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Talent Point Farming Guide

What is Talent Point(TP) farming?
Talent Point farming is the act of killing monsters lower leveled than you for talent points.

How much exp do I need to raise my tp levels?
You don’t exactly level tp, but it takes 50 monster kills(without a tp potion) to get 1 talent point.

How to Talent Point farm

When you talent point farm, you will gain 2 tp exp per monser kill that is 20 LEVELS, below yours. So at early levels, such as 21 and below, you can farm the Dumb or Crispy Woodmen to your hearts content.
Another great boost is that you get 3 300% TP exp boost potions out of your newbie gift bag, this means durng their use, you get 8 tp per kill instead of 2. This is a huge boost, resulting in a tp level in only 13 monster kills, amazing isn’t it?
Now you may ask, what is the point of tp farming? The reason you farm talents is to get all the attributes that you don’t gain through just levelling your character’s level alone. You will see extremely strong fighters have strong or even full talent trees, this is why we tp farm.

There are other ways to get talents, such as doing quest, Hera’s Labyrinth, and Sicily Event. These can help boost the gain by doing these when you’re playing, and farming when you’re busy or asleep.

TP Farming

so i started a warrior in the second alpha and got to about lvl 60 when i decided i was very unhappy with how low my TP’s were from just questing.
i decided to start over even though i would be behind in levels which i am ok with since my build will be great once i finally decide to level.

I chose to make a champ just because i love DPS more than tanking with a warrior and im just not a big fan of priests or mages they dont really suite my playing style.

at lvl 34 ive stopped leveling to focus on my TP build. The reason is i am no longer gaining leveling experience from mobs so i can continue to build talent experience without leveling my character so i have no need to change mobs until i am happy with my talents enough to move on.

Updated Stats as of Tuesday,January 13,2009 4:04pm


so far its working out pretty well im going to keep working on my tp until i have my damage column around 20 and my others around 10 each
please note this is not my completed build so some stats are still at 0 so please don’t flame saying “OMG YOUR A NOOB FOR NOT PUTTING POINTS INTO “Blank”.

i just wanted to see how other players are working on their skills and compare some stats
feel free to post your builds and experience with Talents.

Note: Ive been farming tp 10 levels LOWER than my level even though a lot of people say 10 levels HIGHER is better but its been working just fine for me and i dont have to worry about pots while farming at a low level.just thought i would suggest farming lower level mobs if your character is a lowbie . also it can be a bit hard to farm 10 levels higher if your talents are low to start with.

Happy Gaming

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    Nice guide!

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    how long have you done this ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    where do you tp farm lvl 30 player?

  4. Anonymous says:

    best place to tp farm when reached lvl 50 or lvl 40 to some, is the turtle zone at athens suburbs. leave your character there at AFK before sleeping or while you do other things on your PC.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i have a level 50 champ and wanted to start tp farming, is it too late to tp farm and just dump this character and make a new one?

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    oh i see… that is why there are players who has so many talent points… -_-Zzz…

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    thanx ill try this for 1 week haha

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    nice guide. I'm trying TP farming while having a guild. so i can use the 2x tp xp in guild. :)

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    i will try this one sir. tnx for sharing

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    just a noob user wan show what

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    rapsa ng skill point nyan

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    yah….you're right…i will try this thing…champ here

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    OMG! your a noob for not putting TP's for +HP's. HAHAHA. just kidding.

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