Mortal Online 2 Warrior and Mage Builds

by cerqo

Hello, here I shall list some of the main viable builds for warriors and mages. If people want I can add hybrid builds as well but what new players need to understand is that towards the end of mortal 1 and also in this game from what i can see, you are basically gimping your group by being a hybrid instead of a pure class like a warrior or mage. There was a time long ago when hybrids were very good and you could run full hybrid groups, but those times have been gone for years.

I am not going to list all the clade gifts to choose as it is fairly obvious which ones are the best when you look at them. I also suggest going to mortaldata and checking out the character creator there. You can look up all the actual speed values, max health, max stamina etc. for all the builds.

The idea behind weight modifiers is being at the absolute heaviest for the modifier you are going for. This is due to the fact that being stout at 111% weight, you will have less total HP than being stout at 130% weight, even though you will have the same weight modifier benefits (+5 str etc.).

Keep in mind that most of these builds can be customized to have more HP with the tradeoff of less speed and vice versa.


Veela warrior (Age 23 – Max size – Overweight 150%) The fastest viable warrior build, you have lower STR than every other warrior build and do less damage but you will have the fastest speed and can get away from pretty much anyone (also chase down). You will do less damage but from what I’ve seen in the current beta, it isn’t that huge. The new clade system also introduces some EXTREMELY good benefits to being a veela such as reduced fall damage, same jump height in combat mode as out of combat mode, an active skill to regen stamina to full, an active skill to increase your speed, a passive to regen stamina while standing still and some other decent ones. Playing a veela warrior you are basically automatically a paladin as well as long as you just put the rest of your skillpoints into magic, this is because Veelas have low max STR so you have tons of points leftover and therefore a lot of mana. A thing to note when it comes to veela warriors. They are kind of in the same boat as hybrids when it comes to group fights seeing as you would be way more useful for your group by playing any of the other warrior builds with more damage. By playing a veela warrior you play for survival and it is a very selfish build to play in a group setting unless your whole group has made the conscious decision to do so.

Full khurite warrior (Age 23 – Max size – Stout 130%) This is basically the second fastest warrior build and is pretty much the “basic” warrior build currently. It was previously thursar khurites but full khurites have taken that spot over. This build is a good middle ground. It is fast, has high DMG bonus and just overall good. The humans have some decent clade gifts like a “cleanse” that removes all negative effects like corrupt or fulmination (and gives a shield against it for a certain time), an active skill that reduces magic damage, a passive that reduces damage taken from guild mates as well as damage given to guildmates (good for zerg guilds), and a passive that reduces the penalties of armor weight on mana regen (this one makes full khurites good for hybrid builds as well).

The warrior builds listed above are the ones that are pretty much always going to be good unless they do any massive changes.

Full blainn crackpipe smoker (Age 23 or 30 – Max size – Stout 130%) The only reason you would play this build is for the crackpipe clade gift. The crackpipe heals you for 50 hp (I believe) in like 3 seconds, but slowly lowers your max HP until you rest. This build could be pretty good due to how tanky you would be in heavy armor with the high HP of blainns on top of the crackpipe healing you for tons (which can be used in combat mode), but realistically this build is way too slow for my liking. It is definitely a contender though. The age and weight is kind of up to you, you could follow the school of though that considering you are already slow as fuck, going age 30 and fatter wont really make a huge difference and you will be sitting at like 228 hp, but the other route is getting every single speed point possible therefore choosing Fit at 110% is also a possibility.

Giant thursar kallard warrior (Age 30 – 212 size (maxed out with clade gifts) – Stout 130%) Alright so this is the highest damage build possible in the game and you will not have enough attribute points to max out your STR, DEX and CON. I would suggest taking points out of CON to max your STR cause the only reason you would play this build is to hit like a truck. You will be slow, you will be GIGANTIC and you will be an easy target on top of the fact you will be taking more magic damage (it is worth noting that this build actually makes you MASSIVE and being an easy target is not a joke, you will be close to twice as tall as most other warriors. The thursar clade gifts are kind of meh but there are ones that increase your DMG even further so you will actually be trucking people hard. Don’t expect to ever kite or get away on this build, if your group starts losing the battle and needs to kite, chances are you will be the first one to get your brains blasted out and left behind.

Thursar khurite sidoian (Age 27 – Max size – Stout 130%) This build is basically like a better version of the thursar kallard build. You will be pretty massive, do TONS of damage and run slightly faster than the thur kall, this was one of the best warrior builds back in MO1. You wont be as fast as the full khurites but kiting will not be completely out of the question and your damage might just make up for the slow speed. Note that most of the negatives coming with the thur kal build will be present in this one as well, such as taking more magic damage and in general being an easy target to focus.

I won’t list any other thursar builds like thursar khurite khurite because i feel at that point going full khurite is simply better.


Alright so when it comes to mages, you basically have 3 different main mage builds. Veela mages, sheevra mages and fatmages. Testing can be done to see the viability of full human mages paired together with the clade gift that lowers the mana regen penalty on heavier armor, but I haven’t done any testing regarding that and don’t know much about that clade gift. Maybe it will turn out to be great and hybrids will make a comeback?

Veela mage (Age 23 – Max size – Overweight 150%) Theres not much to say about this build, its basically a veela warrior expect a mage. Veela mages together with sheevras have been the most popular mage race choices throughout MO1 due to the fact you are very vulnerable when casting magic and playing a faster race is a nescessity. Mages used to go with different weight modifier before, for higher speed but going stout for 2 extra speed and 15 less HP is not a good idea IMO. Any less than 180 – 185 HP on a build is pretty dogshit.

Sheevra half fat mage (Age 31 – Max size – Fat 170%) So this might actually be the best mage build currently seeing as you are nearing fatmage levels of INT but also run faster than pretty much any warrior build except Veela warriors. The way magic damage works is that for every 10 levels of int there are breakpoints, at lower levels there isn’t much of a difference, but when you get to the 100 and above INT levels, you start seeing decent increase in damage. This build has 110 INT and runs very fast, something that wasn’t possible before without the speed clade gifts that alvarins get.

The fat mage (Age 60 – Size doesn’t matter – Obese 200%) Alright so this is the hardest hitting mage build in the game. On the floor you will be sprinting at walking speed and are basically a helpless potato with no arms or legs, but pair this mage with a wheelchair in the form of a mount and you have a very deadly build. So you will basically only be able to max your INT and one other secondary stat so as mentioned already, survivability literally consists of being on a mount and hoping you don’t get hit. You can also cheese people in towns that have good terrain like Kranesh or Gaul Kor, with this build but as soon as someone gets up to you, you are dead, that’s not to take away from the fact that if you have 3 or even only 2 fat mages together, you can probably blow someone up before they can even react.

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