Phantasy Star Online 2 MPA Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 MPA Guide by Hymnote

Firstly, I’d like to state that everything I write here are carried over from PSO2 JP. As such, I can’t guarantee 100% that things are exactly the same over here. If there are disparities that I should know of, please do tell me and I’ll correct it as soon as I can in order to prevent further misinformation. However, baseless claims and personal attacks will not be entertained.

MPA(Multi-Party Alliance) Grinding
What is a MPA and why should I care about it?

MPA, short form of “Multi-Party Alliance”, is the very basics of how PSO2 is played. It involves 3 critical things that makes it the best and most efficient way for leveling up, rolling rare items and getting rich. Ever wonder why they even make some areas in some maps to be able to hold up to 12 players at once? Maps, especially Probe maps are the great in a way that they offer high level enemies that can drop some of the best items in the game right now. The enemies are also respawning consistently and there are good chances that you will come across Priority Orders that will give you bosses as well as Red Priority Orders that will give you a lot of EXP and rare items!

Firstly, I’ll give you 5 reasons why this is something you might want to do:

  • The EXP, items and meseta that drop off slain enemies, Priority Orders and crates are independent to you and you only.
  • You get credits to enemies and bosses slain, Priority Orders triggered and cleared and crates broken if you are at least 1 area away from the source.
  • More than normal number of enemies will spawn and greater chance of triggering a Priority Order if a lot of people travel together from area to area, as illustrated below.
  • Having more enemies spawning in a tight formation will ensure that they all die as quick as they get spawned, which makes your runs every efficient. All classes have a way or two to dispatch of multiple targets in short order and with 12 people running and fighting together, I’m pretty sure you can imagine how fast things can get!
  • Playing together with others and making friends is a very plausible way to earn FUN points! You might want to stack up those points in order to buy your very own Photon Chair!

You might want to ask, “Why don’t we run around and try to trigger Priority Orders, won’t that be a faster way to do it?”
My answer would be, I wouldn’t be making a post like this if that were a better option. Here’s the science behind MPA grinding:

Taking the map above for reference. One player spawns roughly 3~5 enemies when he or she traverses into a new area, lets say, from E-2 to E-3. Aside from that, there’s chance that the player might spawn a Priority Order instead and since there’s no absolute percentage for it, we’ll say 10% for now.

What happens when a player with 3 AI Partners going into a new area is up to 5 small enemies/2 big enemies + 3 enemies(perk of having AI partners) spawn. There is no additive to the percentage of Priority Order.

What if there are 12 players who travel together into a new area? The math here is very simple: probability of enemies number per player will be multiplied by 12, which means having a LOT of enemies to kill at one time.

With the benefits stated above, you can say that the chances of you getting more exp and rare items are pretty much multiplied along with the rest. This can go on for 3 hours before the map’s lifespan runs out and enemies stop spawning. Can you imagine how much EXP and how many rare items you can get within a single grind session?

This is usually the outcome of a 12/12 PSE Burst when a MPA run together:

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