Warframe Pre-Awakening History Guide

Warframe Pre-Awakening History Guide by StallordD

Confused about what happened in The Second Dream? Wondering what the hell is happening in the lore in general? Well look no more! Here is a rough guide to all that happened BEFORE you woke up!

Again, I need to emphasize “rough” as there are plenty things I inferred a bit on, or have interpretations that not everyone will agree with. There’s some gray area, and plenty that I’m sure people will kick and scream about being true or not, BUT WHATEVER!

The Orokin Empire exists throughout the entire Solar System, existing at an elevated position of pride and honor, with life stretching into centuries and technology at an unparalleled state.

But in truth, the Orokin Empire is failing, and the Council of Executors hands out harsh punishment as the final say in the system’s law.

Archimedians are enlisted to find a solution, called “The Plan”, to the crisis, failure results in death.

One solution is developed by Archimedian Perintol, which involves sending small self replicating machines to the Tau system to terraform it for the Orokin’s eventual arrival.

After some resistance from the Council and Executor Ballas, the plan is approved, with fears being alleviated by Executor Tuvul and the existence of “The Flaw” which makes void energies poison to these synthetic creatures.

After the project completes, the Zariman 10-0 is sent on an expedition to colonize Tau, against protocol, children are also aboard.

The void jump from Saturn to the Outer Terminus fails, killing all the adult crew, leaving the children stranded.

For years, the Zariman drifts in the void, it is presumed lost.

The Zariman is rediscovered, the surviving children are recovered, their void imbued powers are realized when Kaleen violates quarantine and is severely burned by the raw energy.

The children have difficulty controlling the energies, and the Orokin struggle with whether or not it is worth it to pursue a use for their abilities.

Margulis loves the children unconditionally. She is blinded and burned by their uncontrolled power, but persists in her efforts to help them.

Margulis develops the somatic link, placing the children in an induced sleep and allowing them to control their abilities.

The first attacks from the Sentients occur, the Old War begins.

An attack on an Outer Terminus asteroid mining facility leads to the discovery of the Sentient’s weakness, the Grineer slave’s cloning imprint is copied and utilized for future batches.

Grineer soldiers are now utilized alongside standard dax to support the wartime efforts.

Due to the Sentient’s nature at resisting standard weaponry, other avenues of combat are explored, one being the Technocyte super-soldier experimentation.

The Technocyte project fails, but it is discovered the children of the Zariman can interface with the golems through the somatic link.

The Executorial Council has Margulis executed, her project is turned into the Transference project.

The Transference project leads to a turn in the wartime efforts, the Sentient forces are turned back.

The Tenno are hailed as saviors, the Tenno found the great schools of Naramon, Zenurik, Madurai, Vazarin, and Unairu. It is uncertain what the schools of Penjaga and Koneksi were for.

At some point between now and the slaughter at the Terminus, the Great Plague begins, though it does not escalate until later.

In an attempt to regain control, the Sentients devise a plan to have Natah, daughter of Hunhow, infiltrate the hierarchy and destroy the empire and the Tenno from the inside.

Though she succeeds in infiltrating the hierarchy, she learns of Margulis and her actions, her own sorrow at becoming barren from crossing the gap between Tau and the Origin System drives Natah to become the Lotus, taking on Margulis’ appearance and mannerisms.

The Sentients initiate a false retreat, Hunhow allows himself to be destroyed above the seas of Uranus, the Orokin believe the war to be over.

The first phase of the sequence is executed, and the Tenno are responsible for the slaughter at the Terminus.

The Stalker, present at the slaughter, vows revenge.

Many Tenno, wracked with guilt, willingly enter cryosleep to purge their memories. Many others stay behind.

The Lotus betrays Hunhow, sparing the Tenno, and failing to initiate the second phase of the sequence which would revive Hunhow for a surprise assault.

Hunhow remains dormant at the bottom of the sea.

The empire lays in ruins, and the Great Plague surges to a fever pitch.

In an attempt to restore order, the remains of the Executorial Council try to reform.

Dax Menz and Lorist Ontella search New Uxmal for Ontella’s sister, the rescue attempt fails.

Executor Avantus and Sectarus Bilsa flee an infested tower, Avantus is murdered by the Grineer Vaytok, Bilsa is captured.

The Lotus hides the Moon in the Void in an attempt to protect the Tenno.

The Grineer forces begin to amass power in their rebellion, the remains of the empire fight to contain it.

Surviving leadership is dwindling, the technology of the system falls into disrepair, the railway system is shattered and much of the infrastructure is rendered unusable due to genetic locks placed by the Orokin elite.

Alarez attempts to use Bilsa’s genetic information to operate the Orokin technology left scattered around the system, but is slaughtered by Vaytok in an ambush. It is revealed that Bilsa has switched sides.

The Twin Queens, empath warriors disgraced by their twin-ship, betray the empire and become the matriarchs for the Grineer uprising.

The remains of the empire scatter in the face of the united uprising. Many move inwards towards sol in an attempt to establish colonies. Scavenging parties roam the system under constant oppression from the Grineer Matriarchy.

The Infestation slows and eventually, all but vanishes from the Origin System.

The Grineer Matriarchy is established as the dominating force of the Origin System.

The Corpus Conglomerate, formed from the scattered surviving mercantile guilds of the Orokin era, begin to exert authority.

An uneasy balance is struck between the Corpus and Grineer.

Those unaligned struggle to survive in the system.

The Lotus begins to gather the scattered cryopods to restore the Tenno order.

The Twin Queens enact the Tenno execution program, led by Admiral Vor, in an attempt to cull the uprising.

Darvo renounces his position on the Corpus board and goes rogue.

The player is awoken on Earth.

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