Mortal Online 2 How to Avoid Getting PKed

by Favonius Cornelius

Now I mean that as kindly as possible, because this great game is at its best when it has a vibrant player base with lots of people exercising all kinds of play styles. This guide is intended to be some veteran advice on getting around in the world of Mortal Online. Make no mistake, Mortal Online is as about as hardcore a MMORPG as you’re going to find. The competition is fierce, death is quick, but if you’re up to a challenge, then this game is for you. If you’re feeling frustrated and a tad rage-quitty after a bad day, then give this piece a read through and hopefully you’ll pick up some pointers on staying alive the Favonius way. About me: I usually end up playing characters who are terrible fighters but fantastic businessmen or crafters. What that means is I find myself running and hiding a lot, and I figure I know about as much as there is to know about these topics of base survival! This is written more with the life of the new solo player in mind, but guild members could find these techniques useful too.

1. Do not abhor death; death is your friend. In a lot of games, your character dying is the ultimate fail, and indeed in Mortal Online if you die you drop ALL your possessions on your character. What is also true is that ‘ghosting,’ or travelling the world as a ghost when you’re dead, is usually vastly preferable to foot slogging it to distant points of interest. No stamina burn, no getting murdered, no falling damage, you just float at a good pace to your destination. Use this mode of travel rather than always risk your equipment supply. Collect and build supplies locally at your favorite locations, then simply ghost between them, rez and gear up. Get to know your world as a ghost, get to know your enemies as a ghost.

2. Know your path. Naturally, there will be plenty of times when you can’t just ghost around, because you have to relocate supplies. The biggest truth on getting from point A to B is knowing the right route to get there. Thing is, there’s the usual routes, then there’s the ninja routes, and the only way you find the ninja routes is by knowing the land well with exploration. Always take the non standard routes, and you can earn this intel by ghosting the route ahead of your live relocation. This was true in MO1, and its now even more true in MO2 because the map is so much bigger in comparison. I’ve done plenty of my own exploration of this new map already and I can tell you, you’re spoiled for choice in most areas in finding remote paths.

3. Think like a ninja. While you’re traversing your ninja routes you have scouted out and memorized, remember to not just blunder forward like a bold buffoon. Use the terrain to your advantage; seek to gain higher ground, seek to use hills to hide from line of view, use trees and foliage (but also remember sometimes things are not graphically rendered at long distance). The nature of your locality will dictate what you can use.

4. Dress for the occasion. It might sound a little silly, but I honestly think camouflage plays a role in reducing the number of times you might get yourself targeted. Consider if an attacker gets into long range of you in a forest, if you are dressed in bright metals, or red, you’ll stick out way more than if you’re wearing black or natural tones. Conversely. If you wear black in the snowy north or the sandy south, you’ll stick out there. If you’re riding a mount, same rules apply to the mount if not more so.

5. Be a creature of the night. Just as good camo will help you escape some detection, the cover of darkness is a very real help as well. In fact, why travel live any other way than at night? By now you should know your path so well as to be able to run it in full darkness.

6. Know the player base. After you know the land, you’ll want to know your neighbors as well. If you’ve got a favorite route in a particular location, you’ll get used to when local pkers are out hunting. Develop a sense of when they play, because most guilds have peak play times, and its your job to do your sensitive relocations when they’re not around. Not always a practical thing to manage, but when you can it’s powerful.

7. Move with the times. Mortal Online is a game of zergs (big parties of players roving around looking for smaller groups to destroy), of multiguild wars and invasions, Keeps rise and fall, pkers afflict a region for a time then get bored and leave for somewhere new. A lot of things can happen, so don’t allow yourself to become over dependent on one thing in one location. You made a name for yourself as the best steel producer in Vadda and all your business is out of Vadda, but then one day the KeWl D00Dz guild, MO2s biggest pk group, decides to camp outside Vadda indefinitely, scaring away most of your business. You get the idea.

That’s it for now, I’ll add more points when the relevant parts of the game come online.

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