Overwatch 3 Huge Mistakes Tanks Should Avoid

by MxChamp24


Hey guys, i’m Dragonmar and I am a GM main tank, formerly Top 500 DPS player dating back to Season 1. I’ve been playing tank for a while now, and haven’t gotten pretty comfortable in my role. However, I reviewed a number of VoDs lately from lower ranked tanks and I realized that there are still a lot of the basics being missed. I’ve decided that it’d be a good idea to go over 3 of the major problems I see, and how to fix them. As always, I make videos for my YouTube channel so I will link that, and include a write-up below!

The Video (Includes PROFESSIONALLY drawn diagrams)


Mistake #1: Improper Shield Placement

What does this mean, and when/how does this happen?

  • New players tend to think that just because they have a shield, they have to place it any chance they get. The also are more focused on using the shield, rather than placing it properly. This is most commonly seen on Orisa, where shields are often flung off into the middle of nowhere, instead of placed strategically.

How To Fix It:

  • Whenever you place a shield, make sure it is next to some piece of environmental cover whenever possible. This will ensure you that if your shield breaks your team can move behind the cover while they wait for another shield. This also allows your team to hide from attacks that go through shields more easily. And finally, this means that the number of angles surrounding you and your team is likely minimized by not having cracks between your shield and cover.
  • Placement should always try to stay away from open spaces, as there are far too many angles to keep track of.
  • Reinhardt also benefits from using environmental cover as he most often struggles to adequetly protect angles for his team as he is constantly moving around.
  • Stop using your shields on CD if there is no reason to, you need to make sure your shield is actually serving a purpose.
  • When pushing points you’ll want to position your shield on the point far enough so that you can contest/gain time. NEVER place your shield JUST off the point, it’s a total waste as you’ll need to walk in front of it to contest!

Mistake #2: Playing a Main Tank too much like an Off Tank/ Solo or Poor Ultimate Usage(solo-play)

What does this mean, and when/how does this happen?

  • You see this a lot because new players tend to play Roadhog/Zarya/D.Va because of their offensive abilities and then switch to main tank but still play like they are in their previous role. This tends to lead to overaggressive plays, particularly with ultimates. One of the worst things you can do as a Main Tank is stop playing your role, and instead look to start cashing in on an Ultimate. You need to remember that there will never be a PERFECT opportunity to shatter the entire team, or a supercharger that lasts for an entire teamfight untouched, or a primal that knocks 6 people off the map. You need to get out of the solo mindset, and realize you serve a bigger purpose as a main tank.

How To Fix It:

  • Live by these words: “Take What You Can Get”
  • If you see a support and a DPS out of position, just shatter them. You don’t need 5+ players in a shatter to make for a good ultimate. You might get PoTG but you’ll probably waste the entire game holding onto your ultimate.
  • Make sure your team will follow up with you, most tanks do not have the damage on their own to capitalize off of big crowd control ultimates. Do not ult when your team is dead.
  • Stay focused on the objective, and use your positioning as your weapon to get a good ultimate. If you can get the enemy retreating by making space, that is a great time to capitalize and use an ultimate. Try to stay unpredictable as much as possible.

Mistake #3: Failing to Make Space(Not Understanding the MT Role)

What does this mean, and when/how does this happen?

  • The job of a Main Tank is more than to just hold a blue shield in front of themselves at all times. It’s about taking opportunities to push forward, and making the most out of them. Making space does not require kills, it simply requires aggression and teamwork. New players do not understand that they have to be the push they want to happen. You can be a catalyst for a push as a tank without using any ultimates. Failure to make space will put far too much pressure on DPS to get picks, normally leading to quick losses.

How To Fix It:

  • This is by far the most important aspect of tanking, and thus, it’s going to be a bit more difficult to fix.
  • You must learn to track abilities and cooldowns. First of all, you’ll want to make sure the enemy Reinhardt does not have a fire strike, as an example. If you push into a firestrike that could be an easy 400+ damage on your team + free ult charge for him. Or similarly, wait for the spam of a junkrat to pass and then push. Or most commonly, never push through a choke if Mei still has her wall available.
  • Once you can identify a good time to push, you’ll need to move quickly and with purpose to a position that has cover as your shield will most likely be depleted. Think of Eichenwalde first point, and playing around the giant tower on Point A.
  • Remember that to push, your shield always be as close to fully charged as possible. Do not begin a push with a broken shield or with important abilities on CD!
  • Remember that making space, is often about being very opportunistic and taking chances. You’ll often want to push if your team lands a big aoe damage on the enemy, like a Firestrike. However, you’ll need to ensure that your team is healed up and ready to go. So if you both Reins firestrike and both land, you’ll have to wait in most cases.
  • Never push to make space without your supports being able to heal/see you. Stop jumping behind walls Winstons…
  • Finally, making space is a team effort. You need everyone to be on the same page to move up, so some simple voice comms here go a long way.

Those are my tips for fixing these mistakes, do you all have any other advice for fixing these? Please let me know with a comment!

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