Phantasy Star Online 2 Leveling Guide (1-40)

Phantasy Star Online 2 Leveling Guide (1-40) by DGravityl

Level 3 – 5

Do your respective class npc Client Orders

Level 5

Do Cofy’s Mag License Test Client Order.

Finishing Cofy’s Mag Client Order will level you up to Level 7.

Level 7 +

Take harder ARKS quests from either Quest Counter Anneliese or Rebecca.

*Remember to run around the entire lobby, including the shop areas and take every single Client Order you can before you proceed.

Level 8 Unrestricted Exploration Test : Greenscape

Quest name : Patrol : Greenscape Probe
Kill Rockbear, Time Limit : 15mins
Unlike other mmorpgs the 1st boss actually hit pretty hard right from the start. If your dodging/blocking skills are mediocre, i suggest partying with a range character or use gunslash(if you have one, range-mode) to slowly poke RockBear to death.

Grind Greenscape probe till level 10.

You will be unlocking the next area Amduskia/The Cauldron

Level 10 +

Take Client Orders.

Complete “The Ecology of the Dragorii” & “Carthago Hunt”

Both of the quests are just introducing you to the new map.

Level 11+

Cofy’s Weapon Limit Unlock Test I
To Collect 3 Caterdran crystals.


Take Afin’s Client Order that requires only him and you in the quest “Carthago Hunt” and a rank S.

Level 12

If you have been doing Client Orders from your respective class npcs, the Client Orders of killing 20 mobs with a certain weapon will be available.

Now you can go ahead and fight Caterdran.

Tips :
Aim the Tail, once the crystal is broken, it will expose it weak spot which is also the tail.

The boss can be poisoned so if you happen to have a Poison I on any of your weapon, use it. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Level 13

Grind Caterdran till you finish the Weapon Palette Client Order.
Do Side NPCs Client Orders.

Level 14

Unrestricted Exploration Test : The Cauldron

Take Cauldron Exploration Quest but before you enter, remember to upgrade your main weapon and armors.

Kill Vol Dragon, 20mins.

Tips on Vol Dragon:
Weak to Ice, it’s(his) feet can be frozen.
The Tail can be broken to allow free damage on it.
Breakable parts are : The head horn, the back horn and the tail.
When he is flying in the air, run underneath him unless you’re sure that you can dodge the attack(usually 1HITKO at this level).

Great now you have unlocked the next area!

Level 15-16

Grind in Cauldron Exploration map area 2 with a real party.

Level 16

Do the quest “Lost Sea Automata”
Kill hostiles till you reach the required points.

“Lost Sea Mineral Transport”
Collect Minerals and deposit into the teleporter.

“Rare Mineral Extraction”
Press “E” repeatly when the extractors are glowing white.

Do Client Orders.

Level 17

Take Afin’s Client Order to do “Lost Sea Mineral Transport”

Take Cofy’s Client Orders to get Rank S in “Lost Sea Mineral Transport” under 15mins and Rank S “Rare Mineral Extraction” in under 18mins.

Level 18-19 (unlock hardmode)

Take the Joseph Client Order to Kill Gwanahda(Lost Sea Probe) with respective weapons, now you can proceed on to Cofy’s Difficulty Limit Test I.

Level 19

Take your relevant class NPC order to do “Lost Sea Probe” with him/her and have a S rank.

Gwanahda :
Weak to Holy/Fire
Weak Point is his red belly.
The Jaw can be broken.
Destroy the tentacle-like stuff faster than it can respawn them to make it expose it’s red belly.
Keep jumping away to avoid it’s sucking technique else you will be in a world of pain xD.

Level 20!!! (from now on, i would just put level 20 + as most of you would grind on a certain mpa before unlocking the rest of the quests)

Do “White Summit Survey” & “White Summit Expedition”

Both are fairly easy to do, fire forces/wizards will have the best time here.

Level 20 +

“De Marmoth Eradication”

De Marmoth:
Weak to fire, can be burned.
The horns beside it’s face can be broken which will expose it weak points.

You have now unlocked “Unrestricted Exploration Test : White Summit” from Cofy.

Level 20+

“White Summit Probe”

Weak to fire, can be burned(stunned) for awhile.
The back of the claws can be broken which will make her slip when she leaps at you.

SnowBanser (unless you are in hardmode else you will be fighting them one by one)
Weak to fire, can be burned(stunned) for awhile.
The back of the claws can be broken which will make him slip when he leaps at you.
The head/mane can be broken to expose a weak point.

Great now you have unlocked Underworks!!!

Level 20+

“UnderWorks Automata” & Distress Signal”

UnderWorks Automata is fairly easy, just kill till you gain the required amount of points.

Distress Signal, at the end it’s protect the lagomites, Protect and not blow them up!
(i swear the amount of people that screwed my MPA by blowing up the lagomite because they joined the map via a friend or team member is countless.)

Level 20 +

“Giant Transforming Automata”

Transmizer :
Weak to lighting.
No breakable parts.
The Blue glowing Bulb is it’s only weak spot and it only shows it after slamming the ground in it’s normal/melee mode.
Dodge the missiles in it’s tank mode.

Great, now you have finally unlocked “Unrestricted Exploration Test : Underworks” from Cofy

Level 20 +

The 1st 2 map are fairly easy, just kill mobs and do some EC.

Now for the final boss in normal mode!

Big Varder (in the cutscene, IS THAT A WARSHIP???)
Weak to lighting?
Break all the guns from the lowest point, run from behind if you want to switch sides unless you want to facetank it’s 4 laser cannons at the front.
The missile ports can be broken, to avoid the annoying 5s missiles.
It’s Arms/Main Cannon/Miniguns on it armors all can be broken.

*Bring a human party along to make your life easier

Finally, you destroyed that warship so now what?

Read on how to MPA from these guides, you would be grinding to level 40 from MPA.

Phantasy Star Online 2 MPA Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 Emergency Code EXP Grind Guide

*Important Cofy quests

Weapon Limit Unlock Test I
Extended Sub-Palette Test I
Difficulty Limit Test I
Sub-Class Permit test
Level Cap Unlock Test I
Exploration Permit Test II
Exploration Permit Test III
Exploration Permit Test IV
Unrestricted Exploration Test : Greenscape
Unrestricted Exploration Test : The Cauldron
Unrestricted Exploration Test : The Lost Sea
Unrestricted Exploration Test : White Summit
Unrestricted Exploration Test : Underworks

Npcs that give lots of exp :

Girard – Nav rappies
Franca – misc quests

Both of them are located at the shop areas.

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