Genshin Impact Diluc Getting 2000+ Attack Guide

by Philose

WITNESS THE POWER!! How you ask? How do you get your Diluc to 2k+ ATK?

It’s simple!! There’s few tricks that I’ve been using that most people overlook.

(This method also works on any other fire characters~)

First the Basics:

1. Make sure to focus on building ATK-Flat & ATK % Stats

2. Try to get Gladiator 2 Pc or Sojourner 2 Pc for 36%+ ATK increase!

3. Make sure to have Extra Fire element Character in your team for 25%+ATK points from resonance!

Then the secret sauce:

1.Have a mage character in your team, it doesn’t matter who, but make sure she can equip a mage weapon… why?


[Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers] Is an insane 3* weapon that you can easily get to rank 5, which its effects: Gives you 48% ATK^ on the character you switch to

So obviously switch in/out from the Mage-> Diluc every 20seconds for 10 seconds of almost 50% ATK +!! It can occur once every 20seconds, and the effect lasts 10s= 50% uptime!~

Aka if done properly.. your ATK will be effectively 1.5x your flat stats HALF OF YOUR FIGHT.

And lastly…

Cook Your Food

There are these two food items that you can craft, which will give you a MASSIVE amount of ATK + In FLAT NUMBER, Also it will Scale with all the ATK%+ bonus you’ve been stacked so far!! And the effects last a whopping 5 minutes.

I highly recommend going for the Jade Parcels, since they’re muuuuch easier to gather and craft.

One of the uncommon ingredients of the parcel is the Lotus loot!! But you can find a tons of them in the Luhua pool’s puddles in front of the twin statues. You can usually get enough to craft around 3-4 parcels everyday! which is more than enough for you to just pulverize every boss you’ll ever meet.

I’m still at around AR27 as of making this guide, and I’ve been using this strategy since day 2~ and I’ve been able to reach 1k+ stats before AR20~! Follow what I did, and you’ll be able to power your Dulic into another level.

This works as well with any other fire character~! O w<)/

Goodluck, Have fun!!

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