Genshin Impact Clear Spiral Abyss Floor 8 F2P Guide

by Remicaster1

I’m sure there are a lot of spiral abyss guides out there, but most of them either have those insane 5s characters, or just have those high end gear and builds. Just recently I’ve completed Floor 8 with 6 stars, sitting at AR 33, so I decided to share some strategies to you guys, hope you guys would be able to get to floor 8 faster.

Team comp

Team 1 : Fischl, Xiangling, Kaeya, Amber

  • Fischl – Main dps
  • Xiangling – Pyro for breaking cyro shields, secondary dps character
  • Kaeya – Superconduct for more dps
  • Amber – breaking cyro shields with pyro dmg

Team 2 : Traveler (Geo), Noelle, Barbara, (empty slot, any support char will do)

  • Traveler (Geo) – Main dps, Anemo’s Elemental Burst is quite useless on Chamber 3 boss so we have to stick with Geo
  • Noelle – Elemental skill for protection, act as an panic button
  • Barbara – Breaking pyro shields with hydro dmg
  • (Empty slot) – Any character here will do, I personally picked Lisa for electro-charge but leaving it empty would work just fine.

Chamber strategy breakdown

Chamber 1 : Abyss mages are pretty straight forward and easy to deal with, there wouldn’t be much explanation on this one. The time is quite tight (must complete within 3 minutes to get 3 stars), I completed multiple times it with roughly 20 seconds left before 3 minutes mark (7 minutes left)

  • Team 1 – Immediately target the cyro abyss mage, use Amber’s dummy + Elemental burst on the cyro shield to instantly break it, at times it won’t be enough with just her Elemental burst so you must use her dummy. After that, Swap to Fischl then immediately start chunking the abyss mage, if he starts to get up, stay a distance so he won’t freezes you. At the same time, you need to dodge the attacks from the hydro abyss mage, but his attacks are quite slow and you can see it coming from a distance. For the hydro mage it’s more difficult to break his shield, so just slowly use Fischl charged attack to break the shield
  • Team 2 – Focus on one abyss mage at a time, use Barbara to break the shield, then spam as much abilities on Traveler to kill him, do not break both of their shield, when their shields are down, they will spawn lava pillar spikes, and they are deadly so you shouldn’t break both of their shield at once. I recommend getting Noelle’s shield or get crystalize to reduce the damage taken from those lava pillar spike. Use your Traveler’s Elemental Burst as often as you can, they can be stucked by your walls so you have to be aware of that.

Chamber 2 : This is by far the most difficult one, I couldn’t get any stars on this one, mainly because ruin guards take a while to kill and the shooters are damn annoying, my Geo Traveler is also lacking damage, I cleared with around 1 minute left on the timer (total 9 minutes spent). General rule of thumb is to kill the shooters as fast as possible, and make sure to break their elemental shields with respective characters because they reduced a lot of damage taken if their shield is up.

  • Team 1 – Step back and let the ruin guard follow you, dodge the shooter’s arrows and the missiles from the Ruin guard, when he (ruin guard) walks to the middle of arena (usually when he gain the cyro shield), start poking his eyes to disable him. After he is disabled, immediately swap to Xiangling and use elemental burst, kill of the cyro shooters (because these dudes fire 5 projectiles and apply cyro on you and they deal a lot of dmg), after killing the first cyro shooter, another one will spawn and another wave of shield will apply on him, so you need to drop Gouba when the second shooter spawned. The ruin guard will start walking after you killed the second shooter, but since he is at a long distance from you, you can easily dodge the missles easily. When the ruin guard walks up too close, you might need to be aware of his abilities (leap slams and missiles), if he starts firing missiles and you are close to him, you have to poke out his eyes to disable him. After dealing with all the shooters, it’s pretty much easy now, stay close (but not too close) with the ruin guard so he won’t fire missiles. Recommended to clear first half in around 4 minutes.

General rule of thumb for First half

  1. Keep ruin guard at a distance (prevent Fischl default target auto locks on ruin guard, and prevents the missiles from hitting you)
  2. Prioritize killing cyro shooters and hilichurl shooters
  3. Always break their shields before engaging
  4. Fischl, Amber and Kaeya must survive
  5. Keep Fischl on around 30% hp (this allows you to gain the floor dmg bonus)
  • Team 2 – For this one, I immediately dash in with Traveler to kill the pyro shooters, you must kill them else they can easily 1 shot away your Barbara. On second half you will find yourself dashing more often due to being melee, so you have to be aware of your stamina, if you find yourself in a tight spot, use the 4th character slot (which any character will do) to be a meat shield or use Noelle’s E. Always proc your Traveler’s Elemental Skill and Burst on the ruin guard as often as possible because it takes a while to kill and it’s easy to “bug” out the ruin guard with your traveler (as in elevating him and you can’t melee him). Also always break his shield before engaging him because it pretty much cuts your damage to quarters if you let his shield up, so always swap to Barbara to break their pyro shields, if the ruin guard fires missiles, swap to Noelle and use her shield to tank the damage. Do note that Barbara can be easily 1 shotted while breaking shield on this round so you have to be aware of your Noelle’s shield. Also try to hit more than 1 target when you’re hitting the Ruin guard with your E.

General rule of thumb for Second half

  1. Be aware of your stamina
  2. Spam skills on Ruin guard, default-attack smaller minions (hilichurls)
  3. Noelle’s E if you felt threatened
  4. Break their shields before engaging
  5. Traveler and Barbara must survive

Chamber 3 : Regisvines are quite easy to deal with as long as you know the general mechanics of it. This one is not too difficult imo so there wouldn’t be much to talk about. I cleared this with roughly 1 minute left (4 minutes mark)

  • Team 1 – Start by breaking the core shield with Amber’s Elemental Burst, make sure you don’t cast it too early. After the shield is down, immediately Kaeya Elemental Burst then spam Fischl’s default attack + E. After the Regisvine got up, dash back as he will do a spin attack, after that swap to Amber and poke his eyes (which is his weak spot) to disable him again (else it’s gonna take a long time if Amber is dead), then this time Kaeya E, then Fischl E and default attack (make sure to proc superconduct. You must kill this boss within 2 minutes, (at most 2:30 minutes), this is because Geo Traveler doesn’t have as much damage as Fischl have on single target.
  • Team 2 – Start with Barbara and break the core shield. After he is down, swap to Traveler and keep spamming your abilities on him. When he got up, also dash back as he will do another spin attack. Use Barbara, stay under him to let him do a slam attack, when is about to slam (he will do a head shake, smtg like that), dash to the side, to let him slam the ground, then immediately attempt to break the shield on his eyes (takes about 2 sets of attack to break it). After he is disabled, repeat the same stuff, spamming abilities. After he is downed 2 times, when he got up, there will be a temporary timer where there won’t be a weak spot, so at this time you need to charge up your Traveler’s Elemental Burst. If he did the lava pillar attack, you need to prioritize dodging it rather than damaging him. After that it’s pretty much the same as earlier, break shield, spam abilities and that’s pretty much it.

Build breakdown

There isn’t much special about my build setup, but I’ll list out the important ones only

Fischl :

  • Lvl 60, Talent 4 – 4 – 1
  • Lvl 60 max refinement slingshot
  • Resolution of Sojourner + Berserker, 4s artifact with %attk, all maxed to 16 aside from flower, at 12


  • Lvl 60, Talent 4 – 7 – 7
  • Lvl 60 max refinement Fillet Blade
  • Wanderer’s Troupe + Gladiator’s Finale, 4s with %attk and Geo% bonus dmg. Except flower at 0, all at 16

Noelle you build a bunch of %def with Lucky Dog, Weapon look for Whitebind

Amber you build 4-set The Exile, stats on artifact doesn’t matter, weapon look for Raven Bow

Barbara 4-set Maiden’s Beloved or The Exile and look for %hpThrilling tales of dragon is highly recommended.

All others The Exile + Instructor / Wanderer’s Troupe. No specific weapon / artifact requirements. (For Xiangling wise, Weapons you have to look for Halberd, same artifact combo)

Hope this helps you out! Good luck out there on the abyss floors! Feel Free to ask any question below in the comment.

Edit : Made a video guide out from it if you want some references too!

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