Teamfight Tactics Jinx Tips

by TexSummers

Hey I’m TexSummers, currently Challenger and have hit Challenger every set except Set 2 cuz who played that lul.

I’m not that experienced at writing guides. but what I am good at is writing down a ton of notes every time I play. So anyways, here’s a bunch of the notes I’ve got related to Jinx and comps that can use her well.

I’ll also be mentioning two common variations, so whenever I talk about BrawlerJinx, I’ll start off the note with “Brawler”… and whenever I talk about DemoJinx, I’ll start off the note with “Demo”.

  1. Most Jinx cores aim to have the following champs: Jinx – Ezreal – Gnar – Blitz… anything else is not 100% needed (not even good old Malphite).
  2. Traditional Jinx comps can spike at level 6… but usually don’t unless you manage to highroll a Jinx + Gnar before hitting level 7.
  3. Level 7 is one of this comp’s biggest spikes since it enables Brawler4, Blaster2 and Rebel3. Your Level 8 comp can include Fizz if you’re playing Zed as the third Rebel, Gangplank if Ziggs, or Janna if Asol. Regardless of which variation you’re playing, this combination of units is usually enough for you to stabilize a while.
  4. (DemoJinx) This is the strongest Level 7 you can play with a traditional Jinx comp. Completely unrealistic, since this requires rolling into two 5-costs at level 7 which is extremely unlilkely. That’s why this comp loves hitting Level 9, so you can roll for all the expensive stuff. Even so, it can survive with rolling at Level 8 and a little bit of luck.
  5. You’ll eventually have to roll at some point in the game, but try to hold off until Level 8 to do so, so you have a better chance of hitting key legendary units. If you’re in a situation where you absolutely HAVE to roll at Level 7, you either played the early game poorly or you’re just forcing the comp too hard.
  6. Regarding the early game, here are a couple of great openers: Ziggs with Rebel/Demo/ChronoZiggs with Rebel/Infiltrator/DemoKog’Maw with Brawler/Battlecast/BlasterLucian with Cyber/Blaster/Vanguard
  7. The Rebel synergy is chill in the sense that having a 4th or (even 5th) Rebel is never useless, since it still helps buff up your other key Rebel units. This is why you can play your seven core units at Level 8 and just add another Rebel in the remaining slot. Holding Malphite is important because you could still just play Brawler4 at Level 9 (although Infiltrator 2 is also possible with Zed – Fizz).
  8. Jinx is extremely similar to Kayle… Kayle needed 3 units to complete her synergies (+2 BM, +1 Valk), while Jinx needs the same (+2 Rebels, +1 Blaster). Both deal AoE magic damage after fulfilling a certain condition (reaching 70 mana vs getting two kills), both share almost the same core items (GA + RFC on both, while Giant Slayer is BF + Bow instead of Rod + Bow). Both spike at level 7 and make good use of Chrono2… and most importantly, both are very flexible when it comes to building your comp.
  9. Jinx’s best items are Giant Slayer > Rapidfire Cannon > Guardian Angel. GS for damage, RFC for the safety it brings, and GA to protect from burst damage like Viktor, Syndra, or any Infiltrator.
  10. Jinx with Rapidfire Cannon is really good and IMO underrated. It helps a lot against most matchups because it helps Jinx stay put, increasing her DPS by almost never having to move (much like Kayle when she was around)… but more importantly. it helps tremendously against AstroSnipers (reaching the backline without wasting any time walking up or getting shroomed) and dodge based frontlines, since attacks with RFC can’t miss. It also prevents Jinx from walking up to the Mech lol.
  11. Asol just needs a Morellonomicon to pop off.
  12. Gangplank’s best items are Guardian Angel > Rabadon’s > Ionic Spark/Hand of Justice.
  13. Whenever you get a Giant’s Belt, try to find out if it’s going to be a Red buff or a Morello, because building both is generally bad.
  14. (DemoJinx) Luden’s Echo is an amazing item for Ziggs, who can carry you hard throughout the early game.
  15. Red Buff is best built on Ezreal, not Jinx… but y’all knew that.
  16. If you’re playing DemoJinxRumble can hold any GP items + the Morello for Asol. If you’re playing BrawlerEzreal can still hold the Morello (just remake Ezreal when you hit Asol), while ZedKog, or Lucian can hold Jinx items.
  17. Blitz’s best items are Zephyr and Rebel Medal.
  18. (Brawler) One of if not THE best item on Vi is Zz’Rot, since once Vi dies on the enemy backline, the purple dude it spawns is really tanky. The voidling helps create a useful distraction so Jinx has more time to pop off. It can also fuck up Teemo and make him waste 1-2 extra ults on it, saving your team from a ton of damage.
  19. (DemoJinx) During the earlier stages (i.e. when you still don’t have Jinx), if playing with both Luden Ziggs and Blitz, never EVER position Blitz like this since it will waste your Luden’s proc, costing you potentially 400+ damage. Instead, position Blitz near the frontline like this so that you bring more potential targets for the Luden’s damage.
  20. (Brawler) While Janna is a useful unit against VanMyst, it’s never a staple. If the opponent is playing Mystic4, converting all your damage to magic damage could probably hurt more than it helps. A good way to know when to dump Janna altogether is checking the opponent’s bench; if they don’t have Poppy and Leona sitting on their bench, then they’ve more than likely committed to Mystic4.
  21. This should be pretty obvious… but Jinx can’t be trusted as the only damage threat on your team. This is a good reason why I love the DemoJinx build… since Ziggs, Asol, GP, and Jinx are four great sources of damage. Brawler builds usually carry only Fizz+Zed or Asol, which sometimes is not enough.
  22. Ekko is a huge counter to Jinx, which makes playing DemoJinx even better since the spell damage can help out while you wait for the Ekko debuff to wear off.
  23. If you’re playing well and are at a comfortable spot in the late game (something like Level 8, 50g with +40hp), Jinx 3* is a viable win condition.
  24. Rebel6 Jinx is fine, but I rarely play it because I don’t see the point in playing random Rebel units like Master Yi and Yasuo when there are stronger units like Gnar and Blitz. Still, Rebel6 did just recently get buffed so it’s still probably worth trying out.
  25. If you wanna have some fun, here’s a Jinx Pirates build I’ve been trying out lately.

There’s probably a buncha tips that I forgot to add, or some that were too long to even write down. Feel free to agree or disagree with any of these, criticism is always welcome since debating is a good way to learn new stuff. Hope this helps!

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