is because it doesn’t make a lot of damage at max level and most others builds take away a lot of its damage, so is only a skill to help priests afk.

People ask, wont this take away all mp during fights? At all lvl130, and with a mystic hp/mp helm you will still be able to cast all 4 before your mp runs out.

Now lets talk about defences, the more important zodiacs because they keep you alive. Defences depend a lot on what your server is like, who you normally end up fighting, and what your stats and build looks like. You need to pay attention in every pindus, war, and so on and see who and what is hurting you the most. Those are the skills you make sure always stay in defensive zodiac. If there are always 5-6 mages together in pindus, then you must account for that by putting many mage skills in zodiac, and so on.

The middle row I suggest having lightblade, rageclaw, stab and ruined strike. If you feel you want to switch to other champ attacks, thats fine, I would still suggest keeping stab and chose whatever aoe you think gets used more. If you dont have strong warriors in your server remove rageclaw and put another champ attack. If there is a high lvl/forged priest against you, you can put ternary curse there as well.

The bottom row is also based on what is going on in your server, but a good place to start is Fire Lotus, Lightning, Spearhit and Rage Spear. If there are strong priests and warriors in your server you may have to change this based on who you duel with normally. I would still suggest keeping them out though, as Champs and Mages will always hurt you more, and lowering the biggest dmg attacks from the main classes is always good. Pay attention to the game! Whatever hurts you the most, put it here.

2. General Builds

a. Basic Priest Build
The basic priest build is the one that has been around for a long time now. On english GW, Faint from atlanta created the first priest with this build, following the same build from the chinese server. It’s the priests “foundation”, and all other builds come from this.

Weapon: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
Gloves: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Dmg%
Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP
Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, Magical Dmg%, HP

Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, Absorb, HP
Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Crit Res
Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Crit Res
Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
Amulet: Dodge, Crit Res, Healing, Absorb
Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Crit Res
Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Crit Res

Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
Def Stones: Red Phy %, Red Mag %
Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Critres, 1 more (could use dodge/hitpet also now that available)

Pros: High HP(105k+), High Dodge(1100+), High Crit Res(230+), High Def(5k+), High Mdef(2500+), Best heal to others
Cons: Matt/Mdmg stays lower, Heal not optimized for pots(no healing done), you should make a matt helm for lvling

b. 0 Crit Resistance Priest Build (Base)
This build is the new common trend started in all the servers. It also came from the Chinese servers, and a player (Dodge)/Hitter made this build popular here. It involves taking away all critres, and boosting your healing as high as possible. It hasn’t been proven yet if it’s a better build for priest than standard, we will see as time goes on! Many priests are starting to use it now.

Weapon: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
Gloves: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Dmg%
Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP
Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, Magical Dmg%, HP

Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, Absorb, HP
Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Healing Done
Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
Amulet: Dodge, Healing Done, Healing, Absorb
Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Healing Done
Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Healing Done

Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
Def Stones: Red Crit%, Red Crit Value
Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Dodge, Red Crit Dmg (could use hitpet also now that available)

Pros: High HP(105k+), High Dodge(1100+), High Def(5k+), High Mdef(2500+), Best heal to others (All pros stay the same)
Cons: Taking crits always means you will take big damage from high forged players when your dodge doesn’t help you. 1v1 = less damage, big wars = more damage.

c. 100% support/tanker build (Base)
I’ve never seen this build done before, atleast as a high forged char, but I imagine it would be pretty cool. Useless solo, but cool in a group. If you had unlimited money and wanted a priest to just follow you around healing you, this would be the character. Another good thing about this is you only need to max Heal, AreaHeal, GaiaCare, Shackle, Manashield, which saves money as a support 2nd character.

Weapon: HpRes, MpRes, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
Gloves: HitRatingBuff, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Att
Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Max Mp, Hit Rating Buff, Healing, HP
Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, HitRatingBuff, HP

Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, HpRes, HP
Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Crit Res
Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Crit Res
Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
Amulet: Dodge, Crit Res, Healing, Absorb
Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Crit Res
Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Crit Res

Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
Def Stones: Red Phy %, Red Mag %
Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Critres, Dodge (could use hitpet also now that available)

Pros: Same defense stats as other builds, High Shackle Rate, High Dodge Rate
Cons: Support player means leveling and playing the game will be hard without a team.

d. Modifying the builds
d1. ‘BooBies’ Build
d2. hpres build
d3. reflect build

e. Future Build Ideas (Theory based on up coming patches)

3. Pvp/War + Instance + AFK
a. Priest PVP strategy
b. Priest War strategy
c. Priest role during Instance

4. Misc Info / Common questions

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  1. What is the best drill attribute for priest if i am a battlefield priest? like the way you build up

  2. What is the best drill for priest?

  3. why is my weapon in priest cant put max hp?do i have to shift it first?

  4. Can you help me from Gear Build Up|? im Roieder

  5. where can i get the tittlee of silver prst?

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