Mortal Online 2 FAQs

by tinastroud

New player FAQ

Q: What kind of game is Mortal Online 2?

A: Mortal Online 2 is a believable open world, full pvp, full loot first person sandbox mmorpg in a fantasy setting.
In MO2 you don’t do quests to level and grind items to beat the next boss.
You are one of the players that create most of the ingame content with deep crafting systems. Everything you see on a npc or other player you can craft or discover in the game world. There are no levels, but a huge skill tree to learn various things such as taming, combat, magic, building, farming, riding, crafting, alchemy, breeding and so on, the list is enormous This list will grow over time as it’s the players that are the main content of Mortal Online, we supply the tools and the sand for the players to be creative and explore the game world called Nave.

Q: When is Mortal Online 2 coming out?

A: Mortal online is an ongoing project that will keep getting updates and will never be really finished. With that said, the game will start with an alpha that leads into beta and eventually releases in what we call persistent state. This means the server won’t be reset anymore and players can start to play the game for real. This is our release of the game, it will have its core features set and will continue to get more features over time. We aim to be out before the end of 2020.

Q: When did the development for Mortal Online start?

A: Mortal Online 1 started its development back in 2005, heavily inspired from Ultima Online. We used UE3 to build that game and started to build our own network solution which was the biggest challenge for this project. 15 years later we finally took the step to “remake” and create Mortal Online 2 using new technology and Unreal Engine 4. We are using our 15 years of experience and network technology to support Mortal Online 2. Where we suffered with old technology in the past we are now confident that we are well prepared to support a better and closer version of our old game design for Mortal Online. We are using a lot of core functions from the old game to the new one including the network solution that saves years of development.

Q: What platforms can I play MO2 on?

A: PC only, this game relies on mouse and keyboard and is optimized for PCs that can really push the boundaries of hardware.

Q: Do I need steam to play it?

A: Yes you need to download the game and play from Steam, we decided on this because we want full security and control over our game being distributed and protected against intrusion.

Q: Where can I purchase the game?

A: You can buy the game from our website or from Steam. There will be unique packages offered on our website. We use a professional third party payment provider and wont hold any sensitive information about our customers.

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: There will be several packages to buy the game that include different options in game time and other items. When you own the client you need an active subscription to play the game. This is to secure the gaming experience and to offer everything in the game in one single fee.

You will get all future expansions for free.

Q: Is MO2 pay to win?

A: Absolutely not, we believe in delivering a full gaming experience that everyone pays the same for.

Q: Can I buy in-game items with real money?

A: Absolutely not, we believe this harms the gaming experience overall which we experienced ourselves during our 15+ years of mmo gaming.

Q: How do I enter the alpha?

A: You can preorder the game for any packages available on our website and then you will receive a Steam cd key to activate and install your game.

Q: How long will the game be in alpha/beta?

A: As long as necessary, however we aim to reach a persistent release state towards the end of 2020.

Q: Can I stream publicly when playing the alpha/beta?

A: Yes, we dont believe in hiding our progress and development. Of course there will be bugs and issues during the alpha but we aim to solve these during the alpha period. If you want to share a stream we would be happy if you made it clear the game is in an alpha state.

Q: How many characters can I create per account?

A: One, we have learnt a lot from our 15 years of development in Mortal Online 1 and saw many issues with our current skill system and multiple characters. Therefore we decided that this time we will go back to the roots and allow 1 character per account. This helps us add more value and depth in character progression and player’s reputation will have a bigger impact in the world.

Q: Won’t I be limited then just to one play style with one character per account?

A: No we are completely rebuilding the skill system to allow for more depth and more options. Combat and crafting professions are separated so you don’t have to choose one or the other. Mortal Online does rely heavily on player interaction and trading, so we encourage players to be part of this in our living world. There will be systems to support trading even when you are sleeping to help a grow the player driven economy.

Q: How many races & classes are there in Mortal Online 2?

A: There are 10 races in MO2, 5 human races, 4 non human and one part human.

Q: How many other players will be in Mortal Online 2 and how many servers?

A: Mortal Online is designed to be one world server, thousands of players connect to the same world and can meet at any place. The game is designed to perform well even with higher ping than in most fps games. This means the first limitation on our player population will be actual in game land space. This is part of why we are expanding our lands to support a growing player base.

Q: Will there be in-game voice chat?

A: Yes there is a local ingame voice chat system built into the game.

Q: Is there a global chat?

A: No it is local based chat, however there are “magical” ways of communicating with your friends in game.

Q: Is Mortal Online based on earth rules?

A: Quite a bit, we aim to deliver a believable world that is based on a lot of the same rules that apply on Earth. Part of the strength and depth in Mortal Online is the way materials are created by the players, that relies a lot on the same rules as you would have creating them in real life. A lot of exploration and experimenting to acquire good materials and gear is vital in Mortal Online, however you don’t have to devote time into this if you are not interested in this part of the game as there will be plenty of other players who will offer their services to players.

Q: What languages will Mortal Online 2 support?

A: Other than english we aim to translate the game to spanish, french, german, russian and chinese at start and may be supporting more languages over time.

Q: Damn, that MO2 video/screenshot can’t be in game footage, what would the real game look like and what are the hardware specs to run it?

A: Yes, that is ingame footage, and our trailers are from ingame without any changes. We aim to have leading visuals when it comes to a mmorpg, but also to make sure the games functions and features match that visual level. Game play is always most important for us even though we want to claim the position as the best looking mmorpg on the market so far. This said we need to push the boundaries of hardware to make sure the visuals stay up to par for a long time before we need to further upgrade the visuals. This doesn’t mean you will play with poor fps, we know how important fps is and are focusing heavily on optimizing the game in clever ways without sacrificing much of the visuals. We also have quite a few options that will make the game a bit less pretty looking but still remain on a good level and wont change the gaming experience.

Q: What happens when I log out from the game?

A: Your character will only safely log out in your player house or in an Inn that offers a log out service. If you log out in the wild or anywhere else your character will remain in the game world unprotected for a certain time period before it gets auto logged out. This means you have to be careful how you logout without risking your life/items you currently carry.

Q: How does combat work?

A: Mortal Online has a groundbreaking combat system that relies on manual player skills. You perform each attack in real time in game. There are real traces against any collision in the game with results as you would expect. This means you can aim for an arm, head or a leg that is not protected by armor to make a greater impact.

Q: How does magic work?

A: Magic is part of the game world but it’s not supposed to be something you master easily. There are several magic schools which a player can learn, some only require some studying to learn such as the basic school – Ecumenical school. Then there are other schools that are hidden, banned or take a lifetime to master and discover. The magic schools will be implemented over time, and will most likely only start with the first basic school in persistent release.

Q: How does ranged combat work?

A: There will be bows, crossbows and throwing weapons to learn and craft to use as deadly weapons.

Q: How does taming work?

A: You can learn zoology for each animal in the world which helps you better understand the animal you fight or try to tame. These animals need to be cared for if they are going to stand by your side. You will also be able to breed animals from animals you have tamed similar to the old game but with changes to better balance both professions.

Q: Can I own a house?

A: Yes housing and player cities is a big part of players and guilds. We will continue to expand on this system even after release as it is very complex and advanced, based on what we learnt in the old game. To start a guild you will need a player house, keep or boat.

Q: Is there quick travel since the world is large?

A: No, there is no quick travel as transportation and regional powers, resources etc are vital parts of the game. Quick travel would have severely limited this. However there are known ways of magic to transport a player in very limited and risky ways.

Veteran player FAQ

Q: What happens with Mortal Online 1?

A: Mortal Online 1 will run as long as Mortal Online 2 is under alpha and beta, it will shut down when Mortal Online 2 reaches persistent release as that game will then take over. MO1 will end its era and that time, and MO2 will start a few hundreds years later in the same world, that will be slightly changed, improved and expanded.

Q: What about the old TC system?

A: We will do a complete rebuild of the TC system in MO2. Over the years we have a clear view on what systems work well and which ones do not. Some need a complete rebuild to work better. TC is one of those systems (territory control)

Q: What about all those walls all over the place in MO1?

A: It will be more difficult to build walls everywhere. And since MO2 is a lot larger it will be harder to cover the area with walls. There will be a clear system on where and how a player can build their walls to protect their keep.

Q: Keeps?

A: There will be a set amount of keep ruins in the world that players can claim and repair. This keep will give players an area to expand their city on. Only keeps will be able to have certain walls and it will require active large guilds to make them run.

Q: How is the flagging system going to work?

A: We will rebuild the flagging system to better fit Mortal Online 2. We are trying to follow logic better than in the first game now when we have the opportunity to support that tech wise. This means there wont be a murder status or innocent status. Everyone will remain innocent till certain actions are taken. If you murder someone in the wild without witness none will know you have been killed until you reach a city in which a priest who can bring you back to life and they will know what happend. You can then decide if you want to report this player as a murderer and that npc will report it to the local law. If you are banned from areas covered by these laws you will be attacked on sight when entering this area. You can try to repent and or bribe your way back to a good state again – if you haven’t gone too far that is. Power, knowledge and control may help players in game just as in real life.

Q: How does death and resurrection work?

A: When you die in mortal Online your body falls to the ground with all the items carried and anyone can take those items. You then enter the ether world, which is the dimension between the living and the dead. You can adventure in the ether world. Other players can learn spirit speak which allows them to speak to and bring back dead players. Similar to how npc priests work. You need a good standing with the priests in cities (AI controlled) to be brought back to the living dimension. Players can bring you back if they have learnt the proper magic.

Q: How does thievery work?

A: Thievery will be rebuilt to work better with the new flagging system and have better systems for players to both protect against but also steal from other players.

Q: There will be boats?

A: Yes we always wanted to add ships in Mortal Online, but we never got that far, since the demand has been growing a lot for this feature we will do our best to get it up and running as as soon as possible, especially since one continent is completely under water which relies on swimming skills, gear and ships to reach.

Q: Wagons then?

A: Similar thing as with ships there is a huge demand on wagons that help players to better transport their goods, players or siege weapons.

Q: What about all the other 100s of features seen in Mortal Online 1?

A: Yes Mortal Online has been in development for more than 15 years and it has a lot of depth and features, more than a new player can see from its surface. A lot of these features are well polished, balanced and work well, which helps us to implement them very quickly in Mortal Online 2. However we want to take our time to implement them correctly which means, we won’t see all these features from day one, but over time they will be added in the new game.
We believe we know which core features need to come first and the community help us decide on what they want to see next.
Just remember we have designed this game for many years and we have a reason for every part and balance of the game since it all ties together. We ask that players to believe in our vision and we want to be as clear as possible and the last thing we want to do is give something to the players and then change it or take it back. When MO2 goes persistent we don’t want it to be a test anymore but a real living world with consequences. So we are very careful and use all the knowledge and experience gained from the first game and running it for all these years to get every part of the game as balanced and carefully thought out as possible. In extreme situations we will need to slightly buff something that has no value or is never used as we planned. Instead of adding something very overpowered then drastically changing it upsetting players that invested in this style or asset.

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